Moby Wrap Baby Carrier, Pacific

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier, Pacific

A parent-favorite for its comfort, style and adaptability. The Wrap is an optimal baby carrier for infants. It is more than a carefully measured length of natural cotton with tapered ends, the MOBY Wrap is a tool to help parents and babies enjoy the world together. Tried and true, this is the classic, best selling baby wrap, offering award-winning comfort and closeness.

Main features

  • Encourages parent/child bonding
  • Perfect for babies 8-35 pounds
  • Petite and plus size friendly
  • 100% natural cotton
  • Comfortable to wear for extended periods

Verified reviews


Love, love, love this thing (and baby does too!)

My baby was born at 36 weeks, tiny thing, but I knew I needed to figure out a hands free way to carry her otherwise the dog would never get a bathroom break (and I’d end up with pee in a closet…). I had already purchased a moby wrap prior to her birth, so on day 4 or so I gave it a shot. It takes a few practice tries to get it tied right – my advice is just scrunch it up and then smooth out the fabric on your shoulders and over the baby later, don’t bother trying to keep everything smooth while you put it on). My little girl fits in nice and snug and really seems to enjoy it. If she’s fussy, I can pop her in, start walking around and she quiets down, taking in the sights and then eventually falling asleep. I’ve been for 2 walks with the dog (in winter in the north) and she doesn’t even flinch when I go outside. I just wrap a sweater around her, zip up my jacket as much as possible, and away we go. I’m actually wearing her in the Moby right now as I type this review- and I’m going to go eat dinner next. If you’re doing attachment parenting (I’m not, but feel I should mention it) this would make things WAY easier. I just like to keep her upright for a good period of time after feeding so that we can skip spit up.I sort of worry she can’t breath with her face smashed into my chest, but I can always look down and see her little back going up and down, so I know she’s okay.

Esperanza Alexandria, LA

Unfortunately, not for me

I’m giving this to a friend because it just wasn’t for me. I liked the idea of having my baby close and when they are small it’s hard to have them in a larger carrier. I couldn’t figure out how to wrap it around my body with confidence. I have heard feedback from moms that it can get very warm, feeling like you are wearing a ton of layers. May be harder for a baby born in the summer. Also moms saying it drags on the ground when trying to wrap it. Again, I just didn’t have the patience. Needed something easy!

Rene Orviston, PA

snuggly but takes a long time to put on

I got the Moby wrap as a gift and I was so excited to try it! When my little girl was 1 month old I put her in it and she struggled and struggled, she seemed so uncomfortable. I tried again when she was 7 weeks and she loved it and fell asleep in it. When I put it on, it calms her and she falls asleep fairly quickly but it is a pain to put on! Maybe I need a few more moths of practice. Also, if I am home and I am wearing her and she falls asleep its hard to take her out without waking her up.I love it, I just wish it was a little easier to put on.

Meredith Paris, TX

This is the most convenient item that you can buy for your baby . . . . .

If you have a little one that likes to be held (and most babies do) but you still have to get things done around the house, try the Moby Wrap.So very easy to use with easy to follow instructions. Just wrap up your little one in the Moby Wrap and go about your business!! Your little one will love the closeness to you as you are wearing the Moby and will often go to sleep. You know your baby is safe and snuggly while you shop, clean house, go for a walk when he is wrapped in the Moby Wrap. Your baby can either be up against you as shown in the picture or can be faced outwards. There are many ways to use the wrap.You can’t lose with the Moby as it frees you up to do things you need to do and keeps your baby safe and sound. it is fully washable and takes up very little room when not in use The Moby Wrap is not expensive and well worth the price! I love it!!

Debora Sand Coulee, MT

Too complicated

I’m sure a lot of women can master this and then love it. I’m clearly not smart enough to really find this easy enough to use that I actually use it. I bought it and it’s pretty much been sitting in a drawer since. It is comfy when I get it on but for the short time that my guy will tolerate it, it just seems like too much effort.I prefer the Baby Bjorn because it’s easier to get on.I think it’s probably much better for winter babies because who on Earth is going to wear this thing in the summer time? It’s a lot of material.

Marion Eagleville, PA

Fiddly, overpriced fashion over function

Fiddly, way overpriced for what is just a piece of material. Try wrapping this long piece of cloth around yourself, and then getting an impatient baby into it… and you have to tie it really tight for it to give sufficient support to the head, with the result that its too tight around their little legs. Or – like the lady in the photo – you have to keep holding their head, which sort of defeats the purpose.It also can make them way too warm. Maybe that is OK for European winters, but not otherwise.I am getting rid of mine (and I see that lots of people are doing likewise) and now using a rucksack-style carrier – MUCH less hassle.

Cathryn Ringling, MT

Hands free baby wearing!

I love the Moby Wrap! I had been researching various styles and brands of slings and baby carriers. I first purchased a ring sling for our 4 week old baby, but she did not enjoy being in it. Perhaps the ring sling will work better for her when she is able to hold her head up better. Then I decided to give the Moby Wrap a try and it is a huge success! I watched You Tube videos for demonstrations on how to wrap the Moby around me and put the baby in it, and it’s much easier than I thought it would be. I’ve used the Moby Wrap daily. It’s so nice to have my hands free while the baby is securely and snugly held against my torso. It’s also a great way to take baby to the grocery store and have the whole shopping cart free for groceries 🙂 Whenever I plan to use it out in public, I wrap the Moby around me before leaving the house so I don’t have to worry about the fabric dragging on the ground. I highly recommend this for newborns, especially for babies that like to be held all day. The only complaint I have about the wrap is that the fabric gets a little warm so it’s not ideal for wearing outside in warm weather. Otherwise, it’s great!!

Mayra Dexter, IA

My newborn LOVES the Moby and so do we! It’s easy to use!

I heard a lot of discouraging things from friends about the Moby – mostly about how it was difficult to put on, figure out or time consuming to put on. We actually got 2 Moby’s donated from friends who never really used them. Our baby girl is a week old now and she spends a least half of her time in the Moby Wrap. She LOVES it and it makes life so much easier for us to get stuff done around the house. You can pretty much do everything with them strapped to you in the Moby. We also have been out to eat twice and just kept her in there. It keeps her very quiet and peaceful and she sleeps great in it. My husband actually fell asleep the other night in our rocker with her in it for 5 hours.I watched a video online of the way to wear it for a newborn and then I went to a local baby shop and they showed me a different way, which i much prefer. Basically, instead of folding all of the fabric in half, you keep it open. It’s hard to explain but once you have the Moby it might make sense. I am not sure how good this is for when they get older but it’s awesome for newborns.Also, my friends who had their baby in the summertime said it was just too hot to wear the Moby around when it’s hot outside. ith our January baby its prefect, it keeps her nice and warm.

Hilary Poteet, TX

Perfect for Skin to skin

I love our moby. We used it until the weather got too hot. But I loved using it for skin to skin when our baby was a new. Born. I never quite learned how to put it on though to be honest. My DH had to help me every time :/

Jeannine Pineville, NC

So difficult to figure out

It works great when you get it on. It is just hard to get on by yourself. Until you really, really know how to use it, it takes two people to put it on. Watch the YouTube videos – that helps.

Jane Rugby, TN

but never was comfortable enough with how I tied it to keep my …

I was not successful with this wrap. I tried to practice tying it, but never was comfortable enough with how I tied it to keep my son in the wrap.

Adriana Arapahoe, NE

Awesome carrier!

As a mother of a 2yr old and a 2mo old, having both hands free to play with my 2yr old is priceless while knowing my baby is snug and safe in the Moby. It is very easy to learn the different wraps. Love!

Joan Willisburg, KY


i can not figure out how to use it. My baby was not comfortable in it. The price is too expensive. Returned it in the end.

Julie Blue River, KY

Takes a while to put on

I like how this hugs my baby and keeps her snuggled up to my body but it is sort of a process to put on and does get pretty warm….not sure that i will be able to use this come summer

Zelda Hopeton, OK

Great wrap once you get used to it

This is a really comfortable wrap and it only takes a few tries to get the tension right and even on all portions of the wrap before you are out the door with your baby in tow. The moby acts not only as a carrier but a swaddle so baby is soothed and quiets down nicely. Instead of bringing in the car seat to restaurants or instead of putting my newborn into a stroller, I use the moby and keep her close to me when I am out and about on errands or at lunch and she sleeps the whole way through in this wrap. I love knowing she is always close to me AND I am hands free at the grocery when I want to be. The only thing I don’t like but cannot change is that the wrap is so long it drags on the floor when you put it on. There is nothing you can do about it… Just keep your floors ore clean I guess.

Harriet Crockett, KY

A comfortable carrier

Spreads babies weight evenly across your shoulders. I loved it until my baby didn’t like being constrained in it, which was at about 2.5 months adjusted age (my baby was a preemie). I would recommend it for newborns. Perfect for preemies since they do not fit in the other style carriers well.

Anna New Creek, WV

Great for babies that just have to be held

We have 5 kids and 4 of them are between the ages of 1 month to 3 years old so my wife is pretty busy all day long and cannot constantly hold the newborn (who is one of those babies that constantly wants to be cuddled/held. She REALLY likes this Moby Wrap as it allows to hold and cuddle the baby and still be able to do other things. The wrap is very useful and it’s made of cotton (not nylon) so it is safe to wear it in the kitchen while cooking. Highly recommend this if you a newborn/infant that needs to be held a lot.

Helga Fox Lake, WI

I love the moby

The moby is very comfortable for both my daughter and I. It takes awhile to learn how to wrap it but you can watch youtube videos and that helps a lot. My daughter only likes to be in it for about 5 minutes and then is over it but Im sure it takes some getting used to.When you open it up it is very long and overwhelming but you get used to it.

Allie Henning, TN