Medela Slow-Flow Wide Base Nipples

Medela Slow-Flow Wide Base Nipples

Medela Wide Base Nipple 3-Pack Slow Flow. Medela wide base silicone nipples are available in slow and medium flow for feeding newborns and infants. Features: Benefits of Medela Wide Base Nipple 3-Pack Slow Flow: Compatible with all Medela breastmilk bottles. Requires wide base collar. (3) wide base slow-flow silicone nipples

Main features

  • Slow Flow Medela Nipples for Wide Neck Bottle

Verified reviews


Way too slow for even a (full term) breastfed baby

My daughter is a vigorous nurser and we supplement with expressed breast milk while I am at work. She cannot draw the milk in from these nipples and if she is hungry enough to do the extra work it takes about 40 minutes to eat 4 oz. Not worth it.

Casey New Port Richey, FL

these are standard sized nipples

Exactly what I needed, I love Medela products. So simple but still looks great. These nipples were advertised as “wide” which threw me off but after reading reviews I determined these are the nipples I needed for the 5/ oz bottles they come with the kits the hospitals are passing out. Ordered, got here in a decent amount of time, packaged well. Try!

Meredith Dyess Afb, TX

perfect for breastfed babies

both my twins love these, they are perfect for nursing babies, mine splutter even with the slow flow ones that come with the evenflow nursers, and while they do ok with the Avent #1 and now Avent #2, they both prefer these nipples. It does take them 10 to 15 min to drink up 4 – 7 oz same as at the breast. The evenflo glass bottles are bpa free, and safe to pump into, and these nipples work great with them for breast fed babies of all ages. Mine love these still at close to 6 mo, and they are normal avg size babies.

Stacy Eminence, IN

Not good for aggressive feeders/gulpers

My newborn is a very aggressive “sucker”, and would gulp her bottles down as quickly as she could, choking and coughing so frequently that it made ME anxious every time I had to feed her. These nipples were supposedly better than the regular nipples that came with the Evenflo glass bottles, but I personally did not like them (saw NO difference in function between this and regular nipples). IF YOU HAVE AN AGGRESSIVE EATER WHO THEN SUFFERS WITH GAS, GET THE BORN FREE BOTTLES AND NIPPLES – YOU (AND YOUR BABY) WILL BE MUCH HAPPIER!

Abigail Benton, PA


The only nipple my son would drink from. And fits well on the medela bottles which I use for pumping so saves me from some bottle washing.

Alice Bozeman, MT

My baby prefers this to all other nipples

My baby loves this nipple. We have the Dr. Brown, Avent, Similac , and Playtex bottles, and she prefers this one over all of them at 1.5 months. We have also noticed considerably less spillage onto her chin with this bottle/nipple as well.

Socorro Tremont, IL


Let me first say that I love my Medela pump, and I love most of the accessories…but I do not love this nipple! It is supposed to be slow-flow, but it is definitely not that. Kinda silly, if you think about it; a premiere breast pump company selling nipples that will put breastfeeding mothers out of business!We found the Ameda natural nipples to be much slower, and I have no problem switching from breast to bottle (with daddy).

Marian Lockney, WV

not slow enough for my 1 mo old

I have a very slow feeder… she will stop and look around while feeding. this nipple is not slow enough so she chokes. evenflo slow flow is better for us.

Claudia Owego, NY

wide base seems misleading but they function fine

I didn’t feel these were actually very wide based at all so the title seemed misleading, and when I ordered it the picture was not the picture here. The picture would be one thing and then when I clicked on it another so I was unsure visually which was the nipple I was ordering. I knew medela to be a good brand though so I knew I wanted medela nipples. As a breastfeeding mom I had hoped for something that would simulate a breast more (being wider, bigger at the base) but they do function just fine. My daughter hasn’t had any trouble drinking my bottled breastmilk from them.

Lolita Elliston, MT