Mimijumi Baby Bottle – Very Hungry – 8 oz

Mimijumi Baby Bottle – Very Hungry – 8 oz

With natural colors, textures and forms, the mimijumi baby bottle provides the perfect complement to breastfeeding and the best possible transition to bottle feeding. The innovative nipple design replicates a mother’s breast, creating a natural feeding and latching experience for a happier and healthier bottle fed baby. Bold colors and soft textures are combined to give the Very Hungry bottle a distinctive, eye-catching appearance. Our bottles are produced with the highest quality standards to protect your baby. All mimijumi bottles are BPA and latex free, and exceed US safety standards. Features include: open and close with one hand, easy to clean, integrated venting to prevent colic, screw on one-piece nipple, skid-free base, top rack dishwasher-safe, BPA- and latex- free and exceeds US safety standards.

Main features

  • BPA latex free, nipple is made from medical and food grade silicone;New and Improved Nipple Design
  • Integrated venting to prevent colic
  • Skid free base and screw on nipple makes one handed bottle preparation easy
  • Dome shaped top makes the latching and drinking experience the closest to breastfeeding that a bottle can be
  • Replacement nipples are available in two different flow rates: slow and medium

Verified reviews


my baby also refuses this

My 11 week old is refusing bottles and of course I go to work in 2 weeks. We’ve been trying the last two weeks with no success. I had high hopes for this bottle. I actually love it & think my son might have taken it had the nipple not have been so hard! The boob part is awesome because it sits on his face like the breast but the nipple should be soft like moms nipple. I also don’t understand why bottle companies make areolas? When breastfeeding almost all the areola is in the mouth, this part is also soft. I think the company should offer softer latex nipples. On the positive side, my baby refuses but doesn’t gag like the other bottles we used.Update: I got in contact with mimijumi, they now make softer nipples & they mailed me 2 free nipples. They are much better and we are still practicing. My son chews and one on a while an occasional suck. Overall its a good bottle, the lid is tricky & if not placed on correctly can cause it to leak. My son has done the best with this one, I guess we have to keep trying & praying for him to take it efficiently.

Lindsay Bradford, NY

Works for us!

I’m going back to work and have been worried about my son, who has been EBF for the last 4 months, taking a bottle. He is being reintroduced to it and refused the Tommee Tippee line that he had previously used as well as the Medela (he never liked those). I got this praying that it would be a success and it has been! I’ve used it four times in the two days that I’ve had it and he’s loved it!Things I like:1. more realistic in the shape than other bottles. I’m still nursing since I’m only working part-time, and I don’t want him to get confused.2. I’ve noticed that there is very little air intake as it’s difficult to get any burps afterwards (my son is an easy baby to burp, I basically just have to sit him upright).3. Not that this matters, but the milk carton packaging was cute.4. Ease of construction. There’s the bottle, the one piece nipple cap (nice to not have to worry about putting the nipple in the ring and making sure the seal is just right.), the rubber bottom, and the bottle cap if you’re travelling. Basically you just have to take the top off, then put back on after you fill it.5. I just use the slowest flow since I don’t want my son getting too lax in effort put forth nursing. This truly seems like a slow flow nipple and when tipped I’m not needing to rush to put it in his mouth to avoid getting milk everywhere.Things that could be improved:1. Sometimes my son makes those loud sucking noises, but only some of the time. I have to fight with him because he wants to hit the bottle and as a result it moves around a lot (he’s an active nurser as well so this isn’t a reaction to the bottle; it’s just that the breast isn’t as mobile as the bottle!).2. I’ve seen other reviewers say that they would like not only a realistic shape, but color as well. Not that this is the case with me, but considering how my son was eyeing up the bottle as I set it on the counter to prep as if to say “Hey that looks familiar,” I could see how if you’re a darker skinned mama and you give this bottle to your baby, it might confuse him even more! It wouldn’t hurt to have a variety if you’re going the realistic route.Things I’ve read that I haven’t had a problem with:1. Cap security- seems pretty stable to me and I haven’t had any issues with it falling off.2. Angle of the bottle. My son has always nursed and taken a bottle lying pretty flat, so the bottle isn’t really being tipped at the end, the angle works for us. I don’t have any problem getting all of the milk taken.3. Inverted oz/ml markings. Since the bottle is at an angle, and every caregiver holds bottles differently, I don’t really see how inverted markings will help you or really why they are necessary at all. I give my son as much as is pumped from one breast (he usually only takes one at a time), and feed him until he’s drained the bottle or otherwise says he’s done like falls asleep, etc.4. No leaking from the bottle itself and very little from his mouth. The leaking from the corners of his mouth are only when my son is moving around per my previous statement.All in all I am pleased with this and am not embarrassed by the design. It’s more embarrassing to show your real breast in public, which I am not embarrassed to do for feeding purposes. I will be getting the very hungry bottle most likely soon.

Penelope Cat Spring, TX

Nice bottle

Want to solve all of your problems? open the box, remove the bottle, throw bottle into trash. Problems solved. refrigerator.

Katrina Selma, OR

HELP ME cuz my baby rather his bottle instead of breast-feeding

My baby was refusing breast-feeding because i could not provide him milk when i was prematurely born, so i started giving him formula in a bottle, so after i was able to produce enough milk to feed him, he didn’t want to grab my breast, because he was wanting the bottle. So I was desperate. Thats why i bought this bottles because stimulates the breast feeding, Thanks to the anatomical design, now he’s accepteting my nipple. Now he can swith to bottle or breast feeding anytime without any problems…

Nadine Loiza, PR

It leaks and baby hated it too.

This leaked and flowed too fast. Baby did not like it either. Baby rejected it after gagging. I breast feed & pump which is painful so I hate to waste breast milk.I hated the shape and feel of this bottle.I loved the comotomo bottle that really makes baby work/ suck as hard as when baby breastfeeds; comotomo flow matches breastfeeding.

Luz Steger, IL

Not what we expected

Bottle looks cute, but doesn’t work like it is advertised. First off, the cap doesn’t stay on. The nipple concept is genius, all one piece with no rim, but the plastic isn’t as soft as other nipples. You would think it would be softer, like the nipple of a breast. Not so much. My baby couldn’t latch onto it. My suggestion, don’t buy, it’s a waste of money. Especially for what they are charging for it.

Jo Guy, TX

Horribly Hungry

my daughter is a breast fed baby and picky about bottle nipples. I tried all sorts of nipples and finally decided to try this one…wow she really hated this one. the bottle design is great and it didnt leak but the nipple is hard as a rock! if they change to a softer latex nipple i would buy it again because it is sturdy, but because I spend so much on a single bottle only to have it as a paper weight in my cabinets I have to say not worth it.

Rosetta Tower City, PA

Didn’t Work for Me and Wished the Neck was Wider

I had high expectations for the Mimijumi bottle for helping to transition my infant for breast to the bottle. The “natural” nipple looks good but we wished the neck area was wider. My infant latched initially but ended up just rolling the nipple around in her month and spitting it out. I also found that if I tipped the bottle too far that the milk leaked out. The bottle alone isn’t cheap and just be aware that if you want to order additional faster flow nipples they are expensive and near the price of the bottle itself.

Darcy Mount Laurel, NJ

The bottle might not be the problem- could be baby’s jaw/sucking ability solved by osteopathy

My son first took a bottle without any problems for the first 2 months of life, but one day suddenly stopped and just screamed every time we tried to feed him. I tried about 10 different baby bottles including this one but nothing helped. The pediatrician said that if he got hungry enough he would eventually take it and he was just being stubborn. So I withheld the breast for 7.5 hours to see if he would take the bottle but finally gave him the breast since it felt cruel and my instinct was that the bottle was not the problem- something else seemed wrong. So in a last attempt I got this bottle hoping it would allow me to go back to work. He took a few sucks at first which was an improvement but then nothing. He would cry each time he was given this or any other bottle..A friend had a similar problem and recommended seeing an osteopath to see if there was a problem with his jaw/sucking ability. Well there was! The osteopath did some work (cranial sacrial and other stuff) and an hour later my son took the bottle. After a week or so he started refusing it again and we went back to the osteopath and after that session he took it once again. After 3 sessions he is back on the bottle regularly. Now that we found the bottle wasn’t the issue, we don’t need this breast shaped one which was actually not so good since it is hard to feed that last ounce or so since it doesn’t quite reach the nipple and you have to tip it back a lot. Plus the top doesn’t really close. But if you are desperate and can afford buying another bottle it is worth a try since it seems to have helped some reviewers.So bottom line is your baby might just prefer the breast and you may need to battle it out to get him or her to take the bottle or see if this bottle tricks him- which it might. BUT, he or she may have a problem that can be solved by osteopathy or even a baby chiropractor possibly…..so don’t just starve him or her till they take the bottle if your instinct says that something else is going on. Western docs will say it is nonsense but they don’t always know! Osteopathy has saved us!! We went from zero bottles to bottles anytime day or night with no fight!

Roxanne Blanco, OK

Good quality, but didn’t work out for my picky infant.

I have a breastfed baby, and she is almost exclusively breastfed (never formula, but sometimes she takes milk in a bottle). I resumed school when she was six weeks old, so I have a few hours a week where she is away from me. I needed to find a bottle to work (or I have to take her to school with me).I had originally bought some EvenFlo bottle, which gagged her. Then I tried Medela bottles, which did the same. I had received a Tommy Tippie, so I tried that, and still the nipple was too long. From the pictures, this bottle looked like it had a short nipple, and a larger "areola", so I thought my baby would take to it better. Although, she took it a little better than other bottles, she can’t latch to it–it gags her. At least with this one, she can chew on it and eat, but after trying for a month, she never adjusted to it.After that, I bought some Breast Flow bottles, which were about the same price for a three pack, as this was for a single bottle. They actually work, they have a short nipple, and she can latch onto them.I think this bottle would work with either an older baby, or a less picky one.It is a cute, lightweight, easy-to-hold bottle. It is easy to clean, the ring and nipple are combined, so less parts to lose/clean, and the nipple is slightly textured. I am not sure of the benefit to the texturing, but it might give a more natural mouth feel than the smooth nipples.Also, the packaging is nice (although I wouldn’t buy something just for the packaging).It is a nice bottle, and is of good quality, but it just didn’t work for my baby.

Candice Basalt, ID

looks different, thats all

I purchased this bottle because I wanted my baby to feel as if he was breastfeeding. I though this bottle would be soft. The nipple is hard. Also the bottle cap does not snap on and will not stay on, this bottle is for looks only. I expect a bottle cap to stay on, especially while traveling…. bottle cap comes off and nipple touches diaper bag, I would have to keep washing nipple because cap is not sturdy. I guess I’ll try the comotomo bottle next..

Kristen Cleveland, MO

Great for Breastfeeding

My daughter caught RSV at 2 months old and could not nurse during her illness. My breast milk supply dropped as did her interest in nursing. Between this bottle and the Lactation Aid (kind of like a Medela SNS system), we got back on track in a matter of weeks.I really feel that the shape of this bottle helped her re-learn to curl her tongue the way she needed to when she was breastfeeding and it really helped her
• not
• add nipple confusion to our long list of challenges. Now that she is back to the breast, if I do pump and give her a bottle randomly, this is the bottle I use. I find that if I squeeze a bit of milk out it helps her take to the silicone tip.This bottle is very similar to a breast but it is not
• exactly the same
• . It IS made of silicone, not skin, but it is much better than many of the other options available right now.

Nadia Knox Dale, PA

Fine bottle – didn’t work for us

I ordered this for my EBF daughter when I was trying to get her to take a bottle for the first time. She refused almost every bottle I tried, this one included. It’s not really the bottle’s fault though. This was one she *almost* drank from. Maybe it was the life-like design, but she actually allowed this one in her mouth, unlike some others that she outright refused. After 8 or so bottles, she finally drank from the Lansinoh Momma. Can’t say whether it was something about that bottle, or she just finally gave in? Overall I had no issue with this bottle, just wasn’t for us.

Cynthia Geneva, NY

Not worth the price/doesn’t meet the hype

My daughter had no interest in this bottle, and she even pushed it away very aggressively. The cap doesn’t stay on, and it is awkward to hold. Definitely not worth the price. Wish I could have returned it. We ended up simply buying latex nipples to address her bottle-refusal, and it worked like a charm.

Kerry Lake Norden, SD

Not the holy grail I’ve been searching for.

My kid doesn’t like this bottle any more than any other bottle. I do like that the nipple is flesh colored. It does seem to mimic a real breast. But I don’t know if that matters because my husband and my mom couldn’t get baby to take this bottle, but I had no problem giving it to him. I thought it was comfortable to hold but I have a hard time getting the last half ounce or so down to the nipple unless my baby is flat on his back. My baby doesn’t really like to eat flat on his back, so I think he swallows more air using this.

Augusta Wilmot, AR

Good in theory

I had really high hopes for this bottle but sadly my infant still does not drink from a bottle. After trying to use it a few times I did notice she would smile when she saw it but once I tried to put the bottle nipple in her mouth her smile changed to a disgusted look. I like the idea of this bottle but sadly it didn’t work for me.

Carly Lawai, HI

great for a baby who hates bottle

This is a great nipple for a baby that hates a bottle. he took it immediately. My only con is that it is not an air flow bottle, otherwise we would only be using this one. for the price, they really need to make it for those babies who spit up or are colicky. Mine just spits up.but it feels like a boobie which makes my baby happy!

Alberta Shutesbury, MA

Great idea, but our baby won’t drink out of it!

Our baby is breastfed, but we supplement with bottles once or twice a day. She’s currently 3 months old and we introduced bottles when she was about a week old. When I saw this bottle, I thought, "Wow, what a great idea, a bottle that actually mimics the breast!" It was a great idea, but our baby refuses to drink out of it! She takes a few sucks and then stops. So for us, this bottle was just a waste of $12.99. The bottle that works best for her is the Lansinoh mOmma bottle, which also happen to be less than half the cost of the Mimijumi bottles.

Eddie Danville, IL


My exclusively breastfed baby is 3 1/2 months old hates all bottles. And even when she did on occasion take one, it was for maybe an oz before she would turn away from them. I tried this yesterday and she latched on right away and within 20 mins finished 4 oz!!!! Ordering more. Bottle is nice and easy to use (open/fill) with one hand.The bad: The issue with the cap that everyone complains about is annoying. After fussing with it today though, i found out how to actually get it on right. Once on, it stays securely. Kind of annoying that there’s a learning curve with a bottle cap, but since my baby drinks from it, the cap issue isn’t worth removing a star.

Tameka Lewiston, CA


I like that this is simple to wash and it has a nice, wide area for my baby to eat from…but she downs the milk way too fast because there is nothing to slow the flow. I much prefer the Breastflow bottles because they mimic the breast better and slow the flow of milk, so she doesn’t spit so much of it back up,

Kristi Loomis, NE

was ok

This is much better in the fact that if you touch it, it seems like skin. But the flow is way to fast and in turn made baby eat to fast and made our LO vomit every time we used it. Sham that we bought 5 of them, they are not cheep. Not worth the money and loss of bm, Liquid gold is way to important to give baby in these bottles just to have them vomit everything up.

Lea Hector, AR

Very funny looking

First tip don’t wait 6 weeks to give you baby a bottle!!! I did and now I am paying the price of her being 4 months and still won’t take a bottle unless so very hungry (aka daycare) but she is adapting the wrong way and holding out all day (daycare) and waking up all night to eat. When I was on leave she ate all day and slept for 8-10 hours at night. I am lucky to now get a 4 hour stretch of sleep…Anyway…these nipples were too hard for my breastfeed baby. I bought 8, yes 8!!! different brands, the gerber, nuk, medela, mimijumi, Lansinoh mOmma, 1st years breastflow, advent, and tommee. Tommee was the winner, she still doesn’t like it, but it is the one that doesn’t make her cry at the sight of it and she will "play" with it and drink something. It isn’t any of these brands fault, its mine for listening to the lactation consultant. She is my 2nd baby, my first we introduced a bottle 2nd day of life and she never had nipple confusion and I nursed for for 14 months!

Marie New Hampton, NY


Great product, although a little pricey. My breast-feeding 4 month old is super picky so this is one of many we’ve tried and getting most success…

Roseann Pequannock, NJ

Successful bottle feeding of a 5 week old

I had to be able to have my baby take 1 bottle of breast milk every week so I could take a class at night for graduate school. I tried the medela bottles and the baby couldn’t suck them at all. Baby was right away able to drink milk from these. The milk came much faster than it does from a breast, but it wasn’t the horror show described by others; baby wasn’t bothered at all and just had milk on his cheeks and neck (easily abated by a wash cloth near his chin during bottle feed). Now that baby is 2 months old, these aren’t too fast at all, and I appreciate that when he’s hungry and with someone other than me, he can get as much as he needs to eat without frustration/delay. I will bring a bottle of pumped milk with me to ball games, restaurants, or anytime I’m not sure about whether I will feel awkward with the public breastfeeding. AND, baby is still breast feeding like a pro–there has been no "nipple confusion" etc, at all. They wash easily in the dishwasher, a great product.

Phoebe Midland, PA

Baby didn’t get fooled

I bought this for my spoiled exclusive breast fed baby to see if I can get her weaned but she was not fooled. I was unsuccessful the bottle is great however and I will be saving it for baby # 2. I think the problem is I introduced her to bottles o late so I don’t blame the bottle. Overall good quality and I love the nipple it is soft and just like a real breast. My baby loved using it as a teether more than a bottle lol

Stella Fort Apache, AZ

Not impressed

My baby was not a fan, but I’m sure other babies may love this. I just wasn’t that impressed for the price.

Iris Reliance, TN

pretty good

at first i was upset with mimijumi because i was trying to develop and patent a similar product. my baby does alright with this, but the flow is pretty fast even for a slow flow nipple. furthermore, the texture is great EXCEPT on the very end where a natural nipple would spread and thin out into the back of the mouth. this product has a flat tip, which is unnatural.

Christina Pleasanton, KS

great idea

this little bottle is awesome, it is just like a mothers breast and helps to use formula when breast milk is not in yet or you can’t product enough trust me your infant will not tell the difference from you and this

Myrtle Kevin, MT


Mimijumi 8 Ounce Baby Bottle, Very Hungry is a good bottle. it like the breast very much. my baby like it very much.

Alfreda Coon Valley, WI

Nice concept but poor execution.

My baby would not take this bottle or any other at that. I thought this one would do the trick but it is not soft and that I think is a big issue, other than that it looks great and doesnt leak.

Kathie Runnemede, NJ