Medela Supplemental Nursing System

Medela Supplemental Nursing System

Benefits – Supplemental feeding assistance for mothers and babies facing special long-term challenges – Inducing lactation – Keeping special-needs babies at the breast Features – Adjustable flow-rate system – Color-coded tubes for different feed rates – Graduated reservoir container – Adjustable neck strap – Autoclavable and boilable – Easy to fill container – Sterile in package – English/French/Spanish instructions

Main features

  • Ideal for long-term supplemental feedings at the breast
  • A breastfeeding assistance kit for moms and babies facing special challenges
  • Adjustable flow-rate system and Color-coded tubes for different feed rates
  • Neck strap for maximum convenience
  • Sterile packaging

Verified reviews


Lots of work with limited usage

Very hard to get setup and use … hard to get the thing in the baby’s mouth, not sure this is worth the effort. Not sure it really does anything. Definitely more expensive than it is worth.

Diane Maysville, AR

my last step in trying to breastfeed epic failure

my son was not fooled, this is just such a production to get this working a tired mommy will get frustrated i know i did, it is ok if you cant breast fed i tried everything brewers yeast fenugreek, mothers milk all of it reglan i just couldnot make the milk and my son is perfect on his simlac sensitive

Ruth Loganville, GA

Good product, but won’t work if your baby refuses to latch

I bought this to encourage my preemie to latch on just so that I could produce more milk to pump. I wasn’t necessarily looking to get her to bf entirely. But unfortunately it’s not going to work for us. It does take quite a while to set up, while trying to keep the milk from going all over the place. I got hooked up while my baby was still playing, but once we started trying, she got frustrated. I think it was partly the feel of the tube, partly the fact that she hates even trying to latch on at this point (she’s 6 months). The success of this will rest entirely on the baby’s willingness to latch on. It’s useless otherwise. I even tried finger-feeding, and she accepted that for a couple of minutes but wouldn’t go for it again. I give it four stars because I can’t really find fault with the system itself. If you have the time to devote to trying this throughout the day and your baby latches well, then this would be a great item to help milk production.

Lora Great River, NY

So far it’s been good

I have been using this item for about a week now. After reading all of the reviews, I expected it to be horribly complicated. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. It’s not the easiest thing to use, but mostly because the baby doesn’t always latch right away and likes to squirm. You do have to make sure that one tube is taped against the bottle pointing up and raised slightly above the bottle. You know the baby is sucking in the milk once air bubbles start going from the “air” tube into the bottle. My baby is 1 month old so it may be more difficult with an older baby that likes to grab things. Hopefully with time my milk supply will return and I won’t have to use it anymore. Everything gets more difficult at 2am when you are bleary eyed.

Letitia Castana, IA

Help for my poor nurser and failing milk supply

I’m sad that I didn’t hear about this until my baby was almost 5 months old. She wouldn’t nurse in the beginning and after 4 days I had to give her a bottle of formula because she had lost over 10%; and so the troubles began… I was able to get her to nurse with the use of a nipple shield for awhile. Eventually she got to the point that she only nursed for comfort and wanted the easy way out (a bottle) and refused to nurse. My milk supply dwindled and once again we began supplementing. Desperate to continue breastfeeding and about to give up I found reference to a SNS. It took a few days (I thought it would never work) for both her and I to get the hang of it (a 5 month old grabs and pulls on everything especially little tubes) but she is finally nursing. It has only been two days so no increase in milk supply yet but I am hopeful. She loves breast milk so I only give her breast milk from the SNS, if she wants more than I pump then I give her formula in a bottle. This has also helped with her choosing breast over bottle… breast = yummy, bottle not so much. I tried all 3 sizes of tubing and the fastest flow works best for us with a TON of tape so she doesn’t rip it off. I also have to have the bottle of milk covered with my shirt or she just plays with it. It also broke her of her need for the nipple shield, with the SNS she will only nurse without the shield and now she will nurse without the shield even when I don’t use the SNS (first feeding of the day). It is a bit of a pain (but worth it to me) and it is definitely an at home kind of thing. I really can’t imagine trying to tape the thing on and position it in public which is a downside. If you keep at it and try different things I am sure it will work.

Celeste Waxahachie, TX


Breast feeding my first born was one of the hardest challenges of my life.I am so lucky I found this, I used it for a few months, and the one day it wasn’t needed anymore and I went right along breast feeding.THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.I wish it was more affordable, I worry that such a high cost will prevent the people who really need this from getting it.

Queen Steinhatchee, FL


I had a nasty case of mastitis that impacted my production. On top of that, my preemie twins struggled to latch and, when they did, they were frustrated because my milk was slow flow compared to their bottles. This helped with my flow but it wasnt a huge help with increasing my production.

Isabella Whitmore Lake, MI

After trying everything, this worked great for us!

We tried everything, including two lactation consultants. Our baby gets really fuzzy and she frustrates immediately if milk doesn’t come out. Also she bites and sucks so hard she hurts mom.We bought the lact-aid rip-off as our “last hope” and we were so angry, 80 bucks for some cheap pieces of plastic, and then a fortune for plastic bugs that should cost 1c. If you follow the instructions on the lact-aid, including the ridiculous funnel with filter to fill the bag, and the three different things used to wash it, and you will spend the whole day working on breastfeeding. Fortunately we didn’t quit and tried the Medela SNS as another last hope :)It take us under one minute now to prepare this, we prepare the formula with warm water and fill the SNS bottle with it, tape it and adjust the strap (really easy to adjust, not the nightmare the lact-aid comes with), and the baby gets her meal (the scary foam doesn’t pose any problem for us.Now, I do understand all the negative reviews, because there is a steep learning curve to get this working (for both for mom and baby). You start learning tricks and getting used to this with experience (for example we sometimes swaddle her if she is making it impossible to feed her by waving her arms and grabbing the tubes). You also have to see which of the three sizes of tubes work best for you, how long to adjust the strap, etc. It took us a whole weekend, using it on every feeding (we banned bottles to force ourselves), to succeed. If you are buying this, chances are you’re already quite frustrated, so be prepared and don’t expect this product to work on the first try.Beware: The manual doesn’t explain that you have to unclamp BOTH TUBES, so the non-feeding one acts as a vent.

Jo Ceredo, WV


I bought this to assist me in my breastfeeding journey. My baby was getting frustrated at my breast due to my poor supply. I was hoping to use this to provide formula to my baby as she sucked so as to increase my supply (due to her sucking) and keep her satiated.Putting this on and positioning it was a nightmare. Getting her to feed correctly from it was impossible. 50 bucks is insane for a piece of plastic.

Naomi Port Ewen, NY

Works Okay

I wish this item wasn’t so expensive, but it does the job. For me, wearing it around my neck didn’t work well, and I wish there was an easier way to hold it/wear it.

Lou Batesburg, SC

Worked and didn’t work

Somewhat disappointed in this product. The container is very cumbersome for those with smaller breasts. For me, it lied directly on my chest and was in the way of the baby trying to nurse. It kept falling over into her face as my breasts aren’t big enough to hold it in the cleavage area. I resorted to holding it under my chin as she nursed but keeping your head down like that for so long hurts. The tubing was a bit of a pain to get to stay in place also. The baby kept getting it all twisted up in her fingers, then it would get pinched shut in the bottle then she’d get mad as I tried to undo it all. I loaded it up with tapes but it continued to twist and turn and only once did it actually stay in place for her to nurse. But the tapes would get wet with saliva and start to pull away. I only got it to work properly once for 45 minutes of nursing and that was a blessing but I wouldn’t recommend this product especially for those with smaller chests.

Blanche Silver Lake, IN

Breast Feeding saver

I had to go back to work, so my son was getting bottle fed at the sitter’s during the day. Well, he got used to the bottle, and refused breast feeding. Would cry and kick and push away from the breast every time I tried. He had a really good latch before he got used to the bottle and wanted it easy. My milk supply was diminishing – I was barely pumping 1oz a day.So, at 5 months old, I am still determined to have him breast fed. After 5 days of using the sns, my 5 month old is taking to the breast again. He even snacked a few times without the sns.I tried the fenugreek, mother’s milk, calma nipple, nipple shields – this is the only thing that is working and building up my milk supply.Some say it is messy. Yes, my baby ripped off the hose when it was taped down too. But be patient, and wear a top over it or swaddle your baby so they don’t pull it off of you.I’m so happy this method is working. It really was my last hope for breast feeding.

Maureen Thackerville, OK