Mobi TykeLight Portable GloMate

Mobi TykeLight Portable GloMate

The Mobi TykeLight GloMate is a color changing, portable nightlight. It’s a cuddley play thing with a friendly, silky feel to snuggy up with on a dark night. But, it’s also a novel fun lamp to watch as it desolves from one brilliant color to another. It can be set to turn on automatically when lifted from the charging base or come on if the houehold power goes out. Rechargeable, no batteries needed. The charging base is back. Glows 10 hours per charge. 15 minutes dimmer mode gently fades while child falls asleep. Cycle through rainbow of colors or set to one color: blue, pink or green. kid-friendly grab-n-go design. Certified BPA and Lead free.

Main features

  • Perfect portable night light
  • Built in rechargable battery offers over 10 hours of usage
  • Smart timer turns light of automatically after 15 minutes
  • Cycle through a rainbow of colors or set to one color by pressing the black button on the bottom
  • Kid friendly grab-n-go design

Verified reviews


Loved it, while it worked

I’ve purchased four of these now, two I gave as gifts (oh God) and two I kept for us. The ones I kept both worked for about two months, then never worked again. The first one I let the baby hold in bed at night. It would charge during the day and I let it run out at night. That worked about a month, then it wouldn’t charge any longer. The second one I was afraid to let the baby sleep with. I unplugged it and let it run all night about two or three nights a week and the other nights I just left it in the base and turned it on. That on lasted about two months before it stopped charging. I’m too embarrassed to ask the people I gifted them to, if theirs still work. I’ve wasted so much money on these. They are really cute when they work, but they are too expensive to be so unreliable. I had two of the older style and the same problem with one of those. Out of all of these that I purchased, only one still works.

Mariana Braceville, IL

Whole Family Loves Mobi GloMate!

This is a really cool nightlight. We are a family that has every shape, size, color nightlight…hallway lights on, bathroom lights on…whatever necessary to keep away bedbugs, bathroom Willies, and any other nighttime creatures. I have four children and two of the four are night walkers, meaning they wake frequently (they are not always awake) and will need to go to the bathroom, say hello, give us a useless fact or tidbit, or they are just walking in their sleep. This light has allowed us to FINALLY turn off the hallway light (can you tell I like to sleep in the dark and haven’t done so in over 8 years!) We keep the GloMate in the hallway on a small table and because of the way the rooms are situated, the GloMate is easily accessible to whichever sleep walker needs it. My two year old can come right out his room and sees the GloMate and is instantly put at ease. My 8 year old who sleep walks can roam around and does not hurt herself or scare herself by not being able to see. My other two hardly ever wake up, but if they did, they would see the GloMate too. Everyone loves the color changing feature. My two year old actually loves the GloMate so much, we had to put it on a higher table so he would stop taking it. So far we have not had any issue with charging. If we do, I’ll be the first to let you know. I look forward to taking GloMate on vacation with us. Not sure what nighttime creatures or bathroom Willies will be at the beach this year.

Belinda Juneau, WI

My Children Love It!

My Children (ages 4.5 and 2.5) love the Mobi Tykelight. It glows a beautiful array of colors and they can entertain themselves with it for quite a while. My kids like to make forts and then take the light inside and watch it turn colors. My daughter also likes to sleep with it from time to time. The light does not get hot. It is easy to charge. A great item to add to your child’s room!

Lynda Warrensburg, IL

Perfect Nightlight for Toddlers

My 22 month old son loves this nightlight. He plays with it and it seems indestructible! He loves to filter through the colors and he knows that when we get the nightlight turned on that bedtime is near. We keep it on during the night and it provides a night dim glow for the room. It is a bit tricky to push the button so it doesn’t turn off after a couple of hours. It is easy to charge and has a small footprint base so it doesn’t take up a lot of room on the dresser. I like all the different colors along with the morphing view that changes from color to color. It is a perfect nightlight for a toddler!

Opal Niles, OH

Ordered two, both defective

I really wanted to love this and if it had worked, I would have!I ordered two of these and BOTH didn’t work correctly – I would leave it on the charging base for 24 hours and then the minute I picked it up, it didn’t work and then acted like it wasn’t charged.I wished it worked, as this would have been perfect for changing baby.

Jaime Madera, PA

Great Nightlight!

Love this nightlight! My son isn’t old enough to appreciate it yet but I certainly do!

Melody Middleburg, OH

Fun for a 2-year old

This review is based on my initial impression of the product. I understand that some people had problems with the light not holding charge after several months of use, but after a few weeks I have not experienced that yet.The light was easy to unpack and to charge. My two year old son likes the toy and enjoys pushing the button on the bottom and see it change color. When he asks me what it is, I am having a bit of the trouble explaining it to him other than saying that it is a toy with a light.He plays with it before falling asleep. He brings it to different objects in a dark room and he likes how this toy lights them in different color. He turns it off himself before falling asleep. I like seeing my child enjoying this toy, so I rated it “good”.UPDATE (4/21/2010): For no apparent reason something strange was happening with the toy’s switch two days ago and then yeserday it went back to normal. The switch was not functioning as expected. As we pressed it the toy was changing colors not as expected: colors were skipped or the toy would turn off instead of changing color;, the toy would stay on after the switch press that was expected to turn it off. I finally turned it off and the next day it was functioning normally. Makes me wonder about the quality of construction.If you don’t find my review helpful, please comment why you think so. It will help me to improve my reviews. Thank you.

Alyson Brentford, SD


We’ve gone through three of these lights and finally gave up. The first one worked for a few days, then flickered a little for a few hours and died completely. I called to exchange it and had a very difficult time trying to get it exchanged. When the replacement arrived three weeks later (and I had to pay return shipping for the original) the new light lasted almost 3 weeks. I was doing everything right. Not leaving it on the charging base constantly, allowing the battery to die completely once a week to prevent cell memory, allowing it to charge fully again before use. Then one of the colors stopped working. Okay, we can live without green, no big deal. Two days later blue stopped working. Within a week it would not come on at all anymore. I again paid return shipping and had it exchanged. The new light arrived and seemed to work fine. Until day 39. It would only work on one color that night and the following night would not come on at all. I was not able to exchage or return it since it held on until just after the 30 day mark. I will NEVER buy another Mobi product. I ended up out $30 bucks for the light, $25 bucks for all the return shipping, countless hours on the phone with the nonexistent customer service dept., and my child was left brokenhearted since he absolutely loved the light when it did work. Great idea, extremely poor execution.

Lidia Tecumseh, KS

Love Mobi!

I got this for my 3 year old for Christmas. She really loves “Mobi” and carries him around the house. During the day, she will go hide in closets or dark bedrooms to watch his light show. I have even caught her using him as the conductor of her train set, she tells me that he is her best pal! The base is a convienent and safe way for her to charge him. AUG 2009 UPDATE: Mobi is still faithfully used everynight, but today I noticed that the red setting has stopped working, as well as the rainbow transition. My daughter is very gentle with him, and I can’t believe this toy is broken.

Sherry Parksley, VA

Great but…

We received this nightlight as a gift and we were really surprised with how convenient it was. The battery lasted well over 12 hours when glowing blue. I love how portable it was too. We could let our son play with the light in his crib.Sadly, after about 9 months of daily use, it just stopped working. The light on the base shows that the battery is charged but it just won’t turn on anymore. Part of me wonders if baby drool might have messed with the charging contacts, but I just don’t know.We have ordered the KinderGlo Moon light as a replacement.

Michelle Anacoco, LA


We bought a couple of these for our children and thought they would enjoy them.They enjoyed them alright,but these don’t last very long.We bought replacement sets incase we just got a bad batch,nope they were junk too.Thse were not abused,just simply curled up with in a crib.We finally went to another brand and were glad that we did.

Katie Haverhill, NH

Great light *if* you get one with a good charger

This is a nifty light. It has a 15-minute auto-off (blue only), alwasy blue, always green, always red, and always changing (where you get the colors mentioned plus yellow, orange, purple, and a bunch of interesting shades in between. The lamp has stayed on over 10 hours on a single charge.There’s also a “hidden” feature that if you leave the thing in the charger and the power goes out it comes on. (Unfortunately, it comes on ine th 15-minute auto-off (blue-only) mode so it’s not much of an emergency light.The light itself is farily durable. There is a single button on the bottom. You keep pressing it to cycle through the modes. There’s also a red led whose sole purpose is to flash when the light is in auto-off mode. When you lift the light from the charger it automatically turns on in 15-minute auto off (blue only) mode. If you’re happy with that then you’ll never have to touch the button.The problem is the charger. It appears to be a great design. A weighted disk and you drop the light into the center. An led glows red whjile the lightis charging and turns blue when it’s done. However, the two contacts on the charger don’t always “mate” with the metalic sections under the lamp. I have two of these. One never worked, despite considerable fiddleing. The other has yet to fail. When it does everything becomes useless and I may re-think the rating I gave. Until then my daughter has an interesting light to keep her company as she’s falling asleep.

Sadie Northborough, MA

outstanding idea

I had no idea what this was all about. What a great idea. It stays cool to the touch. It’s rechargeable and portable. My almost 13 month old son loves it. He holds it before bed. I am going to try to use it in the car during night trips. It also makes a great gift idea.

Doreen Toledo, IA

Looks like it may have potential but

It stopped working within one weekWanted to use as fun night light for toddler but it just stopped workingIt is a softer hard rubber, looks cute and lovely colour changes etc.Too bad it was not durableIf they fix that problem, this could be nicePerhaps I just got a”lemon”One can take a chance as Amazon has a brilliant return/refundBut it HAS to be Amazon for the excellent return policyIn over 6 years we’ve NEVER had a problem and we order ALL the timeI hope I helped For me , it was awful but mine may have been that 1 in 1000 thatwas a flop

Lois East Boothbay, ME

Stopped working in 3 weeks

I read the negative reviews before buying one from Amazon. And of course, mine stopped working in 3 weeks like many other reviewers. I also tried the kind that you plug into the wall from the same manufacture. It didn’t even work properly to begin with. I had to return it on the same day that it got delivered. I am surprised how this company could stay in business. Total waste of my time on both products.

Kathryn Seal Harbor, ME

Great & Safe Night Light

This is a great and safe night light toy for your little one. We have been using it with our little girl for most of a year and she went from infant to toddler having this in her crib most nights with no problem. The charge is pretty much a little over one night, but if you drop it in the charger each morning – or make it part of the toddler’s ‘duties’ – it works great. As noted by others it would be nice if you could have the pink color without being in the color cycle mode but it is definitely not the end of the world.

Essie Houston, MO

My daughter likes it

got this for my three-year-old daughter. She was very intrigued by the lights and the changing lights. We have it next to her bed. She wont’ sleep with it, but she likes it next to her bed.

Lakisha Winthrop, NY

Instant hit

My kids love this light. I’m not sure how good of a nightlight it will be, but it’s already been a great toy.Since the lights are LED it’s cool to the touch and as noted in the description it can be set into different color modes. You can set the “blue” mode to turn off after 15 minutes. My kids pretty much want it on “rainbow” where it switches colors. The charging base is great, but this is where the nightlight part breaks down for me: I’ve got two little boys and there is no way they aren’t going to take that light off that stand and run off with it. Okay, if I really wanted to use it as a nightlight I could put it up high, but I’m having enough fun watching them use it as a toy. They have put it through the “can a toddler break it” test and it has come through with shining colors. Um, no pun intended there.All in all a great little toy, or nightlight depending on what you want to use it for.

Katelyn De Berry, TX

Excellent Night Lite…

The Mobi TykeLight Portable GloMate is a great idea – a cool, portable light which only requires recharging daily. Further, its utility during power outages as a light source may prove valuable, particularly to individuals living in areas prone to that problem. We have used ours when ascending the stairs at night so we can avoid turning on the hall and stairway lights. This keeps our little one from waking because of the light which manages to seep into his room under the door, but gives off enough light so that no one stumbles on the stairs. The Mobi TykeLight is a five star concept and had everything met other criteria, would have upped my rating on this item.I have had none of the problems experienced by some other reviewers. When the Mobi TykeLight was initially plugged in, it worked immediately while on the base. It does take at least ten hours to charge; and, it seems that initially the length of time the light glows is shorter than later, after several chargings. After ten hours of charging the first time, as directed, when taken off the base the light only worked for about five hours. The time it remains on has increased steadily but I am not sure whether it is because of repeated chargings or whether it has to do with the color of light selected. When using the red mode and after five days of charging during the day, the light finally remained on for ten hours.When operated in the steady, blue light mode this light does an outstanding job illuminating a small bathroom. Because blue light (and green) will cause one to wake-up, if using this for a nightlight or to illuminate a hallway or bathroom, I would recommend using the red setting. Even then, the light does an excellent job lighting a small bathroom and the adjoining hallway. Making the red light a the default option would be a big plus.The Mobi TykeLight Portable GloMate is suprisingly sturdy. Our toddler grandson has dubbed it “The Little Man;” he delights in hiding the GloMate. Sometimes his toddler hands have dropped the “Little Man,” who nonetheless continues to work reliably evey night.The Mobi TykeLight has proven to be a reliable product which does what it is designed to do.

Lillie Butler, TN

Nightlight, Emergency Light, and more

This little Mobi is great! My two year old loves it and I can safely let him hold it without worrying about him getting burnt because it is too hot. It works as a great night light, especially in the bathroom. I love that it goes on when there is a power outage and give you another flashlight. However, it won’t truly light a room, but it is better than nothing. I left the thing off teh base AND ON overnight. It was still glowing well after 15 hours off the charger.My one complaint is that the directions say it takes 8 hours to get a full charge. Mine didn’t reach full charge status until well after 24 hours.

Denice Cranberry Twp, PA

Best mobi yet! Very nice!

I purchased a Mobi off the internet…a deal of the day site, for my toddler. Love the portability, the recharging, and the timed feature. So I bought another one for my coming daughter. This one is so pretty and rolls through the colors. Love the base..that way unlike the old one, your not pulling the plug in and out all the time. These are great for taking to grandma’s or hotel rooms. Also just nice in the bedroom. My son loves his.

Mitzi Kincaid, WV

Why redesign something that was great? Prefer the original!

I purchased one of the originals of this product for my daughter when she was around 2 1/2, she’s about to turn 6 and still uses “glowy guy” every night even though now he only holds a charge for an hour or two at most. Her original was solid pink, no fancy dimming features, no color changing… but also in my opinion vastly superior to the new design.The biggest difference, other then the color changing & dimming feature is that with the original there were NO exposed parts… no metal anything exposed on the actual glomate and nothing on the charging base… with a product designed for small children I can’t for the life of me figure out why they would change the design of the glomate and charger so that components/metal are exposed. I’ve included photos showing the differences so you can see for yourself. I also love the original charger so much more, you simply put the glomate on the charger and he charges… easy peasy. The new one has to be positioned just right, bumping it can switch the light from red to green or off all together and another bump can cause him to light up when you don’t even want it on which drives my daughter crazy.After only one night of having the new glomate she asked to have her “glowy guy” back, saying that she not only preferred his solid pink color (no pink option with the new one, only blue, green, red, or color changing) even if he only stayed on for an hour or two. I wish they still produced the original, I’d buy several! I have a feeling this new mate will be hanging out in his box on a closet shelf for some time to come.

Ellen Mooresville, MO

Solved our problem!

We got this light to help our daughter to sleep in her own bed. So far it has worked great. She has gone to bed in her bed every night since and it has helped her to stay in her bed at night. She is sleeping much better and so are we.

Saundra Empire, NV

Very disappointing light…

it has/had great promise. We purchased one for our younger son (2) and he loved it. So we got another for our 5 yr old son. The first one stopped working after 2 months for no reason. It just would not charge and like other reviewers said something inside was rattling like it had come loose. Luckily Amazon refunded us – I did not even bother contacting the manufacturer. Our second light broke today. It did fall but if it can’t handle a fall what type of portable light is that? I won’t ask for a refund since my son did drop it but I feel these are poorly designed and need to be improved. My younger son was devastated when it broke and my older son was crying tonight because he liked carrying it to the bathroom at night. We got the Kinderglo moon that is similar and portable and so far it is excellent. We just ordered another for our older son since they both need night lights still. I do NOT recommend this light.

Marguerite Guy, AR

So far, so cute

I love this little nightlight. My daughter has no fear of the dark yet, so we’re using it for night-time bathroom trips. The little glow from the charger is enough to find it in the room, and lifting it off the charger makes a nice, pretty bright glow. There are lots of options for colors, including one that cycles through all the colors. We’ve just received this, so I can’t yet comment on its longevity, but I’ll update my review if it dies an untimely death. I’m hoping Mobi has fixed the problems that have plagued other reviewers.It’s hard plastic, not very malleable at all, so I wouldn’t exactly call it “cuddly,” but it certainly does have personality.

Stephanie Waconia, MN

Excellent night light

My daughter is 6 and still needs a night light. This one works great. She loves it and we do too. It really helps her to stay in her bed at night. We love that it is protable and be placed in her bed with her. It is a little bit of a pain that we have to remember to charge it every morning, but it is worth the sleep it provides her and us. Great product. Good quality.Added 3 years later. My daughter still uses this night light and loves it. on nights she is having a hard time sleeping she takes it off the base and puts it in bed with her. One thing to know when you take it off the base and look at the bottom of it a light will be blinking. that means it will only stay on for a period of time and then go off. If you push the button on the bottom once it will stay on all night. You can also change colors. My daughter likes blue.

Neva Lincoln, TX

Great unti it broke!

Like many others here, I have a son who loved his “light guy”, but after a couple of months it stopped charging. Once in a while if I mess with it, I can get the charge light on green, but mostly it stays on red or doesn’t light up at all. If there was no charger problem, it would have been 5 stars, but it’s not good to me if it doesn’t work!

Lorene Martinsville, MO

10 stars!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this nightlight! So, let me start by saying that I am really picky about night lights and have gone through 4 or 5 of them in the last year. Typically when you think of night lights, you picture a small light that plugs directly into the wall, has a tiny light bulb with a cheap plastic on/off switch on the base, right? So my problem with these kinds of lights is that they just don’t look or feel fire safe to me. The cheap plastic looks like it could melt and I get nervous with open access lightbulbs and switches around little hands. My son’s bedroom does not have any plugs that are high off the ground, so any night light I’ve found has been easily within his reach.So this is where the Mobi TykeLight has been a God-send. The base plugs into a standard wall outlet and has a cord that allows you to store the base unit high on a shelf. We plugged ours in behind a dresser so you can’t even see or get to the cord. The GloMate “guy” sits in the base to charge.Then at night you can lift the figure off its base and it glows bright enough to illuminate a dark room but not so bright that it’s distracting. there is a small button on the bottom of the figure that you can press to change the color from blue, to green, to puple, etc… or you can have it automatically cycle through the colors in a rainbow effect. My son will take this figure right into bed with him (again, no cords, batteries, or chokeable items to worry about). There is a dimmer option so the light will fade in 15 minutes. Or you can set it to maintain a constant glow and then mom or dad can turn it off later.This night light is well made and works extremely well. If the power goes out while the unit is on the charging base, the figure will automatically start glowing.Absolutely recommend this nightlight. It was a big hit with my almost 6 year old and with mom and dad too.

Sheri Stratford, VA

More Toy then Anything Else

This little glow dude is pretty fun and is certainly enjoyed by our little boys. However, I am skeptical about how long it will last. Both in terms of interest and durability. We have had it for a couple weeks and have only used it a few times and those times were pretty brief. I have already noticed the light has started to flicker a bit especially when the color changes or when you are moving around with it. In addition, when we first got it and put it on its charging base the charging indicator light changed from red to green by morning indicating it was fully charged. I now notice that even if we haven’t turned the thing on or removed it from the base the charge indicator light is remains red indicating it is charging even though it hasn’t been used in days. As far as using it as a night light I personally think it is too bright except for the red color. Trying to sleep with a red light kind of seems like trying to sleep in a night club. The color change mode is too distracting for the kids to fall asleep with as they are anticipating a color change. My kids like to bring it with them under their sheets when they make a “tent” I’d say this is more of a toy then a nightlight.

Katina Provencal, LA

Excellent product!

We thought that we had baby proofed beyond belief, however, our toddler could not even have a regular $2.00 plug in nightlight in the bedroom because one day he felt the need to remove it from the outlet and unscrew the bulb and put it in his mouth!!! Yikes!!! Glad I caught that on the baby monitor!Thankfully, Tykelight introduced this efficient, yet oddly appealing and comforting nightlight and all is well with the world 😉 I had first purchased the battery operated tykelight but the rechargeable is the way to go since I was only getting the approx. 24 hrs. of use on low instead of the stated 100 hour use out of the batteries, whether energizer or duracell.Mobi is also an excellent company that stands behind their customers and their products. They were very accommodating when I let them know about the performance of the battery operated light. I’m buying another for our six year old and as gifts for friends!Oh, we had a problem where he was pushing the button and unknowingly changing the setting to shut off in fifteen minutes which caused him to wake and cry when he discovered the room dark at midnight, so I placed it on top of a shelf in the room and it’s works wonders.

Susan Lagrange, ME