Medela Pump In Style Traveler Breast Pump

Medela Pump In Style Traveler Breast Pump

Extra DayCarrier? Kit can be purchased for Mom’s added convenience. Leave one with baby filled with the day’s feedings and keep one with you to store and cool your milk.

Main features

  • Fashionable, discreet black microfiber backpack specially treated to resist water and stains.
  • Ergonomically designed, padded, adjustable shoulder straps provide additional comfort for Mom or Dad
  • Designed with moms’ input?for hands?free portability!
  • Removable motor can remain at work, for less to carry and more room in the bag.

Verified reviews


before you buy an expensive pump, get a $20 manual one first

After I spent all that money, I was told that some women can’t pump too much even though they produce a lot of milk. Of course just to make me angry, I wasn’t pumping much (even though I am making enough milk). That is why i recommend that before you buy such an expensive pump, try to use a cheap manual pump to see how it works first.

Susie Notus, ID

Best Pump In The Store

This pump is the best available in the store (haven’t tried hospital grade pumps.) I first had the AVEDA hand held and returned that, followed by the Harmony and then another Pump In Style (in the bag) and the face plate kept popping off and it had lousy suction. I wish I had just gotten this one to begin with. The backpack is great. I leave the pump where I use it (it has it’s own case) and use the backpack for my diaper bag. I get asked all the time where I got the bag. The double pump is fast and easy. I keep it on mid suction and mid speed and that’s all I’ve ever needed to fill two bottles in about 15 minutes without discomfort. My baby always drank from the Medela bottles/nipples without problems. Get this pump! Also, if you have any problems Babies R Us will let you return the pumps so I’d advise purchasing there.

Gloria Denton, GA

Great Pump

I started pumping about 2 weeks ago and find that this product works very well. The backpack is cleverly designed to fit the motor and the collection kit in a compact manner. It is also a nice discreet bag to travel with. I found the pumping mechanism very comfortable even when my nipples were very sore from initial breastfeeding. I’ve heard the hospital models are great but this works for me so I’m happy.

Stella Tidioute, PA

Good pump, and more stylish than the shoulder bag option

I got my Traveler Pump after months of comparison shopping. I was going to get the shoulder bag option and then saw a friend’s and the bag looks (sorry to say this) tacky (this was before the new Pump In Style Advanced). It looks like it’s made out of weird synthetic or really cheap leather and has these brass buckles on it. Even though they are the exact same pump, I was glad I got the traveler because it doesn’t look like you’re toting a breast pump around. The bag is made out of a neoprene-type material and looks like it will be very easy to clean in the event of spills or everyday dirt/wear & tear. My husband said he doesn’t even mind carrying it because of the looks.*update*However, I wished I would have waited a couple months to get the new 2004 version they released (when I wrote this and bought the pump in early Feb ’04, most places did not have it yet). The shoulder bag is supposed to look better and both the traveler and the classic are going to have a new suction actions, “Natural Expression,” which is supposed to release more milk more quickly and act more like the natural sucking of a baby. I would suggest reading reviews for that product and comparing. Personally, I wished I would have waited. I get an adequate amount of milk from the pump, but both my OB/GYN and the lactation consultant we were seeing said that you get quite a bit less milk from pumping versus nursing, and I wonder if I would be getting more with the new Medela pump. Just something you might want to check into…. And shop around for the best prices – there are some better deals out there from reputable companies. Happy nursing!

Latisha Mustang, OK

Great pump!

I got this breastpump after several of my friends told me that they spent money on other pumps only to throw them away and buy this one. They advised me not to waste my money on the others because I would probably end up with this one anyway. I am a stay at home mom and I was feeling guilty about the price until I read that formula feeding costs about $2000 a year. I didn’t feel bad about it anymore.My daughter is 5 months old and i have used it so much. I pump every morning and store the milk in the freezer for nights out or for the occasional times when my milk won’t let down. And I want to keep her on breastmilk only for at least 6 months and this is the only way I can do it. I can’t keep up with her milk needs but I can use the milk that i pump every morning and I can give her the bottle later in the day when my milk supply gets low (as is usual for many women).I would highly recommend this breastpump! It is fast and easy. And I would recommend getting the sterilization bags from Medela to clean the parts. It takes 3 minutes instead of 20 for boiling!!! TIP: I tried to sterilize the tubing and it melted it even though i put the recommended amount of water in the bag. We called Medela and they sent me replacement tubing for free! I was impressed with the customer service!

Marla Augusta, MT

Couldn’t have survived without it

I actually borrowed this pump from a friend after debating whether or not I needed one. I was going to buy an inexpensive manual. I would not have survived! I woke up very very engorged on the fourth day and the pump saved me. I was able to pump 8 ounces within 15 minutes. If I have another baby, I would buy this pump. It is worth every penny.A previous reviewer commented that you cannot buy replacement parts. The Medela website sells all parts and the prices and shipping are reasonable. Their customer service is excellent as well. As a thank you for the person I borrowed from, I got all new pieces for her when I returned the pump (and she was again pregnant) for about $35.

Paulette Glady, WV