Medela Starter Supplemental Nursing System

Medela Starter Supplemental Nursing System

Whats-Included: Teat-tubing assembly Quick ClipTM Tape strip Elastic ring Tubing clamp Valve/membrane Disc Instructions for Use

Main features

  • Disposable system for short-term (24-hour) use
  • Quick ClipTM
  • Sterile packaging
  • BPA/DEHP free

Verified reviews


quality control must take a lot of breaks

I have low supply and had to supplement early on and was using eyedroppers, syringes, medicine droppers…anything I could use at the breast. I finally got one of these and though I have had my share of baby meltdowns about the tube, as well as all out breast refusal when the tube is attached, its still my mainstay and at 9 months, its acceptable almost all the time to my son. I have used and broken in some way or another about 6 of these in 8 months. They aren’t intended for this kind of use, which I understand. Once you use these every day multiple times a day, you know how to get them to work…how to keep them from leaking and how to clean them so they’re sanitary.I have had problems with the tops of these sns having a kink in the tube from the factory, having the tube exit at an angle and therefor limiting the flow capability, also a quality control problem…then as I mentioned, some lids are tighter fits than others. I have always used the same base to compare too.A few words for those who are going through supplement hell…and need to use these sns more often than they would like or longer than they want. Thngs will get better and easier as your baby grows. Its hard to do this and travel but its possible…Try to use breastmilk to supplement if you can. I found a breastmilk donor on milkshare (its a website) and since 4&1/2 months my son has been EBF and he is so much easier to feed with this supplementer now that formula has been removed from the equation. He hated formula…I would too…it tastes terrible and isn’t as good as breastmilk is for you baby. There are some quality control problems with these…some caps will fit more loosely than others making it more likely to leak…it takes some experience to get the right amount of tension to prevent leaking. If you are just starting to use one of these, practice with cows milk so you don’t waste your supplement and so you can see it rising in the twist rungs… and experiment with squeezing the teat (that’s their terminology not mine) to see if the seal will leak with pressure. Dont flip out if you do lose some milk due to leakage…if your baby is actively sucking which you can encourage with breast compressions, stroking the face or neck, or a gentle blow of air on the forehead (that worked with my son) the leaking will stop…I had many meltdowns using these…mostly because I had supply issues and personal grief from feeling insufficient. Reading ‘making more milk ‘ available on amazon and on kindle really helped me out…so don’t think using these will be easy physically or mentally. Allow your baby to feed on each side at least once, prefferably twice before attaching this…that will drain you first before offering a steady flow and in my case before my son drifts off to sleep. My son would suck less vigorously when he had the flow output of one of these…so its important if you have supply issues, to make sure to drain your breasts first so your body knows to make more milk.Throw their pathetic poorly designed idiotic white clothes pincher away. I don’t use anything to keep my sns in place now. I feed my son while i am reclined and the sns lays in the crook of my shoulder and neck no problem. Earlier on though, I wrapped a rubber band around a chip bag clamp and wrapped tha band around the sns. This worked 10000 times better that that thing they provide you with.If you are having baby grabbing issues with the tube or sns itself, use more 3m paper tape on the chest and cover the rest of the tube with your shirt or something so it isn’t obvious to the baby. I rarely had grabbing issues…if it persists, get something you can use as a nursing necklace or if you have long hair, put it in a braid and lay it on your chest, that usually proves more interesting depending on your hair band color… if you are only supplementing with breastmilk, you can use the sns multiple times before cleaning it…I wash my sns once a day, sometimes twice. I store it in the refrigerator between uses. Make sure you keep your sns in a sanitary place in the frige and that the tube is either wrapped around the bottle and not touching anything, or that you keep the sns in its own bag or co tainer that is clean so it doesnt contact anything in the frige. If you are supplementing with formula, you need to clean your sns after each use…sorry. its pretty laborious intensive.Always have a backup sns in case yours breaks…the tubes are fragile at the base of the teat, the teat and lid is brittle after about a month of use and can crack which leads to leakage when the teat is squeezed (sorry for saying teat so much) . Amazon is prettymuch the cheapest place to get these…if you have prime you are set. Oh, one last thing, clean each individual piece in very hot water…not boilling, just as hot as your hands can handle. Use a soft scrubber that can get to all the areas of the sns, i have a cloth topped bottle brush that i use. To clean the tube out, use your index nail and your thumb along with some soapy water inside the lid to gently crease the tube and slide your thumb and fingernails all the way down to make sure you get all the debris out of the tube. Be careful not to pull too much at the tube unless you are holding the tube itself at the base of the teat. If you pull from the teat, you may break the tube off. I have done that twice. You will need to replace your sns tops rlwith regular use. These are not designed for this type of use…so don’t get too upset when they break.oh, the way the clamp (the yellow thing the tube goes through and that the flow is stopped with) should be turned the other way so you can use one hand to pull the tube and stop /clamp the flow. The way it is situated when you get it would require you to pull up and away from your baby. That takes two hands if you have weak tape or are using just a little. Sometimes you ‘ll rip the tube out of your baby’s mouth. Turn the clamp around and that way you can use one hand to pull the tube into the slit of the clamp keeping your sns in the crook of your neck or attached to your shirt.I hope that was helpful. If you have any questions let me know. I use these every day so I have solved many sns problems.

Becky San Elizario, TX

No bottle

Picture shows a bottle but description says without bottle. It does NOT include a bottle. For the price, it’s not a full kit, and that’s disappointing. I am a pediatrician and lactation consultant, so I keep these on hand for desperate families. The rest of the set up is fine, just not ready to use out of the package.

Sheila Hitchins, KY

It works but..

This works but I found my daughter couldn’t suck with this attached to my breast. Another thing I didnt like is it leaked all over the place so I had to place the bottle in a bowl to use this. It was not easy holding a newborn.

Therese Saipan, MP

I finally solved the leaking problem!

I am forever grateful to Medela for making this product which allowed me to supplement my baby at the breast and not using a bottle. But once my milk supply increased enough I was more than happy to jettison it because it was a pain in the rear to use — breastfeeding is hard enough but it was that much more difficult for my baby to latch as his little mouth had to cover both my nipple and the tube. And the leaking was intolerable. I was supplementing at times with my own breast milk. Every drop of it was painstakingly pumped so you can imagine my heartbreak and fury to see it leak away! No matter how loosely or tightly I screwed on the top, it leaked… until I figured out a trick:1. Engage the lock on the tube2. Make sure the white valve is pushed all the way into the yellow disk. Sometimes, the “nub” is only partially inserted which causes leaking3. Fill the tube with however much supplement (formula/breast milk) is required4. Squeeze the reservoir tip to create a vacuum5. WHILE STILL SQUEEZING THE TIP, place the yellow circular into the tip and push it until you hear a “click”. Make sure the disk clicks into place along its entire circumference6. WHILE STILL SQUEEZING THE TIP, screw the reservoir tip onto the tube7. Quickly invert the tube and as soon as it is turned upside down, simultaneously release the reservoir tip. You will see that once the vacuum disappears, some supplement flows into the tip8. Continue to tighten the reservoir tip onto the tube. Do not over tighten, but enough to prevent leaking9. If required, squeeze the tip to pump some more supplement into it10. Once you unlock the tube, you’ll find that supplement will quickly flow down the tubeA few other things to note:A. Despite the picture, this listing does NOT include the test tubeB. Although this is supposed to be a 24-hour device, I spoke to a lactation consultant, and she said a Medela representative told her it can be used for longer periods of time, but since they can’t be sure whether users can clean them properly after they leave the hospital, they market it as a short term device. Just make sure to run hot water through the tube as soon as you finish each feeding. You will eventually have to replace it when the tubes get too gunky but they last a heck longer than 24 hours. I used my SNS for 4.5 weeks before I stopped using them altogether.C. If the capacity of the test tube is too little for your purposes, try using other larger bottles. I found that the Dr. Brown bottles fit wellD. Be creative in where to clip the SNS! I have tried the straps of my nursing camisole, the lid of a baseball cap turned sideways, and I finally settled on a towel which I used to cover my nursing chair.I hope this helps! Keep up the great work with breastfeeding.

Angel Banks, OR

one time use, lots of little pieces

lots of little pieces and I didn’t read the full description that this is a one time use. I like the concept but I think using a syringe might be easier. I never ended up using because it looked too complicated and I didn’t have time with a toddler and newborn. luckily we didn’t end up needing.

Tonya Dublin, GA