MobiCam Audio Video Baby Monitoring System

MobiCam Audio Video Baby Monitoring System

MobiCam AV monitoring system. Voice activated audio and video transmission. Audio only mode. Automatic camera scanning. AC or battery operation- Compact, portable and multifunctional. 900 mHz. Transmission range of up to 300 ft. Automatic see-in-the-dark night vision. Ability to connect to TV or other audio-video device. Color picture on 2″ TFT LCD screen.

Main features

  • Compact camera and receiver
  • Auto camera scan
  • Optional Internet kit allows user to view system from anywhere in the world
  • Large 2″ color display expandable to two cameras
  • Audio Video output plugs into TV, VCR, DVD’s

Verified reviews


HATE this monitor now (used to be love/hate)

11/27/09 Update: I have posted my original monitor review below. Before, my only complaint was that it was “staticky” and I had to move the receiver around to positions where it wouldn’t interfere with other devices. After about six months of use however, it made a loud permanent buzzing sound whenever I turned the volume on regardless of where it was placed. It was so annoying it was unusable. The only way it was tolerable if I turned on the video portion only but kept the sound off which didn’t work for me since I’m not always looking at the monitor, especially at night when I’m sleeping!I called Mobicam to see if I could get a replacement but the length of their policy is something pathetic like a month.I ended up buyingSummer Infant Deluxe Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor with 2.5″ Screen – Blue(Infant Deluxe Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor with 2.5″ Screen) as a replacement which I’m MUCH happier with even though it as it’s own drawbacks. I will also write a review for that.5/9/09: Love/hate relationship with this monitor (Original Review)We had our heart set on a video monitor (not just an audio one) and it was between this and Summer. We decided on this one because of the Internet option so we could see our little guy from work.When the monitor works, it works FANTASTICALLY. We can see our baby both during the day and at night due to the infrared. I like being able to see his eyes — if they are closed, I leave him be even if he’s whimpering/crying because it means he’ll be able to go back to sleep on his own. If they are open, I go to to see what’s bothering him.That was the love part. The hate part is that there is static galore. The monitor flickers and buzzes even if you place anything near it — it doesn’t even have to be anything electrical in nature, the screen fizzes out even if you put your hand by the monitor. If you have a wireless phone, it will crackle louder than the TV in Poltergeist. It is super annoying and I spent a lot of time finding the perfect spot to place the monitor where it wouldn’t be affected by anything and where I could still see it.We have our unit on continuous video monitoring so we always plug it into an A/C outlet, otherwise, we would go through way too many batteries.I wish we could purchase another video monitor so we can leave one in our room and put one downstairs.As of now, we haven’t really used the Internet option. If that feature isn’t important to you, I would try the Summer unit instead since that’s the one our friends recommend and it seems to have pretty good reviews on Amazon.

Mari Marion, NY

It works

I like this monitor a lot but I wish the battery life was longer (it lasts for about 4 hours) and it gets staticky when I move around it, which gets annoying. But it works, the picture is good and the volume is great.

Natasha Pray, MT

Good deal for the price considering the other options…

Received this item as a gift at the baby shower. We got about 7 months use out of this monitor but starting just a couple weeks ago, it has about 2 nights a week where there is no sound or the only sound is loud static. I WAS in love with this product be I had to go get a sound-only monitor for night use when this one isn’t working. I am still going to keep this one, though, for the days when it does work and so I can still use the camera part of it which still works well. I wouldn’t recommend getting this product for long term use….

Ana Hickman, NE

Cuts out and bad static screen

I returned this right when i got it. First off it sucks!!! It cuts out constently even when your in one spot or even same room. Its very bulky and to small of a screen. Never would recommand!!!

Rosalinda Maryknoll, NY

Absolute crap

Let me start out by saying I do not write reviews for things, because I really don’t have the time.I registered for this monitor for my baby shower and was really excited when I received it. We started using it this week because our 5 month old has just started sleeping in his own room, and we wanted to be able to check on him. We turned it on and all was well until after about 15 minutes the monitor made a loud static noise and the screen went blank. Confused, I went in his room and noticed the camera had shut itself off. I figured it was just a fluke, so I turned it back on and got back in bed. 30 minutes later the same thing happened. These are not the only problems with this monitor, however:1) Above mentioned issue.2) The static was absolutely unbelievable. Even with no objects around to cause interference, the noise was still there.3) The set only comes with one plug, so you can’t choose to plug both the camera and the monitor in at the same time. It’s either one or the other.4) They are so light that anything that barely hits them will knock them over. So forget putting them in a crib, pack, and play, or anything.5) The camera doesn’t come with anything to attach it to the crib wall. The monitor part does, but why would I need a clip on the monitor? Seems to me the clip should have been on the camera so it could be attached to the side of the pack and play, etc.Needless to say, I would not recommend this product. We are in the process of finding another set.

Morgan Greene, ME

Love this

I bought 2, and you can use the receivers with both cameras A and B. I also got the internet kit. Easy to use.Picture is good. Color during the day and black and white when using night vision. Nice output for TVs. Get a bunch of rechargable batteries though (it does not charge them). 6 AAs die in about 3 hours, then you need to take them out to recharge them. I hear the next version will have a charger built in. They also have plugs so you dont need batteries if you dont move around a lot.

Lou Rock Island, WA

so far so good.

Updated: 2 months after purchase. My biggest complaint though is the volume level. You can turn off the monitor but you can’t turn off the sound. I wish i could just watch the monitor esp when my son is crying since i can hear him despite the volume..we have a small house. The other monitors on the market are definitely more expensive and I don’t know for how long I will need this monitor since my son is getting old enough for me not to need it very often. soo…this will serve its purpose.___________________________________________________________I bought this monitor based on my friends recommendation and I did not read any amazon reviews first…i probably would have been scared off. So far i’ve been using this monitor for a few days and it has worked as designed and advertised.Two things I would have preferred:1)the volume control i wish could go lower. If you have a sound machine on in the baby’s room there is no way to make the monitor’s volume really low.2) it came with a rechargeable battery pack. The camera takes AA and the monitor takes 6. So we always use the A/C plug because I hate going through batteries.Pros:1)I like you can see your baby’s eyes and whether or not they are closed.2)unlike some of the reviews i have not experience crazy static. my cell phone does not interfere.3) has an Auto on mode so you can set it and the monitor will not come on unless there is noise from the baby. (although you can’t use this function if you have a noise machine in their room.)4) you can turn off the video part and just have it function as a regular monitor if you wish. Nice feature if the monitor is next to your bed at night. I just turn on the video if i hear my son cry out to see what the situation is before i go in.5)the picture is a good size. I’ve seen some monitors that are really small.Hopefully it continues to work well!

Enid Fruitland Park, FL

Look for something else

I purchased this because the price was right. It’s terrible. The video part works great but it has constant static and if you walk between the imaginary line that link the monitors the static gets louder & the video is interrupted. And battery power is dead after 15 minutes.

Charity Poteet, TX

At the time I bought it had great reviews…

I would not buy this monitor again. When I bought it I read many many reviews and the good seemed to outweigh the bad, but I am not happy with this monitor most of the time. Sometimes it simply wont pick up a signal, most of the time when this happens I turn it off and on again and it is fine. Also the camera does not adjust enough for us. We ended up mounting it to the wall with command adhesive strips so we could actually see our son, and even once we did that it still does not see the whole crib. The batteries die quickly when used on video mode so we do always keep it plugged in.

Paulette El Portal, CA

Excellent Monitor

The MobiCam is excellent. The picture quality is not perfect (a little pixelated and color is a little off) but it does what it’s suppose to do. We can monitor our baby without having to go into her room. The only thing is that it doesn’t point down so it takes a bit of creativity to position it. The reception is not bad and the night vision works very well.We also purchased the Internet Kit. It is fantastic! We can hook it up to the computer and broadcast the streaming on the web. There’s also a recording feature. We recorded our 3 month old over night just to see how she sleeps. She does the funniest things to sooth herself.Overall, I’m really glad we purchased the MobiCam and Internal Kit.

Margery Calera, OK

Good but could be better

I like this video monitor, it has good sound and good video. The one thing I don’t like is it doesn’t have a rechargable battery like some other monitors. It takes AA that only with last 4 hours. It does have a wall plug which works but it makes it less portable. The price was right.

Gayla Smyrna, GA