Meeno Babies Walk Mee – The Original Handheld Baby Walker Assistant Harness

Meeno Babies Walk Mee – The Original Handheld Baby Walker Assistant Harness

The Walk Mee training walker is the ORIGINAL hand held training walker that helps infants learn to balance, walk more naturally and safely than traditional baby walkers. It is designed with the highest quality material to provide maximum comfort for you and your baby while they learn how to walk. Teach your baby to balance and walk more naturally without the aches and pains of bending and hunching over. The Walk Mee was developed by Meeno Babies, a reputable US-based company best known for their innovative products such as their Cool Mee car, bucket, and stroller and liners. Each of their products are tested and internationally certified to exceed safety standards so that you can have piece of mind. Fun for babies and parents, Walk Mee is the best way to teach your baby how to walk. UAB Medicine states that baby walkers have killed more than 34 children since 1974 and in the year 2000, more than 8,300 children were treated for baby walker injuries. Baby walkers cause more injuries than any other type of baby product and baby walker related injuries occur more often in children between the ages of 5 months and 15 months. Baby walkers are dangerous because they allow children access to areas in the house that they might not have access to otherwise. They allow children to reach for items off of countertops and tables that may fall on or cause harm to the child. Children can also fall down steps or stairs while in a baby walker, causing significant injury.

Main features

  • Fully adjustable design reduces back pain caused from hunching over
  • Certified CPSIA-compliant by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Safer than traditional baby walkers
  • Helps babies up to 24lbs develop motor skills, balance, and coordination faster
  • Winner of Creative Child Magazine’s 2012 Top Choice of the Year Award

Verified reviews


NOT for 30 lbs babies… incorrect description

My son is 23 pounds so after reading the description indicating this is good for up to 30 I happily made the purchase. Once I opened it however, the box it came in said “up to 24 pounds” – I didn’t even bother opening it and immediately returned it. SHAME Amazon hasn’t fixed their description yet….

Jean Frenchburg, KY

not as what I expected

I have read all the reviews before making purchase. The product seems has very good reviews. I ordered one, the pacakae arrived very quickly. I was so excited to try it on my 11 months son. He slided off through the side loop and fell.fortunately, he did not get hurt. I have adjusted the stip and made it tight but the loop hole on both sides are so big that he can swing his head and arms off the strip and fall. I don’t feel safe to use it at all. Decide to return. In my opinion, there is design issue for safty here.

Jerri Belvidere, NC

Back saver!

My husband and I are both over 6 feet, and our baby girl has wanted to walk holding our hands since 8 months. Our backs were killing us! So I looked around Amazon at the walker products and decided on this one because it looked to support the baby nicely. I almost got the one that goes under the armpits, but read a few reviews that it just sort of drags the baby around. This walker supported our little one very well. And the adjustable straps were very much needed as our bubs was a month early and is tiny for her age. But this adjusted to her perfectly. Overall, good product, good materials, great idea.

Marva Bluff City, KS

Helpful, but not necessary.

My son was coming on 20 months and not walking (he was 23lbs) and I was desperate to try anything.So I bought this, and I used it, as did his physical therapist. She said it was handy, and to continue using it. Ultimately, though, I don’t think it got him walking any quicker. What worked was simply using toys in front of him as a motivator to move forward. It took awhile, but at 20 months and 3 weeks, he FINALLY started working.So I don’t think this was that useful an item, but it wasn’t harmful, either.

Alexandria Solon Springs, WI

Was hopeful

I bought this to work with my 8 month old on walking. He’s been very interested in standing for months now but lately he’s grabbing hands and trying to pull himself up often. I thought this would be a helpful tool to get him to walk. Unfortunately he’s quite a bit of time in a Johnny Jump up type toy and when we put this walker on him he thinks it’s time to jump. That’s not conducive to walking lessons, so we’re back to being hunched over and holding hands. The seams and construction of this device seems stout, my son is 95th percentile and weighs about 25 pounds and it was able to hold him off the ground and I felt comfortable doing so. Hopefully it works for you.

Allie West Warren, MA

Good idea but…

This is a good idea overall but the product needs to be improved. The fasteners in the front do not hold the straps well and they just slide. Also, I almost feel that straps in the front should be shorter than the back because the baby leans forward and the strap in unable to hold her up straight.We used it with my baby for about a month.

Florence Pulaski, TN