Mommy’s Helper Car Seat Sun Shade Size: , Model: 10704

Mommy’s Helper Car Seat Sun Shade Size: , Model: 10704

The Mommys Helper Car Seat Sun Shade can keep your childs car seat an average of 26 degrees F cooler. Simply unwrap the Car Seat Sun Shade and stretch over the childs car seat covering the entire seat with shade. To remove simply stretch the sun shade back over car seat. Wrap up the shade and use built in elastic strap to secure for storage between uses. Not to be used while child is in carseat.

Main features

  • Cools and protects
  • Elastic sizing allows cover to fit most car seats
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to store

Verified reviews


1 Count in Two Count Package

Mommy’s Helper Car Seat price went up the day after it went into the queue. It still seemed like a good idea, until only one arrived for full price. I should contact them to fix the problem.

Ashley Mayfield, KS


Purchased two (one for each car) but doesn’t work well… the car seat still gets pretty warm and the buckles feel like they weren’t covered whatsoever! We live in So Cal where it gets super hot so maybe it wasn’t made for us :/

Robyn Warrenton, NC

Great for protecting baby skin

Has anyone touched a metal seat belt after a hot day in the sun? You know that it gets very hot, and can easily burn you and so we really wanted to protect our son. In addition to that, it helps keep the whole seat cool and before we used this, the cloth and plastic on our Safety 1st car seats would get very warm and retain that heat. This would cause our son to start sweating on his back and making him uncomfortable. This is a must have baby safety item!

Janie Brownsville, TN

fits well to both RECARO and Britax b-safe

It fits well to both RECARO and Britax b-safe. I wish it would be thicker for better protection. I live in south FL, and even when it is used, the buckle gets hot. Not as bad as it would be without it though.

Kitty New Melle, MO


this is great, it protects the car seat from overheating which avoids it releasing harmful chemicals and allows you to put your baby/toddler into the seat without having to wait for it to stop being too hot.

Sue Munford, TN

Haven’t used it yet…

Purchased this to protect carseat from heat and fading. Live in WA and we haven’t had any days warm enough yet to try it out but it does fit well and it seems like it will do a good job. We will find out this summer when the weather warms up a bit.

Lakesha Wallula, WA

A little small for my Chicco NextFit

This is ok… Barely fits over my Chicco NextFit convertible seat – can just stretch it to fit the opening where my son sits. I think I’d rather use some kind of blanket.

Katharine Saint Marie, MT