Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Baby Carrier, Black

Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Baby Carrier, Black

A parent-favorite for its comfort, style & adaptability. The Wrap is an optimal baby carrier for infants. It is more than a carefully measured length of natural cotton with tapered ends, the MOBY Wrap is a tool to help parents and babies enjoy the world together. Tried and true, this is the classic baby wrap, offering award-winning comfort and closeness.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in USA and Imported
  • Uses the entire back and shoulders to distribute weight
  • Wide piece of fabric to wrap over both shoulders
  • Keeps baby warm while freeing both hands
  • Develops a strong and secure attachment to parents
  • Can be used for a preemie to 35 pounds child

Verified reviews


Not fantastic for the money, when there are cheaper ones out there that do the same thing but better…

I’ve carried all of my babies in wraps over the last 7 years, so have tried just about every one on the market, and I had looked forward to getting this one, as I’d heard that it was just so great. However, I’m not impressed at all. The edges don’t fit snugly at all, no matter how tightly I wrap it. It doesn’t adjust easily once it’s wrapped, so unless you "get it right" the first time, as far as tightness, you have to take it off and wrap it tighter. The fabric is WAY longer and wider than most wraps, and is really just too big. It’s enough to have to wrap the standard length wraps, but to have one even longer and even wider than the standard size, means it’s that much more a hassle to wrap properly. I had to double it over, so it wouldn’t be so wide, but then it was too hot to wear. I am not impressed for the price that they charge. I used to make and sell wraps myself, and had negative experiences with this company as I competed with them in the UK. Once I started selling a high volume of my wraps (which were essentially the same thing, only corrected the issues that Moby has with theirs), they started sending me emails, basically bullying me, trying to make me stop selling mine because I was becoming competition for them and they didn’t like it, since I was selling my wraps at half the price they were charging…So between the company itself, and the unimpressiveness of the wrap, I’d recommend going with a different brand. The Ultimate Baby Wrap is excellent, and so is the Sleepy Wrap. Any that are around 15 feet in length, made with 95% cotton, 5% lycra are perfect. I prefer 100% cotton for the natural fiber, but the 5% lycra means that it fits snugly on around baby and maintains the tightness without constantly having to retighten. Also, I’d recommend going with one that you just tie off in a knot. The ones with rings are nice, but the rings will dig into your hips if pulled in too tight, and it’s more of a hassle to do and undo…

Brooke Grover Beach, CA

Pro’s and Cons

I really wanted to like this product however,CONS1. UNCOMFORTABLE-Even though it states that it saves your back- it doesn’t. If you have or have ever had back pain- STAY AWAY. I’m young and in pretty good shape. While I was holding my 20LB son it didn’t seem to be straining my back, but when I took it off- I had the backache of a lifetime.2. TIME CONSUMING-It’s very difficult to figure out at first- but when you get the hang of it, it still sucks. There’s just too much looping and pulling. if it’s hot or cold outside the last thing you want to do is take the baby out and have to spend 5 minutes getting this thing on.3. INCONVINIENT-If you have a little mover- this is impossible. The baby will get inpatient and squirm furiously.PROS1. You get to keep baby close2. No lugging a stroller everywhere

Colleen Crocheron, MD

God Send

I love this wrap. I can put her in it and go grocery shopping and out and about with out having to carry her car seat with me or stroller. She fits comfortably and safely and it keeps unwanted people from touching her (she hasn’t had her vaccinations yet). Once you memorize how to put it on it is easy. Our little one is only 7 weeks so I haven’t used any of the other carrying options yet. Can’t wait to though!

Beth Tyro, KS

Love this carrier pre-baby

Our baby has not been born yet, but after receiving it, playing with it and watching some you-tube videos, I’m sold!My only worry is the hot summers we are about to encounter, but with air conditioning, I should be able to wear him a lot inside.

Muriel Oxbow, OR

Great product

By the time this wrap was referred to me by a close friend, my little one had already grown out of the inward facing position (to my sadness)…but she absolutely loves to face outwards! I also have another carrier, but she much prefers this one and so do I. It is so easy to take her in and out, especially when traveling…great for airports

Stacy Easton, PA

Awesome product! (Once you get the hang of it)

We were given an Ergo baby carrier prior to having a baby. We bought the infant insert so we could use it when he reached 8 lbs. it’s an awesome product but so bulky to wear around the house to do chores. We decided when he was seven weeks to purchase this Moby.I was very intimidated from the reviews and felt I may have wasted money on it out I was unable to get the hang on of it. Right after purchasing I hopped on YouTube and watched a few if the vids just get and idea. When it arrived I did a few test runs and finally put baby in it. He’s already lifting his head so it was suggested to do the Kangaroo Hold vice the Newborn hold (which he squirmed in). Once we found that out it has been great!! I can actually do things around the house that I couldn’t with the Ergo (like reach in front of me).I gave it a four stars because at first putting it on is time consuming and a little confusing. Just be sure to look up the official vids to learn the different carrying positions.** If you’re ever wanting to be out and about just put it on before leaving the house. It’s been three days since we received it and it takes me less time to put him in it than the Ergo w/ Infant insert.

Merle Rhineland, MO

Great all around baby wrap!

I love this wrap just know it takes some getting used to at first. I found videos on YouTube for how to use it and that helped a lot. It’s not easy to get into (as the parent) so you have to plan ahead for if you want to use it out and about. Lots of different ways to wear baby & it’s the best I’ve found for wearing baby face out (although they do not recommend this position). It’s the only way my baby would go in a baby carrier. Also doesn’t dig into baby’s legs like other carriers do that have baby facing out.

Marisol Webster, FL

Very Functional

My six month old granddaughter loves it and it really saves my bad back. It takes some patients putting it on, but worth it.

Gloria Onslow, IA

Good carrier for small babies

This is the first and only carrier I have ever used so I can’t compare it to others. I did like this carrier up until my baby was about 6-7 months old, at which point she hit 20 lbs and was just too heavy for this to provide proper support and wearing her began to hurt my back. But I do recommend it for babies who are light enough. After you learn all the different wraps (if you want to learn more than what is in the book check out Youtube; plenty of moms with lots of time on their hands have come up with mannnnny more wraps) it is quick and easy to get on.Some moms will say that in order to use this in public they put in on before they leave and wear it out, but I am not the kind of person who is going to walk out of the house wearing this. It was a struggle, but after you get the hang of it it is possible to put this on in the car or after you get out without it touching the ground.I live in Florida and this was hot enough for both baby and I inside of the house, but when we went outside in the heat it was unbearable. It probably didn’t help that I have the black one, but I think it is the type of fabric as well. For those who say the fabric isn’t stretchy enough, I found it to be very flexible but again I don’t have anything else to compare it to.Once your baby is big enough to old their head up and move around it does feel a little less secure and I wouldn’t really call it hands-free. If you are doing anything other than walking around upright (like shopping or taking a walk or something), the baby is in your way. If you bend over you have to support them with a hand, and if you’re trying to use your hands like to do dishes or fold laundry it isn’t exactly easy to do it with the baby hanging in front of you (especially when they’re trying to grab everything in their reach, which is pretty much anything that is in your reach).As far as breastfeeding, I did get the hang of one of the wraps that you can breastfeed in but my baby really didn’t like having her head inside of the fabric. It was both restrictive and hot for her, I think. But what you can do is take the baby out and just use the wrap as a cover. She never would let me put a blanket over my shoulder to conceal her eating, but she didn’t seem to mind when I used the wrap to cover her partially.I would recommend this carrier to moms of smaller babies. It is comfortable and easy to use.

Charlene Spring City, TN

not impressed

lets see, it takes way too long to put on, it takes way too long to put baby in and my baby hates it and when she is finally inside it she wiggles and hates it even more and it is way too bulky for me to feel like i can get anything done. dunno what the hype about this product is, it is pretty bad.

Kristina Greensburg, LA