Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Baby Carrier, Red

Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Baby Carrier, Red

A parent-favorite for its comfort, style and adaptability. The Wrap is an optimal baby carrier for infants. It is more than a carefully measured length of natural cotton with tapered ends, the MOBY Wrap is a tool to help parents and babies enjoy the world together. Tried and true, this is the classic, best selling baby wrap, offering award-winning comfort and closeness.

Main features

  • Uses the entire back and shoulders to the distribute weight
  • Wide piece of fabric to wrap over both shoulders
  • Keeps baby warm while freeing both hands
  • Develops a strong and secure attachment to parents
  • Can be used for a preemie to 35 pounds child

Verified reviews


My Favorite Wrap!(and my daughters)

Ive had this wrap for over 2 months now and i would’ve gone mad without it. My daughter absolutely LOVES this. she falls asleep almost instantly when she’s in it. at first i had to be walking around for her to fall asleep, but now she just goes right to sleep even if i’m just sitting down.(shes in it right now fast asleep)some people might complain about how long and complicated it is to put on but it REALLY takes me about 15 seconds to put on, then another 15 to get her in all nice and snug. i had a normal baby carrier that with all the buckles and such and adjustments it took WAY longer. This wrap also allows SO many different positions. when i know my daughter wants to be awake and checking things out i face her out, and vice versa facing in. so far her favorite is the hug hold and lotus hold. but theres about 8 different holds which is great because not every baby is the same and might like something else.before purchasing this wrap i was trying to decide between this and the maya(i bought the maya about a month ago) and boy do i love the moby more! ill wear the maya around the house but it doesnt hold my daughter as secure as the moby. i ALWAYS wear the moby when i shop or go out or when my daughter is tired because she cant get comfortable and fall asleep in the maya.OVERALL GET THE MOBY! I recommend it to EVERYONE and many people have come up to me and asked me what they heck i was wearing!

Kimberly Rock Springs, WY

Great for new babies especially!

I bough this wrap because my newborn wanted to be held constantly during his first couple months.Pros:- Can accommodate a number of different types of front and back holds.- It is very comfortable to wear; as the wide fabric over the shoulder distributes the infants weight nicely.- It can really snuggle your infant in good. You can even pull the fabric over the baby’s head a little to block light.- My boy would sleep in this for a couple hours at a time when he was newborn to 8 weeks old.- Washes up easilyCons:- Takes a bit of time to get used to putting on; at first it’s hard to get everything on tight enough but not too tight.- Takes too long to put on and take off.- The long length of fabric always ends up dragging on the floor as you put it on. Maybe not normally a big deal but it really sucked while camping.- Too Bulky to stick in a diaper bag.- As my baby got bigger it was too restraining for him and took too much fooling around to get him in it.I really never used this wrap again after my baby was 12 weeks old or so. I ended up getting aHotslings Sweet Pea Size 3instead. This sling takes two seconds to put on, is small enough for my purse. It’s not as comfortable as the Moby sling but it is wonderful for portability and works great with babies that can hold their heads up. My little boy loves to ride in the hip sling position. One disadvantage for the hotsling is that they are sized (you and your husband might need different sizes.)

Jayne Irons, MI

Get a Hotsling and/or a Beco Gemini (or an Ergo)

I have a lot of carriers–the Hotsling Adjustable, the Moby Wrap, the Baby Bjorn, the Ergo, and the Beco Gemini. If I had to do it over again, I’d go with just the Beco Gemini, and maybe the Hotsling.The Beco Gemin is superior to the Ergo because of its versatility. I will say that I like the hood on the Ergo better than the pop-up collar on the Gemini, especially for privacy when nursing (I’m sorry I waited so long to try nursing in the carrier…once I was brave enough to do it, it was so easy!) or when the baby is sleeping. I also miss the Ergo front pocket on the Gemini. The buckle for the Ergo is easier to unlock one-handed. But the cons of the Gemini stop there, and are far out-weighed by the fact that I can do front-facing or inward facing with the Gemini.My son loves facing outward, especially now at 13 months, but even when he was much younger, if he was awake, he wanted to face out. The Ergo was only okay for him if he was taking a nap or nursing–then it was great–but the Gemini does the same thing, and does outward. Before I bought the Gemini, I was toting along the Baby Bjorn (incredibly uncomfortable and not ergonomic! but does outward facing) or the Moby (don’t love it for outward facing–getting my son to sit lotus-style was hard, and if I didn’t tuck his feet up, it didn’t feel as secure, not to mention the incredible amount of fabric that dragged the floor while I had to set him down to put it on…to much work!). I already tote enough with the stroller and diaper bag…two carriers is too much.I loved the Hotsling far more than the Moby when he was a newborn, but he did outgrow it. I never found the sitting position on the side for the Hotsling to be easy or secure, but maybe I just never mastered it, once he was too big for the sling. But the Moby did not get much use at all. I got the Ergo around when he was 4 months, and from that point on, it was my preferred carrier–if I’d had it when he was younger, maybe I wouldn’t have loved the sling so much.The Moby Wrap has far too much fabric. It’s hard to remember how to use, but you do get the hang of it the more you do it….that’s not my problem. My biggest problem was I couldn’t be holding my baby while I put it on, unlike the Hotsling, Ergo, or Beco Gemini, and the fabric was always dragging on the dirty floor.We did a lot of baby carrying in the early months, as he was not a good sleeper and slept only while being worn or on the go, so I got my use out of the Hotsling and the Ergo…but once he was older, and he was awake for longer periods, it was hard that I couldn’t rely on the Ergo…and that’s when I found the Gemini. I invested in it even though I already had the Ergo because I knew I’d get my use out of it, assuming it was comfortable.Comfort wise, the Beco Gemini is absolutely just as comfortable as the Ergo. I can do without the pocket, and I can use a blanket if I miss the hood for privacy while nursing, but I don’t have to carry a second carrier anymore, and for that, I love it.I will say the Gemini and the Ergo are both great for air travel–you can’t wear the baby in a carrier during take-off or landing, which means you have to unhook the baby if he is sleeping. Fortunately, with both the Ergo and the Gemini, you can unhook the buckle behind your neck and slip your arms out while still holding the baby close, so he won’t wake….or at least that worked for me! Love both for air travel!

Alissa Glenwood, IL

Waste of money

I recently bought this item thinking it would be ideal for my 2 month old daughter. It was a complete waste of money. I actually threw it in the trash at an airport because I was tired of it.It’s impossible to manage unless you’re at home putting it on. In public it just rolls on the floor while you put it on, picking up all sorts of dirt and germs. You can’t wrap it on when it’s just you and your little one unless you have somewhere to put the baby. When it arrived, I practiced putting it on and tried the different styles. My daughter was okay with being in it but certainly didn’t love it. I kept putting her in it at home to get used to it. She never did.Also, it does not fit in a diaper bag. Forget trying to get it back in the little bag it comes in! You can’t wear it through airport security, so you have to wait to put it on. It makes breastfeeding more difficult because it takes up your entire chest. (The breastfeeding hold doesn’t make it easier.) It’s so big and thick that it makes you hot.You’d be better off buying another sling/carrier that is smaller. I wish I’d never bought one.

Jane Fort Kent Mills, ME

Five star product, once you are able to put it on

The Mobi is basically a long, narrow, stretchy length of fabric, and to put it on you must a) fold it in half down the long middle, basically forming a 15 foot long taco, then b) wrap that taco around, up, and over various parts of your body in a precise and complex way without b1) twisting it or b2) unfolding it. If it twists or comes unfolded then the entire concept fails, as your openings and support wraps don’t work if they are not perfectly folded in half with no twists whatsoever.If Person A puts the Mobi on Person B, this works great, however, this assumes that neither person is holding a squawling, squiggling infant. However, if Person A wants to put the Mobi on by themselves, this requires putting the baby down somewhere else and engaging in a combination of yoga, sudoku, gymnastics, interpretive dance, and waterboarding.If the concept of this product was to put it on once in the morning and leave it on all day, this might work, but that’s not the case in our household. The person using the Mobi varies multiple times a day, and for a product that is supposed to make life more convenient the logistical barrier of putting it on properly completely defeats (in my estimation) the inarguable convenience achieved once you get the stupid thing on.All that being said, my wife has asked that I share her view, which is that she loves the Mobi regardless of any logistical hassles. I love the *idea* of the Mobi, but the complex and error-fraught process of putting it on makes it a logistical fail for me.

Beatriz Green Village, NJ

Baby likes it but prefers the Bjorn

My baby loves to be held/worn. We have the Baby Bjorn (hand me down from my sister), which he likes, but it gets heavy for me after a while, so I decided to try the Moby Wrap. It took me a few tries to get it down correctly, I think at first i had him wrapped too tight. He does like it and its comfortable for me. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that it takes longer to put on than the Bjorn and he gets pretty hot in it. I recently left the Bjorn at a friends house and it took a few weeks to get it back, he was just fine using the Moby in the meantime. Its also a nice alternative when traveling because it takes up WAY less space than the Bjorn. Overall, I don’t like it quite as well but we’re still glad we have it!

Tamika Canton, MO

Wonderful feeling

I’m new to “babywearing,” and just got my Moby Wrap. I found the instructions so simple– within 3 minutes of opening the package, I already had my baby all wrapped and secure. She was asleep about a minute later. :)I’ve used the Baby Bjorn until now, and there’s no comparison. It’s so nice to have the baby wrapped in just smooth fabric, no clasps or buckles or edges to worry about. I highly recommend giving this a try.

Eve Blaine, WA

If you live in a warm climate, not so good.

I bought this because of the high user ratings / comments & a recommendation from my Doula. I also love the idea of wrapping him on because it seems more organic and natural.THE GOOD
• Might be decent to use once the weather turns really cool (winter time).THE BAD
• Too bulky:: Even with directions, I found the Moby tedious to handle and tie due to its bulk and length.
• Thick material:: The material wasn’t very breathable due to the thick cotton. In the S. California climate I live in, it can get pretty warm during the day and this just creates way too much heat.OVERALL
• If I lived in a mostly cool/cold climate this might work for me but I don’t. I put the Moby in storage and currently using (and very satisfied with) a Baby Bjorn carrier.

Antoinette Lynco, WV

I liked the idea, but not the execution

I wanted some way to wear my baby that would be comfortable for both of us. A few friends recommended moby and moby style wraps, so I got this with high hopes. My son and I both found it cumbersome, hot, and constricting. Maybe we weren’t doing something right, but he hated.*There are SO many layers of material, once you finally manage to get the damned thing on properly, that the both of you will be sweating like proverbial professional women in a church before long.*Actually getting the thing ON is way too much like work, and if you want to nurse in it, it takes even more finagling and adjustment. I never managed to successfully nursed in my moby wrap. It could be that I am too well endowed to nurse in a wrap, but the way the wrap squashed my son against me made it impossible for him to nurse without having his entire face mashed into my breast. Suffocation is not exactly a positive side effect of breastfeeding.*On the subject of squashing, I never managed to find a happy medium for this thing. Either we both felt constricted, or it was too loose for me to feel confident wearing it. My son wasn’t, I guess, normal in the constriction department. Rather than being soothed by swaddling and confining wraps, he would throw an absolute conniption.I think some of our issues may have been worked out with practice, but the thing is so time consuming to put on and arrange, and I was so sweaty and tired after wrestling with the wrap and the baby, plus the wrap at the waist pressed directly into my c-section which was unpleasant for quite some time after I was (per the doctor) healed enough for normal activity, that I just didn’t have the patience to keep trying at it. My baby threw a fit every time he was in it, and that stressed me out completely. I just didn’t have the stamina for this method.He did like a sling carrier when he was very young. He was a very long and large baby (22 in at birth), so the sling didn’t last long before that started to make him feel constricted as well, and a sling isn’t as secure as the moby, which was a drawback for actually accomplishing much in the way of errands and/or chores while wearing the baby… which kind of was the whole purpose.I finally hit on something that did (and does) work for us. It’s a mei tai, or Asian Baby Carrier. I found a free tutorial online, and it was a screaming success. I am NOT an accomplished seamstress by any stretch of the imagination, but this was pretty simple construction, and only took a couple hours to put together, one the pieces had been cut. Hip carry isn’t very comfortable for us, but front and back carry are incredibly comfortable. My husband has 3 ruptured discs in his lower back, and even he can carry our son in the mei tai for short periods. I can get it on and off in under 2 minutes. There are no complicated wrappings, twistings, or turnings. My son’s legs are free, and he can get his arms in and out if he wants to, which makes him very happy. He’s content to hang out in the mei tai for longer than I’m content to wear him. He weighs 30 lbs now, so he’s quite a load, but the mei tai lets me carry him with very little effort. I can even squat, bend (with care, I mean gravity does still work), wash dishes, make the beds, I’ve even put on my shoes with him in the mei tai with no problems.Of course, everyone is different, so what works for us may not work for someone else, and it seems quite a lot of people love the moby. We didn’t.

Ruby Durant, IA

Entirely too complicated

This was entirely too complicated use it a whopping 2 times. I would spend 20 minutes each time trying to place it and my baby correctly and still did not feel safe carrying her around in it. Conceptually it seems awesome, but way too much work than i really want to spend when there are other products that are cheaper, faster, easier, and that my baby liked more. I preferred a baby carrier instead.

Jasmin Haskell, OK


I read so many good reviews on this and bought it. Very very disappointed and pissed off. The baby didn’t like it. It was too uncomfortable for him. He was barely a month old. The material is sooo bad. My husband washed it and came back shrunk! I couldn’t wrap it around my waist anymore and I’m not a big girl. I’m average size. I just lost $60 bucks for this crap. Better to buy a real baby carrier at BabiesRUs or something. They should make this preshrunk.

Socorro North Oxford, MA

unwieldy and baby doesn’t always love it.

I bought this on the passionate recommendations I received from friends who are new moms and my doula. These are my problems with it:- extremely unwieldy. it’s been 7 weeks of my using it and i’m still just starting to get used to putting it on. every time i put it on, it’s different, sometimes too loose, sometimes too tight. my baby fights me when i try to put her in and it’s too tight. she fights me when i have her in and it’s too loose. my point is, it’s tricky to get it consistent, so it takes time for me to get it right often having to take the baby out to adjust. also, when you are outside, putting it on can be a challenge without dragging the fabric on a dirty sidewalk or floor.- we overheat. my baby consistently overheats when she is in the moby. we have used it mostly in a cool indoor setting, and she still overheats. i have to make sure she is wearing minimal clothing before i put her in. but after she’s fallen asleep and i want to put her down for the night, i have to put clothing back on her and that poses the danger of waking her up when i’m putting a shirt or sock on her.

April Dulles, VA

So wonderful

I hesitated to buy this because I’d heard they were difficult to learn….so glad I bought this. It was an absolutely lifesaver when my daughter was having clingy phases & wanted to be held all day long. A few YouTube videos for instructions and you’ll be all set. It’s so so easy 🙂

Trudy Dawson, MN

Not easy enough to use

I know people love this thing but my husband and I never felt like we could get it tight enough to feel that she was secure in it. Granted, we only practiced with it a few times but in my opinion, if I need to practice with something, with a newborn in my house, it’s not user friendly. Thus, we gave up on it and returned it for something we could easily just throw her in.

Marilyn Wathena, KS

Great gift for new parents

I bought this Moby wrap as an expectant parent gift, after having lots of fun with my own Moby. The recipient is very pleased. Happy to spread the babywearing love.

Bethany Tower City, ND

Like the moby, hate the color!

I thought this “Pacific” was more of a blue color, but it’s more of a dark teal green. Not happy but didn’t want the hassle of an exchange. The reviews are true… it looks intimidating at first, but then you get the hang of it. Of course, it’s basically just one long strip of stretchy fabric!

Leann New Palestine, IN

seems good

a niece had one of these and liked it so my wife bought it for a friend and her baby shower

Sydney Hawthorne, NJ

I bought for a friend

I had one of these after my son was born and just loved it. When my friend mentioned her new baby was super fussy and always wanted to be held IU bought her one immediately. She is still getting used to getting it on, but I know she will love it once she gets the hang of it.

Jade Bradley, ME

Nice but not my favorite

It works well but is difficult to put on properly. I struggle with the super long fabric and never seem to get it on tight enough to really support baby. It’s also very hot in warm weather. I much prefer the other style of wrap carriers that have no stretch and much less fabric, ie. Mei Tai.

Anita Whaleyville, MD

I hate it, and my baby hates it.

On recommendation from a friend, and based on so many rave reviews, I registered for the Moby Wrap. I’m glad I got it as a gift and didn’t spend money on it myself.Complicated to figure out/not convenient to use:Putting it on was easy enough to figure out. As other reviewers mentioned, the long piece of fabric drags on the floor when you are trying to put it on. When I do finally get it on, it never quite looks as neat as in the photos or videos. The fabric is more bunched up and twisted by the time I’m done. Taking it off is a chore and a half. And, as others have stated, storing the wrap when not in use is not easy either.I had to watch the instructional video online several times to figure out how to put my baby in, and never really got it down to memory. This thing is super frustrating, not convenient to use, and I have never successfully used it with my baby.Baby’s not comfortable:When I *think* I’ve figured out how to put my baby in and try to put my baby in the wrap, he hates it, and looks uncomfortable. But note that I’ve only tried the newborn hug hold. I didn’t try the regular hug hold because he was too small, and now that he’s big enough, I don’t even want to bother with the hassle of putting the wrap on because I’ve moved on to other more convenient to use baby carriers.One size does not fit all:As long as the fabric is, this wrap is still more ideal for people who are of smaller build. I am 5’3″, and postpartum currently about a size 12. I can get the wrap around me once, just barely (it’d be better if I could do an extra wrap around my waist, but I’m currently too big for that). Right after birth it was worse. I could only knot in the back, I couldn’t even bring it around to the front even one time to knot it in the front. I don’t see how an average man could wear this wrap. I’m not sure if my husband would be able to put this on– not that he would ever have the patience to.In terms of a wrap type carrier, I much prefer to use a Mei Tai style carrier– it’s much easier to put on, and my baby prefers it as well.

Aimee Rockfield, KY

Great product

This is a great wrap. Even my husband will wear it! It does take a bit of practice getting it on though, and it’s REALLY hot. I don’t recommend it as your primary sling for the hottest months of the year. It will be great this fall though!

Tanya Graves Mill, VA

I suppose it works for some people, but not for me.

I assumed that those reviewers that complained about how difficult this wrap is to use were just not trying hard enough, but I stand corrected. I know exactly how to put the wrap on, but when it comes to sliding in a 2 month, that is a different matter altogether. Invariably, the baby either won’t go in smoothly, or the pockets are two shallow or deep. Most attempts were complete failures, and in order to try again you have to lay down the baby, and completely re-wrap. On two occasions I had him in what seemed to be an OK position, but he looked squished, and didn’t exactly know what he thought of it. I also tried the position in which he faces me, and that was OK, but it seemed a tad tight and interfered with my breathing. Now, one may say that I should have loosened it — duh. But if I did, the baby would have been practically hanging off of my belly. I spent some time reclining on the couch, and without the pull of gravity the fit seemed OK. The baby slept really well for quite a long time. But when I finally stood, the wrap had loosened, and it was now too loose. This wrap is definitely not a “turn-key” solution for those wishing to tote their babies around. I decided that results were more important to me than acquiring the special Moby talent, so I just bought a Beco Baby Carrier Gemini, and I should get it on Friday.

Rosemarie Kermit, WV

Love my Moby!

Man I love this thing. I wasn’t horribly thrilled about paying so much for a chunk of fabric, but once I got it and used it, I loved it. I have my first baby and have never "worn" a baby before, so I didn’t know what I was doing. I looked online and learned about different types of wraps, slings, and carriers. It seems a general consensus that stretchy wraps are great for beginners so I went with a well known brand and got this. It looks intimidating but I watched the video on the website the shows you how to put it on, which made it a lot easier. It is a big ol’ pain to put it on in public because it’s so long, but I still love it. My little guy hated having his head tucked inside but other than that he seems to like it. I wore him while vacuuming one day and he actually fell asleep. He’s almost 7 months old and on the bigger side, but I still carry him in it occasionally and he and I are both very comfortable. I prefer wearing him over carrying him if it’s going to be a while. I like that this keeps my little dude in line with my center of gravity, makes me way more comfortable! I also love the it’s so supportive of his little hips. I chose the moss color and it’s great, I love it!! Keep the bag too and take note of how you unfold it the first time!! I found a youtube video of how to fold it to get it back in the bag. Her technique was a little off but I figured out one extra fold and it fits perfectly back in the bag! Handy dandy!

Arlene Towson, MD

Total disappointment-don’t understand the rave reviews!

My baby was fussy and spitting up at 3 weeks. Pulled out the Moby and fought the 12 foot long unmanageable contraption that when finally put together properly (which seemed to take much longer than I remembered when I tried it before baby was born) the baby screamed the whole time and in the end I was exhausted, muscles strained and the baby hated it and spit up all over me and him and the Moby several times.I have always been good with instructions and putting things together and taking them apart. I’m not one of those people that can’t handle something complicated. If your are taller than 5’2 then maybe the yards of fabric won’t be so unmanageable and suffocating. Overall a HUGE disappointment for me.

Grace New Lebanon, IN

A must for every mom

The hospitals should give these out to every new mom as they leave to go home! Only 4 mos pregnant and cannot wait to use this! Very easy to wrap, most holds are used with one wrap method and this is a huge plus in my book. The wrap came in a nice cotton bag for storage in the matching fabric color. The material is soft and light, very breathable.***Update! My little girl is 8 months now and we still love our Moby. I may not have been able to use it much recently since it is winter, but I carry her when I’m outside with my other kids. Baby feels so weightless in it, the wrap is so comfortable to wear I forget that I have it on! I’ve received many compliments on it! Very easy to wash when it needs it! Baby carriers aren’t for everyone, but if you want something simple and comfortable, this really is it!

Jessica Friendship, IN

didn’t work out for me

I gave birth in July and I live in the South, so it is unbearable hot to wear this, add the wrapping technique and you get a very very very frustrated and sweaty me (I don’t sweat almost at all). My daughter hated being in the Moby wrap. Thanks to a friend of mine who gave me Over the Shoulder Baby Holder I get to carry my baby around other wise I wouldn’t have. I hope I can sell it to at least make something out of it, I have worn it maybe 5 times in 3mo 🙁 I know it works for some people but not me…

Louella Sierra City, CA

Not Sure It’s For Everyone

I am 5’6″ and weighed 230 pounds at three months postpartum when I ordered this wrap. I tried it with my baby and after all the wrapping there was barely enough material left at the end to tie. I don’t have a large chest but was still sporting a postpartum belly, however, I don’t think that made much of a difference. I didn’t like that and the fact that there was really no give. I like the idea of this wrap and even though I wasn’t happy with the material, my baby felt more secure in this wrap than any other carrier I’ve tried (Maya, Bjorn, Hotsling, Peanut). I think I will try the Sleepy Baby Wrap which is stretchier.

Casey Wolf Creek, MT

Baby Didn’t Like It & Confusing

With all of those wonderful reviews, my wife bought the wrap for our cranky 7-week old baby. Unfortunately, we returned it right away. The procedure to wrap and unwrap is a bit complicated and your baby needs to be pretty comfortable just “hanging out” while you hold him/her and spin the fabric around you. Speaking of which the product is literally just a long roll of fabric, cut to the proper dimensions of course and made from really soft material, but their is no magic happening here. Unfortunately we ended up returning this product after two days of failed attempts to really get the wrap snug and the baby didn’t really enjoy being in any of the positions suggested in the manual. A bit disappointed because the baby does enjoy being in “standard” carriers with buckles and clamps.

Yolanda Deer Park, AL

tricky at first, a breeze at second…

yes, it’s more fabric than you can imagine (but manageable!), and it takes practice but my baby is so content in this wrap that I wear it around the house regularly.**TIP: When going out, wear the wrap before you get into the car. That way when you get to your destination, all you have to do is tuck Baby into place. Trust me, it sure beats struggling to tie a wrap in a parking lot or if you’re caught in yucky weather.

Jerri Pope A F B, NC

Wonderful Product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although, I ended up returning this product back to amazon, I got it at babies r us for 20% cheaper. I love this wrap. it really helped when I travelled with my daughter by plane because of all the security check point. I was skeptical at first because of how long the wrap is once you take it out of the package. But once you wrap it around your body, oh it is way better than the any other carriers all hands down!!!!!

Pamala Chimacum, WA