Medela Tender Care

Medela Tender Care

Breastfeeding is a bonding experience for mom and baby. During the first week or so, mothers may experience nipple tenderness. This could be related to normal postpartum skin changes or breastfeeding complications. If tenderness occurs, tender care hydrogel pads offer cooling relief and protection to tender nipples. Cools on contact. Instant relief for sore nipples. Contoured shape for a comfortable fit. Reusable for up to 24 hours. Includes 4 individually wrapped pads.

Main features

  • Instant relief for sore nipples, cools on contact
  • Contoured shape
  • Reusable for up to 24 hours
  • Includes 4 individually wrapped pads

Verified reviews


They work pretty well, but there are better ones out there

These gel pads work pretty well. My nipples were really raw and sore and these really helped with the pain when I nursed my baby. But you can only wear each pair for 24 hours. So the package only lasts you two days. Soothies, on the other hand, are reusable for up to 3 weeks and are comparable in cost. I’d recommend those instead.

Earlene Waldron, MI

Why I like the Lansinoh ones better…

I used the lansinoh soothies for my first daughter when I was in terrible pain and saw relief almost immediately. This time around with my second I just auto ordered those and started using them and again felt relief during those first few days of breastfeeding.But I saw these on Amazon as well as thought I’d give them a try and this was my experience:1 – Awkward shape: These are square and our breasts are round. Right away, there’s a construction problem. They don’t quite stick on as well as the lansinoh ones.2 – Saw no improvement: I’m not sure why but I used these first and saw no relief until I used the lansinoh soothies.3 – Not cold on contact: One of the best things around the lansinoh soothies was they once you take them off and before reusing they get cold so when you put them back on there’s a really nice cold feeling that’s relieving.4 – No case/cover: The lansinoh soothies have a case/disc where you can place the soothies while breastfeeding before reusing which these don’t have so you really have to start thinking about where to put them while you’re nursing.

Genevieve Sun City Center, FL

Didn’t really use

I didn’t really use this product because the instructions mention to wash it off before feeding your baby. I felt like that meant it’s not safe for him so I didn’t want to take the chance of using it and possibly forgetting to wash it off. What’s the purpose of putting it on if you have to wash it off?

Hilda Mc Coy, VA

Not for me.

The nurses at the hospital swore by these things. I had a lot of trouble the first month of nursing. Very sore and blisters. I used these. Yes, they can be reused, but they look gross after taking them off. The box says you have to wash yourself before reapplying them. So here I was at 11, 2 4 in the morning, leaning over a sink, cleaning myself, after nursing or pumping. Total pain. I did call a lactation consultant and she told me don’t always believe what I read and that I didn’t need to be washing myself like that. They are sticky. And I cringed pulling them off (BC of the blisters and soreness). They are expensive. So I just stopped using them. I was excited to try them out. They were "cool" on your skin and that seemed to help. But I didn’t care for them. Perhaps they work better for others

Esther Abbeville, SC

They worked

Without going into explicit detail, I will say they worked for the issue that I needed them for.

Kate Succasunna, NJ

First week into breastfeeding and. . .

So far so good. The pads feel real nice on sore nipples. One thing I don’t like is that the pads add one extra step to breastfeeding, you have to wash your nipples off before breastfeeding each time. When you are feeding every two hours that one little step can seem a little too cumbersome. There are only four in the pack, but I cut the squares in half so that I can use one pad for every 24 hours. I only wish I didn’t have to rinse the gel residue off before each feeding. These combined with constant lanolin have really made difference.

Marjorie Wolbach, NE

Not as good as other gel pads – don’t buy

These are a sticky mess! If you do get them, make sure you follow the directions and rinse them in cold water first. Don’t get me wrong they feel ok, but they don’t sooth and heal the nipple as fast as other brands. To top it off these only last for 24 hours! You can use a pair of the Ameda or Kendall Aquaflow pads for nearly an entire week (which actually makes their cost per use pennies compared to these).

Shari Frankewing, TN

Don’t understand what it does

I thought it would be like a mini-ice pack but since it’s not cold per se I don’t understand what it does or how it soothes. I tried running it under water and followed all the instructions. It didn’t do any harm but I don’t understand what benefit it provided. In the future I’ll go with Lanolin cream, Mother Love or Calendula creams.

Joann Shullsburg, WI

Wonderful Relief

As a new mother I had a lot of chaffing and pani. I was searching through the website, right after my daughter was born, and found these. I was in a lot of pain, because of being unused to nursing. But the moment these arrived I followed the directions and slapped them on. Insant relief, I felt like I was in a world of bliss. They also worked wonderfully when removed and reapplied. I had no issues with this product, and would definitely use them again.

Darla Conley, GA

so helpful in the beginning

Right when you start breast feeding your first born, you have no idea what you signed up for. Oh the pain! These gel pads are so helpful on those sore or cracked nipples. Trust me ladies, it gets better and you don’t need this forever!

Ma Westby, WI

not what i was hoping for

My daughter has a very strong latch and as a result i was VERY sore. I was hoping to find something to help with the soreness. These pads just ended up hurting more because they would stick to me and i had to peel them off every time i fed my daughter.

Ronda Plentywood, MT


When I got home from the hospital I was in so much pain from my baby’s suction on my nipples! It made them very raw and these helped tremendously! I wore them for about a week and a half. I changed them daily so you have to buy enough to change them out. I did cut the pads in half so they lasted 4 days vs. 2 and they still had the same effect.

Carol Hartford City, IN

OMG! A miracle soothing product for cracked nipples!

No where in my research for soothing cracked nipples where these things found. I heard it from my sister-in-law. It seems after your 1st kid, your nipples are more sensitive then the first time around. These hydrogel pads help protect your cracked nipples. The tip I got from other reviews, is to cut them in half. I cut my in 4th’s to make them last longer. It is not so bad having to wash your nipples before each use. Just the same as you should be washing your hands before each breastfeeding. It takes seconds. Another helpful tip is to also purchase the nipple shield. While this one does sooth it, the shield helps from it recracking from the baby sucking. I went 2 months with the cracked nipple, until I was told about this product. It helped speed up the recovery time!

Kelsey Mount Airy, LA


These are a must have for when you first start nursing and your nipples are sore. Wish I had found them sooner.

Priscilla Derby, KS

Great for soreness

I’ve tried all kinds of gel pads. These are just as good as any other. If you haven’t tried gel, you don’t know what you are missing. They are great for soreness, rough nursers, chafing & anything that can irritate you.

Francisca Sunburst, MT

Just did n’t work for me

They realy don’t hold the "cool" very long – and once you’ve used them a few times – they don’t work as well. They really didn’t work for me – but others I know swear by them

Lottie Bremo Bluff, VA

If you have cracked nipples or fissures you need these. Now.

Why is breastfeeding such a mystery? You’d think we’d have figured this stuff out by now. I have a marathon nurser with my second baby. She is a round-the-clock boob-a-holic and my nipples became raw like hamburger. I got loads of bad advice. Everything from limiting nursing (bad advice for my milk supply and baby’s weight) to diagnosis with thrush (it wasn’t thrush). I had fissures in my nipples. I know. It sounds bad because it is bad. These are deep cracks and a kind of scabbing over them. When the scabs got dried out between feedings, the next time the baby would latch on, she would painfully rip them off. It was eye-watering. I found these gel-pads at Target and when I applied Lansinoh and then these pads over it and kept them in place between feedings, the cracks and fissures began to heal. Thank goodness because I was really starting to question whether I could breastfeed while in that much pain. So if you have scabs and major pain, try these with the Lansinoh for a day or two. I am sure things will improve. Hang in there, mom.

Sally Parksville, NY

Best Hydrogels on the Market!

I’ve used these with my three youngest for about 4 weeks following birth. These have a great shape and size. They prevent and/or heal cracking and pain. Every mother with a new nursling should have these. Of course, if pain is an issue find a Lactation Consultant to check your baby’s latch! Position is critical for comfort and success!It is the rare woman who is physically unable to nurse. Help your new Mom succeed by providing her the nourishment, support (aka time to sleep,) encouragement and tools she needs. Yes, breastfeeding is challenging for the 1st few weeks, but Mom’s can conquer the world if they are supported! You can do it, Mama!

Keisha Lower Brule, SD

Didn’t work for me – Not worth the expense

I tried these based on the great reviews, but they didn’t really do anything for me. They fell off easily, and I didn’t feel much relief. Plus they are only good for one day, so you have about a two day supply in this package! Not really worth the cost to me.

Kelley Prairie Du Rocher, IL


Yes, they are expensive and yes you only get 2 but they work and thats enough for me. I always pull these out when I am having issues with soreness, dryness or discomfort.

Michele Weslaco, TX

Love this product!!

Love this product and got double for the same price as one in the stores!! Got fast two which was nice since we were starting to cluster feed!

Ronda Amherst, MA

oh the relief

my daughter tried these and was over the moon for them after having two other Children , she just wished she had these ten years ago.

Kristine Windsor, OH

first time moms need these

Don’t head to the hospital without these and some lanolin nipple cream. You’re definitely gonna need it! My baby and I had a rough go at breastfeeding at first so these were a godsend.

Lola Maxeys, GA

Must have

Hospital I was at gives these to nursing mothers, so you know they are good. Worked wonders on me. I was treating with just polysporin before I bought more, and it just didn’t cut it alone. Wounds healed quickly with these! Much better price on Amazon than in the stores.

Randi Stamford, NE

does an important job

These protect sore nipples from chafing on clothes and give an extra bit of healing/soothing than just dry breast pads. As many other mention, they get gross after a day or two because of milk/ointment/sweat absorbing into them, so don’t expect to get 72 hrs out of them, but they’re still welcome and even necessary relief if you’re having a lot of trouble breastfeeding on irritated nipples.

Mallory Kellyville, OK