Moby Wrap Designs, Almond Blossom

Moby Wrap Designs, Almond Blossom

Make a statement with the Moby Wrap Designs Collection. These Wraps are the top when it comes to versatility; choose to show off their unique screen print art or reverse the Wrap to a solid color. Designed to carry babies 8-35 lbs, the Moby Wrap is a parent-favorite for its comfort, style and adaptability. Made from an ultra soft 100% natural cotton fabric, the Wrap encourages a safe and secure place for baby to bond with their family. The Moby Wrap allows you to fully spread its fabric across your shoulders for optimal comfort; this means the weight of your baby is evenly distributed over your entire back and shoulders for complete ergonomic support. As the Wrap comes down from your shoulder it conforms to your baby and gives them knee to knee support in the optimal babywearing position. Moby adjusts and allows for a perfect fit each time you wrap the Moby around you, making it possible for this carrier to easily grow with your child. Skin-to-skin contact with your baby comes naturally within the Moby Wrap; parents often find it a modest and positive environment to gently transition their newborn into the world. Skin-to-skin contact can soothe even the fussiest babies as the sound of your heartbeat provides reassurance and peace. The Moby Wrap encourages these early bonding moments that are so important in the beginning of life.

Main features

  • Perfect for babies 8-35 lbs
  • 100% natural cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Encourages parent/child bonding
  • Adjusts to grow with your baby

Verified reviews


Don’t kid yourself; you’ll probably use the Bjorn more

I wanted to love this. I read all the attachment parenting advice on how this is more comfortable and safer for babies than other carriers, and bought it before my daughter was born thinking I’d be a master baby wearer and prefer this beautifully personalized responsible wrap to all other carriers. I was wrong.While we did find a carrier to be one of the best tools we had to calm down a colicky baby, the Moby Wrap was not The One. We tried the Moby Wrap, theBABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Synergy – Black, Mesh(which I wanted to find fault with but ended up loving), and aPeanut Shell Boho Chic Paisley Baby Sling, Blue/Brown, Large. The Bjorn is by far our favorite and the only one we still use at 6 months. Our daughter seems really comfortable in it and often falls asleep. Despite what baby wearing ‘experts’ say, I believe that if a baby is uncomfortable he or she will not hesitate to let you know. My baby screamed more when I tried to insert her into the Moby Wrap than the Bjorn.The biggest advantage to the Moby Wrap is that you can use it before your baby hits 8 pounds (I think that’s the minimum for the Bjorn, although we mistakenly thought it was 10 pounds so have lots of pre-Bjorn experience). Surprisingly, we found the sling (our only post-birth purchase) was the best option during the tiny baby phase. At first I was terrified of using a sling incorrectly and permanently damaging my child, but it was actually super easy.The thing is, you’ll most want to use a baby carrier when your baby is feeling fussy and wants to be close to you. However, that’s exactly when you WON’T have time to tie and adjust a Moby Wrap. If you’re thinking of buying the Moby wrap and haven’t given birth yet, I strongly advise holding off until you’ve actually experienced the stress of hearing your baby scream for you to pick her up and not being able to help her; you won’t know if you have what it takes to struggle under biological pressure to tie knots in an 8 foot long piece of fabric and stuff your newborn into it until you hear your own baby’s cry. This is why I know lots of first time moms who bought Moby wraps, and have never actually seen any of them using one.That all said, it’s beautiful and cozy and the truly brave/dedicated will probably master it and love it for all the reasons I thought I would!

Pam Ridgway, PA

Great carrier for first few months of baby’s life

I absolutely recommend this wrap for any new mom! This is one of my favorite baby items.What I like:- Fussy baby will calm almost instantly when placed in wrap- Soft, washable fabric- Attractive designs- Fairly easy to use, takes a little bit of practice getting baby in and out especially when they can’t hold their head up on their own.- Comfortable to wear- Fits all sizes of people and no pesky straps to adjust- Great for grocery shopping when you need your hands free- Great for very young babies because of the soft fabric- Versatile: can go from newborn to larger babies easilyDislike:- Hot to wear in warmer weather- Slightly burdensome to put on when you’re out since its such a large piece of fabric

Bernice Lebanon, OH

Moby Wrap (Chancellor)

I bought this for my wife who loves it. Its well made and does its job, but I gave it 3 stars because I think (being $50), its way overpriced. Not worth it if you’re on a budget. There are other brands out there that go for $20 or so and its pretty much the same thing.

Samantha Williamsport, TN

Baby loves it and so do I

The Moby wrap is a great way to hold your baby and still get things done. There’s something comforting for both Mom (or Dad!) and baby about being so close. The Moby came in especially handy when we were out and about at places where the stroller wasn’t an option. I found that even when I could bring the stroller it was easier to wrap my son up and carry him with me.It worked great until my son got to be about 18 pounds, then the stretchiness of the fabric meant he’d start to droop after a while and wasn’t as comfortable to carry. At that point we moved to a soft structured ergonomic carrier. Until then, though, I couldn’t live without it!

Rhoda Lyndon, KS

No time to master wrap-fu

Okay, I don’t know what most of these reviewers are smoking, but this product drove me up the wall!I was so excited to get my cute little owl wrap. I was going to wear my baby everywhere and keep him calm and all would be right with the world. I remember the first time I told my husband to use it (it was still in the package) as I headed out to the store. When I came back I was disappointed to see my son cuddled up to my husband in a baby bjorn, since everyone said the moby was so much more personal/better. He told me the wrap was scary and since the baby was screaming he didn’t have time to figure it out. I rolled my eyes at him and went to put it together myself to show him how easy it would be. 500 plus reviews couldn’t be wrong! Not so! This is just a REALLY long piece of fabric that you actually have to tie yourself.There is no reason to buy this. Find the specs, and if you really want to torture yourself by criss-crossing and tying fabric around yourself while your child screams bloody murder in front of you, for God’s sake just buy some fabric from a fabric shop and watch a youtube video. If you want ease and sanity, buy a baby bjorn air.

Geneva Wharton, TX

Love this

I have used the moby wrap since my little guy was born and he is now three months. I even tested it out on our westie before he was born; Although, I’m sure she did not appreciate it. It works wonderfully. It did not take long to master getting it on and off. It can be very hot especially during the summer. I especially like that it keeps baby close to your chest. My little guy slept so well in the moby wrap. It helped so much when we were out of the country for three weeks when he was only two months at the time. We were always on the go and this wrap was so comfortable to wear. But it was terrible coming back through customs and having to take it off…I was unable to put it back on until we got to our gate. I did find it akward to breastfeed in…could just be me…but it was easy to push aside and feed without having to take it off and it worked well just as a cover up. It’s nice just to wear around the house or especially when I go grocery shopping and want to keep him from strangers.Overall, for a long piece of fabric, it’s been well worth the money and I’ve gotten lots of use out of it.

Jeannine Bernard, ME

The Moby changed my life

My little one needed to be held for pretty much the first 2 months of her life. I tried using my Ergo carrier with the insert to regain freedom with my hands and arms, but it’s just too hot in the summer to wear. In desperation I bought the Moby because of all the possible baby positions it boasted. I figured my daughter would at least like one of them. The first time I put her in the wrap, she calmed right down. Now at 4 months she calms at the sight of the wrap and falls asleep within seconds of getting in. The Moby wrap is like having an “off switch” for my little one and has become a part of our bedtime routine. I also love the owl print!

Susie Sulphur Rock, AR

Not a one person job

I bought this with the intention of using it when I went out with my son, say for grocery shopping, because I don’t want to lug around the car seat, nor do I want to have a stroller everywhere; I want to have my son next to me. I thought this would be a great product, but for me, it was too big of a pain to get on. I’m about 5’4" and there’s no way for me to put this on without it touching the ground, so if I were out in a parking lot, it would get dirty immediately. It was cumbersome and uncomfortable, so I ended up returning it.

Gretchen Moss Landing, CA

A must for all moms

I always wanted one of these wraps so when I didn’t get it for my baby shower, I made a point of ordering it myself. This is an amazing wrap. I’ve tried others since I had my DD- soft structured carriers, framed carriers- this is still my favorite. I’ve heard a lot of people say it looked cool, but they’d never be able to figure out how to wrap it. Forget all about that fear. It’s a cinch to tie and very secure. I had it unravel once while we were on a walk and I could tell something wasn’t right immediately and was able to retie as we were walking before anything happened. So trust me, it’s a secure tie. There are also 3 or 4 ways to carry your child with this wrap and they all use the same tying scheme. We were able to start using it within the first 2 or 3 months and we are still using it and my baby’s 15 months. I will admit it gets hard on your back after long walks. I have thought of tying it differently to secure around my back somehow, but never got around to it. YouTube has a ton of video of moms demonstrating the tying techniques and ways to get your babe in there. Trust me, you will use this wrap if you buy it.

Eileen Chimayo, NM

Too complicated.

I wanted to like this wrap, practiced wrapping it over and over again, and finally gave up. I wanted something simple and easy, so it would take a second to put on. This wrap is not simple or easy, it took waaaay to long to put on, and hearing my baby shriek while I was doing it drove me crazy. Plus, I was sleep deprived and exhausted, and figuring out fabric origami wasn’t what I wanted to do after a sleepless night. I was never sure if it was too tight or too loose, and had to adjust it constantly. My son hated it as well, he was never comfortable in it. The wrap itself is hot and bulky, so I could not wear it if I took my son out for a couple of minutes. I would recommend trying it out "in person" before buying it. I bought a backpack style carrier, which is awesome and easy to use.

Trina Willow Wood, OH


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Moby wrap! This is a must have for all mommies, especially those that are busy busy busy with twins 😉 I can put one in and do for the other or put them both in and go for a walk. I was leary to get this because I have a terrible back and the Baby Bjorn type front/backpacks hurt like heck. A r=friend let me try hers and I was hooked the first time. Totally worth it! Love it!

Diana Faber, VA

Great wrap

I didn’t get the design pictured here like I’d registered for- got plain black- but it’s a great wrap. The only tricky thing is trying to put it on/take it off by the car or in public because the fabric is so long it drags the ground- eww. My son adores it though and goes right to sleep when shopping. Takes some practice to tie properly, but then it’s very snug and safe feeling.

Josefina Willingboro, NJ

Keeps baby happy and allows me to vacuum at the same time.

When my daughter has been up more than a couple hours, she starts to fuss but isn’t usually tired enough to nap well yet. I’ve found if I put her in the Moby Wrap she generally stops fussing altogether, and I can do simple chores like vacuuming, laundry, and emptying the dishwasher at the same time, and she seems to enjoy that. It’s nice. I found the wrapping instructions a bit daunting at first, but it was easy after the first couple of tries. It’s also a lot easier to use after the kid has some muscle tone and doesn’t just go limp like a rag doll when you try to put her in it.

Sheree San Jon, NM

<~~~~~~ “my smiling face is superimposed onto this add, do not let this fool you”

Before the Moby Army comes after me – actually, seriously, don’t..: Nothing is going to change my mind on this 22 feet of fabric.But, the premise was a good one, so. I found the BabyK’atan…. Take aOok. I love it!

Kathleen Freer, TX

My new favourite item!

I love love LOVE this wrap! I use it around the house a lot to get something done while baby is sleeping as well as using it to go to the mall and grocery shopping. My baby loves being in it and it works so well. I thought that it would be tough to figure out and wrap but it’s super easy and with all the options they give you it makes it convenient to use at different stages. I am going to use this as my new shower gift option because I think EVERY mom should have one. Also, the owl decoration is SUPER cute!

Angel Terra Bella, CA

Don’t let the length scare you!

Just received my Moby wrap and LOVE it! When I first unraveled it from it’s bag (which I’m sure I’ll never get it fit back into :P) I was very skeptical. The length of the moby wrap seems almost unmanageable. I was actually looking to see if they sent two by accident or they didn’t cut it properly 😛 But the length is necessary. Just breathe, take your time and read through the booklet. Also, take time to fold your wrap properly before starting, and I’d recommend waiting to try it out until someone is there with you to help with the baby so you can focus on properly wrapping yourself and then safely placing your baby in the wrap. I did it on my own, and found it pretty simple to use once I got it figured out, but felt rushed bc I was too impatient to wait for my son to sleep 😛 Can’t wait for my SO to get home so I can practice some more 😀

Florine Gifford, IL

super comfy

I bought this for my child who is 4 months old. I unfortunately have to work monday through friday, so when I am home, I want to hold my baby as much as possible. That being said, I also have so much housework that piles up, I need my hands free to get stuff done. We tried the snugli, the infantino easy rider, and the joey ring sling. The joey ring sling was great when she was tiny, but now that she is larger and wiggles around, it isn’t very comfortable for either one of us, which is a bummer, because I paid 80 bucks for that thing. The other two carriers killed my back and she wasn’t that into. The Moby was a bit intimidating when I rolled the fabric out and it was huge, but after I practiced a couple of times, I realized it was very simple to use. I put her in and wore her for a couple of hours, and I was comfortable the entire time, and she actually fussed a bit when I took her out, so she definitely enjoyed it. Since it is so long, if I was going to use it outside of the house, I would just put it on at home before leaving. Some people said their baby got too hot in it, and while she does sweat in it, she sweats a lot in any carrier, and whenever she sleeps with me holding her or laying with her, so it doesn’t really bother me. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

Alisa Mount Union, IA

I love it!

Out of all the carriers I have tried, this is the only one that is easy on my back and baby loves it too! It’s great to use for some of the house cleaning and easiest way to go grocery shopping. It takes me no time at all to put on and usually if we go to the store I will put it on before leaving. Was great for baby’s first zoo trip too! A mommy must have!

Leann Evensville, TN

Like it.

This product can feel a little thick in the summer, but I still love it! It makes running errands so much easier, I skip the stroller and just pop my baby into this.It’s pretty easy to use once you do it a few times. I like to go ahead a put it on at the house before I leave because then I don’t have to worry about it while I’m standing in the parking lot.I’m a thicker Mom and this product still works great for me, so if your on the larger side I say go for it it’ll probably work for you too. I have the owl print and it’s so cute.

Joyce Hudson, KY

Best Carrier You can Buy

I used this carrier for both of my girls. I have one in black and one in pink. They are absolutely perfect! I used it for my first daughter from about 2 months until i was too pregnant to put it on!! Both of my girls where vry fussy and needed to be held.. i don’t think i would have gotten a thing done without it! I used it in the house when i simply couldn’t lay them down and i wore it out.. even to the beach.The material is vry durable and does not make you hot. I really only put them in the frnt facing in and out all though you can use many different positions easily. This carrier is also great because you can adjust how the babies weight is distributed! That came in handy when i was wearing it for 4 plus hours a day!Both of my children absolutely LOVED being in it. when they where infants i could tuck their little feet in and they where completely at peace sleeping while i got all of the housework done. When they started to get a little older they enjoyed facing out so they could see everything that was going on but if they fell asleep (and they did every time) i could still tuck them in.. so versatile! I would never recommend another carrier and believe me i tried many!!Mine have been used daily for almost 3 solid years with my girls and are still in perfect condition. I plan to give them to my sister for her new baby when my youngest outgrows them.The ONLY caution i would give is that they should only be washed in cold and either dried on low or air dried. I am a rather small woman 5’7 115lbs. When i purchased my first moby i had about 8 inches of extra material hanging from my knot. After washing normally (cool water and med heat dry) i had only 3 or 4.GREAT PRODUCT. I found it to be a necessity. And they look nice too lol every time i wear them out i get at least one or two complements from strangers saying how comfortable or peaceful my baby seems in it.

Lillie Gibbon, NE

Cuddly baby carrier – worth taking the time to learn how to use

I bought this to wear my fourth child, since I knew I would need my hands free to tend to my other kids much of the time. It has not disappointed! It is comfortable for me to wear, and my baby is so comfy in it.I think that many people are scared off by the moby wrap because it is one very long piece of fabric that you have to wrap yourself, as opposed to some other baby carriers that are already pre- shaped for you and you just take on and off. The moby looks really complicated but it is actually very simple. I watched a couple of YouTube videos online before I tried to do it myself and found it very simple to actually use. I practiced a few times before actually putting my baby in. I tried some other wraps in the store but I liked the moby best. I think those other wraps were attempting to give a "pre-wrapped" moby, but when you wrap yourself the fit is perfect and the support is fantastic, as opposed to some of those others pre wrapped wraps.Some advice – I was starting by putting the first part of the wrap around my hips and then wrapping. It worked, but I didn’t feel so secure. Now I put the first part around my waist. The baby sits higher that way and the wrap is really secure.As far as looks, I got the born free slate, which I find to be very attractive. The color is nice and the butterfly is simple but adds an extra little something. I love that when you are wearing this wrap it kind of looks like you’re wearing a tshirt with a baby inside! The baby is so comfortable and falls asleep almost every time. It is so cuddly to snuggle up like that!The biggest con of this wrap is that even when you get good at it it still takes me 2-3 minutes to put the wrap on and put the baby in. So if I put her in and she is still fussy (because she’s hungry or something) I feel kind of bad having to take it off right away after the effort of putting it on. Some other carriers go on and off quicker. The other thing that bothers me a little is that the fabric is so long that I cannot put the wrap in without having it drag on the floor as I am putting it on. In my house it’s not such a big deal but I don’t love the idea of the wrap touching the ground when I am out and about. The good news is that it’s the ends that touch the ground, and not the part that touches the baby.All in all, as a first time baby wearer, I highly recommend the moby! I know people are scared off but it’s really not hard to learn!

Elise Elmhurst, IL