Medela Quick Clean Breastpump and Accessory Wipes 24 Pack

Medela Quick Clean Breastpump and Accessory Wipes 24 Pack

Hygienic wipes are proven safe and effective for cleaning breastpumps, kits and more. Unique wipes allow easy & convenient cleaning without soap & water. Use anywhere – ideal for in the car, at work, travel and more. Unscented, alcohol and bleach free.Efficient – just one wipe cleans both breastshields, valves & membranes.Also great for changing tables, high chairs, cribs, countertops, toys and other hard surfaces. 24 per pack.

Main features

  • Replaces loose blankets for safer sleep
  • Reduces the risk of rebreathing, which has been associated with sudden infant death syndrome
  • Recommended by First Candle/SIDS Alliance
  • Allows your baby to stay safe, warm and cozy all night long

Verified reviews


convenient and effective…

These wipes have been a huge help for pumping on the go. Whether I am pumping at work or in the car, they are great because you don’t need to rinse your pump parts. You should know that it doesn’t get to the very center of the shield behind the valve, because the only way that gets truly clean is by running water through it. But I have been using these wipes for about 6 months and I have had no problems with infections or anything else. I do wash them when I get home at night…The wipes are also nice and thick so they work for 2 shields and up to 4 collection bottles.

Suzette Equality, IL

Check the ingredients

I just went to the store and compared the ingredients of this product to generic wipes (like Clorox wipes without bleach) and they have the same ingredients — save your money!

Karina Chino Hills, CA

Way too expensive!!

These are great, they work really well and come in very handy when water is not available to clean parts. However, 50 cents for one wipe is outrageous. I obviously knew that buying the product but I still feel like it’s a necessary item to have for occasional use. I guess Medela must be making a 1000% margin on this one. Imagine if baby wipes were as expensive, no one would buy them! Medela should really rethink their pricing policy on this one, there’s no reason these should be any more expensive than baby wipes.

Jasmin Carlsbad, CA

Great concept, but….

I bought these for a road trip. Great concept but, I still needed water to get the milk from behind the valve (of course)so I did a cleaning w/ the wipes to keep from packing dirty supplies, but still stopped and rinsed the connector portion of the pump w/ water b/f using again. Great product for those who truly would not have much access to soap and water, but I found that I really didn’t need them.

Janice Hettinger, ND

Not necessary

I got these since I pump at work and can’t rinse my parts between sessions. I quickly realized these are a waste. You can’t really get in the valve or anything so it’s doesn’t really clean it at all. Plus I thought it left a soapy residue.Instead I use a plain paper towel to blot off whatever milk I can, put my parts in a ziploc in the fridge (or cooler bag) with my milk in between sessions and wash out my parts well when I get home.

Kim Swoope, VA

too wet and expensive

These are just about regular wet wipes, I first bought them because Medela logo on the pack made me feel better. But I think I will switch to regular pacifier wipes from now on, because they are significantly cheaper. Also, the wipes have a weak but persistent smell…

Christine Conyers, GA

Ok, But Not Great

I was looking for a product that would help me effectively clean my Medela pump parts after pumping, when I had no access to soap and water. When I’m on the go during the work day and am unable to wash my pump parts in between pumping at the office, I would like to be able to use wipes like these to sanitize these parts enough to use them again without worrying about contamination or bacteria. I’m not crazy about these wipes because they dispel a white liquid when used that closely resembles the breastmilk it’s supposed to be cleaning. When I’m done I can’t tell whether the pump parts are clean or not. I would probably not buy these again.

Karina Cottage Grove, WI

Must have for pumping moms at work

These wipes eliminate the need for rinsing your breastpump accessories with soap and water several times a day at work. A quick wipe, let your accessories air dry and they’re clean and good for another go-round.

Charlotte Strandburg, SD

Not worth the money

I really wish these wipes are what they are advertised to be, but to me they are just regular natural wipes packed for Medela and with a ridiculously high price.

Margery Renick, MO

Great for work

I am pumping 2-3 times a day while at work and I use these wipes after each time. I’ve found that I can use the same wipe all day, saving me money and time. I usually use a napkin to wipe off any drips and then the wet wipe to clean the various pieces. You will still need to wash with water now and again, because the wipes can’t get into the smaller places, but they definitely do the trick when you’re in a pinch. I highly recommend them!

Jody Feura Bush, NY

great for work

These are great to have at work or on the go when you can’t wash the pump parts right away! That’s what they’re for and they have given us no problems.

Georgette The Plains, VA

Works well, wish it was cheaper so I could use at work

This product works great – and solves the problem of how to clean your pump parts when you are on the go and don’t have running water nearby. I wish they were cheaper so I could use them work. I’m not looking forward to standing there and rinsing the parts at the sink in front of other people. I’d rather not people know I’m pumping. But at $9 for 24 wipes, using these every day is not really practical. If I pump 3x a day at work, than wipes will cost me like $5 a week. I’d rather use $5 that for a nice lunch on Friday.

Maria Cicero, IN

Great, quick, easy

I was so stressed that going back to work and pumping 2-3 times a day would have me cleaning my pump components in the work sink again and again. But these wipes are a life-saver. I clean the removable parts of the pump after each feeding with these wipes (which are not soapy and leave no residue), then steam clean with the Medela steam bags once a day at the end of the work day. A serious life-saver!

Beulah Morris Run, PA

Great for pumping on the go with little cleaning time…

If you are like me, it seems to take forever between setting up to pump, actually pumping and then cleaning afterwards. I can use any timesaver out there. I am back to work and use these after each pumping session. I agree with the other reviewers that it is more helpful to rinse the flanges out first and then use the wipes but I have also used them without water and there is no apparent smell or signs of any milk left over without rinsing them thoroughly. You have to read the fine print as they are intended to only be used directly after pumping so they have time to dry, not letting the pump accessories sit out and then right before you pump again cleaning them. They are a little pricey for the purpose and each pack come with 24 wipes which lasts about 2 weeks for me. However, to me they are worth it considering the time you save by not having to use soap and water and scrubbing them. I don’t think they are intended to be the only cleaning agent for your pump supplies. I always throughly clean my accessories out when I get home each day.

Jessie Eagle, NE

Great for moms who pump at work!

These wipes are great for moms who have returned to work and are pumping! It saves some of the embarrassment of lugging all your equipment to the break room to wash and rinse. After a pumping session in my office, I use a wipe to clean up and then take the pump parts home at night to do a full wash down. They are alcohol-free as well, so no worries of contaminating the milk and they are completely scent-free. A must have!

Latoya Burr, NE

Quick and easy to use

I work as a RN at a hospital and I have to pump at work. I use these to clean just the bottle part and the nipple guard so I can reuse them throughout the day. I don’t use them for the other parts because those parts are so tiny. I just bring extra of those for the day. I hardly have time to even eat at work so these wipes help cut the time to clean the pump parts. I’ve also used them to wipe up any spills and use them to clean up the actual breast pump.

Pearl Lewellen, NE

great for places without access to a sink

I use these whenever I need to pump, and I don’t have access to a sink (e.g. in my car). I actually had half a pack left from pumping for my daughter that sat in a bag until I started pumping for my son; they were still moist. I used them for pumping with my first two, and I am now using them with my third. A must have for a mom who has to pump in random locations.

Tania Sidney, IL

Indispensible for working moms

After having my baby, I went back to work when she was 14 weeks old. My daughter is now a year old. I have pumped at work twice a day that entire time. These wipes make it so easy to pump and then just wipe up the parts and then the pump is ready for the next pumping session. No rinsing or drying required. Pumping is a hassle, but this makes it much easier. Definitely worth the cost.Another tip is to rip the wipes in half as a half is more than enought to wipe down all your parts.

Sherri Hualapai, AZ

Great if you are looking to just smear the milk around a bit…

I suppose it is possible that I somehow did not use these wipes correctly, (though that hardly seems likely, does it? I mean, it’s a wipe.) but I simply am unable to understand how this product got any positive reviews (and I love everything else that I have purchased from Medela).Part of the problem is that I was expecting too much, part of the problem is the wipe, but the problems together lead me to conclude that these should not be purchased. Those problems, as I see them, are as follows:(i) there is no way to get inside the pump parts sufficiently to be satisfied you have gotten them clean,(ii) you still need access to water in order to rinse out all the milk (so the utility is fairly small, as, if you have to rinse with water first, you might as well just wash the parts, right? I was hoping for something that would let me wipe the parts down to reasonably clean so that I could store them in my bag discretely, without having to wash them in a public place at work. No such luck.)(iii) after using the wipes, the pieces did not seem clean, but just had a bit of a slimy cleaning product film on them(iv) i am not convinced these are any different than baby wipes

Esther Lumberton, TX

Great for travel!

These are great for travel as a way to clean your pump & accessories when you’re pumping on the go, particularly in the car. It’s much better than putting your parts away without cleaning them until you reach your destination (and then I could totally see myself getting caught up in unpacking and nursing the baby that I would forget to clean the parts until I needed them to pump again).I also called Medela because I was getting a filmy residue on my Calma bottle nipples and they said I could pull these through the nipple to clean them – it’s the only thing that worked to eliminate this residue.

Casey Hastings, MI

Life *and time* saver!

I Love this product! Wish Amazon would have put it on the ‘subscribe & save’ plan. I had limited pumping time (as most of us do) and would have to cut pumping short to take all the parts to the rest room to wash then bring back to the room I pumped in, to put them away. Having these wipes allowed me to pump longer and wipe them down in the same room I was already in, rather than taking everything to the bathroom to wash out. I recommend this to anyone who has to pump outside of the home!

Alisa Bunnell, FL

great when you are in a run or out on the road.

Now that my daughter is back to work and using her pump, I could say these wipes are perfect. Great!

Sylvia Wray, CO

Not Sure

I am not sure what the difference is between these and other wipes… outside of the expense. It’s not made with castile soap, and that seems like it would work better than these wipes. I was not comfortable enough with the cleaning power of these to use without thoroughly rinsing all pieces of my pump. I see how it seems easy, but now that I’ve tried these, they are pretty much a waste of money.

Ruby Sugar Grove, IL

Convenient but pricey

I like these wipes a lot, but they are pretty expensive for what you get. Seems like you could use any kind of wipe and get the same results….

Angel Troutdale, OR

Fantastic product!

I thought these would be a waste of money, but since a free pack came with my pump, I kept them. They’re fantastic. They work wonderfully for removing lanolin from your flanges. In fact, I always wipe them down with these. Highly recommend.

Alba Spelter, WV

Get these if you are pumping at work

I’m so glad I discovered these wipes. Before, I would wash my pump parts in the one kitchen we have at work. After one too many run-ins with our CFO in the kitchen, I decided I need to find a way to clean the pump in the privacy of my mother’s room. It is embarassing to try to hold a professional conversation with someone when they’ve caught you with phalanges drenched in your breast milk! These wipes are perfect. Also, as other reviewers have said, one wipe can last for more than one use, so even though they are a bit expensive, you can get your money’s worth out of them.

Benita Canovanas, PR

Expensive but work well

I agree with some of the other users, you can find a cheaper solution. However, the wipes do not smell and work well in getting everything clean. I travel and am running around trying to keep up my milk supply so this works for everything that I need.

Glenda Sherrill, NY


I like these and they do what they are designed for. I use 1 wipe to clean the exterior and interior of both flanges as well as the interior of the medela bottles are i use Lansinoh bags to store and freeze my milk.

Clare Ashton, WV

does the job

I use this when I am pumping on the road, or those really bad nights when you just pump and go right back to sleep. Seems to do the job, my baby is still alive and kicking so it must be cleaning it well enough that I havent given her spoiled milk or whatever. Like I said I use it for a quick clean when I dont have access to water.

Mariana Pine Bluffs, WY

Must need for on the go pumper or working mom

I used these everyday while pumping. It’s just easier then going to the work kitchen, while talking with co-workers about how hard they partied and meantime you are cleaning your pump parts. Avoid the akwardness and get these.

Elsie South Dos Palos, CA