MediBuddy – First Aid Kit by me4kidz – Medi Buddy

MediBuddy – First Aid Kit by me4kidz – Medi Buddy

Medibuddy on the Go First-Aid Kit Contains 1 kit. Colors may vary. Please let us choose for you. Medibuddy is a first-aid kit with all the basics for kids. Convenient to carry in a compact size, it provides relief for all kind of boo boos. Why You’ll Love It: This handy first-aid kit is easy to carry for care that goes with you. Package Includes: (15) Kid-Friendly Assorted bandages. (1) Knee and Elbow bandage. (10) Junior Bandages. (4) 2″ X 2″ Gauze Pads (2 Two Packs.) (5) Antiseptic Wipes (sting free.) (2) Antibiotic Ointments. (12) Kid-Friendly Fun Stickers. (1) Reusable and recycled Carry Anywhere Case.

Main features

  • Contains 50 high quality first-aid items
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • Made with non latex materials
  • Contains 1 kit
  • Colors may vary

Verified reviews


Not all that, and overpriced!

This first-aid kit is a joke. A random variety of cheap ugly bandages and gauges, 2 or 3 drops of either ointment or Vaseline, cheap ugly stickers, and comes in a box that was probably manufactured to store reading glasses. If a small kit is what you need, I suggest buying a little plastic box and storing some good quality bandages in designs that your child actually likes, and maybe a travel size tube of Neosporin and hand sanitizer. You get more use out of it for the same price, if not cheaper.

Rebekah Hallettsville, TX

nice to have

i’m giving it 4 stars because the container is hard to open, it’s tight shot that i have to give too much for just to open it. haven’t used any items that came with it which is a good thing, but nice to have first aid kit to go.

Jordan Park Falls, WI

Adorable and practical

Bought one for myself and one for a shower gift for my sister in law. Such a great idea, case is sturdy and large enough that you can add a few items of your own choice.

Shari Mount Vernon, AL

Nice to have just in case

I got this to carry in my diaper bag just in case. It’s a great size and comes in a hard case which is really nice. I do wish it had a few little things like Kleenx, gauze, etc. but it does the job when needed.

Yvonne Westphalia, IA

Perfect size for diaper bag

This first aid kit is great for the diaper bag. It comes with the basics to take care of minor boo boos while out and about but the packets of ointments are pretty much one use only. I upgraded mine a bit with extra stuff I had in the bathroom junk drawer; tweezers, small scissor, half used roll of Coban (self adherent) wrap, and a tube of antibiotic ointment. Everything fits perfectly. I tossed the stickers, but decorated bandaids are okay. The case is a pretty, solid color(I got orange) after you remove the outer wrapping, but I do wish the case was colorfully decorated too.

Alisa Cadillac, MI