Momma Goose Ringley Straight, RING1

Momma Goose Ringley Straight, RING1

Each ZooLEY teether is made with custom certified organic cotton and untreated, naturally antibacterial Maple wood. The new line of soothing teethers was inspired by the wild animals found in nature: the elephant, turtle and monkey. The ZooLEY line is made responsibly in China. New ZooLEY animals are filled with eco-friendly corn fiber making them machine washable (remove ring before washing) and have a gentle rattle inside. The wooden ring is attached to the animal using Velcro making it easy to remove ring before washing.

Main features

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Imported
  • 100% organic terrycloth cotton
  • Untreated; Free of Chemicals and Dyes
  • All Natural

Verified reviews


knotted toy

I’ve read all the reviews but still interested in this item. I’ve decided that if my 5 mo old takes no interest. Ill use of of his organic dye free wash clothes & tie around the item. That way he will have the rough surface aswell & color to draw his interest. So moms don’t toss away. Mayb the product designer should create somen versatil but for now make somen of ur money. Gave it a 3 star because I haven’t tried the product yet so just being fair based on ur reviews.

Audrey Midland, TX

Waste of money

I’ve had this since my daughter was about 4 mths, she is now 8.5 months and has no interest in it. She loves washcloths and hard items to chew on so I figured she would love this but it was a complete waste of money for us.

Tommie Titusville, FL


I got this because I wanted a natural teether. Well, it’s just simply not entertaining enough especially when compared to the colorful Thomas trains my other child is playing with. I know it’s supposed to be natural, but would a little color be so bad? Right now he likes gnawing on frozen asparagus more than he likes this (which is also natural!). There are ways to color toys that are natural too. Maybe it’s better for younger babies, but mine got this at 5.5 months and liked it for about 2 minutes.

Alejandra Mershon, GA

robust, easy to handle, good teether

The twins have been teething on any cloth they can stuff in their mouths so I got these. I like the nice big knots and the smooth ring, they fit easily into babies’ hands. However, the kids are easily bored with this and will instead reach for more colorful toys. Wish this came in colors because then it would be perfect. I do love that it’s organic cotton and not some nasty petroleum-based crap that’s going in my kids mouth.

Kayla Baudette, MN

Baby not interested

This is clearly a well made toy, and I like that it’s not plastic. However, my baby refused to play with it. Even at the worst of his teething he ignored it. I tried wetting it, and getting it wet and then freezing it. Still no dice. I’m contemplating giving this to the dogs so that someone will play with it.

Deanna Pottsboro, TX

Well made

This product is worth the money for the quality of the item. I have even put it in the washing machine on multiple occasions and it comes out looking brand new.However my son didn’t like it. I’ve even tried sticking it in water and freezing it and he just really isn’t interested in it and I think the wooden part is too thick to go into his mouth. Maybe it’ll help when he’s older. (He’s 5 months and has had it since 3 months old)

Bridgett Spencer, OH

not happy with the quality

Not impressed by this product. When the bamboo gets wet and is not dried it a timely manner, it will damage the wood. The design is poor because the wood cant dry properly where it is attached to the clothe. I appreciate the ‘natural’ product, but it isn’t healthy for your baby when the wood is damaged either, and in order for this product to be affective it does need to get wet.

Nettie Altaville, CA

I wish my baby liked it

Like others have said, this is clearly a well-made product. I love that it’s made with organic materials and I so wished my baby would love it, but she’s just not very interested in it. I wish the knotted version was available when I bought this one as I think my daughter would like chewing on the knots. As for this one, sadly it was a dud for us.

Hallie Trout Lake, MI

Love this

I loved the natural wood teether and fabric concept of this. My 8 month old loves to bite on wood so I thought this would be perfect. Easy to take along and clip to things.

Kaye Greensboro, MD

Daughter Didn’t Seem Interested

It’s a good product, but it didn’t hold my daughter’s attention at all, and she favored other teething toys over it.

Jacqueline Altavista, VA