Medela Spare Valves and Membranes – 2 Pack

Medela Spare Valves and Membranes – 2 Pack

Medela Spare Valves and Membranes

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Received a Medela Pump as a hand-me-down and wanted to replace the parts as not to contaminate. These were very useful and glad I replaced all the parts.

Nadia Willcox, AZ

Replace those valves and membranes monthly! You’ll be amazed at what it does for your output.

I replace my valves and membranes monthly and it increases my output greatly! I really notice a hit on my output towards the end of the month and as soon as I replace my valves and membranes I’m good as new. It makes a HUGE different. Don’t try to save money by waiting, replace monthly!

Robyn Sublette, IL

So Relieved!

I am so relieved that they sell these parts individually. I was panicked to reach in my Garbage Disposal after is was making ‘that noise’ to find that this part of my pump was now finely diced! (The White Membrane did escape unscathed however!) I got mine for $5.70something with free shipping! THANK YOU!

Sophie Carrolltown, PA


The product came in perfect condition and fast delivery.The membranes (the white rubbery rounds) are the KEY to your breastpump efficiency!!!! To all the moms out there : MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE MEMBRANES OUT AND RINSE THEM WITH WATER AFTER EACH USE!!!! Te membranes are the ones creating the suction mechanism so it is crucial for you to wash them and REPLACE THEM ONCE IN A WHILE when the texture becomes weaken or little tears become vizible.

Amber Ellenboro, WV

Same (and thus just as good)

Same kind of valves as originally came with my pump. And I’ve seen reviews where they didn’t come in the actual packaging, mine did.

Theresa Rutherford, CA

important to replace for optimal pumping

these little membranes are sometimes what makes the difference in a successful pumping session or a bad one. One tiny hole and your suction will be less than awesome. these have worked great for me when I needed replacements!

Susan Centuria, WI

Medela Valves & Membranes

I ordered it as a back up so that I would not have to keep washing and using the same valves and membranes over and over and would have a clean and dry set ready to go at the next pumping session. It came quickly in the mail too.

Cortney Bradyville, TN

Brand name – worked as expected.

No problems with these. Made for a good "backup" set of valves for multiple pumping setups between work, home, and travel.

Madge Derby, CT

just what it says it is

good price, good product and saved me a drive to go buy them, my sister is having her second baby and we gave her back the breast pump which she lend us when we had ours, this is one of the parts which can not transfer from one mother/child to another.

Robert Kooskia, ID

Great to have more parts

I’m so happy to have extra parts! It makes pumping that much easier and take the hassle out of having to clean up after each time.

Tonia Chassell, MI

Sames ones that came with our Medela breast pump

These are the exact same ones that came with our Medela breast pump. It is nice to have a spare set!

Lina Pyrites, NY

Medela is the best!

Always a good idea to have spare parts for such an important piece of equipment. Medela is the best!

Tommie Tippo, MS

Definitely by the name brand

I ordered a set that said it was for the medela pumps, but they didn’t fit properly. Since this was from the brand I had no issues with these. I will stick with the Medela brand from now on.

Tonia Lyons, OR

replace these when pump times get longer

I can tell when the valves are done because it takes longer to pump the same amount of milk and more moisture than usual backs up into the tubes. I pump twice a day during the week and need new ones about once a month. It’s disappointing that Medela’s system has so many parts that need replacing, but save yourself some time by replacing these suckers! I’ve used these on the Symphony and Pump In Style.

Melisa Eastwood, KY


They work great and are exactly as shown in the picture. I recommend this product, as they are the exact same as the original membranes the pump comes with.

Therese Rowe, NM

Direct replacement for pump in style

I wanted some replacements for Medela pump in style parts. They are exactly that. Work great on my pump. No problems.

Paulette Peekskill, NY

Valves fit most Medela pumps

I accidentally dented one of my valves, so I was glad there were spares available. I am pretty sure these fit all Medela pumps, except maybe the Freestyle. It’s always good to have a spare!

Lidia Tateville, KY


these are exactly what i needed! needed to replace some parts and was hoping these were the right ones and the worked perfect!

Becky Woolrich, PA

Works perfectly!

These are the original kind. I was a little skeptical about getting the other cheaper brands and did not want to put my supply at risk. These worked out perfectly! It’s amazing how much of a difference a good membrane can make. It can be tricky coz you may not really feel anything’s wrong until you replace it. I just replace mine every 4-6 weeks.

Carolyn Maineville, OH

Exactly as described

Used as replacements for my Medela pump parts. I had to throw my old parts away in between pregnancies. These work with all of my Medela parts.

Herminia Flint Hill, VA

Medela valves

The product is as described. Came in product packaging like you would see in a store. Price is a bit less that what it would be at a big box store. The valves/membrane fit perfectly with both the stock breastshield and a second large breastshield that I purchsed.

Emma Clintwood, VA

Picture is exactly what you get

They seem to work great, and are for sure Medela valves. There are 2 valves in each package you order.

Dorthy Vina, CA

good idea for back ups

My pump is pretty sturdy and reliable, but I have had to replace the membrains twice now (over a 5 month period).The valves themselves have surprisingly lasted so far, but I was sure they would break off during cleaning.

Samantha Cunningham, KY

Works perfect

Is exactly what you see. And fits perfect to the shield thing. (sorry I know it isn’t the technical term) Got it fast.

Gena Payson, AZ

Better than the new design

I think these old-school valves work much better and last longer than the new ones with the more slanted top. I don’t know why, but the membranes last longer with these so I always buy this type.

Natalie Alford, FL

Valves for Medella pump

Product was great…just like the valves and membranes that came in the Medella starter kit that I got in the hospital.

Taylor Dundas, MN

Works well …

I didn’t realize the extra breast shields came with the valves, so I got these on the side. But if you need extra valves, might as well get the breast shields too. It certainly helps when I’m pumping at work because I don’t have time to clean and sanitize.

Sofia Holland, OH

medela membranes & valves

Theses are exactly what I expected, ordered an extra set to cut down on washing initial set all the time!

Patty Martinton, IL

excellent, good fit

It is imperative to have extra parts when you’re pumping. These fit just as well as the original valves that came with my pump.

Patrica Prewitt, NM