MOBI WallMate Color-Changing LED Night Light with Auto On/Off Light Sensor, 5 Light Modes, Cool-to-the-touch, MONKEY

MOBI WallMate Color-Changing LED Night Light with Auto On/Off Light Sensor, 5 Light Modes, Cool-to-the-touch, MONKEY

Mobi’s Tyke Light Wall Mate color changing nightlight stands out from the crowd. The new series of safari inspired, animal shaped Wall Mates will spark your child’s imagination and sense of adventure. Consistent recipient of 5 star reviews, the Wall Mate’s LED lights give off no heat, and it exceeds federal standards for lead and BPA levels so it’s completely safe. The Wall mate has a photocell sensor, which automatically turns on as it gets dark and off at daylight. You can choose soft blue, green, red, or rainbow. The Wall Mate has an easy to clean surface and is made of safe, durable, impact resistant plastic. Mobi Wall Mate was honored with the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval award.

Main features

  • LED light gives off no heat, Comes on when it’s dark, turns off when there is light, Blue, green, red or rainbow colors, Operates in any standard AC outlet, ETL safety certified

Verified reviews


Great night light… but died after 3 nights of use

My son was waking up and scared in the middle of the night from the pitch black, so we decided to pick this nightlight up for him. It was adorable, and the colors were beautiful, just what we wanted but it died after 3 nights of use… I’m assuming it was a bad egg, but disappointed and returned it. Didn’t see where we could change batteries or anything.

Florine Syracuse, OH

Cute nightlight

My 3 year old son loves this night light. It is not as bright as a typical night light and that is why I like it. It changes from Green, Blue, Red and then the multi version of all of the colors. It is a little top-heavy and sometimes will droop forward a little. Other than that I really like it. I prefer the red setting because it is the dimmest. My son however likes the green setting. I would buy it again.

Carmella Little Cedar, IA

Expensive light

Likes:- cool to touch- ability to have different colors/choose your colorsDislike:- most of colors are too bright to be used as a night light

Sally Plainville, KS

Fantastic Night Light – Less Than Stellar Amazon Seller

I cannot rave enough about this night light, I have an almost 2-year-old who has blackout curtains in his room. This night light is not extremely bright, we had a blue colored LED sensor night light in there, and it was too bright to be right next to his bed. It is important to have his room pretty dark for sleeping, but I dont want him to wake up and fall trying to step out of his toddler bed either. This light is cool to the touch, and supposedly will not require any light bulb replacement. A lot of reviewers have said that they wish it had an OFF switch, other than just unplugging it. Well it DOES have an off switch! If you read the instructions…. the light has an auto-sensor on the front, so it will come on in “darkness” when you plug it in it first turns green, you can push the small button on the front and it will switch to blue, push again for red, push again and it will blink and still be red… give it a second… this is the color gradient mode. To turn it OFF, push that button one more time! I doubt that this thing draws much energy, but I do like to turn it off in the morning. It is next to his bed, kind of hidden from the window, so if I dont switch it off or open up his blackout curtains to let the sunlight in, it would stay on all day. Which, again, wouldnt be a big energy draw anyway.In the gradient color mode, it will cycle through red, pink, purple, blue, aqua, green, and back to red. Our particular light stays on red a little longer than the other colors, maybe a full second more, probably because its where the cycle begins. While the light is in this gradient color mode, you can press the button for 2 seconds, and it will pause the color combination that it is currently on. So say you/your child really likes the blue/green color, you can hold the button when it gets to that combo in the cycle, and it will stay lit on that nice blue/green color all night long! To turn it OFF, push the button one more time.This light is very easy to use, sometimes my son will get up and push the buttons and switch the colors. The whole light seems to be sturdy and well made of quality materials. I am not worried about this breaking if he fiddles with it. My son seems to be happy with the gradient color mode right now. I will hear him as he is falling asleep mumbling the color names as it cycles through… which I find pretty cute :)I would like to add that I ordered the elephant through and received a monkey. This was irritating because I had to return it and Amazon was actually out of the elephant after that, so I reordered it elsewhere. I would have just kept the monkey… but personally I found the elephant to be cuter.The size of this surprised me a bit when I received it, I was expecting it to be chunkier. The light looked bigger online, the size that it actually is, is perfect for a wall night light, it just seemed larger in the photo. I am glad that it is slightly smaller than I was expecting.I chose the wall night light over the re-chargable handheld Tykelight because I read in the reviews that the handheld one’s rechargeable battery eventually just wears out. I have had enough cell phones/iPods/baby monitors and other electronics with that issue over the years that I just did not want to deal with it. Plus the WallMate is a considerable amount cheaper!Definitely a great purchase, I highly recommend this for your little dreamer!

Jodie Brigantine, NJ

perfect brightness

Provides just enough light to change diapers for little ones and to see that there are no monsters for older kids

Elda Damascus, OH

No blue

It works as advertised, MINUS the part I was looking forward to the most, THE BLUE LIGHT! There is no blue light. It cycled through red, green and multicolor, but no blue. I can’t even make it freeze at blue in the multicolor setting because there is no blue in that either. So sad, I was hoping to get more but I don’t want to take the risk.(The blue is supposed to be the most soothing color for a baby and child.)

Brooke High Ridge, MO

Cute Night Light

Bought this to go with out monkey themed nursery. It does as stated.I like that you can change the color. It stays cool to the touch.I plan to hook this up to a timer in the future once our son becomes a toddler as an alarm clock. placing it on a timer outlet to turn off at a certain time to teach him not to come out of the room until the light turns off. Heard its better then teaching them how to tell time.

Amanda Port Aransas, TX


Couldn’t be happier with this nightlight. Of course I love that its BPA free. I love that I can change the colors. I’ve noticed some colors are brighter than others. Best nightlight so far!

Jeanne Leroy, IN

Perfect night light…almost

This is a great night light with the color options. It has a light sensor and turns on one it’s dark. The blue and the freedom setting are just a little brighter than I would like, but I still use it.

Gertrude Portland, OR

cute and functional in my baby’s room

it looks cute during the day, and the sensor is sensitive so it will turn on even with a small table lamp on, but it’s what we were looking for. it won’t be too hot after all night so I guess it’s safer to use in my baby’s room as she just starts to walk. there are several colors to choose from, but they don’t have the warm yellow that i prefer, which is the only thing if I have to be picky.

Ola Pine Level, AL


I actually bought this as a gift for my nephew. It’s been reported that he LOVES this. He isn’t a security blanket kind of kid but this is a must have for him so I’m happy with the product.

Gayla Clarks Hill, SC

Cutest nightlight!

I absolutely love this nightlight, my son’s room is Skip Hop’s Alphabet Zoo themed and we have the Crane elephant humidifier so this nightlight fits in great. I really like the fact that the different colors are also a different brightness -green = brightest, blue = a little less bright, red = almost dark but can still see. There is also a fourth setting for a "light show" where it goes through the three colors, though I feel like this is a little unnecessary some parents may like this. It is LED so it never gets hot to touch which is great since my 6 month old is fascinated by it and loves to touch it. I would highly recommend this or any other mobi nightlight. Nice feature is the auto shutoff when it senses enough light in the room, great for energy saving. I will update when it dies out to give a rough idea on how long it’s LED bulb can last with everyday use.

Socorro Colfax, NC

cute and smart

Very cute and gives a great light. I like that you can choose between the colors and that it has a sensor.

Erma Corder, MO

ONLY for outlets that are Vertical!! Amazon please add in description!

Purchased for 2 yo. Cute design – got the elephant. Colors of lights are great. It is a bright night light tho! This light is too bright to have near the bed. I usually cover it 1/2 way with a pillow or blanket.2 yo can change the colors. Is not hot to touch.***down fall – my outlets are horizontal which made the elephant sit sideways. Okay no big deal….until something became loose and the light wouldn’t work sideways just after 24 hours. Wish the plug was universal to switch to either outlets. We now use it at a relatives house when we sleepover – it’s compatible with their outlets. The lights works when in an upright position. Would NOT recommend for horizontal outlets – that’s why 3 stars.

James Rose City, MI

Doesn’t change colors

We have two other Mobi tykelights, the other two are boy shaped they work fine and the color rotates properly when in that mode. This monkey does not turn red and will not cycle through all the colors. If I change it to blue the only way to reset it back to green is to unplug it. It isn’t a huge deal as the kids prefer either the green or blue setting but they do like the rotating color setting as well. tI was disappointing that the monkey didn’t work right but wasn’t worth the hassle to return and I needed it that night. Size wise it is a tiny bit smaller than the boy plug in tykelight but threw off the right amount of light for our room and the monkey is very cute.

Eve Dubre, KY

Fun night light.

Great for the nursery and areas in the house that need a little light. My daughter likes that it changes colors! They are really cute and great to have.

Gloria Hermon, NY


cute, enclosed led bulb does not get hot and cant be broken, eye works perfectly to come on and off by itself. girls love their rainbow monkey.

Mavis Arlington, VT

Great night light!

This is a very cute night light! I wanted something cute and unique for my infant son’s room. This fits the bill! Now that he is mobile, he loves to crawl over and change the color of the light (the little button on the front). I like to leave it where it changes colors, and he loves to watch.The only thing I might point out is that when it is lit red, it doesn’t offer a lot of visibility. The blue and green is much better for visibility.

Alison Glen Head, NY

its a night light

The picture is a bit deceiving, it doesn’t look like that, its RED, GREEN, OR BLUE. that aside it works well puts off a lot of light, setting it up make sure you do it at night in a dark area. Otherwise the sensor won’t work as well.

Ida Fort Mohave, AZ

Love love love, this cute light!

Very cute and safe! We love it! I bought for my son, but want to use it for my bathroom too : ) You may vary colors of an animal, which is very cool. The only one thing, some colors are very bright at night. I would recommend it !

Simone Depauw, IN

The most used item in the room next to the changing table…

This is a perfect addition to a baby’s room. It can change a rainbow of different colors, is bright enough to illuminate the room for late night diaper changes and feedings, and looks neat in the plug. Because it is LED, it doesn’t get hot which was a safety concern for us. Also, the multi-color rotate setting is a nice feature that gives it an interesting dynamic compared to other night lights.

Lucy Green Valley, WI

Cute nightlight

The changing colors are a bit too much for my 1 year old, but being able to stop the elephant on a certain color is great. Being able to turn it off is also a plus. The only thing I don’t like is how the Tykelight logo is stamped right across the elephant’s belly.

Lawanda Yorklyn, DE