Meeno Babies Cool Mee Car Seat Liner – Pretty Pink

Meeno Babies Cool Mee Car Seat Liner – Pretty Pink

Made from state of the art, 3-ply poly-mesh material that promotes airflow between your child’s body and their seat. Warm air escapes, preventing overheating and perspiring keeping baby cool and comfortable. Removable and easy to wash, Cool Mee Seat Liners protects the seat from stains and blow-outs. “Cool Mee” car seat liners have an adjustable head piece which attaches horizontally or vertically to best fit your car seat.

Main features

  • Keeps baby cool & comfortable
  • Fits most car seats for children between 1-4 years.
  • Soft, breathable, absorbent
  • Simple to use, easy to use
  • 11.25″ W x 33.75″ L

Verified reviews


Doesn’t fit my Britax Pavillion

I have this liner for the infant seat and umbrella stroller to keep my LO cool and LOVE IT. Just upgraded to the convertible car seat and bought the universal car seat liner. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit my Britax Pavillion for the straps or headrest despite my manipulations. Unfortunately, this will have to be returned.

Alisha Ellis Grove, IL

Does not stay in place

I was looking for something to keep my baby cool in his convertible carseat. I needed something that a) kept him cool and b) could attach to the seat. This product sort of manages the first, but fails terribly at the second. The material is a nice mesh, which looks like it should feel cool. After a long ride, my baby’s head wasn’t soaked in sweat, as it usually is after being pressed up against the non-breathable material of the car seat. Unfortunately, the liner does not stay attached to the seat. The bottom part sort of sags against the back of the seat, so I had to adjust it every time my toddler sat down. If I didn’t pull it straight, it would crumple under his back and I’m sure that is not comfortable. The head rest attaches to the main body of the liner with velcro, but the velcro can slip, detatching the head rest from the main body, exposing the velro strip. This caused a rash against the baby’s neck. Lastly, the head rest theoretically should adhere to something on the back of the car seat (they provide tape), but it doesn’t reach and doesn’t stick, so the headrest often falls off completely.I ended up sewing the headrest to the liner, and sewing ribbons to the headrest so I could tie it to the carseat. At that point I might as well go buy some mesh fabric and sew my own liner.I gave it two stars as iti does seem to keep things cool, but the design is really poor. Don’t buy this.

Earlene Elverson, PA

When it’s hot, it’s hot

Pros – Mesh fabric does feel dry and not hot after a long rideCons – Baby still gets pretty sweaty during longer rides when it’s hot outside. Especially when he dozes off. Also, there is nothing to keep this liner in place, so it scoots up and down, depending on how child is placed in seat.Save your money. This review is specifically for the convertible car seat liner… haven’t tried the infant carrier version.

Vicki Lucama, NC

i love it

we are using it for edvenflo convertible seat and even though the seat was pricey, somehow thr company failed to make it soft and nice. Our child dud not like to ride in the seat, and even though we thought its a good seat i notyiced a small bump that was always coming right on his back. I put pressure asnd i felt hard plastic, the one u dfont feerl unless u really look for it. Why on earth they make people pay so much money for a seast that they managed tgo put the tiniest laywer of cushioning!!?!? Its not like the babies love hard surface on their back ……thank goodness for this….i gave iut a try. Came on time, and i think iut made a huge difference.I touched the sasme sdpot with this and without it, and yep, there is a ghood difference.uts a very good producti wish i knew about it when we were using the chicco infant seat as well,cause those r hard as a rock it…..its worth it and ur baby will be thankful

Katina Hazlet, NJ

This is the perfect solution to a sweaty baby on a long car ride!!

I LOVE this liner!!! My DD was always cranky and pulling at her harness and crying. Every time i pulled her out of the carseat, she was soaked with sweat! She was getting too hot in the plastic seat. We were going to drive 15 hours and bought this liner to see if it would keep her cool. BEST THING I BOUGHT OTHER THAN THE LITTLE NOSES SUCKER THING! She was much more comfortable and slept longer on the ride with this liner in her seat!!! It stays where you put it and has opening for the crotch belt. It comes with a small strip of velcro to attach to the back of the seat to affix the head piece. I wish i bought this sooner!! Would be a great baby shower gift!! Keeps a sweaty baby cool and calm!!!

Wilma Hardy, KY


We live in Tucson, AZ and this liner saved our little one from a lot of uncomfortably hot car rides.

Corinne Northport, MI

Works great in the Texas summer heat

We had the Infant Bucket Seat Liner and it worked so well that as soon as we bought a convertible car seat we also ordered the Car seat liner from Meeno Babies. It works great in the Texas summer, especially long trips.

Joan Mount Upton, NY


This doesn’t stay in place at all. I had to adjust it every time I got my daughter in and out of her car seat. And after putting her in her seat it would slip down so I couldn’t buckle the harness. The material is scratchy and didn’t do a thing to keep her cool. I tried really hard to like it so we used it for about a month. Waste of money.

Ramona Hoven, SD

Worth every penny

I had one of these for our infant carrier and it worked great! Added extra padding and kept the baby from being all sweaty. When we switched to the convertible seat, we didn’t have one and it was winter so I didn’t think much of it but even in the winter, my poor little guy is so warm when I pull him out of the seat! Now that it’s gotten a bit warmer, I’ve noticed he is super hot. Put the liner in and no more sweaty baby!! I know that people are hesitant to add things to their car seat because of it voiding the warranty but this is one thing that is def. worth it! I don’t feel that it makes the seat unsafe in any way. Get it, try it and see for yourself it really is worth it, enough for my very cheap self to have bought one for his infant carrier and 2 more for his convertible seats!

Dixie Arminto, WY

Prompt shipping, good product

I bought this product because my baby tends to get very hot easily in the car seat, even thought we blast the A/C for him. This car seat/stroller liner seems to help keep him a little cooler and wicks away sweat. I recommend this product. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars intead of 5 is because my baby still gets a sweaty back when I pull him out of the car seat. But I’d rather have this liner than not have one at all.

Camilla Chest Springs, PA

Seat Liner

Fits our Chicco NextFit well. It doesn’t bunch up and will help to keep the car seat clean and cool.

Nancy Dobson, NC

Love it !!

We live in South Texas and this liner is amazing !! My daghter used to sweat all the time in her Britax carseat, literally the day I put this in her carseat we have not had ANY sweat. I am in awe of how it works but am beyond happy and so is my little girl. Buying one for my husbands carseat ! Will recommend this to everyone.

Connie Uniontown, KS

Great product but too big for my car seat

I originally bought the stroller liner and loved it so much I also got this car seat liner. However, even though I don’t have a small car seat, given my son’s height (2′ 5") i had to fold over a large section of the back in order to be able to still position the seat belt straps properly. He will grow into the full height of this so I’m keeping it because it really does help him stay cool even in this horrid Florida heat.

Aurelia Knowles, OK

Fits car seat perfect

Don’t know if its doing the job it’s supposed to by keeping baby any cooler but it fits the car seat perfectly and doesn’t interfere with the fastening.

Tameka Tyronza, AR

Skip it

I thought this would be a great idea – we live in the South, it’s unbearably hot most of the summer, and I’d like to keep my tiny tot cool if possible!! This thing is cheap and didn’t fit his seat at all. Oh well, worth a try, right? I would skip out on the item and try something else.

Stacy Rosedale, MS