Medela Symphony Vehicle Lighter Adaptor

Medela Symphony Vehicle Lighter Adaptor

With this cigarette lighter adapter made for use in the car, you can pump even when you’re away from home. The three-foot cord gives you plenty of room to make yourself comfortable.

Main features

  • Fits Medela Symphony Breastpump
  • Allows you to use your pump on the go.

Verified reviews


works, but…

Ordered this to save time on trips to and from the NICU while pumping for my preterm baby. Technically, it does work. Provides adequate power and I saw no difference in suction from a normal wall outlet. HOWEVER — and this is a big however — the pump end of the connector is too long. So much so that it causes a loose connection and falls out at the slightest bump. Giant pain in the ass. I would have returned it if I’d been able to find an alternative.

Elnora Avenue, MD

Time lifesaver!

This product is great because it lets you pump in the car! It has saved a lot of time and worry for me since I can be efficient and get it done! HOWEVER, I’m not sure if it is specific to the one I have, but it does not stay connected to the pump and causes the pump to shut off randomly.

Wendi Reston, VA

battery adapter

!t is great to have the portable access to be able to pump and go.When I am very busy and this allows the time.

Violet Blytheville, AR

Worked as it was supposed to!

I was a bit hesitant to purchase this adapter after reading other reviewers’ problems with low pumping “pressure” compared to using a wall outlet and the device not working at all. Fortunately, I did not experience either problem, although I really had to shove it into my cigarette lighter with more force than with using my iPhone charger. The pumping pressure was fine and it allowed my Medela Symphony to get its job done while on an 1800 mile road trip.

Blanche Plumsteadville, PA

Wish I bought this sooner….

I bought this when it was time to take a road trip with my 6 month old. I had been using a small handheld in the car for other times we were out & needed to pump but for long trips only my symphony would cut it. Love this. Felt 100% the same power you get from plugging into wall. Can’t live without

Erma Waverly, WV

Wish I had bought it sooner!

Purchased this so I can pump in the car. I have been exclusively pumping for my son since birth (using a rented Symphony), and he’s now 6 months old. There have been several occasions that I’ve needed to pump in the car. On those occasions I’ve used the Medela Swing, but once you are used to a double pump, using a single (and taking twice as long) stinks! I finally decided to buy the car adapter and give that a try. I didn’t expect for it to work great, but it does! I don’t notice the difference between the suction when it’s in the car as opposed to being plugged it at home. Now, as I’m approaching the end of my pumping journey, I wish I had bought this sooner. It would have given me a bit more freedom to go out in those early days when I was pumping what seemed like constantly. I plan on using again when child #2 comes along!

Belinda Colp, IL