Medela SoftShells for Inverted Nipples

Medela SoftShells for Inverted Nipples

Medela softshells help solve some of the most common problems faced by breastfeeding women nipple soreness, flat or inverted nipples, and engorgement. Softshells are comfortable to wear while alleviating these conditions. Soft, flexible backs for superior comfort. Low profile design for a natural appearance under clothes. Made without BPA safe for mom and baby. All Medela breastmilk bottles and products that come in contact with breastmilk are and always have been made without BPA. 

Main features

  • Designed for flat and inverted nipples, and engorgement
  • Soft, flexible backs
  • Natural appearance under clothes
  • Made without BPA

Verified reviews


they really work

These really do work. I recommend using them before you have the baby though. I waited, and it was quite an ordeal. You will save yourself considerable misery if you wear them in advance (but not too far in advance, or you can induce premature labor–talk to your obgyn).

Ava Tire Hill, PA

Comfortable and they do the trick!

I was really not looking forward to wearing the hard plastic shells I’d gotten from La Leche League to help correct my inverted nipples during my last pregnancy. Knowing I was in for a world of trouble if I didn’t wear them, I dug them out and just couldn’t bring myself to put them on. Then I discovered these soft shells at Babies R Us, and decided to give them a try. They have a soft backing against the breast/nipple instead of rigid plastic, so comfort is key here. Instead of being small and highly domed, these are more shallow and larger, so that they are more discreet when you wear them. There are washable inserts to absorb milk, rather than having to deal with dried pooled milk. And best of all, they do indeed draw the nipple out to prepare for nursing. I’m wearing them now, and I can’t even see them through my t-shirt or feel that they are there (I actually lifted the shirt up to make sure they were properly positioned, and they were!). If you have inverted or flat nipples, these are clearly the shells to get!

Lorie Barrington, NH

Not for me

They just didn’t work out for me. Breastfeeding didn’t work out for me. I am sure that they are great and all, but not for me.

Darla Gallupville, NY

They seem to work

These seem to be working. I started using them a month prior to my due date in preparation for breast feeding. I haven’t had the baby yet, so I will find out once she’s here if they did what they’re supposed to!

Shannon Dover, FL

Saved my BFing experience

I was given some of these at the hospital when I delivered my baby as we were having major latch issues. They worked so well that now we are exclusively breast feeding and no longer need to pump and use the bottle two weeks later, or one of those annoying nipple shields. My only problem was that if I didn’t wear them e.g. at night as Medela suggests then the nipples would get flat again, so I purchased an extra set and wear them all the time. Wearing them 24/7 did cause some irritation initially but breast milk solves everything, and I make sure to air the area out after every feeding and keep them clean and now this is not a problem. I hope with longer use I won’t have to wear them all the time. I also find that as long as I don’t wear anything low cut then nobody would know I was wearing them, I am not on the huge side so I don’t know if that makes a difference. As an additional bonus they are a built in catch for leaking milk.ETA: at 6 weeks pp I no longer need to wear the shells so much, they have done their job and now I am wearing them for maybe 8 hours per day. Still love them!

Elizabeth Osceola, IA


I got these to wean my daughter off the nipple shield. I wore these all the time the first day and by day two she was latching correctly and off the shield. I say these are the best thing for a mom trying to breast feed with inverted nipples and I have tryed everything this is the only thing that helped!

Alicia Fruitland, ID

Helped my nipples!

Due to having inverted nipples and not really knowing how to help that (the nurses and LC at the hospital weren’t much help to me at all), I didn’t do too well with breastfeeding my first child and gave up after only about 1 wk which made me feel like a total FAILURE. Heck, I didn’t even know I had inverted nipples until the nurses told me!I got pregnant again and really wanted to give breastfeeding another try this time around so I began researching as much as possible to find out what I can do without using those nipple sheilds they give you at the hospital. I found a blog site talking about how these helped a women in my situation so I ordered them from here. They arrived very quickly and were a great price. I started to use them when I was around 8 months pregnant. Since I have been using them they have made a considerable change to the shape of my nipples. They aren’t inverted like they used to be! The cups are very comfortable to wear as well. They do make a weird shape in your bra so I wouldn’t be running errands or anything in them but I wear them while I’m doing housework and you can barely feel that you are wearing them.I now feel like breastfeeding will be a much better success this time around because of these cups.(And from all the other information I have learned since the last time around)

Annabelle Chatham, MS

Still ended up bottlefeeding.

Not sufficient to help baby latch. Still have to bottle feed her. Nice that there are products for this, but didn’t meet my need.

Frances Delray, WV

Saved my nips!

This is my first baby and I got very sore and cracked nipples from breastfeeding him. I tried just about everything to help heal them. Using these with A&D; Original Ointment Tube for Diaper Rash & All-Purpose Skincare Formula – 1.5 Oz between nursings, and pumping for two days with only nursing a few times, was the only thing that worked to heal my severely cracked nips. (If you do this, wipe off the A+D before breastfeeding/pumping as it can be harmful if ingested by baby.)I wouldn’t recommend them for leaking. They seem to make me leak more, as I rarely leak when not using these. They also will soak your clothes if you don’t empty them VERY often, and then bend over to pick something up! I can see them being useful for collecting milk while breastfeeding.They are larger than I imagined them being, but they aren’t very noticeable if you wear a padded bra.

Alisha Nice, CA

Saved my life

These shells saved me from severe pain when my baby was a newborn. They gave me some time to heal and relax. We have a great nursing relationship because I was able to power through the pain in the very beginning.

Kimberley Merrill, MI