Megaseat Infant Floor Seat with Safety Belt, Ruby Red

Megaseat Infant Floor Seat with Safety Belt, Ruby Red

Mega Seat is the perfect choice for your baby’s first seat. Tested by Mom’s and Dad’s from around the world, the Mega Seat not only is comfortable for your child, but is the seat that your child will love sitting in and simply never want to get out. Made in the USA of soft, safe Polyurethane foam, which makes the Mega Seat sturdy as well as comfortable for your child. The Mega Seat can be used to help your child sit upright while placed on the floor. The back of the Mega Seat is 2″ taller than competitors, offering better head and neck support. Children will appreciate the extra wide leg openings as well as the generous arm rests. Lightweight and easy to transport. Wipes clean with a wet cloth. Mega Seat has a built-in safety belt. It is recommended to strap your child in whenever he/she is in the seat. Designed for babies 4 to 16 months. For your child’s safety, discontinue use when your child can use their feet to push themselves backwards. Play Tray available and sold separately.

Main features

  • Made in the USA of soft, safe Polyurethane foam
  • Safety belt included to keep you child secure
  • Higher back for extra head and neck support
  • Wide Leg area and generous arm rests for your child’s for extra comfort
  • Play Tray available and sold separately

Verified reviews



I got this because the bumbo is too tight and when I saw this I was thrilled to get it. When it arrived I was already disappointed that it came in a plastic bag. if that wasnt enough the safety straps are not even close to long enough. we wanted to use it for my 5 month old baby and could not. She is not big either. at 13 lbs and still couldnt get the strap big enough to buckle her in. I really doubt the reviews on this as none of them seem to even address this. Will be returning this and getting something else. The seat itself is great, and fits perfect, The downside is teh safety strap is not big enough to be used which is a huge deal for me.

Jeannine Isleta, NM

Excellent, comfortable baby seat – just wish it could be strapped to a chair

I read many baby seat reviews before purchasing the Megaseat, and find that it is almost perfect, being both comfortable for baby and light enough to be portable. My baby loves sitting in it at the table with the rest of the family and it supports him better than his high chair (at the moment, any way). His chubby little legs fit just fine, and it seems very stable.On the downside, the strap adjustment is rather inconveniently located underneath the seat, so if you find that you need to adjust it, you have to take your baby out and turn the seat upside down. Hard to do while holding your baby! Not sure if this is just poor design or if it is an intentional safety feature to keep older babies from loosening it themselves, but it’s definitely a hassle.Lastly, there is no strap to connect the seat to a chair. In fact, the instructions specifically warn against using this on any raised surface. Since it seems like this could and should double as a booster seat, that’s pretty ridiculous in my opinion. A second strap would make it perfectly safe and allow it serve dual purposes.

Araceli Verona, PA

Okay. Didn’t work for us

In comparison to the Bumbo it seems great but for our daughter with AR it didn’t work out at all. Every time I tried to put her in it she spit up everything in her stomach. It wasn’t as useful as I thought it’d be. We use a tabletop or chair-top highchair which has three settings of recline and that’s worked out much better. For a baby who eats well and doesn’t spit up – this might work great. One of those baby items that as a new mother I learned we really don’t need.

April Chalmers, IN

Nice for big guys

I bought this over the other floor seats because my little guy is a chunkster, 18 lbs at 4 months old. He didn’t like sitting in it until 5 months though. The safety belt is useless. I never leave him alone in the seat anyway.It is a nice way for him to practice sitting up with some support that isn’t mommy! He’s not the biggest fan, but we’ll see if he grows more into it.

Jade Lindale, GA

Great infant chair!

We chose this over the bumbo because of the roomier leg room in case our baby grew large thighs. Our now 3-month old loves sitting in this chair. It’s recommended for four months and up but our son was able to hold his head up at an early age. The person who wrote the one star review probably didn’t realize you have to adjust the strap length under the chair. It’s made of a foam rubber like material which had a strong odor when it came out of the package but you just need to air it out for a few days. Great chair but wished it came in more color options.

Casandra Thomasville, PA

cool seat

I really like this seat! It’s comfortable foam which makes it lightweight and easy to clean. I just wish it was easier to remove the safety belt since my son can’t even stand yet. It’s not long enough to fold over the arm areas so he ends up sitting on the latches.

Jana Ramah, NM

Great Product

I bought this when my twins turned 5 month old (8 month now) and they’ve been using it since. It has great back support and you can take it anywhere you go. The belt is adjustable and have plenty of room for their legs. Would def recommend.

Chelsey Staatsburg, NY