Moby Wrap Modern Baby Carrier, Pacific, 8-35 lbs

Moby Wrap Modern Baby Carrier, Pacific, 8-35 lbs

Modern hues and distinctive contrast stitch are signature to this collection. The Moderns collection now features the new midweight Moby cotton fabric; a new twist on the classic Moby Wrap. Designed to carry babies 8-35 lbs, the Moby Wrap is a parent-favorite for its comfort, style and adaptability. Made from an ultra soft 100% natural cotton fabric, the Wrap encourages a safe and secure place for baby to bond with their family. The Moby Wrap allows you to fully spread its fabric across your shoulders for optimal comfort; this means the weight of your baby is evenly distributed over your entire back and shoulders for complete ergonomic support. As the Wrap comes down from your shoulder it conforms to your baby and gives them knee to knee support in the optimal babywearing position. Moby adjusts and allows for a perfect fit each time you wrap the Moby around you, making it possible for this carrier to easily grow with your child. Skin-to-skin contact with your baby comes naturally within the Moby Wrap; parents often find it a modest and positive environment to gently transition their newborn into the world. Skin-to-skin contact can soothe even the fussiest babies as the sound of your heartbeat provides reassurance and peace. The Moby Wrap encourages these early bonding moments that are so important in the beginning of life.

Main features

  • Perfect for babies 8-35 lbs
  • 100% natural cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Encourages parent/child bonding
  • Adjusts to grow with your baby

Verified reviews


Difficult to use, overpriced

This is simply a very long swathe of cloth. Using it safely requires practice and patience, and ultimately I do not feel that it was worth the money, although I might feel differently if I felt comfortable using it more regularly.

Gussie West Newton, IN

soft, secure, flexible usage

Moby wraps are not for everyone. It does take time and practice to get the thing put on. Your best bet is to put it on yourself at home, with a mirror, as you will inevitably drag the ends on the ground while wrapping. Then stick baby in upon arrival. I alternate carrying my twins in this and they each have different preferences. We never look as neat and tidy in the carrier as shown in the picture. One tucks his legs up and sits upright, but I have to keep turning his face sideways as he presses it to my chest and falls asleep. The other slides to sort of a diagonal and ends up with one foot in and one out, and hates having her head tucked into the fabric so her head sticks out and I support it with my hand. They are only ~3-4 months old so I haven’t been able to try many holds yet. But, whatever…it’s much easier than lugging a car seat or carrying a baby in my arm for long periods. Looking forward to trying other holds someday. I’ve walked and even lightly hiked for over a mile using this, and it doesn’t lose its shape or stretch out. Machine washes and dries perfectly. Biggest con–very thick and therefore hot in the summer. Can’t be used outside on a warm summer day with a little one because they are pressed so tightly against you.

Alisha Irvington, NY

Great for newborns

This is the perfect introductory product to the world of wrapping your baby. Perfect for newborns and older. I used mine until my son was about 3 months old and then I bought a woven wrap so I could do back carries. Babies of all ages LOVE being worn, and the moby is perfect for moms who need free hands but don’t want to put their baby down.

Christy Haworth, NJ

Very Easy to use

This moby wrap looks so difficutl to wear, but actually it was a breeze for her and baby. Practice alittle without baby. I bought it for my daughter and she loves it. Her baby was little and it gave her some hands free time even in the grocery store. Color is well defined and it matches easily with most things like blue jeans and etc. Baby was content.

Mable Bonnyman, KY

takes a bit longer to get on

Softer than the baby bjorn. I prefer the moby. My husband didn’t. He preferred the ease and speed of a pre-formed carrier. The moby does take a bit of time to get on. Still, worked well for when I needed both hands for house cleaning.

Beatrice Keslers Cross Lanes, WV