Mommy’s Helper Bath Mat Froggie Collection, Green, 6-48 Months

Mommy’s Helper Bath Mat Froggie Collection, Green, 6-48 Months

The Froggie Collection from Mommy’s Helper Introductes the Bath Mat.

Main features

  • Adorable froggie design
  • Non slip tub mat helps keep bath time safe
  • Suction cup design sticks firmly to most smooth tubs
  • Soft rubber construction for comfort on sensitive little bottoms

Verified reviews


Cute, but….

this bath mat is super cute, but I can’t really get it to stay in the bath. Maybe I havent really worked on getting the suction thingys to stick, but anyways it stays, but doesnt stick. It’s not like my daughter sits on the mat anyways, she is too busy standing.

Mae Chippewa Lake, OH

Cups didn’t stick well

Bought this for my son to have in the tub. Its a cute frog design but the suction cups don’t stick to the bottom so once the tub starts filling up the mat just floats up with the water.

Shelby Lambert Lake, ME

Perfect size for a baby tub

I got this to help my son in his baby bath. We live overseas and bought a local baby tub that was quite slippery. This matt was perfect for the toddler sized tub. It holds firmly to the plastic, is easy to clean and is attractive in the tub. I love that my son is both secure, and his bath tub is attractive.If you’re looking for something for a full sized tub, this might not be it, but it’s perfect for a small tub.

Justine Freer, TX

Not very big

I loved this bath mat because of the shape, but have definitely not loved the size. I have a very small one year old (still wears 3-6 month clothing) and she barely stays on the mat while playing. It also isn’t as slip-resistant as others, as she has fallen over when soaping her a few times. It does stick very well to the tub though.

Roxanne Oakville, CA

Just what you would think

I got 2 of these to put in my bathtub for my 15 month old son who was sliding all over the bathtub during his baths. They work great, but as stated, i needed to buy two of them to fit across the bathtub floor so that enough space was taken up to keep him from finding a slidey spot. totally worth not seeing him slip down the entire tub and lose his sitting balance.

Catalina Patillas, PR

No more slipping

This is a very cute little frog mat. I needed it for my 6 month old who just learned how to sit up and has trouble staying upright in the slippery tub. He’s 20 lbs and it’s the right size with a little room to grow. He shouldn’t have trouble using it in the shower later either. It’s soft enough, thick enough, and the suction cups are close enough together that it’s not too pokey to sit on.The color is a darker green than what is pictured and looks very nice.This will not work in a shower, it needs a smooth surface, it will not suction to tile.

Ester Yettem, CA


This is perfect!!! Our tub has a little texture & it sticks. My baby is 9 months old & sits up & this is perfect. Her little bottom stays put. She loves to lunge & reach for toys & before she would slip all over the place. It is small, but for now it’s a good size. A baby should just sit in the bath anyway, if they’re crawling around, then this for sure would be too small. But works for me!

Dorthy Waterford, OH

i love these

i really love this froggie bath mat,i buy it for the bathroom for my son it stays really good on the tile in the bathroom love love it

Selina Delphos, OH


My son recently switched over to the big tub. I was worried about him sliding all over. This frog saved the day. It’s easy to stick to the tub , stays stuck, and is perfect size for his little tush. It doesn’t get moldy (although I lift it up once a week md rinse it). I’d recommend it.

Molly Spencer, WI

Works well but small and gets moldy

Fun to make bathtub slip-proof. Very small- we needed 2 to cover 70% of our bathtub. Also, even though we take ours up and try them up-side down every time they are used, mold grows around the suction cups and because they are clear you can see the mold very easily.

Anna Nondalton, AK

Haven’t gotten to use yet

I should have read the information on this product closer. It says it will not stick to surfaces with bumps. I didn’t realize my tub has little bumps in it. And it was correct… it will not stick to any surface that is not completely flat. I think it would work well if I had a different surface in my tub.

Maggie Liberty Lake, WA

cute but not the most functional

This is a very cute bath mat and works well in terms of sticking and staying in place (and my tub is slightly textured too!). however, not the most functional. I needed 2 for my tub but can’t get them side by side enough to avoid large gaps. I have an active 20 month toddler who likes to walk around in the bath and without fail, she would step in a non covered spot and slip.

Eliza Mc Farland, KS

Decent, but gets mildewy too fast.

This was cute and worked decently but it got mildewy within a week – even with hanging it up to dry. Eh.

Michael Sherwood, MI

Needed two for large porcelain tub

These are great for bathing our baby in our slippery porcelain tub. They’re fairly easy to put down and pick up, although I have to spend some time deliberately pushing the suction cups down. I definitely need two for my standard size tub. One of these could maybe fit a kitchen sink. Also, be sure to rinse them off before using in a bath. A green film had to be washed off of ours.

Deana Jasper, TX


Really funny practical and indispensable to protect young children from slipping in the bathtub. Very easy to clean and good quality material. Folds and stores in small space when not needed

Ivy Kalaupapa, HI

Fits great in my sink!

I wanted a small non slip mat so I could give my daughter (now 7 months) a bath in the kitchen sink. It fits great! In the past I had her sit on a washcloth, but I was afraid she would hurt her foot on the drain. This is perfect for the sink! In my opinion, it’s way too small for a tub.

Earnestine Oakland, IA


Got this for Christmas thinking it would help me out by not letting my son slide all over the place. Once my son learned to roll over I had to put less water in the bath tube tho because he likes to roll over and try to “smack” the frog and he also tries to kiss it lolWe pull it out and stick it to the wall when he isnt in the bath so that hair and soap doesn’t build up under it.Works great, and looks great.

Sue South Whitley, IN

You’ll need two

It’s really cute, and works fine, but one of these is NOT large enough for the entire tub. My son is 9 months old, and keeps wiggling off of it and sliding around on the exposed tub floor. I’m debating buying another (based on other reviews, sounds like 2 would work), or just getting something larger. If you’re ok with twice the price, go for it, just take the fact that you need two to cover the tub into consideration when comparing.

Robbie Egeland, ND

Love the cute frogs but scratching my child

I think these are adorable, and I used them for year or so. My daughter would few times/wk get these surface scratch marks that I have figured out come from these mats. They are just surface scratches that go away in a day, but how annoying! I have asked her if they hurt, and she says no, but they are definite scratches (red lines). They must be coming from the edges, and if you are an adult they wouldn’t matter, but kids move around in the bath tub playing the whole time. I can’t recommend them.

Reyna Milton, PA

Great Bath Mat for a small tub.

I use this in my daughter’s mini tub which sits in our big tub. It works perfectly. It might be a bit small if you wanted it to use in right in your large size tub though.

Manuela Cave Creek, AZ

Too small

As all other reviewers mentioned: very, very small. If you plan to buy it, just go ahead and buy two. Ivery slippery too.

Elda Krotz Springs, LA

Froggie Bath Mat

Very cute, good grip, but very small. We have a standard size tub and just the one covers half of it. Wish the bath mat was bigger, especially for the price.

Tammy Hilda, SC

Great! for one kid

Love this frog! Suctions great, going strong for 2 years! Cleans very well, but isn’t big enough for two kids.

Alana Norfolk, VA

A “MUST” for an active child

This mat worked out very well for us ¡V my son is very active and loves to move around in the bathtub. This mat allowed us to sit my son down and help to take control (not entirely, but still over the bath time¡KIt is a ¡MUST¡ in my opinion for someone with an active child. The suction cups at the bottom work very well, yet it is easy to clean underneath it and not worry about the hygiene.

Juanita Wheaton, MO

Small, but just what I needed for PRIMO tub

I was looking for something to put on the PRIMO baby bathtub to prevent my baby from sliding around on the older baby side (where they sit up). I had no issues with it sticking since the tub is plastic and the size is just perfect, especially since the hands allow me to curve it around perfectly. I hope to use it when he transitions to regular tub, but will probably have to get another one. The color is a bit darker than pictured, but it looks really cute and different.

Sherrie Dunlap, TN

Nice froggie mat

I’m collecting everything froggie for my baby (9 months) We got the mat today, and this thing is so cute, not big but a good size for him I still have space for a second one, but I’m still considering will see. We used it today and stays in place does not sticks cause I have a textured bath tub surface, but I knew this, and it works just fine It keeps him in place wich He was all over the place in the bath tub, prior to having this mat, I love the color is a strong green, in this pic looks very light, the actual thing is a nice dark green. I love it and my son too, He was already palyng with the legs pulling it off haha, I recommend this one, It seems to be made of a quality material, and the surface is not slippery at all.

Karina Royal Center, IN

This froggie is so cute!

Pros- Nice color, great price, suctions well, easy to clean, fast shippingCons- PLEASE NOTE if you are purchasing this for your kitchen sink as some of the reviews have stated then it will fit nicely! If your purchasing for a regular rectangular tub it should fair, however it will only fit one side and two might be needed if you want your entire tub bottom covered.Also note- We have a garden tub and this froggie will fit only one side so we plan to purchase another one to cover the other side! One review stated that she tells her lil one to come back to froggie to get washed up, that is such a cute idea and we have implemented that too!! Thanks! What a great way to make bath-time more fun! Our 1 year old LOVES the froggie!

Alyson Marienthal, KS