Miracle Blanket Swaddle, Green with Beige Trim

Miracle Blanket Swaddle, Green with Beige Trim

Being a new parent can be challenging enough without adding sleep deprivation to it. The miracle blanket is the secret to a happy, well-rested baby, as well as a well-rested mom and dad. The miracle blanket has been proven to extend sleep periods between feedings by preventing night movement and separation anxiety; thus allowing mom and dad a greater duration for sleep. Your baby will sleep longer and deeper with the miracle blanket. The miracle blanket is the only true swaddling blanket that guarantees its effectiveness with it’s triple patented arm flap design and length. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is which color to choose.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Helps Fussy Babies Sleep Great
  • Eases Fussiness for Any Baby
  • Stops Facial Scratches & Twitches that Wake Baby
  • No Velcro to Scratch or Wake Baby
  • 100% Guaranteed!

Verified reviews


She outgrew them in no time!

This is a good blanket, but it only fit my newborn for 2 months. I don’t see how any average sized baby can fit in this for longer than that. Currently my baby is 23 inches long and the pocket for her legs force her to bend her knees. I wish I could return this item, but they won’t take it back if your child just “outgrew” it.

Janice Mound City, MO

For once, the word “MIRACLE” is appropriate!

I must admit that in the past I haven’t had the best luck with products containing “miracle” in their name. However, this blanket is the shining exception!Our son was a very big boy — 10 lb, 6 oz of joy. We had read Harvey Karp’s “The Happiest Baby on the Block” (highly recommended) and we knew we wanted to swaddle him. We had planned to use a receiving blanket, but we quickly found out that none of them were remotely big enough. Not even close. We spent a ton of money buying bigger blankets, and we tried two other expensive swaddling blankets as well. Nothing worked, nothing held the baby, and all three of us were desperate to get some sleep. We even bought a cheap sheet set and tore it up to get some bigger patches of cloth. No dice.Finally, I ordered this blanket online (Amazon didn’t carry it at the time, alas.) BINGO — our son slept through the night at once! Yes! We had to wake him from a sound, swaddled sleep to change and feed him; he went back down like a rock as soon as we re-swaddled him. He loved this blanket. When he saw us coming with it, he’d try to lie quietly with his arms in his sides in anticipation of the (very simple) process of swaddling him up. And I loved the fact that this blanket was so soft and comforting and had no snaps or any other fasteners that could rub him.I should mention that the two new parents I gave this to as a shower gift were pathetically grateful, and couldn’t stop gushing. I understand; for a new parent, anything that grants you sleep is your favorite thing in the world.A note to parents considering this blanket: Be prepared for some of your friends (especially the childless ones) to recoil in horror at the thought of swaddling. “You’re tying your baby up?” “What if he suffocates?” “But he won’t be able to move! It’s cruel!”, etc., etc. These people probably mean well, but their comments are very ignorant. The fact is, your baby has just spent months in the most confined space imaginable — a womb where he could barely budge at all. And new parents will immediately notice that newborn babies have virtually no control over their newly freed arms — they’ll startle themselves from sleep time and again, then start flailing their hands around and scratching their faces raw. Newborns don’t have the neurological control to stop themselves from flailing, so they love it when you return them to the safe, warm, familiar confinement they remember from the womb.Another comment you’ll hear from some people is, “How do you know when the baby doesn’t need to be swaddled any more?” Easy. They start to wriggle out of the swaddling. They may not be able to talk, but they’ll let you know clearly when they’re ready to move on.

Lessie Newtown, WV

Great for newborns!

The perfect swaddle blanket since it helps keep the arms from coming out and also makes swaddling easier for mom and dad since getting it snug isn’t easy in a regular blanket.

Geraldine Pennsylvania Furnace, PA

A great idea

My husband and I have come to find that swaddling our baby before sleep really helps him (he is now 5 wks old). We have other blankets and also the Swaddle Me blanket, but the miracle blanket is definitely the best at keeping him swaddled through the night. I haven’t experienced the “miracle” of having him sleep through the night with it yet, because he is too young right now, but we use it every night nonetheless. We highly recommend it.

Claudette Fieldton, TX

The very best baby product on the market!

I am a professional nanny/newborn specialist of 12 years and I must say that this blanket is AMAZING! I have used it with several families over the last 3 years and have found that it makes all the difference in the world in how much sleep a baby gets. Now when I work for a new family who has a newborn, the first thing I do is get one of these blankets, knowing that it will make life for them (and me) quite a lot easier.A word of advice: many parents have told me that their babies did not like to be swaddled, so they stopped trying. Unless your baby is able to sleep for several hours without waking, they DO want to be swaddled. They may fuss while you are wrapping them up, and if they are more than a few weeks old it might feel odd to them at first, but they will sleep better and be more relaxed while sleeping because of it. Some parents also say that because the baby is able to get an arm out of a conventional swaddler that they clearly dont want to be in it. This is simply not true, the baby gets an arm out because the parents are not using the Miracle Blanket. Trust me, the baby wants it, you will want it and everyone will sleep a bit better because of it 🙂

Juana Middleton, WI