MilkBank BPA Free Vented Feeding Bottles 5 oz – 3-Pack

MilkBank BPA Free Vented Feeding Bottles 5 oz – 3-Pack

MilkBank’s triple vented cap delivers unrestricted milk flow to prevent colic, spit up, burping, gas, and fluid in the ear. Making feeding a happier time for all. Plus, our patented leak proof filter system means your bottle will never leak. Other vented bottles contain numerous parts that require a special cleaning brush. MilkBank is 100% dishwasher safe. Clean up is quick and easy.

Main features

  • Triple vented to prevent colic, spit up, burping and gas
  • Eliminates nipple collapse
  • Less parts, easy to use and clean
  • Leak proof guaranteed
  • Free of phthalates, PVC, and BPA

Verified reviews


Bottles that DO LEAK!

Ok SO I bought these because a friend has them and she said they only leak sometimes, much better then the average bottles. Well I have had them 1 week and they leak a lot! TO be honest I prop my sons bottles at night or sometimes while he is in the car seat and once he is done he will turn his head and and the bottle just sits there until I grab it. Well I was in hopes these would not drip like the others but they do. SO IMO they are NOT WORTH the money! Since switching to them my son spits up more then what he did with the Avent and the platex drop ins. SO back to the Avent we go 🙂

Robyn Greenville, NH

Works great!

The vent system seems to work great (I’ve been using this system for 6 months now); no air bubbles going through the nipple and ending up in milk. Not sure if this is any better than any other vent system though since I have not tried any others. I’ve read tons of reviews and chose this one based on them and my own understanding of this design and others (admittedly, I’m not an engineer, just a doctor). This design seemed best with least amount of pieces to clean. Other systems with even less pieces seem to leak often. I’ve only had one leak and that was my own fault (see my complete review on the mildbank “storage system”). FYI, you’re never supposed to prop a baby’s bottle due to risks of tooth decay and choking.

Sandy Kenedy, TX

My baby not a fan

My baby did not like these bottles. He’s used to the Dr. Browns and actually took in more air with these bottles. I’m assuming it’s because he’s just not used to them that’s why I gave them a 3. I did actually think that they were harder to clean that the Dr. Browns as well.

Patrice Rehobeth, MD

Great bottles!

I’ve been using these bottles with my first child few years back. Now I have another baby and started using these bottles again. I just LOVE it!Some reviewers said the paint came off in few weeks after using it. It never happened to my bottles (it never happened to Avent bottles, but paint came off of Dr. Brown bottles within few months of usage). We usually hand wash them and sterilize in Electric Sterilizer (by Avent).I love to use these bottles when I am feeding my baby with breast milk (I am Eping). I put refrigerated milk in the bottle; add boiling water to the outer bottle and in few minutes I am ready to feed my baby! No need to use bottle warmer!Babiesrus had these bottles on clearance and I still see them on clearance once in a while there, so you might want to check your local store for some great savings!

Ladonna Beaver Dam, WI

great bottles for breastfed baby

These bottles are fantastic; they work well with the MilkBank storage system and my daughter has no gassiness after she feeds from them. They are easy to clean and work well with breast milk.

Thelma Enumclaw, WA

Best Bottles Ever. Don’t Leak.

These turned out to be the best bottles I ever bought and believe me,I have tried them all.I have been using them for the pass 6 months and LOVE THEM.They don’t leak and are easy to clean.

Myra Ojo Feliz, NM