MOBI Digital Ultra Thermometer

MOBI Digital Ultra Thermometer

Fast, painless, versatile – our top pick in baby thermometers! In just two quick seconds, it takes a gentle, accurate reading, and it’s both a forehead and ear thermometer. Allows for unobtrusive nighttime readings, thanks to a probe light and backlit display. With a 20-read memory, optional voice readout, clock, and calendar. It even measures room temperature, so you can monitor the nursery for baby’s health and comfort. Batteries included. For ages 6 months and up. Stores last 20 readings, including date and time Fahrenheit and Celsius readings Measuring accuracy (forehead or ear) of +/- 0.4ºF Washable tip; no probe covers to buy Includes tabletop storage stand 2 1/4″L x 1 3/4″W x 5″H

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Measures body temperature from the ear or forehead and gives accurate reading in just two seconds
  • Features a unique human voice call-out feature when desired and mini flashlight for night time use without disturbing sleep
  • Comes with memory records that last 20 readings and large easy-to-read LCD display with backlight
  • Displays temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Quick clean surface with no covers required

Verified reviews


Good idea,BUT not so good or accurate!

i loved the idea, i still use it a little bit for a quick reading BUT i can do it 3 times in a row and get 3 differant reading on it! i really wish it worked, HONESTLY just get a regular thermometer and do it the old ways to get the best temp. and most of the time the hospital will give you one to take home with you anyways! i WAS really caught up in all the new baby items and havnt even used them.

Jillian Knob Noster, MO

Never works!

I would never spend money on this thermometer again. First of all, I totally agree with another reviewer, this thermometer is NOT originally $56. I bought mine at Walmart for like $24.99. So don’t buy it thinking you’re getting an incredible deal…. Mine has never worked… Every time we push the button to take a temp, it says lo for low battery. Yes, I have changed the batteries several times, to no avail. It’s also stuck in Celsius degrees, which is annoying. I let my daughter play with it now. What a waste of money.

Carol Bondsville, MA

Quick and easy to use

I bought this thermometer because I needed something reliable and quick. So far, this has been both. This reads ear and forehead temps. I have tested this on myself and my son. Over multiple readings, I have seen little variability in temps. It has been consistent for both forehead and ear readings. This was pretty simple to figure out and instructions were reasonably clear. So far, I am happy with this purchase.

Selma Hellier, KY

Don’t waste your money–never worked at all

I only review products when they are excellent or extremely poor. This thermometer fits into the latter category.From the moment I received it, the thermometer did not work properly. Numbers only partially displayed–I changed the batteries and reset the unit as the instructions directed, and still no success, so I was never able to even consider implementing the memory function. Also, if you take a person’s temp on the forehead, it comes out almost a full degree higher than when taken by ear. All in all, a complete waste of money and I wish I had never purchased it.

Lauri Fayette, AL

Doesn’t work

Bought one and tried and tried and cannot get any kind of consistent reading with it. I seem to read as 97 or 104 degrees with readings taken a minute apart. We read all the directions and followed instructions and nothing seemed to improve accuracy. It doesn’t seem to be better on the forehead or the ear. It just doesn’t work reliably at all. I would never trust this to take my infant’s temperature.

Beryl Bascom, FL

not accurate

As others have said, this thermometer reads anywhere from 95-101 within a few seconds when taken from the same area on the body. I cannot trust this thermometer with my newborn son and would not recommend it to anyone. Luckily, the return with amazon was hassle free.

Audrey Foster, OK

Minimal fuss, quick & accurate readings

This is a great product for use with infants and small children. It is very fast when taking a measurement, and the numbers are consistent with other thermometers I’ve tried. The British accent on the audible reading of the measurement is fun for little ones as well. This would make a great gift for new parents — something others won’t think of, and very useful.

Natalie Wyalusing, PA

Very unreliable and inconsistant readings

This thermometer is about as good as not having one at all. On one reading it will say 102.7 (which nearly stops your heart) and the next reading (within seconds of the last) will say 95.3 – and the readings continue on like that. Each consecutive reading will have several degrees difference, so you have no idea what the true temperature is.

Elnora Rosenberg, TX

Would not recommend this product

This thing does NOT work at all – I don’t know if I got one that just doesn’t work but not only are the readings wrong, but the voice is super annoying, and the thing is confusing to use….

Nadia Bledsoe, TX

Very easy to use

I like it because sometimes is hard to keep our newborn calm to take his temperature. Using the Mobi dual scan in the ear is very fast and easy to monitor his temperature.I don’t use the talking mode, the screen is very clear and easy to read.Really liked it.

Polly Fair Haven, VT

Not very assuring

The manual states that outer temp readings will be a degree LOWER than in the ear readings. This isn’t the case for my model 70119. It reads outer temps at about 2.0-2.5 degrees HIGHER than inner ear temps. Ir would be wise to invest in a variety of probes. I was told to go to the ER tonight by a friend, because I was telling him of the temple readings. Also, I noticed that I get higher temps when reading behind the earlobes. Why didn’t they design this device to have more resolution, calibrated to where the temp is the highest?

Erma Irving, IL


[Good]Cheap priceCool featuresGreat looking product[Bad]The readings are extremely inaccurate. It is 5-8 degrees off the actual temperature, and yes I’ve read the instructions.[Verdict]Spend a few more dollars to get a product that actually works. I wish I read the reviews before I bought this garbage.

Elisha Olpe, KS

More of a hassel.

I bought this on a whim and and now I know why I love reading reviews and value their input. I wish I would have read about this thermometer. It does not read the same temp. from using any of the different methods. It also does not read the same temp. when I use one method and test mine or the babies temp. a few times in a row.

Emilia East Fairfield, VT

The reviews were right.

I ordered hoping that the positive reviews would have been right. I used the product per the instructions, and both the forehead and ear readings were not accurate. Forehead readings were not higher than 97.8 and ear readings were not higher than 98.2 and they definitely were not consistent.

Ivy Marchand, PA