Mobicam DL Digital Monitoring System

Mobicam DL Digital Monitoring System

Mobi MobiCam DXR Video Surveillance System 70204 Video Surveillance Systems

Main features

  • High-resolution, color LCD display for crisp picture
  • Record directly to the receiver
  • Expand system to 4 cameras
  • Two-way communication,See all 4 cameras on the quad screen view
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery included for monitor, Li-ion batteries required for camera ( sold separately)

Verified reviews



Mobi advertises that you can use this system as a security camera since you can view it from any internet browser. Turns out you only get 2 hrs of viewing time a month. You have to pay $10/ month for unlimited. As for a babay monitor, it’s okay. Not as clear as I would have liked. Also, the set-up for the internet viewing is not clear cut. Needless to say, we are very frustrated with this and are debating whether or not to return it.

Jeanie Oakesdale, WA

Great baby monitor, misleading features

While this is a great camera and works great as a baby monitor I was unable to find anything that specified that the receiver had to be connected to a computer to be viewable as a webcam. I travel and wanted a camera that I could watch my newborn when on the road but this one won’t work as a baby monitor if you want to use it as a web cam. The receiver shuts off when it’s plugged into a computer.The video and sound quality even at night time is fantastic. If you’re looking for a quality baby monitor to share online with family it’s perfect as long as you don’t want internet viewing and baby monitor at the same time.Mobicam does offer an Internet package that runs through their web view service but it’s either 2 hours free per month or $10 a month recurring for unlimited viewing.

Lucia Reasnor, IA

Another monitor going back to Amazon

This was my THIRD monitor purchase this month. I had very high hopes for the Mobi. Here is why I am returning it:1. Once you choose VOX mode, the screen goes black. If you want to have a peek at your sleeping baby, you must find the power button which is located on the other side of the monitor. Try fumbling for that in the middle of the night. And you have to hold the button and suffer through a few seconds of the Mobi logo before seeing your little one. Seriously I already bought the product why do you need to keep selling to me? No thanks.2. No pan/ tilt/ zoom, which I expect in a higher end monitor.3. The most egregious, any time you adjust the volume, or interrupt the VOX to look at your baby, the camera makes a noise so loud that it WAKES THE BABY!Its as if the makers of this product never once stopped to consider that a noisy camera would defeat the purpose of having a monitor.The video quality was mediocre same as Levana (mediocre) and not nearly as good as Motorola (I returned those as well).

Lakesha Salem, VA

Excellent! Best for the money!

This monitor was such a pleasant surprise. It is easy to use and has many features of more expensive monitors. The viewing span is quite good (we can see almost all of my son’s bedroom), and the quality is surprisingly good. I recommend spending the extra $50 for this one, versus those at the next level down … it is excellent quality, user-friendly, and actually an incredible value. We have not used the “record” feature yet, but seems straight forward. As other reviewers are saying, the volume is a little low — even at its highest level — but just adequate. I would suggest to the manufacturer to increase volume capabilities just a bit. Overall, we are very happy with it and highly recommend.

Sydney Demotte, IN

Good Monitor, Excellent Customer Service

I bought this monitor over a year ago before my little one was born. We didn’t need it for a few months but recently began using it. I find the picture to be good, easy to see, both during the day and at night. The sound could definitely be better. The angle care movement monitors definitely have better sound. The other (minor) issue is that the camera is so light, it can be difficult to set up. It falls over easily if the cord is moved, even slightly.What is really great about the Mobi products is the awesome support you receive. I called for a technical issue and was connected to a live person very easily. They offered useful support and we were quickly able to determine the problem, a faulty AC adapter. They were extremely helpful and genuinely wanted me to be able to use their product. It’s nice to have a company that is very responsive to calls and actually helps solve the problem. Bravo Mobi!

Frances Harrison, GA


Not sure why monitor companies make monitors that don’t provide clear video in the dark. Isn’t that when you need it most? Don’t be fooled by the daylight pictures. The night vision picture quality is truly awful. Also, this camera can’t move and pan like many others, so unless your child stays perfectly still in his sleep this is probably not the monitor for you.

Frieda Tannersville, PA