Medela Wide Bottle Collar

Medela Wide Bottle Collar

Wide neck bottle collars for wide nipples. This listing is for one collar only.

Main features

  • Medela Wide Bottle Collar
  • This item comes loose to us and is not available in retail packaging.
  • This comes as 1 collar per order.

Verified reviews


Much too expensive

If I wasn’t knee deep in medela bottles, I would have started over with a new bottle system. It is ridiculous that these collars are so expensive especially when you can’t use the bottles without them.

Yolanda Hendersonville, NC

Works well, some cracked though

These bottle rings do what they are intended for and work well. Eventually they break, become useless, and have you out hunting for replacements. Most local stores do not carry these unless they are in a bottle set. I believe the breaking could result from over tightening. Honestly there is a very small window between a leaking bottle nipple and an over tightened ring. So that sort of makes it difficult for the consumer.Medela…..use a plastic material with increased durability.

Rebekah Esparto, CA

A little disappointed

We’ve ordered 4 replacement Medela Wide Bottle Collars now (2 separate orders). 2 of the collars cracked and leaked within 2 weeks of being delivered. Overall, I’m happy with the rest of the Medela pump system & bottles, but the collars don’t seem to stand up to everyday use when compared to the rest of the pieces. If you plan on using the Medela pump system, I highly recommend it – but order extra collars or use different bottles.

Esmeralda Shobonier, IL

Weak part, breaks easily

I have to agree with the other reviewer- these rings break pretty easily. All the other medela parts (for bottles & breastpump) I’ve been happy with. I love the 4oz. glass bottles by Medela. We, too, have lots of bottle parts, but currently have no rings because they’ve all broken. I went online to order 2 more but have been surprised at the high prices. Medela’s website sells cheaper than but the shipping is $11! A buyer here on amazon has free shipping but each collar is about $4! That’s crazy expensive. I’m not sure if I’ll spring for this part. All in all, I wouldn’t NOT have chosen Medela for my pump with all the accessories, but what I would suggest is purchasing 4-8 extra collars at the same time you purchase your pump or bottles.

Grace Ulysses, NE


They are dishwasher safe, ive boiled them.. they dont leak, but the nipples do pull threw the center, so if you have a chewer that bites on the nipple and pulls away he/she will have the liquid inside all over them.

Manuela Little Falls, NY

Exactly what I needed!

Exactly what I needed! I ordered this as a replacement for one that I had lost. It was perfect! It was the correct size and held the nipple with no problem. Sorry trying to make review 20 words lol

Jenna Byram, MS

as expected

This product was exactly what it was supposed to be! They fit the bottles great, no problems at all with the product!.

Antonia Branson, MO

These work great

Had a hard time finding these and they work great with the new bottles I had, Medela has always been a great brand!

Tamra La Salle, MI

You get what you pay for…

Just had to purchase more Medela nipple collars because they crack SO easily! The plastic must be very brittle – although my daughter is able to hold the bottle on her own, she still accidentally drops them. When the bottle drops, it always seems to hit the ground at the collar. I would’ve hoped the plastic would give a bit more, but it shatters instead. Milk leaks everywhere…But the Medela bottle set is considered middle of the road (okay quality for a good price) – so this is what you get!

Jana Revelo, KY


Did what it was supposed to, help the nipple in place and fit other bottles beside Medela. Would reccomend them.

Chandra Marydel, MD

Its okay but…

If you have Medela’s bottles, then you must buy a lot of this collar replacement because they break a lot. Specially when babies trow the bottle or when it falls. I wish Medela made this collars a lot more resistant.

Jerry Cherokee, AL

Grrrr…. so frustrating. Breaks if dropped

We’ve been through tons of these because our twins won’t drink out of anything except the medella bottles and they break really easily. Sometimes they last only one use (tried bottle straps but the boys figured out how to remove them). Looking for something else that will fit the same bottle…. ug.

Katherine Ganado, TX

Like the collars, wish they accepted other nipples

The collars are great for Medela products but it would be nice if other nipples could be substituted. The Medela bottles have great measuring marks but my kids don’t always care for the Medela nipples and no other nipples fit in this collar that I have tried.

Jasmine Montague, MA

Horrible. Expensive & break easily

I hate these collars. They are always breaking and leaking. I have had to replace them multiple times and they are SO expensive. They break just when I screw them on with normal pressure… I’m looking for a new brand of bottle now for baby #2 as a result.

Jodi Mount Horeb, WI