Moby Wrap Organic Cotton Baby Carrier, Clay

Moby Wrap Organic Cotton Baby Carrier, Clay

Wrap baby in 100% OE certified organic cotton carriers that offers the same Moby softness and support. The Moby Wrap is designed to use your entire back, as well as your shoulders, to carry the weight of your baby. Unlike other carriers, which have narrow straps or go across one shoulder, the Moby Wrap is a wide piece of durable fabric that is wrapped over both shoulders (the Moby Wrap is 5.5 meters in length). It is amazingly comfortable and easy to wear. There are no buckles, snaps or other fasteners (that may break or bend). It is easy to adjust the fit of your Moby Wrap by varying how tightly you wrap yourself and baby. Moby Wraps are one size which means all caregivers can easily and comfortably share one wrap.

Main features

  • 100% Organic Cotton. Can be used for preemie to 35lbs.
  • Baby is secured by three sections of fabric for triple wrapped security.
  • The Moby Wrap’s one-way stretch cotton and wide width ensure that your baby is held close and tight.
  • Wide shoulder support leaves nothing digging into your shoulders.
  • Machine washable and one size versatility make the Moby Wrap easy for all caregivers.

Verified reviews



I bought this thinking it would help me do things around the house with baby in tow. I could never make it work. He never fit in right and it was so frustrating to try to put this on each time and get him in it. I was so excited to get this and now have never used it. Maybe when he gets old enough to hold his head up, we’ll try one of the other wraps, but this never worked for us as a newborn.

Gale Lecanto, FL

I might have to name next child “Moby”

I love the Moby. Love! It’s the best baby product we have, hands down. When nothing else works, when baby is fussing and cannot be calmed, we go to the Moby and within 2 minutes, he’s the calmest little thing. Really. Truly. Amazing. Every single time. When baby was 2 weeks old, my husband and I started wearing him for hours a day and 2 months later, we still swear by the Moby. Once you figure out how to wear, it’s a piece of cake (although you have to be willing to figure it out). You can do skin-to-skin in it, even breastfeed (although I haven’t mastered that), not to mention the hours of hands-free time the Moby buys. Baby sleeps soundly and take his longest and best naps in it (2-3 hours easily every time). The grandparents have even worn the baby. I have gone to parties, where other parents are wrangling and carrying their babies the whole time, and I’m the only one with free hands. If you get one item for your baby, I say get this. Oh, and it’s cute.

Odessa Marion, MA

Baby hates it, and so do I.

I wanted to love this. I really did. Sadly, it’s probably the worst carrier I have tried. I really liked the idea of having my baby close and using it for skin-to-skin time, nursing, etc., as well as for the ergonomic benefits. However, there are two participants in this process, and the most important one has to be on board, too.Even if we get past so many things – the trial and error of putting it on correctly, the fact that there is no way for a short person to put it on without dragging the ends across the floor, that there is no way to quickly wrap your own torso in five yards of fabric – especially while your baby is crying, and that in order to be efficient (and not have to try putting it on in a parking lot), you need to just wear the thing all day, which not only makes you sweat buckets (thanks, hormones!), but makes you look like you will be auditioning for the next “Star Wars” movie – it just falls short.My baby hates not being able to move his hands or his head, and the “newborn” wearing restricts all of that in order to have head support. All this lead to was frustrated crying from my little one instead of the loving comfort I was trying to provide. (Yes, I checked to make sure he wasn’t bent the wrong way. No, he doesn’t like swaddling, either.) He is an active baby, and has been from day one, so the restriction really just makes him mad.As for me, I’m petite with a short torso, and I had a big baby (85th and 90th percentiles for weight and length). Not only am I overwhelmed by fabric, but even wrapping it as low as safely possible puts my baby nearly in my face. I have to laugh at the idea of “nursing discreetly” in this thing. Sure – if he nursed from my chin! I have to pull him completely out of it in order to nurse (which is a ridiculously awkward process), and if I’m not wearing a nursing top, basically FML. Hungry baby getting hungrier while I sort through all of this fabric to pull up my shirt or unwrap myself. Then to re-organize when we’re done… Ha!If I can get him in it (again, ridiculously awkward), when he is ready to fall asleep, and he actually stays calm enough to do so, the fabric continues to stretch as time goes on while I’m wearing it. My poor baby has ended up in all sorts of weird contorted positions, including some that restricted his airways. Not cool. I’m not sure if this is a function of our relative sizes, but it gives me cause for concern.As for hands-free – hardly. Because he wants his head free when awake, and because of the fabric stretching when he’s asleep, along with motherly protectiveness, I end up with at least one hand supporting his head at all times. Oh, and it’s hot for both if us to boot. We can take late evening walks without an extra layer for either of us.The only reason I’m giving two stars instead of one is that it IS comfortable and cozy in those rare moments when the planets have aligned and it works as advertised.Maybe it’s fantastic for Amazonian mothers with small, very still babies. For me, though, it’s awful. Maybe it will improve when he can hold his own head up and I can put him in a different position, but I’m not holding my breath.

Claudine Moundville, MO

Love It

This wrap is soft and comfortable for both mom and baby. It is easier to put on than some slings that have rings and need to be threaded. I had no trouble using the wrap after reading the included instruction manual. We use this all the time!

Lakisha Coal Creek, CO

Perfect for newborn

I splurged on the organic Moby since I knew I would be using this mainly when my baby was a newborn. We used this constantly around the house and out in public. We had a hot summer, but I felt comfortable with a tank top underneath and didn’t get too overheated. The newborn hold is easy to use without retying, so is very convenient for diaper changes. I stopped using this once we switched to the “feet out” carry because I wasn’t able to reuse my tie and it drove me nuts to retie everytime. I still think this is the best carrier for newborns/infants – snuggly and secure. I would highly recommend.

Johanna Manilla, IN

In love

I was new to babywearing and decided to take a plunge. I wear this thing everywhere, shopping and parties etc. baby loves it. normally falls right asleep. I just wrap it over my clothes before i leave the house and i’m gone. I love the various positions to put baby in. it fun because as they grow you can alternate positions more and try what you like.

Leanne Summerdale, PA

Do love!

I really do like this wrap despite not having used it a bunch. My daughter didn’t care much for being carried in a wrap, but so far my son (3 weeks old) really likes it. It’s one of the only ways I can get things done during the day and get out and go for walks (not double stroller yet).The downfalls are that it’s HOT to wear. It’s been warm on our walks and we come back dripping sweat from wearing this wrap! It’s also so long and a bit more complicated to put on, although after you’ve done it a few times you start to get the hang of it.I’d buy again for sure.

Sonya Piti, GU

Still trying to figure it out

I’ve used the wrap maybe twice so far. I’m hoping it grows on me before Baby outgrows the need. I think I just need to practice. The item was shipped immediately and even got to me the day after Sandy hit, total happy surprise! A+ to the seller!

Rachelle Elm Grove, WI

Fingers Crossed

This was top at my absolute must have list! Now i have it, in Licorice which is of course just black but the name for the black Organic 1. It is supper soft…smelled sorta funny def gonna wash it b4 use…i took it out immediately to get a look at it and i have to say i did not expect it to be so HUGE…it seems a bit daunting at this point ): i saw allot of videos and reviews and i never saw how long it its….but it is incredibly long, i wish they would make it in at least 2 sizes. Bun #2 is still in the oven at the moment (almost 34wks)so we will see how quickly i catch on and its ease of use then i suppose….but for now i mean im 34 wks Prego and i have to wrap it around me at the end of the process 3 times and put a bow in it to keep it from dragging the ground(and NO i’m not vertically challenged at 5’6) and im not even petite just average so i ca imagine the displeasure of a truly petite woman with all this fabric! AHHHH! Anyways i hope i get use to it and it works well…im sure it will if not i always have my old carrier…somewhere….but those are not as soothing or as useful in my opinion.

Marylou Martensdale, IA

nice and cozy

I love the versatility of this wrap. There are a number of different configurations to use. My little one loved being in a wrap or sling, so this was a life-saver. The wrap itself is very long, so you do need to do the initial wrap before you leave the house if you’ll be using it out in public, but you get used to it. Otherwise it will probably drag on the ground at some point while getting situated. The wide shoulder straps and being able to tie it as tight as you want are the best features. Baby feels like no weight at all once they’re all wrapped up! I used mine in the cooler months, so I’m not sure how it would be during the summer in terms of coolness. I highly recommend!

Trina Locust Grove, VA

Not The Easiest To Use

I have had a tough time getting my baby to feel comfortable in this. It seems simple enough, but he’s colicky and fidgety and we struggle to get him snuggled in the right way (never have been able to). The fabric is super soft and I love that it’s organic. It’s a pretty expensive experiment for us, however. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to use it successfully someday soon…

Jade Greenbush, MI