medibag 117 Piece Kid Friendly First Aid Kit for the Whole Family

medibag 117 Piece Kid Friendly First Aid Kit for the Whole Family

117 piece kid friendly first aid kit for the whole family, Pediatrician recommended, USA mfg, Latex free, 7 time award winning product, first aid made fun, sturdy carrying case and great organized compartments, Medibag comes in an assortment; both versions have the same contents inside. (12) Assorted kid friendly bandages, (12) junior bandages, (12) 3/4″ X 3″ sheer bandages, (2) knee and elbow bandages (2) Fingertip bandages, (20) Antiseptic sting free wipes, (6) 2 X 2 gauze pads, (6) 3 X 3 gauze pads, (1) Anti itch ointment, (2) Antibiotic ointments, (1) sting relief pad, (1) Burn gel, (1) First aid guide, (1) instant cold pack, (2) hand sanitizer packs, (2) blue kid friendly exam gloves (1) plastic disposable tweezers, (10) applicator cotton swabs, (1) emergency information label, (20) kid friendly fun stickers, (1) 45 item refill kit coupon, (1) Doctorand#8217;s bag organized case.

Main features

  • Plastic ( 100 %)
  • First aid made fun for the whole family
  • USA manufactured
  • Pediatrician recommended
  • 7 time award winning product
  • Latex free products and recycled plastic

Verified reviews


Probably not worth the price

I was aware before purchasing what items the medibag contained (it says in the product description), so I was not disappointed in that aspect; I purchased it mainly for the case anyway. Yes the case is cute and practical and can fit quite a few first aid items in it. But you would think being made out of a hard plastic that it would last a good while; that wasn’t the case with the one I received. Not even a month after purchase one of the sides has already broken off and the other is coming loose. I still use it, I just can’t carry it by the handles any more. I don’t regret the purchase because the contents have been useful and the case is still good for storing and keeping things organized but it probably wasn’t worth the $13. I wouldn’t purchase again.

Zelma Moulton, AL

Good size, can add things to it

I love how this is a cute little "purse" that you can keep it in the house. Its size also allows you to add little things to it. I’ve added a thermometer and a few other first aid items that is necessary. The cooling pack inside is a one-time use only, so I would’ve hoped that they could replace it with those ice pack instead. Otherwise, it’s got the basic essentials of a first-aid kit that you can keep around the house. It’s even got stickers inside!

Jordan Eaton, IN

Does Not Stay Closed

I like the idea of the bag its cute but after you open it about 5 or more time it does not stay closed the top keeps popping open. The stuff inside is pretty good but i wish it would stay closed.

Rachel Cushing, MN

Waste of money

Go buy some baby aspirin and bandaids and save yourself the money from this worthless first aid kit. What a waste of money!

Karla Empire, NV

It is worth the buy

It is a great case but some of the items are pretty cheaply made. The purpose is a great idea though, plenty of space for bandages.

Kerri Maxwell, IN


I have bought this first aid kit before and for some reason I remember it being better the first time I bought. It’s still a pretty good product if you are using it for a little outing- like to the park or a picnic. I wouldnt keep it as a home first aid kit for an emergency. Some of the stuff in here is useless in my opinion. I would like to have seen some gloves and some tongue depressers for splints. It’s a decent price, but I won’t purchase another one.

Dorothy Bigelow, AR

Excellent kit

This is a really great kit full of all the 1st aid things you need. I especially love the tweezers and ice pack because with little ones, those are things you need as much as bandages and ointment. I also love that it comes in a really cute case and has stickers inside. It helps with frightened little ones to have a fun bag, fun bandaids and stickers. and for the price, it is really a great kit to have on hand. I’m a nanny, so I got this to keep in my car for when we go on outings.

Kathryn Wadena, IA

Bandage and wipes

This item is filled with bandage and wipes and dont forget the STICKERS. Do not call it FIRST AID KIT .it is a waste of money .you are better of go to your drug store and pickup mixed bandage and wipes and you might get the stickers free. what a waste.

Alicia Burton, WA

Cute bag, kit is OK

The bag is cute, it resembles the black bags used to carry by doctors when I was growing up. I bought mine when I filled a prescription from a store with big red spheres outside. For around 13 bucks, what you find inside is not fantastic, but it is OK. A cold press, burn ointment, gauze, bandages of various sizes, wooden-stem swabs, plastic tweezers, lots of disinfectant wipes, and animal stickers.I found it hard to open the first time trying to press the tab with the arrows on it. What you need to do is to hold the handles and pull them apart. I found closing it a bit harder as you need to align the tabs together and push.

Norma Double Springs, AL