Medical Records Book – Doctor Visits Records

Medical Records Book – Doctor Visits Records

Take charge of your child’s health records with one easy-to-carry book. Five tabbed sections record everything from Insurance Information to Doctor Visits and Immunizations and even Teething dates. Jot down questions for the doctor as you think of them at home to make sure all your concerns are addressed during the visit. Document frequent ear infections, prescriptions, reactions to medications and detailed information from each appointment with any of your child’s doctors or specialists. The 8.5 x 5.5 size allows the book to be slipped into a diaper bag or purse. The laminated cover resists spills, stains and tears.

Main features

  • March 2014 Update: New spiral binding and immunization page is up to date with current CDC recommendations
  • 8.5″ x 5.5″
  • Insurance information, Immunization schedule
  • Doctor & Dentist Visit Sheets
  • Illness Records

Verified reviews



I have been searching for a medical records book and this is exactly what I was looking for. It has everything that you need to chart the growth of your baby along with an area for each doctors visit and question that you have for the doctor. Each of the tabbed sections are perfect to find things quickly. I like that it is not large but fits perfectly in my purse to carry with me. I would highly recommend this book it is a total all in one package.

Lorie Rover, AR

Five Stars


Angie Eastville, VA

Small and efficient!

Bought this for my second child, and I love it so much more than the tiny BINDER I got for my first born. GREAT for travelers because it’s so thin, business only! Wish I had this one for both kids. The only thing it doesn’t have that the binder-like ones do is a height/weight chart, but I printed one off the internet and taped it in! 🙂

Katelyn New Raymer, CO

Very helpful

This book is very helpful in staying up to date with what your baby will need shot wise and keeps track of things that have happend-doctor visits etc.Very helpful for a new mom.

Verna Pittsfield, ME

It’s ok

Yes, this record book is very simple and uncomplicated. However it is low quality for the price paid. It looks homemade. But then again the product pictures aren’t high quality either. The pages do not turn easily and the first two pages of my book have already ripped.

Sally New Century, KS


Although I haven’t used it yet. I think this is useful for all doctor appointments for children. A great way to save everything YOU think should be saved as a reminder or just on record for your child! I recommend this to anyone with children & will be buying this once again for my next child in the future.

Dora Copper City, MI

Easy to stay organized

Love this book! Easy to organize my son’s shot records and keep track of important doctor visits. It gets difficult to remember every single illness or date for teeth arrival but this book helps you track both!

Natalie Simpson, IL

Good review

I bought 2 of these and tried to re bind both of them into 1. It’s true it’s hard to flip the pages but you can always go to the staples and get a bigger spring so you can insert whatever you want. Content all in all is precise and doesn’t include too much excess. I like it!

Hilda Williamson, NY

I love having all of the records in one place!

I love having all of the records in one place! I keep it in the changing pad pocket of my diaper bag so its with me all the time.

Della Bay City, OR

Poorly made

In hindsight, I would not get this item. I did not return it because, after paying shipping again, you don’t get much back. Simple and to the point? Yes. But the binding is just a spiral and some of the pages are already coming out. It’s just cheaply made. I agree that you do need some sort of a book to keep up with medical records, immunizations, etc. But, there has to be something that is better made.

Minerva Cameron Mills, NY

Organization is key

Keep things organized and handy in one place with this booklet. You may have to customize a little bit, but at least it’ll be all in one place and small enough to bring to the MD everytime you go.

Irene Elmore, MN