Miyim Simply Organic Lovie Blankie, Giraffe, 0-3 Months

Miyim Simply Organic Lovie Blankie, Giraffe, 0-3 Months

Your child will love to cuddle up close to our soft organic lovey Blankie. They are made with certified organic cotton and they are available in 5 fun characters, (pink) bunny, (brown) monkey, (yellow) giraffe, (blue) elephant, and (green) frog. Our collection of naturally colored, organic cotton toys are 100 percent natural, with no chemical treatments. All natural toys reduce toxicity and allergen levels, which lessen instances of irritation. Our colors are made from plants and minerals via our unique PureWaterWash process.

Main features

  • 95% Cotton/ 5% Recycled Polyester
  • Imported
  • Made from all natural materials including organic cotton and plant and mineral dyes, this is a gift you can feel good about giving your little loved one
  • The healthier plush choice for your baby
  • The classic design will stimulate your child’s imagination and be a treasured friend
  • Housed in our signature gift box, made with recycled paper, great for gift giving
  • Once it arrives, untie the magic and personalize the gift with a signature gift tag on each collectable

Verified reviews


So soft & cute!

I ordered this for my 6 month old son at the suggestion of his doctor to help him sleep. I wanted something organic as he chews on everything, as do all good 6 month olds. I love it, it’s cute and soft, and a nice size for him to hold. It’s small enough I don’t have to worry about strangulation or suffocation. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that I wish the body was sewn the opposite way. No big deal.

Dina Orchard, TX

safest bed toy I could find

We bought this Giraffe when our daughter was 7m. Her first real word was Giraffe, she loves this toy so much. She learned to go to bed with the help of this toy. It is environmentally friendly, soft to the touch, has ears to play with, knots to chew on and it is flat to sleep on it. There are other Miyim toys, but this is the only one that resembles nature. When you hold the head, the blanket part folds like the sloping back of a giraffe, so it looks like one. We have 3 of the same toy now, so Giraffe can go for a ride in the washing machine…Good night to your family, too.

Germaine Berwyn, PA

Just an ok product

Very cute, I bought it thinking it was organic, but when I washed it (before initial use) the water turned green :(I just washed the cloth really well, a lot of times, before giving it to my baby.

Sharron Cedarvale, NM

Good and bad

First off, my baby LOVES this bunny. It is perfectly shaped to fit in her hands and she’s always clinging to and snuggling it, and this is at 4 months when she can’t really keep a grip on anything – just bunny! We love it. However – its a lot less cute without the bow around her neck (that is just packaging, must be removed). It looks kind of like a deflated skinned bunny, or a ghost bunny, or a flying squirrel. With a wrung neck. Soooo we try to focus on the bunny’s face 🙂 Also there listings for used ones on EBay and the bunny is almost completely white but listed as pink – I’m thinking this means the organic coloring disappears with washing. I expect it to fade but to basically white?? I sure hope not. Will wash carefully. That being said, I’m getting a second one for emergencies 🙂 Can’t fight baby love!

Rachael Sharps, VA

Don’t love it

It’s cute and organic and a nice color, but I don’t love it. I wish it were a lot softer so it would be more snuggly. The fabric on this isn’t that soft on the front or back side.

Lourdes Amazonia, MO

Great for Environmentally Conscious Parents!

This is a great size for newborns! When it recommends between 0-3 months it really makes sense, it’s very small but is great for tiny hands and kids who love to put everything in their mouths. Very soft fabric and I love that it’s organic!

Effie Faxon, OK

My daughter’s favorite “lovey”

This is a big hit in our house. My daughter insists on sleeping with it every night. I’m grateful that it is organic, because she also likes to chew/teethe on the knotted ends. It has been holding up well to repeated washings, too. I bought an extra one as a back-up, because I don’t see her giving it up any time soon!

Cheri Hobart, NY

Cuddly toy

My 4 month old enjoys this little blankie, and I do mean little! I thought it would be a tad bigger, but it is the perfect size for her to keep in her crib and for transport. As she is in the stick-everything-in-the-mouth phase, I feel great that this is made of all organic, soft materials.

Lora Freeland, WA

It is very soft but a bit too small

Compare to the other organic lovie I bought, this one is very soft but it is a bit too small for my baby. It kind of lost its purpose when my baby can’t really hug it since its bit too small. But it is well made with soft fabric. My baby (4 mo old) is used to lovie that is big enough to hug, so better starting giving this lovie to smaller babies.

Maureen Worcester, NY

Baby and Mommy’s favorite

This blankie is perfect for babies and young toddlers.It’s a great size and shape – soft head, three knotted corners make for something interesting for baby to fiddle with in his crib.It’s super soft and withstands washings well.No rattle, which is key considering I let my 15-month-old sleep with it, a rattle would just keep waking him.Organic and safe product, no buttons or anything that can pop off.He loves it and so do I!

Corinne Plainwell, MI

Cute and small

I personally love this lovie…it’s cute and it’s organic. Unfortunately, my son isn’t interested in it at all. But if you need a lovie for your baby, I’d definitely recommend.

Erna Bowmansville, NY