Medela Soft Fit Breastshields 24mm – Medela 67246

Medela Soft Fit Breastshields 24mm – Medela 67246

Medela Soft Fit Breastsheilds 24mm – Medela 67246.

Main features

  • Medela softFit: The SoftFit Breastshield comfortably massages and stimulates the breast and areola to help moms achieve effective milk expression. The soft stimulation encourages milk flow by providing baby-like suction while pumping
  • SoftFit Breastshields are not for use with Little HeartsTM Manual Breastpump, Disposable Kits or the Pumping FreeTM Attachment Kit, #87016.
  • From bulk packing (# 800.0669; #87078 – This SoftFit is sold to us in bulk packages). Selling a pair SEPARATE. – Buyer will receive 2 shields (1 pair) per order – NON retails packaging; Size Medium – 24mm.
  • Hard frame made for keepping soft part in good shape but it is still slightly warped, Just keep in mind SoftFIt always comes that way.
  • No return ( health product)

Verified reviews


Terrible Product

Don’t waste your time or money with this. They are VERY uncomfortable and actually hurt me while pumping with these breast shields…. I should have listened to the customers who wrote bad reviews on this product!

Meredith River Grove, IL

Not much different

I don’t really see the benefit of these. I didn’t really find them more comfortable, and like another reviewer, I had high hopes that these would get me more milk, since they supposedly have a ‘massaging’ action. Not so, at least for me. There wasn’t anything wrong with them; I just don’t see the point. If you want to get more milk, try the next size up of the regular shield, the one for large nipples, even if you don’t think your nipples are large: they’ll pull more breast tissue into the cylinder. Worth a try.

Della Amagon, AR

I Have A Love/Hate Relationship With These Suckers

I say I have a love/hate relationship with these because I love that I get more milk with these vs. the plastic hard shields, however, I hate these because they warp in about 3 weeks time. I pump about 4 times a day with the Medela Freestyle Pump, and had I known how often I’ve had to replace the shields I may not have purchased the pump, I would have bought the Pump In Style. I’ve replaced these shields about 4 times now, since mid-January. I know that I can use the hard shields with the Freestyle, however, I get less milk when I use those vs. the soft shields.There are two problems with these shields. The first is that they warp and turn a yellow color. I’ve never put mine in the dishwasher nor the microwave to sterilize (as that will warp them faster), I’ve only used soap and water. They warp with use. So the more you pump, the faster they will warp. Once they warp, they lose suction and I pump significantly less milk. Then my milk supply goes down for several days. It’s SO frustrating. Then I have to fork over more money to buy new ones again. Once I get the new ones, I’m able to pump more milk again. This is why I hate these shields.The other problem with the soft fit shields is that they only come in one size. When I had my baby, the lactation consultant measured me and gave me the 27 mm hard plastic shields (for use with the hospital rental pump that I was using at first). These shields only come in 24 mm, so it can be a little painful sometimes. Most of the time it’s bearable. However, because it’s a tight fit for me, I sometimes get milk blisters from the friction, which can cause clogged ducts. I won’t go back to using the hard shields though, because for some reason I don’t get as much milk out when using those. So, I’m stuck with the Soft Fit. I don’t know why Medela hasn’t come out with different sizes of these. That is frustrating, as well. And they’ve been out for several years now, so they’ve had plenty of time to realize that people want them in different sizes. Get with it, Medela!! For that reason, I’m not happy with Medela. But the pump itself works great, so I stick with it.Overall, I give this 3 stars because like I said, I love and hate these at the same time. If you’re pumping once or twice a day, you may not have the warping issue as much. But if you exclusively pump, as I do, be prepared to dish out lots of money to keep replacing the shields. And yes, you’ll be annoyed, like me.

Juliet Longville, LA

great spare!

These are much softer than the regular issue hard plastic shields. I prefer them because I think they are more comfortable. I did not notice any significant increase in milk output, but they are a great pair to have around because of comfort. I put mine in the top rack of the dishwasher a few times, too and they distorted a little but it didn’t really affect their use.

Geraldine Tiona, PA

worse than the regular ones! can’t see through for positioning

These are no more comfortable than the standard shields. I feel no difference. I hate these though because I can’t see through the “soft” part of the shield to position the nipple in the center. It is very frustrating. I wish I would have just gotten a second pair of the normal ones.

Patti Monaville, WV

Better than the hard plastic shields, still hate pumping

Okay, so I’m pretty sure that they could make breast shields out of rainbows and sunshine and I would still hate pumping. That being said, I did find these shields more comfortable than the hard plastic shields. I could create a better seal with it around my breast which led me to be able to pump a little more and a little more efficiently. I was getting an extra ounce or so per pumping session (and considering I would get 2 oz or so with the other breast shields, was a HUGE improvement). If you are having trouble, I would definitely say give these a try.

Ernestine Williamsfield, OH

Wish I can return

This yellows after a month and warps. And note that I do not heat them at all. I just wash with soap and water.

Louise Citronelle, AL

Good volume, but ow!

I pump a lot and I’m of two minds about this breast shield. On the one hand, I get much more milk when I pump using the Soft Fit shields than the regular ones. It’s noticeably more. On the other hand, these babies hurt! It’s supposed to “massage” your breast, but it seems much more like the shield is clinging to your skin. It compresses the breast hard and is especially painful for me when I’m taking them off, because they definitely stick to the skin surface. However, when I need to pump lots, I love that these are fast and efficient. And for me, pumping is about the end result, not the process, so I use these pretty often. When it gets a little bit too much and I start getting sore after pumping, I switch back to the Personal Fit shields for a little while.

Ola West Point, TX

Great Concept – Doesn’t Work Well

Medela has great products – this shield simply doesn’t do as much as the “hard” ones do. Sure, it is made of a flexible plastic sort of like a nipple to a bottle, so it sounds great and feels great to the fingers, but the down sides of actually using them are:* And most importantly, they don’t express as much milk as the “hard” ones do* They sort of stick to you – so you have to THINK before removing them (insert finger in the side) so depending on when you are pumping and how sleep deprived you are, THINKING first doesn’t always happen* Sure the “hard” ones leave a “ring around the rosy” but so do these soft ones since you have to turn up the vacuum pressure. I actually gave myself a sore spot from the edge rubbing back and forthThe ONLY thing I like these for (which is why I didn’t give it a 1) is when I’m WAAAAAY past due to pump and I’m feeling like I’ve got rocks in my chest. These shields fit slightly better at those times (since these shields aren’t perfectly round like the hard ones, but are slightly oval shaped) and start the milk to flow with less leaking. After about 5-10 minutes into the process, when my breasts are softer, I switch back to my “hard” shields to finish the job.

Odessa Gibbon, NE

Best horns for me!

A set came with my original pump but they melted a bit during sterilization so I ordered new when I had my second baby. I pumped A LOT (make or buy yourself a hands free pumping bra, Mums!) FT working Mom and second baby had reflux and didn’t nurse well. One lesson I learned is that you buy the shields for your nipple size, not your breast size. I bought larger shields thinking I would need them being well endowed, but they were painful. Turns out big boobs don’t mean big nipples and the “standard” shields were prefect for me. The soft plastic in this set provides extra comfort that the solid shields do not. I used both, but these were better.

Kendra Greenfield, TN

Great but wrinkle and discolor with use and only 1 size.

Bought these after I discovered they existed. THEY ONLY COME IN 24MM HOWEVER! Was pumping with the original hard ones and was having a lot of rubbing and irritation. These things are a life saver. They are soft and comfortable for the mom who has to pump throughout the day. One drawback is that the thin rubber is wrinkling a bit with use. It crinkles as your pump works and now mine have perminent wrinkles in the material. This does not in any way detract from their comfort or usefulness, but it does catch milk in the pockets during pumping. Also, the rubber is turning a very light yellow brown after about 3 weeks of use. I wash them after every use and have put them on the top shelf of the dishwasher to clean even. Again, this does not detract from its use, it just looks dirty all the time. I highly recommend this for the ever-pumping mom. Your ‘girls’ will thank you for it!

Heather Alburg, VT

Medela SoftFit breastshields

Product wears out after frequent use but more comfortable than standard fit breastshields. Still worth the money to ease the discomfort while pumping. Would purchase again.

Debora Taylor, PA

Nice alternative to the hard plastic

The new Medela soft fit breast shields are a nice alternative to the standard “horns” that most pumps come with. Some women may notice an increase in output when using these, as they are more comfortable to use. They only come in one size, but they fit most women, I think.

Sherri Washington, IN

every pumper should have one…

I have been very happy with this product. I use it with a Medela In Style Pump and it seems to work more efficiently, getting (more?) milk out much faster than the standard breastshields. As for the complaints from those who have experienced pain, there is a simple solution – just use lanolin. Having read these complaints before my first use I used lanolin from the get go and never had any problems. I tried one time to skip it and ouch, I figured out really fast what people were complaining about. But when I put on a little ointment before pumping there is no discomfort at all. I wish I would have given these a shot months ago…

Pauline Victor, MT

Great replacement for the Medela Manual pump Breastshields.

These are exactly what I used with my last baby and I never suffered from sore cracked nipples. I must also mention that I took several other precautions to prevent that kind of pain but for sure, these did not contribute to any discomfort. I like that it does stick to the skin when I pump because it helps prevent spills when I relax my arm a little while pumping. Very happy with this product and the shipping was very fast!

Latasha Dougherty, IA

Exactly what the product states

These soft breast shields are good and fit nicely on your breasts. If you use the pump alot, however, the parts tend to wear out a bit. (Just like anything else) They may get deformed if you place in the steam bags Medela provides, so I would recommend handwashing in hot water. I bought two, so that I wasn’t washing the parts all the time.

Magdalena Landrum, SC

Great Output…though a bit painful….

After reading the other reviews I was so excited to get these…. pumping seven or eight times a day, my nipples were getting quite sore….however…. I do not agree with many of the reviewers about these causing less pain…in fact, I find these hurt my breasts with their “massaging” (really the plastic is just a little more flexible than the others so they flex a little at the cone part, hence “massaging” the nipple) After the first time I thought I was going to have to trash them….but then I compared the amount of milk I got using them, and it was almost double that of the typical medela shields….so I tried again, and on a lighter suction, at a faster pace, and they were more tolerable. And to get such a better output….I suppose I can put up with the pain. I now alternate between the two types of shields. I also notice when I’m more “full” I should go with the traditional ones, as the massaging shields hurt too badly. If you can stick with them, through the initial discomfort, the amount of milk you gain, (and in my case can freeze for future use,) is worth it. 🙂 I would not suggest washing these in the dishwasher however….they are a hand wash/wipe only item else the shape will distort. I even notice after wearing them each time the shape changes a bit and so I rotate them each time on the attachments.

Jewell Midland, AR

Makes pumping more comfortable

I came across these when purchasing new parts for my old pump when expecting my second baby. I nursed my first for a year, and I wish I new about the soft breastshields then. They make a world of difference. I always found pumping to be somewhat uncomfortable, but the soft shields take away that discomfort. There is no pinching sensation. A few times, I’ve actually thought the suction was low on my pump because the shields are so much more gentle. I’ve been recommending these to every nursing mom that I know!

Kathi Monticello, WI

Slightly More Comfortable But Warped After A While…

I own these and the regular hard shields. I do find these more comfortable than the hard shields because they don’t pinch after pumping a while. Mine warped after 2 weeks and I didn’t boil/sterilize them. I think it was because I was constantly massaging and readjusting my breasts during pumping so the “twisting” and “tugging” warped the shields. After they’re warped, the suctions are not as good anymore and I often find air/milk bubbles. Due to the poor suction, I get less and less milk. Eventually I ended up with clogged milk ducts. I think you just need to find a breast shield that works best for you that provides good suction to get more milk out. Suction is very important. If you’re using the Medela Symphony pump, make sure to check the membranes (the white flaps on the small yellow pieces) and breast shields to ensure optimal suction. Both the SoftFit and hard shields sticks to my skin but a lactation consultant taught me to apply a fair amount of lanolin (I use the Medela brand lanolin) on the nipples and areola to help ease/eliminate the tugging and pulling. You’ll learn how much to apply after a few times. Too much lanolin might hinder the suction and make the shields slip off easily. The lanolin will stain these SoftFit shields but not the regular hard shields. As stated in the other reviews, I don’t think you can boil or sterilize these. I stuck with the regular hard shields because I can sterilize those and using the trick the LC taught me eliminated the discomfort/sticking/pulling. I know some people don’t like using lanolin for various reasons (e.g. their little one doesn’t like the taste or the weird smell of lanolin); maybe you can give these a try if that’s the case.

Pamala Frewsburg, NY

Did not do much for me….

Not sure what all the hooplah is about. bought these hoping it would be better and I would get more milk, instead, i found more milk "condensation" in the shield itself and no improvement in milk. but I think these may really work for some people, for me it did nothing.

Rowena Homer, OH

Not really worth it for me, but maybe good for you?

I bought these because I thought they looked “neat.” I’m not sure about the claims of getting more milk – I think that’s related to the oxytocin release of pleasure from playing with something new while pumping, which is soooo boring.I have to say, they are great for the first 5 uses, but they wear out quickly. The soft part started getting what I would describe as air pockets while I pumped, which led to major bruising on the underside of my right breast. One note, I sanitize my breast pump parts with boiling water after every use, and I think that is what caused the quality issues with the SoftFit. Maybe it warped or melted? It’s the only Medela part I’ve had this issue with, but I can’t imagine what else caused the air pockets.I’ve actually switched back to the hard shells because of the bruising, but I’m sure I’ll give these another go eventually.For fit – they seem to fit slightly tighter around my nipple that the same size normal breastshields, and I have fairly small nipples/areolas. If you have larger breasts, I would totally avoid these!

Valeria Waco, GA

not really worth it

I use the 24 mm hard shields as well as the soft shields, and I don’t really notice a difference. The thing is, the part that matters where the nipple pulls through, is hard plastic. That’s where I have problems with both types. I suppose it might be a little more comfortable for some, but it’s about the same for me.

Millicent Valdez, AK

More comfortable than regular shields

Got these hoping they’d be more comfortable than regular shields, and they definitely are. However, the more you wash/sterilize them, the more they start to yellow and will eventually need to be replaced sooner than the regular kind.

Cara Concord, NC

Comfortable and easier to carry than regular shields

Comfortable and easier to carry than regular shieldsI like the feel of these flexible shields better than the regular stiff plastic shields. These are also slightly shorter than the regular shields which makes them more convenient for carrying in a pumping bag. Cleanup is the same as with regular shields, and so far I think they are just as durable.One star off for not making them in different sizes (different radius, i.e. 21mm) like their regular plastic shields.

Robin Wrightsville, AR

Used this for 6 months

I’ve been using the softfit for about 6 months and it is much softer feeling that the one that comes with the pump. Only con, it has turned yellow after multiple sterilizations. But it has held up.

Marcella Griggsville, IL

Great Breastshield

I love my Medela Swing breastpump , it is the best in market. The only problem is that I couldn’t find the softfit breastshield sold seperately in local stores, so happy I found it here . The softfit breastshield is really soft and didn’t cause any pain during pumping & it fits my medela swing pump nicely. I love it and so happy I have it 🙂

Rosie Veteran, WY

Warped, Discolored, Torn

I’ve only been using the shields for 8 months and not on a consistent every day basis. They are wrinkled, discolored, and the soft plastic is separating and disintegrating where it meets the harder plastic. This separation has caused it to develop holes that are compromising the quality and effectiveness of my pumping. While I appreciate the softness of the shields, I will be purchasing the more sturdy regular plastic ones from now on.

Isabel Pittsboro, IN

Made me bleed

These are so uncomfortable. They stick to your skin and they made me bleed at the part between the soft plastic and the hard plastic because the flexible soft plastic caused rubbing. Before I started pumping I thought they seemed like they would be more comfortable, but now I know better. I definitely prefer the hard plastic ones and will not use these again.

Carla Marianna, PA

Saved the day!

I’m so glad that when I was in the hospital the nurse/lactation lady told me about the different types of breastshields. My son would not nurse when he was born so pumping was my only option besides formula feeding, which I really didn’t want to do. The other breastshields were so painful for me. This one saved the day. They do wear out after a while of use because they are soft and give when pumping. I pumped for 10 months and had to buy several sets, but so worth it to me! I’ll be buying these again for my next baby!

Lucinda East Montpelier, VT

Nothing special

I wanted another set of shields for my Medela pump. My supply was not great so I thought that I would try these but I didn’t see a difference. In fact, I don’t think that these are any more comfortable than the hard plastic ones and just like others have said, these won’t last as long (they warp some). The hard plastic ones are easier to clean and last longer. So, I don’t think this is a BAD purchase but if you are expecting miracles you will be disappointed.

Imogene Taswell, IN