Miracle Blanket Swaddle, Garden Pink, One Size

Miracle Blanket Swaddle, Garden Pink, One Size

Being a new parent can be challenging enough without adding sleep deprivation to it. The miracle blanket is the secret to a happy, well-rested baby, as well as a well-rested mom and dad. The miracle blanket has been proven to extend sleep periods between feedings by preventing night movement and separation anxiety; thus allowing mom and dad a greater duration for sleep. Your baby will sleep longer and deeper with the miracle blanket. The miracle blanket is the only true swaddling blanket that guarantees its effectiveness with it’s triple patented arm flap design and length. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is which color to choose.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Helps Fussy Babies Sleep Great
  • Eases Fussiness for Any Baby
  • Stops Facial Scratches & Twitches that Wake Baby
  • No Velcro to Scratch or Wake Baby
  • 100% Guaranteed!

Verified reviews


Not a Miracle, Seems Unsafe

Yes, yes, I read Karp’s Happiest Baby on the Block, and yes, I believe that swaddling itself is the miracle-not this blanket. I had a few swaddlers from First YearsThe First Years Easy-Wrap Swaddler – Yellow (much cheaper and worked better), but my son outgrew them. So, I decided to try the Miracle Blanket. I wish I hadn’t spent the money. First, the price is very high. Second, it’s a long blanket that wraps–there are no closures (velcro, snaps, etc), so he tends to slip down into the blanket, and the arm flaps bunch up in his armpits (uncomfortable). What’s worse, the blanket unravels and wraps around his neck. Scary! He gets very hot in this blanket (despite central A/C and ceiling fan–his back and neck are drenched!), and overheating is another risk factor for SIDS. Oh, and forget about “quick” middle-of-the-night diaper changes–it’s nearly impossible to get his legs out of the bottom pouch, so wrestling him out of the blanket wakes him up. Overall, I would not recommend this blanket.

Sharron Angola, NY

Looks good – but didn’t work for us

I cannot comment on how useful this item is for swaddling a baby as we are not due for a few months.However, I just wanted to comment that the colour of the blanket is much nicer than the online picture. We have purchased the green with beige trim. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It is more mint colored and the beige trim highlights it rather than making it look a little like a bandage (as I think the picture online does).The original manufacturer also has a website and there is a video of how to use this swaddle on there. That was useful to me as a soon-to-be first time Mom.***********************REVIEW:Baby arrived. He HATES LOATHES DESPISES this. He can kick his legs out of it in sec. I bought 2 as I figured he’d be likely to soil it in the night and since everyone said it was such a miracle I didn’t want to be without. I’d recommend you buy just one of these and try it out.

Chandra Cockeysville, MD

THE ONLY Swaddle blanket that works for us!

We have tried the Swaddle Me, the Swaddle Blanket, and the Miracle Blanket. The ONLY one our daughter (now two – she used it for about 3 months) and now our 2 month old son does not break out of is the Miracle Blanket.ADVANTAGES
• Works differently than others – holds arms at side with two “flaps” that tuck under the body (uses body weight), and then a longer piece wraps around the baby. The end result is a very tight but comfortable looking coocoon that works!
• NO VELCRO – The velcro on the Swaddle Me kept waking our daughter up!
• Keeps them warm with nothing else required.DISADVANTAGES
• The part that swaddles the bottom half of the body sometimes come loose – you have to make sure that you wrap the blanket around the lower half o the body REALLY well!
• Nothing else we can think of

Freda Port Republic, NJ

Too many steps & dangerous

I read all the good reviews and bought this miracle blanket for my 8 weeks baby. It was too many steps to swaddle the baby, and almost impossible to swaddle a cranky baby. My daughter did like it once she was swaddled, but in the morning when she was crying & kicking, the longer side of the wrap was wrapped around her neck, and her legs were already out. Dangerous!! I don’t know why others like it so much, but it did not work for me.

Bobbi Kimberton, PA

Don’t know!

A friend asked me to buy it for her. I never used one for the kids I watched when I was a nanny, I prefer a sleep sack but that’s just a personal opinion. But, regarding my shopping experience: great packaging, nice delivery time, fair price.

Bettie Hodges, SC

Hard for me to use it

This swaddle blanket was hard for me to use because I would have to wrap baby before she falls asleep which is uncomfortable for her while she is nursing. If she falls asleep and I want to put her in the blanket, then I would have to have the blanket laid out properly on the bed before nursing baby to sleep, then lay baby down after she falls asleep, then wrap the blanket around baby a few times. This means I would have to carefully lift baby in order to have the blanket go around her. Its very hard for me because baby wakes up at the slightest movement. After I have successfully put her in the blanket, I then have to carry her to her crib again at risk of waking her. When I was doing this routine, it would take me a total of 2 hours to put baby to sleep, the swaddling part alone would be a good 30-40 minutes. Then there was a chance after I have put baby in her crib that she would wake up and cry! After a little over a month (baby’s 5th month), my husband and I gave up the crib for night sleeping and now have baby in our bed. It was the best decision, we all slept much better.

Victoria Dublin, PA

Nothing special

I had a friend tell me that I HAD to get this for my baby, so I did. I only ended up using it about 5 times. I don’t see how it’s any better than a regular swaddling blanket. In fact, I prefer the regular (35×35) swaddling blankets by Carters (around $10 for a pack of 2). They are soft, stretchy & lightweight (so baby doesn’t sweat). Maybe if you have trouble swaddling, I can see how this would make it easier, but trust me – with a newborn, you do it enough to get the hang of it pretty quick. I think I read that some people had babies who wiggled their way out of normal blankets so they really liked this, but that’s never happened with my baby.

Mona Emerald, WI

Good but not a Miracle! Still short for long babies!

I purchased this product for my 5-week old very active baby. He is an active kicker at night and, despite being normal height/weight (11 lbs, 23″) has quickly outgrown his newborn Halo & Kiddopotomous/Summer Infant swaddlers. I purchased this based on the great recommendations and have been fairly disappointed…especially with the lofty price tag.Pros:1) It does keep your baby snuggly swaddled with very little chance of their arms breaking free. Highly resembles a straight-jacket but I know my baby isn’t crazy! :-)2) The design (no velcro) is great b/c it doesn’t get tangled up on clothes, baby skin, laundry etc. Huge advantage over the Halo & Summer Infant brands3) Material is light weight & cool enough to be used year roundCons:1) The dimensions of this aren’t any longer than the Newborn Halo or Small Summer Infant sack!! Therefore, my 5-week old is already able to kick his legs and work his legs out the bottom. Within a few short weeks I doubt if he’ll be able to put his legs straight!! This could cause problems as he gets stronger bc he could work the material up over his face.2) The wrap mechanism (although a pro bc of the lack of velcro & using their weight to keep secure) can be tedious at first, especially for a newborn. You have to tuck the arms & wrap the material around the baby, so you’re either tipping the baby up on its neck to tuck & wrap or lifting it up & balancing on one hand3) Lack of upper-body movement. Because you have the arms so tightly bound but the legs can wiggle free, I feel like it might be confusing for the baby.Well…my problem continues! I am going to try to Woombie big-baby design & see if that is better for my little man.

Herminia Americus, KS

Tremendously helpful

This was such an incredibly important baby item for us. My son would only sleep while being held AND in motion for the first two months of his life. Whether it was colic or his temperament, we’ll never know. But it was a tough time for us. Finally, a combination of the Miracle Blanket, theGraco Lovin’ Hug Swing, Barcelona Bluegrass, and a close reading ofThe Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Longerallowed us to get a little sleep. Swaddling my son in the Miracle Blanket sometimes provided the only way to get our son to stop crying — and it was wonderful to have a soothing tool that both my husband and I had equal success with. We never really swaddled his legs — just his arms. This blanket was in every way superior to receiving blankets and less-expensive swaddlers, at least in terms of soothing power for my son.My son benefited from the Miracle Blanket until he was 10 months old! He now sleeps like a champ. But for eight solid months, he spent almost all his sleeping hours swaddled in the Miracle Blanket. The blanket is definitely showing some wear, but it is in no way compromised by all the hard use. It’s still perfectly good. I have friends who say it’s essential to have more than one, but at $30 a blanket, we were fine with just one.For those parents with children who are able to get out of the blanket, I have a few recommendations (other than just swaddling tightly). One big help to us was tucking my son’s hands in the foot pouch. It didn’t change his position at all, but definitely made it harder for him to get his hands out as he got older. And when my son got really big and was strong enough to wiggle out (maybe at 8 months old), we swaddled his arms in the Miracle Blanket then zipped aThe Original Woombie Cocoon Swaddle (Preemie (3-6 lbs), Avocado)(Mega Baby size!) on top. This helped him stay in the Miracle Blanket a bit longer each night, but mainly served the purpose of preventing the Miracle Blanket from sliding up to his shoulders and neck when he got out. We “weaned” my son from swaddling (when he was ready and clearly didn’t need it anymore) by gradually loosening the tightness of the Miracle Blanket, but still zipping the Woobie around him — I felt he was safer this way, though I have friends who did not think this measure was necessary. My son is now done with all of it! He sleeps independently and unswaddled, with little fanfare when we finally stopped. So I have no worries that this created any bad habits or dependencies for him.The Miracle Blanket was an essential item for us for the better part of my son’s life so far. My only regret is that we didn’t use it sooner. We received it as a gift before my son was born, but my husband and I weren’t sure about “straightjacketing” the baby and didn’t really do much with it until my son was about 6 weeks old. Even then, we didn’t want to use it during all sleep time. Now, though, I look back and recognize that my son’s sleeping improved the more we used the Miracle Blanket. His night sleeping improved when we started using it at bedtime, and his daytime naps got longer and more consolidated when we started using it for naps. If we’re fortunate enough to have another baby, we will probably use a Miracle Blanket right from the beginning! I wholeheartedly recommend this, and am so thankful to the experienced parents who got this for us as a baby gift.One more recommendation: AWubbanub Infant Pacifier – Lion with satin mane. You can tuck the animal in the Miracle Blanket to hold the pacifier within reach. We did this for months. Awesome!I wish all the best to every new parent out there… and to every new parent of a fussy and/or colicky baby. :o)

Elena Benton, LA

Not worth the $$$

This worked really well and she stayed swaddled. It was definitely the best swaddle gadget we found. However, I don’t believe it was worth the price. We could buy 4 square blankets for the price or make 10 ourselves. Quantity is important when you’re dealing with spit-up, diaper blowouts and piles of laundry. We quickly became experts at swaddling with large (and cheap) square blankets.

Dionne Saint Catharine, KY

The only swaddler that worked

I have tried the summer infant brand swaddlers and the miracle blanket is the only swaddler that works for my little Houdini. I love that it’s effectiveness isn’t solely reliant on tightness, but also tucking. I hated having to wrap my son so tightly with other brands to get them to almost work. This blanket’s design is very well thought out. It is definitely worth the extra few bucks for the extra sleep at night. This is the only way my son won’t wake himself up at night. Thank you Miracle Blanket for extended sleep for baby and mommy!

Monique Bethpage, NY

Nice, but doesn’t last long

This was great the first two months but my daughter outgrew it after that and could get her arms free easily. It is very handy the first two months, but it is kind of pricey for the short time period. The material is thin which is nice for summer, but the thin material easily rips and mine is 3 months old and already has a hole. I would recommend just purchasing a large thin blanket to swaddle. If you really have a hard time making a swaddle, this is handy.

Gabrielle Chillicothe, MO

Need to manipulate baby too much to put this on; disrupts sleep

I don’t like this swaddling blanket since I have to move my baby around (lift back especially) several times to put this on. I have to lift the back to put the arm restraint on for each arm. Another time for the right flap so it is tucked under the baby’s back. Then at least 2-3 more times to wrap the left flap around the baby. I don’t like this at all.I prefer a quick, simple solution such as the Halo Swaddle Blanket or Summer Infant Swaddlepod.

Freida New Portland, ME

These just didn’t work out for us. Too easily foiled.

I received this as a gift and used it with my twins. They figured out how to escape it within a month. I passed it on to another twin mom and she had the same experience- her boys could escape shortly after she switched from aden & anais blankets to these. My SIL then had a baby and received one of these (from the same person who bought me mine). My nephew also figured out how to escape the MB shortly after starting use so she had to switch to alternatives as well. When my little houdinis figured this thing out, I switched to woombies (I had also received those as a gift) and my girls never were able to escape those. We just had better luck with them I suppose. I also like that they were so much easier to swaddle and unswaddle for those middle of the night feedings. When you have more than one baby, eliminating even slightly tedious tasks can really be helpful. I think this is a great product if you don’t have very squirmy babies who are not as likely to foil the swaddling. Unfortunately, that is not the case with my children!

Susanne Wilmington, IL

For once, the word “MIRACLE” is appropriate!

I must admit that in the past I haven’t had the best luck with products containing “miracle” in their name. However, this blanket is the shining exception!Our son was a very big boy — 10 lb, 6 oz of joy. We had read Harvey Karp’s “The Happiest Baby on the Block” (highly recommended) and we knew we wanted to swaddle him. We had planned to use a receiving blanket, but we quickly found out that none of them were remotely big enough. Not even close. We spent a ton of money buying bigger blankets, and we tried two other expensive swaddling blankets as well. Nothing worked, nothing held the baby, and all three of us were desperate to get some sleep. We even bought a cheap sheet set and tore it up to get some bigger patches of cloth. No dice.Finally, I ordered this blanket online (Amazon didn’t carry it at the time, alas.) BINGO — our son slept through the night at once! Yes! We had to wake him from a sound, swaddled sleep to change and feed him; he went back down like a rock as soon as we re-swaddled him. He loved this blanket. When he saw us coming with it, he’d try to lie quietly with his arms at his sides in anticipation of the (very simple) process of swaddling him up. And I loved the fact that this blanket was so soft and comforting and had no snaps or any other fasteners that could rub him.I should mention that the two new parents I gave this to as a shower gift were pathetically grateful, and couldn’t stop gushing. I understand; for a new parent, anything that grants you sleep is your favorite thing in the world.A note to parents considering this blanket: Be prepared for some of your friends (especially the childless ones) to recoil in horror at the thought of swaddling. “You’re tying your baby up?” “What if he suffocates?” “But he won’t be able to move! It’s cruel!”, etc., etc. These people probably mean well, but their comments are very ignorant. The fact is, your baby has just spent months in the most confined space imaginable — a womb where he could barely budge at all. And new parents will immediately notice that newborn babies have virtually no control over their newly freed arms — they’ll startle themselves from sleep time and again, then start flailing their hands around and scratching their faces raw. Newborns don’t have the neurological control to stop themselves from flailing, so they love it when you return them to the safe, warm, familiar confinement they remember from the womb.Another comment you’ll hear from some people is, “How do you know when the baby doesn’t need to be swaddled any more?” Easy. They start to wriggle out of the swaddling. They may not be able to talk, but they’ll let you know clearly when they’re ready to move on.

Paulette Buckingham, IA

Loses Out to Kiddopotamus

The Miracle Blanket has a great concept and if I had to choose between one and a regular receiving blanket, I would happily pay the extra money for the miracle blanket. However, there are some great competing brands on the market that offer cheaper, better swaddling blankets. In particular, my wife and I have been much happier with theKiddopotamus SwaddleMe 100% Cotton Flannel, Small, Sage Gingham.The only area the Miracle Blanket wins out is in its softer material. This is far outweighed by a less practical design and a price that’s triple the current amazon price for the kiddopotamus.The miracle blanket requires that you tuck flaps over each arm of your baby and then under their back. This may make swaddling easier the first time compared to the kiddopotamus. Yet, after a few swaddles, you’ll become fast and profficient enough to deal with flailing limbs. These flaps end up just being a hassle. Also the velcro on the kiddopotamus makes getting the perfect tension quick and easy. The miracle blanket has a very long wrap that you must go around and around your baby with…and without the velcro it is much more likely to come loose. Miracle blanket makes the velcro seem like a negative, but the velcro on the kiddopotamus isn’t in any place that would rub up against your babies skin.As for fit, the kiddopotamus does a far superior job with my 7 lbs. 19.5″ baby girl. The miracle blanket is “one size fits all,” whereas the kiddopotamus comes in both small and large. The miracle blanket is so big that the bottom of the blanket is easily kicked off and my baby’s feet shortly flail about, defeating the purpose of the swaddle. At least this allows or easier diaper changes. The kiddopotamus never comes undone, thanks to the velcro. The size also seems perfect for any baby from 18 to 24 inches and 6 to 12 lbs., but don’t take my word or it. Also the flannel kiddopotamus is the most constraining I hear.

Dianne Nevada City, CA

Great now, bad later!

When we got this product, we only had one thing in mind “getting our baby to sleep, so that we can get some sleep!!!” It does the job well and our baby went to sleep very well and we LOVED it!!!The problem was realized a bit late or should I say too late for us to correct. Since the baby is totally immobile, we had to lay him flat on his back because of the fear that he would suffocate if we laid him down at any other position. When we got a bit older we noticed that his perfect round head was becoming flat the the back because he has been lying on his back too much. He is now 18 month and it’s still a bit flat… 🙁

Ilene Wasco, CA

Could use some improvements

This is only a miracle if you’ve never swaddled before. The “suddenly sleeping through the night” stuff can only be from newly swaddling. If you already swaddle and are looking for a better option, I wouldn’t look for a miracle.The fact that there are no buttons or velcro is actually annoying because it comes off easily. If your baby is a “miracle baby” who suddenly sleeps through the night, it might work out great for you- the baby’s weight will keep her hands in and rest of blanket wrapped around her. But if you are getting baby up to nurse throughout the night, it will continue to loosen. And keeping it on while you change a diaper? Doesn’t work well at all- I have to unwrap and rewrap every diaper change.Maybe if I hadn’t paid so much for this, I wouldn’t expect so much. Yes, definitely better than the SwaddleMe and Swaddlepod since they usually can’t get their arms out, especially if you are rewrapping all the time like I am. But it could use some improvements, like a way to fasten more securely.I have started to tuck the end in to the top of the blanket, and that helps a little, but it would be nice to have something better to fasten it with.Not the perfect blanket.

Sophia Pledger, TX

Works half the time

This blanket only works when our baby is already nodding off and ready to sleep. When he’s crying and fussy we can get him swaddled correctly, but he won’t calm down. When he’s super fussy, he will work his arms partially out and get caught. Then, we have to try and reswaddle him over and over and over! When our baby is already tired and calm, we can get him in this super fast and without fuss and he’ll sleep swaddled and will sleep for an extra hour longer.Just be careful when swaddling with this to make sure the top of the cloth hits the shoulder directly, otherwise it will wiggle up towards his face when the baby moves.This product works for us about half the time.

Diana Grandy, MN

Not so much….

I didn’t like this blanket really at all. It definitely wraps your baby up tight but the way it holds their arms so tightly next to their sides it almost seems like a straight jacket! It can also be quite warm or hot and that worries me. We preferred the Kiddopotumus swaddle blanket.

Irene Luray, KS

Great design!

We used it on our baby through the winter months and she loved it. She slept through the night in the third month. I love the natural color. The long fabric made the swaddle secure. It worked much better than the receiving blankets.

Janice Walton, KY

No miracle, sadly

Holds my son’s arms well enough, but he kicks his legs out of it almost as soon as I finish wrapping him. Could be better, certainly I wouldn’t call it a miracle.

Sharron Grand Rapids, MI

Swaddling solution for the origami-challenged

While my kid doesn’t need to be swaddled constantly, he loves a good wrap-up from time to time, and as much as I’ve tried, I can’t secure him properly in a regular blanket. He always manages to Houdini an arm out and smack himself in the face.Enter the Miracle Blanket. It is so EASY to secure my kid quickly–so there’s minimum frantic crying time when I’m using it to calm him down. He stays in it until I undo it, every time. Plus, because it’s still a wrap style, it’s unsized unlike some of the Velcro swaddlers.Love it. So much so that I keep a spare one in the diaper bag everywhere I go just in case.

Fern Wharton, OH

It Does Work, But Not Worth the High Cost

The Miracle Blanket does work. It has a “pocket” where the baby’s feet go in, and two little “wings” that you wrap around each arm. Then there’s a very long piece that you can wind around your baby. So yes, it is effective in keeping your baby from working himself out of the swaddle.But I’ve found that it’s just as effective, and easier, to swaddle in the traditional way, using a regular blanket. The trick to getting a snug swaddle is to use a blanket that’s larger than your typical receiving blanket (usually 30″x30″), and also to look for some stretch in the fabric. My recommendations are:Hudson Baby Organic Receiving Blanket, a 40″x40″ blanket. Another popular choice isaden + anais 100% Cotton Muslin Swaddle Wrap, 2 Pack, which is large (47″x47″), has some stretch, and the breathable fabric keeps the baby from overheating.Advantages of using a regular blanket is that they are usually more affordable so you can have a few in the laundry rotation, and they can be used for many other things beyond the swaddling stage, unlike the Miracle Blanket.

Tommie Naalehu, HI

Awesome swaddler

I love this product. It allows you to truly secure your child, keeping him/her cozy and feeling safe (and minimizing startle reflex wake-ups), without forcing you to wrap very tightly and risk overbundling. The only downside is that your child might grow out of it quickly–it is not very long. I have heard of people cutting the bottom off so the child’s feet can poke through, and continuing to secure the arms with the rest of the blanket, but I haven’t done this myself.

Casey Birdseye, IN

The Miracle Blanket is a godsend

This is perhaps the one #1 MUST HAVE item I would recommend to alllll parents. They tell you, you can swaddle a baby yourself with a blanket but good luck finding a blanket with the right proportions and establishing a good tie down that doesn’t unravel. The Miracle Blanket is foolproof, is the perfect size (even as your baby grows), it never unravels, AND it allows your baby’s hips room to grow.PROS:SoftEasyDurableMachine washableUser friendlyHip wiggle roomCONS: NAWould I recommend it? YES! I recommend this product to every parent I know.Important note: My baby was in the 90% percentile for height and it fit great even when she was 4 months old. My husband and I were sorry when the baby started rolling and we couldn’t use it anymore. The Miracle Blanket is a godsend and I really believe it’s the reason she has learned to sleep through the night.

Gertrude Savoonga, AK

Not easy to use

Husband and I never got the hang of this blanket. Now we use a Halo sack to swaddle, which is sooo much easier!

Patrica Atkinson, NE

True Miracle!

This blanket is a must–pick any color but make sure you have one to wash and one to wear! My son hated his arms down at first so we folded the flaps under him but eventually he started letting us bind them. You can swaddle TIGHT with this!

Cornelia Waukee, IA

A must have for newborns

A must have for newborns. My son used this from birth to 3 months and it really helped him feel comfortable to fall asleep. Very easy to apply after a slight learning curve. Made feedings easier too because his arms wouldn’t get in the way. After 3 months, he outgrew it and we also wanted to develop his arm so we stopped swaddling him.

Araceli Midway, PA

Not a miracle for us.

I bought two of these out of desperation when my 3 month old son was breaking out of his SwaddleMe swaddles several times a night. I thought that since this pinned his arms down, it would be impossible for him to break out of. I was wrong. He has broken out of this several times now. The swaddle itself is ok, the material is a bit stiffer and scratchier than I’d like, but its not bad. I ended up finding a video tutorial online – the “double swaddle how to” on you tube. I tried it this afternoon and he slept for 3 hours – thats the best nap we’ve had in AGES. Don’t waste your money on this.

Ella Graysville, PA