Medela Symphony Double Pumping System

Medela Symphony Double Pumping System

A comfortable and convenient personal accessory kit for the Medela symphony breast pump. Includes everything mom needs to double or single pump with the symphony hospital grade breast pump. All Medela breast milk bottles and products that come in contact with breast milk are and always have been made without BPA. What’s in the Box: (2) 24 mm PersonalFit breast shields; (2) PersonalFit breast shield connectors; (2) 5 oz/150 ml breast milk bottles with lids; (2) tubes; (2) valves; (4) membranes; (2) membrane caps; (2) protective membranes; Breastfeeding Information Guide and Instructions.

Main features

  • A comfortable and convenient personal accessory kit for the Medela Symphony Breastpump
  • Includes everything you need to double or single pump with the Symphony hospital-grade breastpump
  • Double pumping kit with medium (24mm) personal fit breast shields
  • 5 ounce breast milk bottles with lids
  • Made without BPA

Verified reviews


Mixed feeling about this product: milk does back up in the tubing

Ok here is the thing…I bought this kit (and I got another one at the hospital where I delivered my baby and they have the same issue) in order to use the Medela Symphony pump at work. Nothing to say about the whole system: it is a great pump and the kit is easy to assemble and disassemble, to clean…I have read other reviews and talked with other moms here at work and it seems that not many women have this issue, but in my case, milk backs up in the tubing. This might be due to my high flow milk but I still have this problem and it is annoying.I read other reviews and after replacing the tubing with a longer one, rotating the white membrane toward the breast, lowering the suction speed, and keeping the bottle a bit more inclined I still had milk backing up into the tubing. This is a annoying because the pump loses in suction power, I have to spin the tube often to avoid accumulation of milk and I have to clean the tubing using a toothpick otherwise mold will form in it. In addition, the Symphony pump is an open system, so I can’t let my milk get to the pump body…it would just be gross.It happened that my sister gave me her Medela Swing pump to use at home. At first I used one of the new attachments and milk backed into the tubing too! I went back to the Swing attachments and after sterilizing them I gave those a try. Well, the swing has a “connector” that has a much better design then the new connectors (see […]). I could not find these connectors on amazon but I wrote an email to Medela, I sent them a picture of the piece I was looking for and they shipped it to me for free. Just tell them that is what you want because when I told them that I was using the connector from the swing they told me that it was not compatible with the symphony. This is not true. I have been using it the whole time and it works beautifully.The connectors that you get with this kit are these instead:;=1329922739&sr;=8-2My conclusion is that these connectors have a bad design. The tube attaches diagonally and downward. In the connector there is a plastic little wall that separates the flow of milk from the tubing. A little bit of suction is enough to suck few drops of milk in the tubing system in case a bubble forms or if the flow of milk is just too much. The swing attachment has the tubing insert on the top and upwards and I can’t see the inside of the connector. All I know is that it doesn’t give me that issue.I give 3 stars anyway because of the Medela customer service (great!) and because I might be one of the few with this issue.My suggestion is this: get these and try them. If you have milk backing up, don’t waist time with other attempts. Just buy the connector for the Swing on another website or write to Medela explaining your issue and sending them a picture of the connector you want. If many women have the same issue they might change the design of these connectors eventually.

Ora Algoma, WI


This product does what it says. It’s the kit for use with Medela Symphony hospital-grade pump. It includes the tubes and membranes, as well as a set of bottles and shields and the valve assembly. I personally wish that it came with the soft fit shields, but that’s just personal preference. Once you have this set, you can buy more bottle and shield assemblies if you don’t want to wash them every time you use them or if you just want spares. You only need one set of tubing–the tubing is the only part that is specific to the Symphony pump. The rest of the parts are the same for almost all of Medela’s pumps.

Shawna De Soto, IL

The product you need for your symphony rental

This product has everything you need to use your symphony rental.Amazon had best price I could find even with coupons, but I still find the price staggering for what it is. I bought two and had issues with both (crack in one and bottled wouldn’t screw on tightly on second). Medela cust service offered a replacement if I shipped back, but I didn’t keep the boxes.So lesson learned, keep your box around just in case.

Susana Glenside, PA

Great Price and product

These are great to use with your Medela Symphony pump. I ordered an extra set so I didn’t have to sterilize my other set immediately after each use. Was nice to have a backup. Just like the ones off the Medela website.

Valarie Shady Point, OK

Just what I needed

I work at a hospital and they provide hospital grade Medela Symphony pumps in the lactation room, I just needed to provide my own pumping parts. This set provided me with all the necessary pieces I needed.

Cecile Endeavor, PA

Perfect kit to use with the Symphony pump

I purchased this kit to have a second kit at work so I didn’t have to lug one home each night and potentially forget it. It comes with everything you need to use the Symphony pump, just plug and pump! Does the job well!

Lillie Malinta, OH

Symphony Kit

This kit includes all the parts for the Symphony pump, and I believe it can be used with the Pump In Style too. It comes with 5 oz bottles, caps, 24mm shields, valves, tubing, and extra membranes. The Symphony is the best pump ever if you can get your hands on one. I am renting one at home and my work has them in the lactation rooms, so I got an extra set of parts for work to leave there, so I don’t forget them at home or at work. The other best advice I am giving all pumping moms- buy multiple sets of parts! I only do dishes once or twice a day. Medela sells the flanges and valves for around $9 each at your local retailer. I never do dishes in the middle of the night (thank goodness!), and while I am at work, I save time by just rinsing and putting in a wet/dry bag, then either hand wash at home or stick them in the dishwasher.

Letitia Haywood, WV

Purchased for use of a shared breast pump at work

I purchased this brand because the Medela pumps are what’s provided for use at my job. The only thing I would change is I would provide different type flanges with the order or give the option to select your flange size when purchasing the item, but I guess if Medela did that it would decrease their revenue.

Terry Saint Helen, MI


I rented Ameda Elite and I was very, very happy with it. Then, I tried Medela Symphony and found it great, even better!It’s double speed pumping system is amaizing. It really mimics baby’s suction.Moreover, this seller delivered this product even earlier than expected.I am really happy with this buy.

Inez Rose Hill, IA

What makes this kit specific to the Symphony?

You may be wondering that.Most of the other Medela pumps have little nubs that you attach the tubing to, and that’s how the pumping action works. The air is sucked through the tubes, into the shield, and there you go.The Symphony is a “hospital grade” breast pump, but what’s more, it’s also safe for sharing, which is why some workplaces have them. Instead of having air sucked directly through the machine, it has these two pistons at the top, and those pistons, as they go up and down, are responsible for the suction. But to convert an up and down piston motion into sucking, you need a special attachment. THAT’s what’s specific to this kit vs the other medela kits that might include tubing and shields and bottles. If you don’t have those attachments, you cannot connect to the symphony, end of story.So this is a good kit. But you only need one like this since the Symphony specific parts do not get dirty and don’t need to be washed really. Once you have this, if you want more shields and bottles, you can buy one of many other medela kits that don’t include the extra symphony parts.That said, this kit includes everything you need to pump with the symphony. You don’t need anything else. But as an aside it does not include nipples for the bottles. Not that it needs to – just saying if you are buying this kit to grab and go somewhere and then want to give the bottles for feeding, you need nipples for the bottles or you need other bottles. Aside from that, this includes everything you need and you don’t need anything more.If you are buying this to pump at work, I would highly recommend the medela quick clean wipes, which lets you clean all the pumping parts without a sink – just a quick wipe down, so you can toss them back into your bag and be good to go.

Amber China, TX

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a Symphony, these are great

I have a Medela Swing at home and it does the job. However, when I returned to work my company has some Medela Symphonys available for employee use. I bought this kit and, wow, does the milk come out faster with the Symphony than the Swing! Sometimes I can get in and out of the Mother’s room in 10 minutes if my milk let down is strong. If you have access to a Medela Swing, buy this kit and enjoy its efficiency!

Jan Center Valley, PA

Great product!

I have fallen in love with the Medela pumps. I initially purchased the Avent pump since it fit our Avent Natural bottles, but was able to use a Medela Symphony to pump with at work and just loved it. This kit perfectly with the pump and the pieces really held up the during the repeated use.

Fran Millersville, MO

Useful to have extras

If you have the Pump in Style or Symphony, it’s always good to have an extra set so that you don’t have to wash every time you have a pumping session… you can just wash both after.

Jayne Luttrell, TN


I love breastfeeding and was so glad to find these so I could pump at work with the pump they provide! They are great!

Deanne Hamilton, MT

no surprises here.

Pretty much is what it says it is – it’s helpful to have extra sets of pump parts in case you forget something at home, etc.

Anastasia York New Salem, PA