Medela Quick Clean Breast Pump and 40 Piece Accessory Wipes

Medela Quick Clean Breast Pump and 40 Piece Accessory Wipes

Medela’s Quick Clean products are designed specifically for cleaning breast pump and breastmilk feeding accessories, providing convenient cleaning options for every situation. Quick Clean Breast pump and Accessory Wipes provide a convenient portable cleaning solution-no need for soap and water cleaning after each pump session. These hygienic wipes are proven safe for cleaning breast pumps and accessories, as well as high chairs, tables, cribs, and countertops.

Main features

  • Hygienic wipes proven safe for cleaning breast pumps, breast shields and accessories
  • Ideal for quick clean up while traveling, at work or on the road
  • One wipe cleans breast shields, valves and membranes
  • Great for cleaning changing tables, high chairs, cribs, countertops, toys and more
  • Part of the Quick Clean family of products and are perfect for out and about – a portable cleaning solution
  • Unscented, alcohol and bleach free
  • Great for changing tables, high chairs, cribs, countertops, toys and more, convenient, no need for soap and water

Verified reviews


Individually wrapped wipes

These are the quick clean medela wipes but individually wrapped. I failed to see that when I read the description. Even though they still do the job and probably conserve their moisture better I wasn’t looking to have the extra waste of individual wrappers. This was my fault though. The product is as advertised and these wipes work great. They will clean your pump while you are away from your regular sterilizing method without you having to worry about what could be growing on it while you are away from home :).

Lindsay Winter Park, FL

A must have for any mom who is pumping!

My baby was born 11 weeks premature and spent the first 2 months of his life in a NICU. During that two months I had to pump 6-8 times a day, often in the NICU or even on the road between home and the NICU. These wipes were a major convenience when I didn’t have a sink to wash my equipment in. I will be returning to work soon and will have to pump there as well, so I will be using these wipes again!

Hannah Hiram, GA

the wipes are individually packed!

I also didn’t realize from the description that these wipes will be individually packed. Such a waste! And just as the Medela wipes in a single 24-pack, these have a weak chemical scent. And to me these wipes are not any better than pacifier wipes, which are significantly cheaper, but still allow you to safely clean objects that get into baby’s mouth…

Reyna Rago, KS


These are ok. They do what they’re supposed to do and they’re easier than rinsing the pump accessories for us working moms so no complaints there. They are indeed individually wrapped, which seems like a waste. What bothered me is that they are marked “unscented” but there is clearly a chemical scent accompanying the wipes. The instructions say that you can wipe your pump accessories down, let them dry, and they’re ready to go. However, if your accessories are still damp from the wipes, then you need to rinse them off. I’m guessing this is because of the chemicals they use. So once the pump accessories dry the chemicals magically go away? I don’t know how this works but I’m not getting them again. Switching to pacifier wipes, they’re cheaper and likely safer.

Leigh New London, IA


Ok so you can’t just wipe and feed your baby with these you have to wipe then wait at least 10 minutes for it to dry. I personally would not use these wipes and then pump, I would have to wash my pump parts with soap and water. I just us them when I have to pump in the car and need to wipe excess milk off before I get to a sink to wash with soap and water.

Jody Still River, MA

Good wipes, but expensive.

I have used these wipes for over a month now. I use them when I finish pumping at work. I pump three times a day, and when I am done, I wipe the breast shields and valves with these. Then I use the shields and valves again for the next session – no washing with soap, so they are definitely a time saver! At night I take the valves and shields home for my nanny to clean with soap and water. So far there have been no infections. That being said, you can buy "food grade" wipes for much less than these so I will be switching brands. I have been using the Munchkin pacifier wipes now. They are not as big as the Medela wipes, but they get the job done for a fraction of the price. Medela needs to lower the price of these if they want to stay competitive. I need three wipes per day and the Medela price is just too high.

Cecilia Grover, WY


I previously got the 25-pack (which all the wipes were in one container). I loved how easy to use they were. So I decided to get the 40-pack. It wasn’t until they arrived that I realized they were individually wrapped which made me so much happier! I had a hard time getting the 25-pack set to stay closed so now that I don’t have to worry about that I am totally thrilled!

Paige Patton, PA

get the 24-pack instead, these smell fishy

I use these wipes at work and they let me discreetly wash my pump parts inside my office. I was happy w/ the 24-pack and bought these 40-pack when I ran out, but they’re not the same! The 40-pack wipes have an unpleasant fishy smell to them, not sure why that could be. They are a bit bigger and seem to work just as well, but I won’t be buying the 40-packs again, I’m going back to the 24-packs.

Alyssa Campbell Hill, IL

Hooray for individually packaged wipes!

Much better than the resealable pack, these individually wrapped wipes can be stashed easily in small places. They do a good enough job to make you feel safe to pump again next time.

Shawna Glasco, KS

good for cleaning when there isn’t a sink

I work in several nursing homes, and I’m usually pumping in supply closets or borrowing someone’s office. This way I can feel better about keeping my pump parts hygienic cause I don’t’ have a place to wash/dry the pieces. I like the individually wrapped wipes better because every sunday night I stick 5 wipes in the pump bag so I’m set for the week, with less weight/bulk than the multi wipe pack. The seller sent me the wrong package initially, but they were super great about correcting the problem.

Lavonne Mount Holly, NC

For traveling, this can’t be beat

I pump full-time, which is particularly annoying when traveling. Though this is slightly more expensive than getting the pack of 24 wipes (about 41 cents per wipe vs. 37 cents), I like the fact that they are individually wrapped, which means I can throw them in the various bags that use to carry my pump and I am never without. Moreover, as I travelled in hot climates over the summer, I liked that I never had to be concerned about the wipes drying out because I accidentally didn’t close the pack well enough.All that being said, Medela, you still hold a monopoly on all things related to pumping and charge way, way more than any of these products should cost, so down a star you go!

Lana Creston, IL

Super at quick cleaning!

I bought this for my breast pump. I was surprised at how it actually foams and cleans as soon as you start wiping it down with the wipe. But I have to say I didn’t want to leave it without rinsing it as I didn’t know if it would leave any residue. But as an alternative to using, it’s great at cleaning!

Eugenia Quinby, VA

Perfect for on the go!

These wipes are great for the breast shield that I had to carry around to feed my daughter. I hate putting dirty things into a bag, so it was nice to be able to wipe off nipples and then be able to use them later without having any water or soap around.

Ruthie Elmsford, NY

Makes pumping so much more portable

These wipes work really well to clean off pump accessories after using. It’s a life saver when pumping at work or in the car. Also works well to clean up any spills you might have.

Lynda Bakersfield, CA

Perfect for a quick cleaning

These wipes are perfect to throw into the breast pump bag and clean everything between uses. Small packaging allows you to take only what you need.

Josefina Dinero, TX

Great for Pumping At work

I used these for when I pumped away from home. Hotels for work travel or at the office. Very hand when you don’t have a sink, soap, and usual brushes etc.

Lorene Big Sky, MT

Great for this working Mom!

These are very useful to wipe down parts when pumping at work or when traveling. I did a lot of research on them first as I was skeptical to use something that I didn’t rinse off. I didn’t find any red flags warning against it, just make sure the parts are dry before using.

Wilma Lake Village, AR

Excellent for travel or at work

I used these while pumping at work. They worked great to stick a few in the breast pump bag and go. I feel like they ran out quickly though, so stock up!

Bianca Houghton, SD

Expensive, but saves time

As a working mom, every moment counts. These wipes have saved me a lot of time from having to wash and rinse pump parts after every use. The wipes clean the pump parts very well, and my child has never had a bad reaction from milk pumped after using these wipes to clean the parts. Highly recommended (just wish they were cheaper)!

Lorene Dillsboro, IN

good for travel

when you are a working, breastfeeding mom, less to travel with is better. The individually wrapped wipes are good for this purpose and the price is great.

Gail Cypress, FL

The product is as promised, but I don’t find it useful.

I though the idea for the product was a good one since I sometimes have to pump in a room without a sink, I thought this would help me clean my pump parts easier. The truth is that since pump parts have small crevices and I can’t really get my fingers or the cloths in them, I think running until warm water is still the best way to clean my pump. Too bad 🙁

Elizabeth Foresthill, CA

Super Convenient!

I use these at work to wipe my accessories down after using the pump. They can be used for just about anything, but are pricey, so I like to save them for when it’s absolutely neccessary. The product description of this does not tell you the quantity, but this is the larger economy size, and should last you awhile.

Berta Pearl, MS

Great for after pumping at work and on the go.

These things are great at work when I don’t want to do a complete wash of all my parts after each pumping session. They do a wonderful job and I just keep a big stash in my pump bag. My only regret is that they’re so expensive.

Ida Filer, ID

As expected…

I like the ones that come in one package better, but these are great for when you are traveling and don’t want to carry all of that (I’m thinking business travel, flights, etc.). So while I would buy the ones that are not individually wrapped for everyday use I found these to be useful as well and felt that they deserved a 5 star rating because of that.

Lenora Berryville, VA

Great idea

These can be used to clean anything baby related but keep in mind that you will not be able to reach all areas of pump accessories just using a wipe.

Rhea Somerville, IN

Waterless wash

These get the job done when I’m in a pinch, not at home to wash my parts and unable to use my steam bags.

Dominique Winn, ME

Great product!

Love these!!! I keep them in my breast feeding pillow to clean off my nipple shield after each feeding. You can use them more than once as long as you put them back in the pouch and fold closed. Also good for cleaning pump parts when on the go.

Marcia Alexander, AR

Quick and easy

While at the office or trying to pump in my car, this is the quickest and easiest ways to get the job done as fast as possible.

Johanna Edgard, LA