Miyim Simply Organic Lovie Blankie, Monkey, 0-3 Months

Miyim Simply Organic Lovie Blankie, Monkey, 0-3 Months

Your child will love to cuddle up close to our soft organic lovey Blankie. They are made with certified organic cotton and they are available in 5 fun characters, (pink) bunny, (brown) monkey, (yellow) giraffe, (blue) elephant, and (green) frog. Our collection of naturally colored, organic cotton toys are 100 percent natural, with no chemical treatments. All natural toys reduce toxicity and allergen levels, which lessen instances of irritation. Our colors are made from plants and minerals via our unique PureWaterWash process.

Main features

  • 95% Cotton/ 5% Recycled Polyester
  • Imported
  • Made from all natural materials including organic cotton and plant and mineral dyes, this is a gift you can feel good about giving your little loved one
  • The healthier plush choice for your baby
  • The classic design will stimulate your child’s imagination and be a treasured friend
  • Housed in our signature gift box, made with recycled paper, great for gift giving
  • Once it arrives, untie the magic and personalize the gift with a signature gift tag on each collectable

Verified reviews


really cute

just received this in the mail today and threw it in the wash. baby seems to like it, but we’ll see how much. full disclosure: this product is made In shanghai, china. also, it was definitely not in a gift box. it was attached to a cardboard. the monkey itself is quite small…but I wasn’t really expecting to use it as a blankie…but more as a teether. it’s about five inches by five inches. the face is really cute…cuter than the picture given. the product is very well- made. I don’t prefer the fabric itself…it feels like a velour or velvet, but as long as he likes it, I’m happy.

Willie East Berlin, CT

Baby LOVES his Lovie

I agree, I like that it’s made with all natural dyes; since our 4 month old loves to suck on the monkey’s ears. I love the blankie b/c when he is fussy, I can “trick” him into relaxing before bedtime (vs when I try to start with the pacifier he knows I’m getting ready to put down which usually leads to a crying fit). My niece and nephew have the miYim chicken rattles and both kids cling to them at night as well. So for all three babies, miYim blankie or rattle has been their choice in comfort bedtime toy…. much to our surprise.*** The only downside is you SHOULD expect all of the miYim products to fade*** There doesn’t seem to be a way around it… but I hand wash ours and my sister throws hers in the washer with the other laundry; so ours has faded less than hers.

Coleen Collbran, CO

Good but smaller than expected

It is a good product, just that it is a bit small. I like the knots at the end though, which my son likes to gnaw on to.

Frances Petersburg, MI

Great for Environmentally Conscious Parents!

For anyone concerned about what their child will be putting in his or her mouth this is the lovey you want. It’s the perfect size for tiny hands to grasp, cuddle or chew on. It’s wonderfully soft too so babies will enjoy the texture.

Mable Reedsville, OH

Very cute, some styles hard to find- color fades!

I love these and have bought 2 different styles (the bunny for one daughter and the monkey for the other). Some of the styles can be very difficult to find, but it is worth it. I wanted organic lovies for my girls because i knew they would be spending lots of time with them, in addition to putting the lovies into mouths. they adore the lovies and sleep with them, chew on them, and carry them everywhere.the only downside (not that it mattered much to me) is that because they are organic and dyed "naturally" the color will fade with the very first wash and will continue to fade until they have a very washed-out look. the bunny started out dark pink and the monkey a rich brown … now they are both beige and have been that way since the 4th or 5th wash. again, this doesn’t bother me that much, but you should know that if you are buying specifically for the color it probably won’t stay that way. my girls could care less what color they are 🙂

Kristine San Miguel, NM

Nice natural soft toy

Cute blankie, I love that it is made of natural materials. It is a bit on the small side, so it is definitely more of a soft toy and not a blanket.

Della Summit, MS

Super cute and soft, and baby loves it

Super cute and very soft. 100% cotton body and head exterior (the stuffing inside the head is now polyester). And my 6mo old baby loves it – falls asleep every night with it (gnawing it or rubbing it on his face – pediatrician said it is fine since it is cotton and so thin), and has trouble falling asleep without it. Can’t ask for much more. So pleased that I found this item to buy instead of the polyester/synthetic lovies!——UPDATE: About 6 weeks and multiple washes later, and it still looks brand new. Washes very well (I wash on cold with other baby clothes, and then let hang dry .. in a pinch I’ll machine dry until damp and then let air dry the remainder of the time). We got the Miyim frog lovie as well, but baby just doesn’t love it as much as the monkey (I guess he was already too attached). I guess we’d better stock up on some more monkeys and start rotating them in and out in case we ever lose one!!——UPDATE: My son is now 19mo. old and has now slept with this lovey daily every night for over a year. Actually we have six of them and rotate them in and out. He LOVES them and is super comforted by them. We recently transitioned him to daycare, and having these were critical to his transition. Overall they have washed well and have been easy to care for. We machine wash on cold & tumble dry on low, and they are still in great shape. They show some slight fading (colors not as bright as they used to be), but they just look a little more loved.I know some people have expressed disappointment that this company chose to switch the filling from cotton to polyester. They say they made that decision in order to make them machine washable, and after owning them for a year I think this is a worthwhile trade-off. We have one of the older cotton ones, and five of the newer polyester-stuffed ones. The padding in the older cotton one is very stiff & densely packed, and it takes a long time to dry. The newer ones dry easily in a single dryer load and are much softer/more compressible when baby sleeps on them. Although I was initially concerned about the shifty to poly, overall I am pleased with the shift as machine washability and softness are critical for an item like this. If you are dead-set on no synthetic materials (including filling), then this is not the right choice for you, but in my mind it is the best lovey on the market.

Jeanne Hammond, IL

so CUTE!

It is a very cute blankie. The fabric is very soft. I love the fact that it is made of organic material.

Lillian Egg Harbor Township, NJ