Mobicam DXR Digital Monitoring System

Mobicam DXR Digital Monitoring System

Mobi MobiCam DL Video Surveillance System 70055 Video Surveillance Systems

Main features

  • High-resolution, color LCD display for crisp picture
  • Portable with a range of up to 300 feet
  • Optional cameras let you monitor four rooms simultaneously

Verified reviews


Almost great

The main issue I have with this product is the limited ability of the camera… the camera angle is very very very limiting, to the point where to view my child in her crib the correct way– as in able to see her unobstructed– we have to hang the camera from the ceiling… absolutely ridiculous. We were spoiled with a previous camera/monitor combo where the camera head could be angled from any direction and you could put it virtually anywhere close to the crib, and have a great view… this camera is far from that. And has been very frustrating to say the least. It works, it functions, is easy to use outside… BUT it sure wold be nice to view my daughter easily without having to hang the camera from the ceiling… even on the wall would be nice. Even when camera is on the wall, you have to have the crib so close to be able to see everything… which causes the problem of her playing with the chord… obviously a bad situation, so it’s not an option. Just wanted you to be aware of how limiting the camera is for viewing.

Kerri Philo, OH

night vision and audio monitoring as well…

I’m very impressed with its night vision capability. And the voice activated function (VoX) is also very nice. For the price/value I’m very happy with it so far. Maybe if it comes with the right batteries it would be more convenient. But the ability to use AC power and/or batteries is great.

Imelda Liberal, MO

Very nice

The set up was very easy. The picture quality both day and night is very good although I would like a bigger screen( personal preference). Day is a little better than night but that is to be expected with most monitors. The sound works very well. we have no problem hearing what is going on. I love that has the option to power by AC or batteries. In case the power goes out I know we can still see what is going on which gives huge piece of mind. My only wish is that they offered the smart device viewing without the extra charge.

Bethany Mayville, NY

Fabulous Baby Monitor!

Recently I was given the opportunity to review the MobiCam Digital DL Wireless Audio/Video Monitoring System from Mobi Technologies for my blog (Mom Mart) and I have to say that this monitor is fabulous! We are constantly on the move visiting family and friends whenever possible and need baby gear that can keep up with us and our highly mobile family. The MobiCam Digital DL can keep up with our family and then some. The bells and whistles offered with this device are outstanding.The screen is not too little and not too big; it’s just the right size without compromising on portability and the quality of video display.There is no static or signal interruption and thanks to the new DigiLock Wireless with FHSS technology, I don’t worry about neighbors or truck drivers picking up my monitor’s signal and listening in on or watching my family.There are multiple ways to monitor using this system. There is the picture/audio mode, the audio only mode, and the VOX (voice activation) mode. My favorite mode is the VOX mode because it saves battery power.There is an extra wide angle on the camera! I can see what is going on in the room, not just a small section of the bed where my child may or may not be sleeping.There is a sound bar located at the top of the display that allows me to see the noise level, so I don’t have to listen to screaming or crying but I can still see what is going on. This is fabulous for time-outs and temper tantrums.It works day or night. I love that I do not have to leave a light on in the nursery in order to see what is going on at night. The infrared night vision is crisp and clear and allows me to see my baby no matter what time it is. The infrared light is not bright at all, so it doesn’t wake my baby once it is triggered to come on.There is room to grow with this video/audio monitor. Although it only comes with one camera, the MobiCam is built to work with up to four cameras. After reading the directions and re-linking my original camera I think adding additional cameras would be quite easy to do. There is even an automatic scanning option you can use to alternate between cameras.This monitoring system is incredibly easy to use. There is no installation required, it is ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box.I love that the camera and monitor both operate on AC or AA Alkaline Batteries (not included). I have options! If my batteries die and I don’t have any replacements I can simply plug in the camera and/or monitor without missing a beat.There is a USB output for you to connect to your computer for Internet viewing via another PC or cell phone with the optional MobiCam Anywhere software. This monitoring system has the capability to work with video chat outlets such as Skype, Messenger, GoogleTalk, and Yahoo. I love this feature, especially since I have a tendency to take my boys on mini-vacations to visit family, leaving my husband at home to fend for himself. I have not had the opportunity yet to test out this fabulous feature, but I am looking forward to giving it a go the next trip I take!I was not paid to write this review, I just LOVE this product. I was supplied with a MobiCam Digital DL Monitoring System for the purposes of a blog review. I was such a fan of this product that I wanted to share my experiences on Amazon as well, since this is where I do a majority of my online shopping.

Ophelia Whick, KY

bottomline: Great product

has worked very well. gives us very clear picture even when no lights in baby’s room. screen is large enough. i put the monitor not far from my bed and i can see the screen clearly when lights are out.strongly built.the only complaint is that it is not easy to install the camera, since the camera head can only move in a very narrow angle. But still at the price i got (around 80) i would recommend it.As a mom, i’d suggest to buy a video monitoring system over an audio only. It is much easier for us to see what is happening in baby’s room.

Angela Lewisville, OH

Does the job, but too many issues

Honestly, we bought this based on price. There are some things that are great. The picture is great. The sound is great. The VOX is great. But there are so many issues that frustrate me daily:–In the beginning, the monitor was ultra-sensitive… if my baby wiggled a toe, it came on and the slight hum and bright screen woke us up. For a few months, we had to sleep with a pillow blocking the monitor. Eventually, it became less sensitive.–We also had to put black electrical tape over the deadly-green light that shows you whether it’s on or off. Even through the tape, there’s enough glow that I can tell if it’s on. There’s no need for lights that could land an airplane. Baby slept much better once the light was gone!–Sometimes the camera and monitor lose sync without warning, and we’ll wake up to hear crying but the monitor hasn’t kicked on. Sometimes it was random, and sometimes it was because it is so easy to accidentally hit the wrong button when you’re groggy at 2 am. There was also one occasion when we woke to hear crying, checked the monitor, and saw a frozen image of a sleeping baby. When this happens, the camera has to be unplugged and reset, which means disturbing baby.– After about ten months of use, during which we kept it plugged in, but had to move the monitor (the screen unit) from room to room throughout the day, the power cord stopped working. We tried new cords, but there is something loose inside the monitor so it wasn’t getting power. We had to start using batteries, and we found out quickly that this thing could eat through 5 new AA batteries in one 12-hour night. We have been using rechargables, and they have to be charged daily. Still, there are nights when we wake up and the batteries are dead.–Now we’ve been using it about 14 months and there are times when the sound will come on, but the screen stays black. If I give it a good shake, the image will come back for alittle while.Granted, the screen part of the monitor has been dropped a few times. But what baby item doesn’t get dropped from time to time?As far as the limited positions for the camera, we always just strapped it to a camera tripod so we could move it as we wanted. There isn’t an easy way to strap it, but we managed.

Theresa The Plains, OH

not a good monitor

This monitor is terrible. I have a previous mobi monitor for my daughter who is now almost 3 years. (We still use it since she’s in a bed and we like to keep an eye on her-that one is great and they have stopped making that version). This Mobican DL monitor I’m using for my newborn. It has frozen twice, which is 2 times too many. When it freezes the screen shows her image (sleeping in the crib) but I can hear her screaming hysterically in the house. This monitor is worthless. It is not helpful at all if it freezes. Besides freezing it makes very loud "feedback" noise. In addition, it’s very easy to "de-synch" the monitor by pushing the buttons on the side-that’s not a fun thing to happen in the middle of the night. I’m sorry. I love my previous mobi video monitor this one is just no good.

Shelley Cedar, MN

Never worked!

I purchased this video monitor for a friend- we opened it up at the party, and it never worked! I was so embarrassed. The monitor did not recognize the video feed at all. If you’re spending this much on a video monitor, I would recommend any of the Summer monitors. They may be pricier, but at least they work.

Penny Chester, NH

Cheap quality and terrible mobility in camera

I have an older model Mobi monitor and camera for my toddler and had a new baby. I purchased this one for our new baby and it was the cheapest quality I have seen in a baby monitor. Also, per some other reviews, the camera does not allow enough mobility to even position it to see the baby. We returned this one right after we tested it out. I am pretty surprised at the poor quality as our other Mobi monitor has been wonderful.

Kenya Brierfield, AL