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Microwave Steam Sterilizer


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I didn’t care for this at all. The thing that really turned me off to it was when when it came out of the microwave, it had this plastic smell to it. It doesn’t hold many bottles, especially since I use the Dr. Browns bottles. Trying to get everything to fit in it is a pain and time consuming & I have to do it in two or more rounds. I prefer to do it the old fashioned way…boil a pot of water & dunk everything in.

Janice Yukon, PA

great if you don’t have a dishwasher

We don’t have a dishwasher so we use this every day to sterilize our bottles. It is easy to use and gets the job done quickly.Be careful taking it out of the microwave though. If the top comes off you could get a steam burn.

Crystal Brusett, MT

Great item!… even if you have a dishwasher!!

Even with the mixed reviews of this item, I put it on my baby registry. Granted, at the time… I was not completely certain how much use I would get out of it. Well now that my son is 4 months old, let me tell you… I use this item EVERY day (and sometimes multiple times a day)! Let me explain why I think this simple piece of plastic is worth the $13… even if you have a dishwasher and even if you use Avent bottles (or Platex, or Second Nature, etc.):1. It is simple to use. Wash bottles (or if you are like me and are expressing breastmilk too… then wash all your pump paraphernalia) and put them in unit… add some water… put in microwave and “cook” for 5 minutes… let stand (to steam) for an extra 2 minutes… remove items and sit them on rack to dry. That is it… very simple.2. I personally think this is a cleaner way to go than the dishwasher. Why? Well, if your dishwasher is like mine then you often find food particles still caught on dishes or utensils. Hardly a sterile environment… even after going through the heated dry cycle. I may be super cautious with my bottles and breastpump equipment, but I’d rather wash them by hand and then sterilze them cleanly using steam.(Side note: for the reviewer who thought she didn’t have to CLEAN her bottles before using this sterilizer… honey, please… use some common sense! YES, you need to wash the bottles to get the milk film out. This unit is used to kill bacteria, etc on your baby’s bottles by way of steam. It is not a dishwasher itself. [rolls eyes in disbelief])3. Who wants to have to run the dishwasher every time a bottle or PACIFIER needs to be sterilized! This unit uses less energy than running the dishwasher all the time (ahem… that means our utility bills don’t become any more outrageous than they already are!).4. When it came to bottles, my son was quite the product tester. We started with Platex Nursers of both 4oz and 8oz size… then tried Avent 6oz… after that didn’t work… we tried Second Nature 4oz and 9oz bottles. (My son is breastfed and as it turned out prefered the nipple style of the Second Nature bottles — more like nursing.) Anyway, the point is… I have SUCCESSFULLY sterilized all these bottle types within this unit. Yes, sometimes you have to be clever at packing them in… and sometimes you have to use the unit twice if you just washed a bunch of bottles… BUT it can be done! While it is true that the lid doesn’t lock down, realize that it doesn’t need to do so! The engineering here is simple… you boil the water in the unit using microwave *heat*… and then the items in the unit get steam cleaned for a couple of minutes because the lid traps the steam in. All the lid needs to do is keep most of the steam inside the unit. And in my experience, the lid does this without being tightly locked down. (If there is a caution here, it is: use a towel when lifting off the lid as the lid gets hot and the steam sometimes billows out. Ouch!)5. The plastic spindles do rotate around… so you can fit some pretty unusually shaped items in this unit. (Did I mention all those pesky breastpump parts I have to wash! [wink])Anyway, I hope this helps people. I would be lost without this sterilizer. In fact, I am buying another one for my daycare provider to use because I feel that strongly about this unit’s functionality!:)

Juliana Ouaquaga, NY


This works great, and I like how you can remove the pegs to customize it. We have been using it since our daughter was a month old… she’s 6 mos now…

Sue Farber, MO

great product esp. for a trip away from home

bought this product for our vacation and i’m very pleased with it. it can hold 4 Avent 9 oz bottles, caps and nipples OR 5 Evenflo straight (i.e., not the Comfi type) 9 oz bottles/caps/nipples at one time. so it takes me 2 two sterilizations each day–not bad even when we were on vacation, given you only need 7 minutes each time. the only advice is you need to put in the nipples on the lower hook/racks before putting the bottles to maximize the space and fit the most number of bottles possible (caps come in last). the hooks are also movable making it a breeze to fit everything in. the only watchout–might be big for small microwave ovens. in the hotel we stayed in, i had to remove the glass tray of the microwave to fit this sterilizer (and give it a little nudge to slide into and out of the oven). overall, this product’s great!

Sofia Rainier, OR

What a wonderful thing!!

When we first had our baby we were living in an apartment that did not have a dishwasher. It was a PAIN to have to sterilize in boiling water, so we bought this. WHAT A WONDERFUL IDEA!! I was able to sterilize a few bottles, nipples, pacifiers etc at a time, right in the microwave. I don’t know how I lived without it! Now that we own a home and have a dishwasher I no longer use it, but it is GREAT if you do not have a dishwasher!

Nadia Nuiqsut, AK

Must have!!

I use the Dr. Brown bottles and this product gets used every day! I only use it to steralize the bottles, but it’s such a life saver. I don’t like putting the idea of using the dishwasher because food particals still get stuck to dishes and I don’t see that as steralizing. I have used this product since the day I came home with my daughter and it’s such a time saver. Just a little water and 5 minutes in the microwave and your bottles are steralized. I just throw the nipples and rest of the pieces to the Dr. Brown bottles in a pot of water on the stove and boil them. It doesn’t take but 10 minutes of my time every day to do it and the microwave steralizer saves my time. GOTTA HAVE IT!

Reba Lewistown, IL

Great Product!

We just had a new baby boy and I feel like a new mother! My older son is now 14 years old and boy have baby products changed since then! I seriously considered comments and reviews when deciding which items I wanted, which I could live without, and what was an absolute must have. So I hope you find my review just as helpful when deciding on your purchase. I couldn’t be more pleased with this bottle sterilizer. It works quickly and it’s so easy to use. I appreciate that the sterilizer doesnt take up much cupboard space and holds alot of bottles, nipples,pacifiers, etc. This product has not only made bottle cleaning easy but it also allows for a convenient place to store them. This is definitely one of our favorite purchases!

Bethany Agua Dulce, TX

Sterilizer is almost perfect!

I am a brand new mom-to-be, and I registered for this item at the suggestion of veteran moms who had to rely on boiling and other “old” methods to sterilize. I am very happy with this item. As a bottle-feeding mommy, I have a lot of bottles to prepare for use in the very near future. To add to this, I am using Dr. Brown’s bottles which, as any Dr. B. user knows, have several parts to clean. I’ve just finished preparing all my bottles for my soon-to-be bundle of joy, and this sterilizer was terrific. However, I found that the standard 8 oz. Dr. B. bottle is too tall, and keeps the lid from closing completely on the steamer. No worry, though, this is easily solved if you remove the rack and lay the bottles on their side. This way I sterilized as many as five bottles at a time. It takes 5-8 minutes, and you don’t have to stand there holding one bottle at a time in boiling water. You can fit many parts, nipples and pacifiers in at once. I took care of 19 bottles, all parts and several binkies in less than an hour. I only took away one star because I had to adapt the process for the tall bottles. I reommend this item. It made getting all those new bottles ready much easier!

Lucile Portageville, MO

Not bad for the price….

The sterilizer was given to me as a shower gift. I used it for a few days until I realized it was so much easier to use my dishwasher. My dishwasher can wash / hold more bottles than the sterilizer. You have to be careful when removing it from the microwave, it’s extremely hot and can cause serious burns. For those with a dishwasher, stick with the dishwasher. However, if you don’t have a dishwasher, this is pretty nifty for the price.

Susan Richeyville, PA