Moby Wrap UV SPF 50+ 100% Cotton Baby Carrier, Sand

Moby Wrap UV SPF 50+ 100% Cotton Baby Carrier, Sand

Baby-wearing is a time-tested tradition, and the Moby Wrap UV makes comfort, style and UV protection a priority. It’s everything you love about Moby Wrap plus added SPF 50+ to protect delicate skin. Be uniquely close to your baby with the comfortable and secure Moby Wrap. Made of a wide piece of 100% natural cotton treated with the patented RayosanTM with no buckles, snaps or other fasteners, the wrap carries the weight of your baby using your entire back. Baby is secured by three sections of fabric for triple-wrapped security. The Moby Wrap UV is especially suited to protect baby’s skin before the recommended age for sunscreen use. Includes an easy-to-follow instructional booklet that contains wrapping instructions and safety information. It’s easy to care for: simply machine wash. For ages newborn and up; up to 35 lbs.

Main features

  • Uses the entire back and shoulders to the distribute weight
  • Wide piece of fabric to wrap over both shoulders
  • Keeps baby warm while freeing both hands
  • Develops a strong and secure attachment to parents
  • Protect that delicate skin with our unique 50+ SPF wrap that blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful rays

Verified reviews


Comfortable for me, son not so crazy about it

When we first started wearing our son, my husband preferred the Baby Bjorn, but I found this much more comfortable, and my son seemed to enjoy/tolerate the Moby wrap slightly better. By the time he was three months old, though, he had a clear preference for the Baby Bjorn (especially once he could face out), and while the Moby is still much more comfortable for me, I’m using the Bjorn now because my son likes it so much better. I tried multiple positions in the Moby, including all the facing-out ones, but for now, at any rate, he prefers the Bjorn. The wrap is more confining, so I think if you have a baby who likes/doesn’t mind being swaddled, the wrap may work well (we stopped attempting to swaddle our son when he was a week old).Overall, I think this is a good product, and I have friends who prefer it to the Baby Bjorn, but be warned that the “best” baby carrier will depend mainly on the baby. The book that accompanies it has clear instructions, the wrap washes well, travels/stores easily, is attractive, is simple to use, and is very comfortable for the adult.

Concetta Big Falls, WI


If I wanted a piece of fabric that stretched to the neighbors house I would just buy that at walmart. This thing is ridiculously long and a waste of material. My baby hated it and we were sweating in 5 minutes.I returned it ASAP and bought a balboa baby sling and love it!

Dixie Saint Paul, OR

Kinda cumbersome

Put on baby registry and received as a gift. It takes a few minutes to put on but the more you do it the easier it gets. Helped me feel secure in taking newborn out but did not help my body image/self esteem after recently given birth because it waz kinda bulky. I feel like i have to plan it as part of my outfit, but i did pick this one because i liked the color and design, but I can never get it to look like the picture. If I knew I was going to be out walking for a while, like hiking or at a festival, i’d probably wear it. But mostly i need it to walk the dog, but it takes longer to get ready with it than it takes to walk the dog. When my baby was 2mo i purchased the moby sling instead because it was easier to use, esp when shopping. I’m also 5 foot tall so this moby wrap just seemed so long and bulky for me. she’s 5 months now and its fall time so we plan on going to some festivals and hiking so i think i’ll try it again. I also had purchased a sling from seven, and i use it almost everyday when walking the dog or if she wakes up when in the stroller when i’m shopping. but she is getting more wiggly so i might like the security of the moby wrap again. i was just so disappointed with it early on because of how it made me feel, and as a new mom i needed something that made me fell more confident in myself and my abilities to be a mom.

Dominique Boulder, MT


As a midwife I thought I would love this Moby Wrap. I ended up reselling it at a consignment shop, it was too bulky and not comfortable. It looked wierd.

Tonya Delta, AL

Really stretchy fabric doesn’t hold shape well

I know a lot of people love the Moby, but I am just not a fan. My baby really doesn’t like it and I find that the stretchy fabric becomes too loose after wearing it for a short amount of time. I am also short/petite and after wearing baby in it for a few minutes, my back really starts to hurt. I know people who love their Moby wraps, but I just don’t care for it.

Terry Chapman, AL

Not worth the money

The wrap kept riding up while pulling my shirt up regardless of how tight or loose I tied the wrap. In addition, when I placed my baby in the wrap it would immediately begin stretching out whereby providing little to no support. I bought it because of the great reviews but have no idea why it has good reviews. I was well within the weight limits with regard to my baby (on the lower end) and can only surmise the stretching would be worse for a heavier baby. Its also super long and unless you have furniture you can put the extra material on (while wrapping it around yourself) then it would end up being dragged on the floor.

Susie Pullman, WA

Not so impressed

I guess it must be an individual preference type thing, and I can see why people would like this, but for me it just didn’t feel secure. I didn’t have a problem with the complexity of wrapping it, but the wrap itself is sooo long that I have to put it on while standing by the bed or couch, so that the ends don’t end up on the floor. I only used it when my baby was about one month old, and she was tiny, but I felt like the wrap wasn’t secure enough. Also, she would either be nestled in too deeply, or look/feel like she was about to fall out. I really wanted to like it because I liked the idea of baby-wearing (and she LOVES to be held), but I ended up using it only once or twice.

Frankie Raleigh, WV

AMAZING for reflux babies

First, the color is exactly as shown, even cuter. It isn’t like Pepto Bismol at all. Second, you won’t look as cute as the picture wearing it. I’m 5’4″ and 135 lbs after 2 kids and I still like a little retarded wearing it. That being said, however, it is a LIFESAVER. #2 had severe reflux (we didn’t know it for 3 months) and is lactose intolerant (we didn’t know THAT for 2 months) so I was using the Moby to put her to sleep and calm her down. Even with the INTENSE crying that comes with reflux/lactose issues I could put her in this and she’d calm down within 10 minutes. I actually slept on the couch with her in it several times because she’d wake up if we put her down flat. It can absolutely be hot, but it was a small price to pay for how comfortable it was. We had a bjorn with my 1st and she AND I hated that thing. Uncomfortable and it just never fit either of us right. The Moby is completely different. I really didn’t have any trouble learning how to put it on, you do it once and its basically 2nd nature after that. The trick I found was that you start out wrapping it a LOT tighter than you’d think you should. I basically wrap it with like 1/4″ between my body and the first wrap around the tummy, and from there it stays pretty tight. If I do it like that I don’t find myself readjusting it. My girl prefers it tighter though. I love that I can literally bend over with it and her head doesn’t flop around and she barely comes away from my body. Makes cleaning up the house REALLY easy. Even now, that we’ve got #2 on reflux meds and soy, if she starts fussing or fighting sleep I can put her in this and she’s out in <2 mins. I wouldn’t trade it! My SIL had a 9 week preemie and we’ve even put her in it. She calmed down immediately and fit in it really nicely. I’m not sure how comfortable it’d be with a LARGE baby (my girl is in the 25%) but I think it’d ALWAYS be better than a bjorn or other hard carrier. I’d totally recommend giving it a try, and having someone wrap you who has done it a bunch the first time you try it. You can play with the tightness from there. If it feels uncomfortable, you don’t have it wrapped tight enough. When its wrapped well, its like 2nd skin!

Abby Dover, PA

Not Just For “Crunchy” Moms

I initially resisted the Moby Wrap because I thought it was for the type of moms who use cloth diapers, co-sleep, etc., of which I do none. However, after my baby continued to cry day after day unless I was holding her (much to the downfall of my housekeeping) I decided to give it a try. I wish I had purchased it sooner! As soon as I placed my daughter in the wrap, she fell right to sleep. I also thought the wrap would be difficult to put on or tie, but after only one or two attempts I felt pretty confident with my ability to do it properly. All in all the Moby Wrap is very comfortable, and doesn’t dig into my shoulders like a traditionally styled carrier. Both my daughter and I are very happy!

Cristina Ghent, MN

Not as good as Sleepy Wrap

I really wanted to like the Moby, but it just seemed really heavy and stiff and long. My baby never really liked it and would often complain when I put him into it. Also, if he wasn’t positioned just right it was really hard to reposition him or to fold the top parts down so his face was visible. I ended up trying a Sleepy Wrap instead and liked it so much better. It’s shorter and the material is thinner and more manageable, and most importantly, it’s stretchy. It seems so much easier to put my baby in there and he seems more comfortable. I’ve heard that the stretchiness makes it more difficult to carry a heavier child, but I figure I can always get a different wrap after a year. The Sleepy Wrap also seems much more comfortable for me when the baby isn’t in it – with the Moby I always felt like I was wearing a heavy curtain! I wish I had gotten a Sleepy Wrap right away!

Stacie Troy, NY

Favorite carrier and must have baby item!

I purchased my Moby while my son was still in the NICU and used it pretty soon after he came home at 5lbs 6oz. The Moby (like most other carriers) is rated for 8lbs and up but I found my son was very secure and comfy and slept well in it. Currently my son is 14lbs and we still use the Moby all the time. Here are a few pros and cons:PROS:- Easily customizable. No straps or buckles to adjust. It just ties on and adjusts to any body and baby size.- Baby is very secure. No arm or leg holes to slide out of or get pinched in.- Easy to wash and dry- Folds up nicely for travel- No buckles, zippers, plastic, etc. I like that the whole thing is soft.- More weight distribution. I wear mine in the “flat” style so the shoulder straps cover more of my shoulders. This, plus the criss-cross and waist wrap help distribute his weight better. I have a Mei Tai and that one is a lot less comfortable to me.CONS:- Like any carrier, having the baby pressed up against you can be hot. Because the Moby is all fabric, it can get sweaty in the summer. I just dress myself and the baby in less layers.- Takes some practice to get on and put the baby in. This is definitely not a deal-breaker though. Took me a few times and now I’m a pro.- Tails drag when it’s being put on. This is probably the biggest drawback but again, not a deal-breaker. When you are putting the Moby on, because it’s so long, the tails drag on the ground. Oh, well, it’s washable.Honestly, along with my Boppy, this is one of the best things I have purchased as far as baby gear. I recommend them to everyone.

Mona Scottdale, PA

Love it, few cons…

I love this wrap, so does my daughter. I have a Baby K’tan as well and I love it for its compactness, however this one is definitely the favorite one. My daughter loves sitting in and I think it is the most comfortable for her. However it is ALOT of fabric. Too much for the summer, and extremely long! I also think it is not necessary for it to be as wide as it is. I am not a petite woman by any definition of the word and if I feel this way I can imagine what it must be like to use one of these for a smaller woman. I think they should make a “light” version with a lighter fabric. Either way it is a keeper and wonderful for handsfree movement with an infant.

Monique Dutton, MT

Love it

This is my 3rd moby wrap. I am a big fan. Used one with my first son until he was over a year old. This specific one is really soft, and having the design makes it easy to find the middle to begin wrapping.

Sandra Pleasantville, IA

Finally getting it and loving it

Okay so I was very excited about getting this but of course with a newborn was a little intimidated. There is a learning curve here and I will admit that the pictures in the book (while good) just weren’t cutting it for me. But the moby website has videos to watch and that made it click for me! Thank goodness. I admit I didn’t try using it until about the 2.5 week mark but by the 3 week mark dd and I are becoming pro’s at getting it wrapped on me and her put in it. There are several ways to wrap it and all again have a learning curve but I was amazed at how secure dd was when I did get the first “newborn wrap” down. Figuring out how to bf in it was a little more tricky and I did have to go to Youtube for some inspiration but eventually found a wrap on moby’s website that while not labeled for bf will work. So all I can say is some time and patience and if the pics in the brochure book don’t cut it then try watching the videos because they were a big help. I have to walk two miles a day to get my other child from the bus stop and to get home and this works great. I’m also able to get stuff done around the house too. Give each wrapping technique a few tries. My dh worked as a spotter for me the first few times, but now I can wrap it like a pro. Side note this design and pattern are what I have and are very pretty and look nice. Seems to wash well and I hung it to dry which did take about 24 hours or so. I expect to get a lot more use out of this and I can wrap dd with it on me and then put on a coat or jacket to keep us both warm. Well worth the money and time to figure it out! I did take a star off only because it was initially intimidating to put it on and figure it out and honestly I almost gave up because I just wasn’t getting it. I’m not sure how to improve this from Moby’s stand point but maybe a confirmation email with the videos to your email after registering the product? Not sure. But like riding a bike, once you get it you get it.

Diana Langeloth, PA

Yes, I like it a lot!

Great product, will see if my baby likes it too. Love the color, it is not as pink as in the picture, but I actually like it better.

Stella Hollywood, FL


I bought this as a gift, and from what I have seen, she loves it. Very nice to go to the store with, because baby is always close.

Deanne Bevinsville, KY

I see appeal, but not for me

My child is 14+lbs and I just dont feel like he is safe in the Mony Wrap.It is comfortable, but I have only worn it around the house for short periods of time. I followed instructions and watched several youtube videos to make sure that it I am wrapping it correctly- I am. It just does not work for me. I constantly have to adjust the fabric as I use it. It is also very long making it difficult to put on when you get to your destination. As some reviews said you definitely want to put it on at home so you are ready for baby when you get to where you are going. Other wise you will be dragging the fabric on the ground. It would be great for a newborn, I wished I had gotten it at the beginning so that way I could have carried my wee one around. I would definitely use on a newborn to have hands free breastfeeding in the beginning.

Georgina Rewey, WI

too hot and disappointed in the design

Good overall product but too hot for California !I am also quite disappointed in the design, I thought the flowers were some kind of embroidery (which would have justified the higher price) but it’s just a print.

Beatriz Mount Carmel, IL

Takes a while to learn , but a must have.

It took me a while to get it just right. But when I did, my 2 month old loved it. She feels so safe and secure that most of the time she just goes to sleep, which is great for grocery shopping! Sometimes when she will not go to sleep during the day I wrap her up and do my house work with her in it!

Maryellen Westport, NY

nice and big

daughter-in-law loves the size. It is very soft and made well. It will be great when your hands are busy and comfortable for the baby.

Sonia Lewistown, IL

Great product

This is done in Africa all the time and I see why. It’s very very efficient and keeps your baby close to you. I can run errands in this while my baby’s close to me without him fussing.

Candace Palmer, TX

Worth every penny!

I’ve read some other moms review the Moby Wrap poorly because they claim it’s too difficult to get on and set up – every time I read someone say that I think it’s silly. The Moby Wrap *is* simple, sure it’s probably about 10 feet of fabric you have to learn to wrap correctly around your body – BUT it took me just a couple times practicing before I “got it” and once I did I was SO happy I took the time to learn to use it!I’ve had two baby girls now, and I’ve owned a Chicco baby carrier, a Peanut Shell sling, and finally the Moby Wrap. The Moby Wrap wins in my book by a long shot! Take the time to learn to use it properly, it’s really not that tricky, and once you do you’ll probably be using it every day. (I watched the video instructions on the Moby Wrap’s website and that helped me a lot to have a step-by-step visual.) Especially having a two year old toddler to chase after, with a newborn as well this product has been a life saver.What I like about the Moby above other carriers/slings is:- The Moby is much more comfortable, soft, and conforms to my body. There are no buckles, straps, adjustments, elastic – it’s one simple, easy piece that just goes on and comes off.- Size doesn’t matter, the Moby will work on larger women as well as petite women, whereas my Peanut Shell was size specific- It has options! The Moby can be worn a few different ways depending on your needs & the baby’s current stages of development- A definite tool for the breastfeeding mother, this product helped me manage the newborn nursing (constant!) combined with being a mother to a toddler – although short-lived, this is a very difficult stage- Newborns love it! Helps keep babies calm, especially those with reflux. This makes that “fourth trimester” stage easier when baby feels best wrapped up and making skin to skin contact. Again, this wasn’t something I could do with the carrier or the sling I had.- Makes errands easy. When I have several stops to make I just keep the Moby on – this is the beauty of it! Once it’s wrapped, you put baby in the car seat, buckle up and go. When you arrive at your destination, it’s already tied on so you just get baby out of carseat and get going again. Very functional!I ended up buying this myself after reading so many glowing reviews but I have to say if you’re considering this as a baby shower gift – GET IT! Mom will love it.

Adriana Redfield, SD

The fabric is soft, stretches so nicely and beautiful

I love this wrap. I am currently using it with my second child. The biggest problem is that it’s a pain to put on, and it’s very difficult to put on outdoors without touching the ground. I mainly use this at home with a baby. When we are out of the house we use a bjorn or beco, since they are faster and easier to put on. However, I think this is much nicer if you have the time to put it on or help holding the ends so they don’t drag on the ground. It’s extremely soft and the fabric is wonderful. In addition, my toddler won’t really put up with being in it, but she doesn’t really like any carrier unless she’s asleep.

Ilene Gunpowder, MD


SO MUCH FABRIC! Even once I got the hang of it, I HATED how it felt on, it is SO HOT! My baby would get hot and fussy in it too. AND it just doesn’t feel that secure. I like the Ergo 100 times better then this.

Naomi Tatum, TX

Excellent wrap

By far one of my favorite gifts to give to new parents. I bought this one for myself for our newest addition. I wrap myself in it before we get in the car, and then at the store it’s so easy to pop her into it. The color isn’t as the picture appears; it’s called Coral for a reason, and not light pink as the picture would have you believe. Really happy with this purchase and will get loads of use from it.

Jimmie Tracy, IA

I love this thing!

I have had my newborn girl home for a week now, and I hadn’t gotten out my new Moby wrap until just yesterday. My child wants to be held constantly as she adjusts to this big new scary world, and I was getting frustrated with my lack of mobility while holding on to a tiny baby. Finally I managed to find a minute to get out the wrap and what a relief it was yesterday when I finally got her into it! She absolutely loves it. She falls fast asleep after being in it for 5 minutes, and I am able to do things I couldn’t before, like type this review (she is in it right now). I personally found it very easy to tie on and just as easy to slip her into. The picture instructions that came with the wrap made it very easy to understand. It’s comfortable, and also looks attractive.Of course this is only day two of wearing baby, and it may turn out that she likes it less as she gets older as other people seem to have commented. Perhaps I will have to amend my review after awhile. However, at the moment it is a life-saver and I am very glad I have it.

Rochelle Herington, KS

Love this wrap!

I absolutely love this wrap. It allows me to hold my son without hurting my back like some other carriers I tried. He is 10 months old and I hold him in the Moby when we go shopping, run errands, or any time he wants to be held and I need my hands! He fits perfectly and always seems to fall asleep in it; you can tell he is so comfortable! I really like the Moby as opposed to the slings that go over one shoulder, they never seemed to fit quite right (I’m short, 5’1″).This is a great product if you are the kind of mom (or dad) who likes to carry their baby. Its great for busy parents!Make sure to youtube videos on how to put on the carrier to help you! That helped me very much.

Glenna La Conner, WA

Must have item

Received this wrap for my first baby. It is a must have for moms, especially for those who have babies that prefer to be held. This wrap is comfortable and the fabric is soft be breathable. I never feel too hot wearing it. It has taken some time for my son to really love it but we try it every few days and he has really gotten better. He will use it now asleep or awake. Definitely plan to have someone help you the first couple times you plan to use it. The instructions are great and easy to follow. I was able to get my son in it by myself the first time. The challenge is getting the wrap tight or loose enough for your kiddo to be comfy. And that can be hard by yourself, especially as they are growing so fast. So far I have only worn the wrap while I am about doing chores and errands. The instruction book does give some exercises and yoga positions you can do with the wrap. I haven’t tried any of those at this point. All together I am very happy with it and considering getting a less feminine one for my husband because he loves wearing it around the house.

Candice Picayune, MS


My baby loves this wrap. She cuddled up close as a very small infant and slept on my chest the deepest sleep I have ever seen her sleep. It was like she was in the womb. Now she sits facing out and absolutely loves taking everything in. She seems so content looking around and then it’s so much to do that she finally will just fall asleep. I then have to take her out and put her in bed.I love this wrap. The only reason I give it four stars is because it is very hard to learn to put on and takes a lot of time to put on. It gets easier the more you do it. Also there is not a product like it out there. So the functionality outweighs the difficulty with putting it on.

Mellisa Lowber, PA

Loved it

When we went into the birth center, we had with us a sling, a carrier and this wrap. I ended up using this wrap throughout the first 3 months – it was the best!The only thing – the fabric is quite long and a bit annoying to wrap, but it’s easy to learn and easy and quick to wrap and put the little one inside.

Lee Morrisville, NC