Mommys Helper 25-Pack Bulk Safe Plate Electrical Outlet Covers Standard, White

Mommys Helper 25-Pack Bulk Safe Plate Electrical Outlet Covers Standard, White

Safe-Plate Automatic Outlet Covers are an attractive and convenient way to help protect babies, toddlers or children from potentially dangerous electrical outlets. Safe-Plate protects instantly and automatically, sliding into position the moment you remove a plug from the outlet. Features: CSA approved and Easy installation. This listing is for a BULK 25 PACK with WHITE color and a SINGLE CENTER SCREW.

Main features

  • Helps protect children from electrical shock
  • Sliding outlet covers close automatically
  • 5 Energy saving thermoseal gaskets included
  • Easy operation
  • Fits standard outlets

Verified reviews


Did not fit outlets

We have a brand new home and these were not big enough to fit our outlets. Disappointed, because we thought it was a great option to the plug covers.

Margery Morral, OH

Not Standard Size

I was really excited to get these. They seem like the perfect solution for child safety and ease of use, and I have to admit, the sliding covers work great… they spring back into place as soon as you remove the plug. Unfortunately, these covers are smaller than standard covers and do not actually cover the hole in the wall around most of my outlets. Even the ones that are fully covered would require a paint job to make up for the newly exposed section of wall. In my opinion, this problem is just laziness (or greediness?) on the manufacturer’s part and could have been a very easy adjustment for them to make.In short, before you buy these, check underneath all your outlet covers and ensure you have at least ONE EXTRA CM of space all the way around that can be exposed without requiring a lot of touch-up, or worse, revealing a hole in the drywall.

Arline West Helena, AR


If I had the opportunity to build another house, I would use these exclusively. Super easy for adults to use, but kids can’t work them. No more picking & prying out outlet covers!

Vonda Willington, CT

Didn’t come with a screw..

A little smaller than my original outlet covers, so I have to touch up paint everywhere, and they didn’t come with a screw. Since they stick out a little further, the screw that comes with the original cover won’t work, it’s not long enough. Other than that, they will work well once I find screws the right length.Edit: This product did come with the necessary screws, they were packaged separately and buried at the bottom of the box. Love these outlet plates!

Lola Awendaw, SC

Excellent, Safe Outlet Cover

These outlet covers are perfect. They are very nice looking, and there are no small parts (like the plug in covers) to be lost or present a choking hazard. They don’t even look like a baby-proofing item until you get close to them. They made our old brown outlets look much better. The spring is strong but not excessively so. I can’t find anything that I don’t like about them.

Concetta Rock Hill, NY

Spend the money

Those stupid outlet plugs that you can get for cheap are just challenges for your baby. Once they figure out how to pull them out, they will try to eat them and then you have an open socket AND a choking hazard on your hands.We bought the 25 pack of these safe plates and replaced every outlet in the house. It works like a dream, gives us peace of mind and doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure out how to install. Such an easy and straightforward solution,

Lea Bozman, MD

Much better than outlet plugs

As other reviewers have said before make sure that the electrical outlets in your home have one screw instead of two. All of ours that I have found so far only have one so we have most of the outlets in the bulk package. Yes these type of outlets are more expensive than the outlet plugs but they work much better and you don’t have to constantly be picking up and putting back in outlet plugs. The only thing I don’t like about these outlet covers is that they seem slightly smaller than the standard size cover so if the old outlet had been there a while the paint might look a little worn and this new outlet won’t completely cover up the same area your old outlet did. Other than that we are very happy with this purchase.

Latoya Nahunta, GA

Nice looking, easy to install and completely foiled our toddler!

A lot of the outlet protectors out there are pretty ugly and/or hard to install, not to mention difficult for *adults* to access…. but not these. They look nice — arguably nicer than a regular outlet — and are really easy to install. Whip out the screw holding the existing cover plate on, and reinstall with this. Our toddler lost interest in the outlets immediately after these were installed, yet they’re trivial for the adults in the house to use. We’ve replaced every outlet cover within toddler reach with these and are very happy with them.Note that these specific ones are for traditional one screw, rounded outlets. If you have decora covers — rectangular outlet, two screws — you’ll need a different model.

Britney Watertown, WI

Works great

This pack of 25 worked great. Good deal compared to buying 1-3 at a time in a local store.

Marylou Playas, NM

Good quality, easy to install, work well.

These are easy to install (but somewhat tedious when installing 30). They work well for plugs that you still need to be able to use but I would recommend going with something a bit more permanent or plastic outlet plugs for other outlets (maybe even a combination of these plus plastic plugs). Given enough time and the will a child could eventually accidentally jam something in the outlet even with these covers on.

Leticia Haldeman, KY

Safe and Easy! …Holds up very well!

We purchased these to install when our little one was starting to crawl. His fascination with everything dangerous made us act quickly and these made it so easy. They were super easy to install, they look nice and clean (better than the old ones that were in!) and are so easy to use. I was so worried with the outlet plugs that we would forget to put it back or he’d get ahold of one and choke on that or something along those unsafe lines. He has not even tried to figure these out, even though he looks at and touches outlets often. Once the plug is pulled from the outlet, the cover slides itself back in place to cover the outlet.FANTASTIC!I am updating this a after many months of use and we have absolutely LOVED these. SOOO worth the money. We have many many outlets covered that we use often and have not had a single problem. They all are holding up very well. It is a great, safe, sturdy product. They also look great, much better than plugs and other options. We have actually gotten compliments many times because of them. BUY THEM!

Mindy Coupland, TX


Perfect for our need and being in a rental house. Wish all rental homes would come with these already installed!

Cara Brooklyn, MD

Good product, works well

We installed these all over the house to stop our baby from getting into the light switches. We tried the cheaper plug covers but some are easy to get off and if you forget to put them back in, you now have a choking hazard on top of an open plug hazard. These are a perfect solution, work well and do exactly what you expect for a reasonable price. The 25 pack for $69 is a great deal and beats any price would could find anywhere else.

Crystal South Easton, MA


I bought these and put them on myself. They do prevent kids from being able to stick anything in the sockets. However, it’s difficult to get them on just right so now half of them don’t work when I plug things in with the outlet cover on. When I take them off it still works so it’s not an electrical problem. On some of them its almost like the prongs cant reach the necessary target with the case on.

Thelma Ferndale, PA

Great for little ones

I am a huge fan of these – I absolutely hate having to remove the safety plugs when I want to use an outlet and these are great from keeping my toddler out of the outlets. awesome product!

Delores Pacolet Mills, SC

loose and wiggly… oh dear.

The problem with these is it makes the plug very loose and wiggly. Also it is now harder to plug your appliance in, obviously. Hopefully this is actually safer.

Shelby Middlebury, CT

Replaced every outlet in my house with these

I looked at several options to prevent out children from sticking things into them. Most of them required you insert something into the outlet, and remove it when you wanted to use it. My concern was that they would get lost, someone would forget to put it back or the child would get ahold of the small insert and put it in their mouth. This design stood out as a much better design than the rest. You can’t forget anything because it resets itself as soon as you pull the plug from the outlet. The operation required to insert something into the outlet is complex enough that the children can’t do it, but easy enough that it’s not a pain for adults. Originally I only replaced the outlets in the main area of the house where the children play, but I’ve ordered more to replace all the outlets so I can be sure there will be no accidents.I read some reviews that said they had trouble with the outlet being too deep and the plug didn’t get electricity. Our home was built in 1995 and we have not had this problem. My only complaint is that they don’t make a version that supports GFCI outlets.

Earline El Dorado, CA

Easy to install and so far keep my son out

These are super easy to install – all you need to do is remove the plastic cover for your wall outlets and put this on top – you are literally only working with one screw – the center one you see in the image. What I also loved was that I got to replace my beige covered outlets with this white one without needing to replace the outlet itself since this covers the outlet! So I just needed to replace the wall plate piece. We’ve been using them without issue with our electronics.

Madge Foyil, OK


LOVE, these are a lot easier than the child safety inserts you put in and take out that a child could choke on, my husband put in about 30ish within a matter of hours and they are so easy to use, they look fantastic also just like the original outlets, actually I think they look even better than the original outlets.

Esther Terry, MT

Better than expected!

These outlet covers are a plus for ANY home – not just for baby-proofing. Of course, the only reason I bought them was for baby-proofing, however I think I’d like to have them on any future homes, too. Why? I’ve always disliked that you can “see” into the outlets of the house. Then, after time, the outlets get dirty and sometimes have black powder on the edges. These covers HIDE all of that!!! No more open holes for dust to collect, no looking at those dusty holes and trying to figure out how to clean it besides turning off the house power! They even come with foam inserts to stop drafts around the outlets. I only wish they came in dark brown, too, for my kitchen area.

Janna Cicero, NY