Mid City Tote – Diaper Bag

Mid City Tote – Diaper Bag


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Very stylish

This is a very nice diaper bag. There are some pockets inside to separate things, and pockets on the outside also. Instead of transferring stuff(wallet, keys, etc) to another bag when I’m not with my daughter, I can use this and most people can’t tell it is a diaper bag. My only problem with this bag is that the changing pad that comes with it is small, but that is easy to solve by buying a bigger one.

Bernadine Westfield, VT

Remember that your husband might end up carrying this…

This was a great diaper bag…except that the routine my husband and I developed was that I always ended up carrying the baby and he always carried the diaper bag. He didn’t mind carting it around once in a while, but after a while he began to protest that he was always carrying a purse around. 🙂 We ended up getting a more unisex looking model that both of us liked.(Also, this doesn’t have a refrigerated compartment, which is important if you’re carrying stored breastmilk).

Lindsay Nesquehoning, PA

This Is the Diaper Bag You Want

This bag is great! I can carry it out in public and no one gives me that “EEEEWWW – a parent!” look. Also, the changing mat is perfect (now that baby is bigger only her diaper fits on it, but also not too big to carry in bag). It also has plenty of pockets for me to carry my stuff in it without a purse. Although the cell phone holder is way too big for my phone, I do use it to carry other items (formula packets, diaper ointment, favorite baby toys). I love that there is a pocket built in for those clothes you had to change baby out of while out, and the interior mesh pockets are the perfect size for a small box of wipes and about 7 diapers.This is the best diaper bag! The only thing it lacks to make it absolutely perfect is a smaller bag that is easily removable to carry when you “pop in” somewhere for a minute.

Josefa Foster, MO

Nice bag – HUGE

This is a nice bag. It is ENORMOUS. It holds everything I could ever think of taking for the baby. Due to it’s size, I usually just keep this one in the car and use a smaller one to carry into places. Bag is nice quality and doesn’t have that “cutesy” look. My husband has no problem carrying it either.

Mayra Fort Rock, OR

Stylish but big

Before I became a mom, I thought I needed a huge bag but it turns out, I don’t (not sure why). This bag has lots of pockets, is well-made and is stylish so I know many moms would love this. For me it’s a hassle and barely fits in the basket in my stroller.

Kendra East Fairfield, VT