Mommy’s Helper Car Seat Sun Shade

Mommy’s Helper Car Seat Sun Shade

The Mommys Helper Car Seat Sun Shade can keep your childs car seat an average of 26 degrees F cooler. Simply unwrap the Car Seat Sun Shade and stretch over the childs car seat covering the entire seat with shade. To remove simply stretch the sun shade back over car seat. Wrap up the shade and use built in elastic strap to secure for storage between uses. Not to be used while child is in carseat.

Main features

  • Cools and protects
  • Elastic sizing allows cover to fit most car seats
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to store

Verified reviews


car seat protector

I live in NC where the summer sun is HOT. My truck is silver and I have tinted windows and even with that the interior of my truck can heat up. I placed a thermometer in the truck cab and one in the car seat under the Mommy’s Helper Car Seat Sun Shade. The outside temperature was 93 degrees. My truck was sitting in direct sunlight for hours. I checked the inside thermometer found in the cab of the truck and it registered 104, I removed the sun shade on the car seat to access the thermometer in the car seat….it REGISTERED 114 degrees! Actually hotter than the inside of the cab of the truck. Because my granddaughter is severely handicapped, she cannot let us know that she is “baking” in her carseat (radiant heat) … sure am glad that I did my experiment and I suggest you find another way to keep the car seat cool.Mommy’s Helper Car Seat Sun Shade

Ginger Lomax, IL

A bit of a hassle

This may sound pathetic, but after buying this product I find myself too lazy to use it. You have to take time to stretch the elastic edges around the seat. It’s quicker to just throw a blanket over the seat. I’ve actually decided to spend a few hundred bucks and just get the windows tinted. It’s so hot where I live that we’re all sweating by the time the AC cools off the car.

Madeline Riesel, TX

Good in concept, barely used

I recently drove from WA to CO to NV and all the way up through CA with my little one. All this in August too. Wanted to have something help keep his seat cooler as to avoid the burning of skin against hot metal buckles.Seriously didn’t use it.Forgot about it most of the time because of where I stored it. Also kept regarding it as a sun blocker more than a heat shield too.If you’re always parking in the sun then I can see this being handy, but otherwise just keep a small towel in your car to cover the metal parts of your child’s carseat.

Mia East Concord, NY

Glad I bought it

I got this for the upcoming summer months. I live in Arizona where it gets up to 110+ degrees in the summer months and although I havent used it it, I’m glad I bought it. From reading the reviews I knew it was a good product and it seems like it is. It fits the carseat that we purchased and it fits pretty well so that it won’t “pop” off.

Phyllis West Enfield, ME

doesn’t work for me

I read the reviews for this product before buying it and saw it worked for most people. I don’t know if it’s because I have a black car or because my son’s seat is rear facing but it didn’t keep the seat cool at all. It was the exact same as it was before I started using the product.

Tami Free Union, VA

Didn’t work for us…

This car seat cover may work IF the car seat would normally be sitting in the direct sunlight, I suppose. But if you are wanting it to keep the car seat cooler just in general it won’t. We have a Tahoe with tinted windows so the sunlight on the seat wasn’t the problem… the Tucson heat was. And this cover did nothing to help with that.

Tammie West Berlin, NJ

Waste of money for me

Pro:It covers the seat and blocks the sun.Cons:It’s a hassle to put on (you definitely need 2 hands).It makes absolutely no difference temperature-wise. I did what another review did and checked with a thermometer and there was no difference in temperature between the reset of the car and the car seat.Cheap material is super thin and I’m sure will tear easily.If I could give it 0 stars, I would!

Cortney Davilla, TX

Necessary in sunny climates

In Vegas this thing comes in soooooo handy. It’s saved our little one from a burned bum many times. The only problem is that sometimes we forget to use it.

Natalie Vonore, TN

Great Idea, Not so Great a Product

This product doesn’t even completely cover my daughter’s Safety 1st Alpha Omega car seat. It gaps in places when you stretch it over the seat, so it doesn’t block all the hot air from building in it. Also, it is a PAIN to use, especially to store. Putting it on/taking it off the car seat is a two-handed job, and who has two hands free after taking baby OUT of the seat? Maybe it would do better for a smaller/more compact seat, though I doubt it.

Carmella Datto, AR

didn’t fit

this didn’t fit my sons car seat so its pointless. We have a diono radian rxt which admittedly is a monster of a seat height wise though.

Bianca Crawfordsville, OR

No more hot seats

Sometimes it’s hard to put a child into a car seat to begin with. To put a child into a scorching hot car seat is even more difficult. This product eliminates that latter situation: at least the car seat isn’t too hot! This won’t say that the seat will be cold — it will be significantly cooler than if left in direct sunlight, but it won’t be chilled. All in all, good few bucks for a product that is easy-to-use and useful.

Reva West Forks, ME

Like the idea, but….

I like the idea of this cover and ordered one from Amazon last year, but the quality was very poor and the foil ripped a part around stiches within first week of usage. I still use it even though it has some holes around stiches in different places.Also, the reason I’ve got one was to keep our black Britax car seat away from sun lights during the day (we live in Florida, so we have sun every day), to keep color as new. As for the keeping seat itself cool – I tested it and it’s working no better than big beach towel over the car seat.

Michell New Hudson, MI

Barely Fits Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible Car Seat

Wishing this had some straps or something to help it stay on, or clips of some kind. I think I will try bringing some clothespins in the car with me to clip it in place. The elastic is not quite enough to secure it over the big car seat we have. In defense of this product, the Complete Air seats are huge… but I also don’t feel that this really does much to protect against sun and heat. Its super thin and not really insulated. Its just reflective.One thing I try to remember to do on hot days is to place some of those re-freezable ice things you put in lunchboxes in the seat, with the sun shade over it. Then the seat stays cooler a little longer.

Lillie Jal, NM

Definately does what it says it does

Works great at keep the seat cool. Especially the metal pieces don’t get hot in the southern California sun

Rocio Ruth, NV

Works but bulky

It works well to reduce the heat but putting it on is not easy since you have a child waiting on you. Then when you get in the car and take it off you have you figure out where to put it.

Christa Duncansville, PA

Keeps your kid’s bums cool.

My daughter no longer complains when she sits in her seat after it’s been baking in the hot OK sun. The reflector keeps her seat at a reasonable temperature and even keeps the seat belt cool when I tuck it in there as well.

Leola Hoskinston, KY


The cover keeps the sun off my daughter’s car seat, but that’s about all I can say for it. It doesn’t keep her seat any cooler than a blanket would.

Luella Universal City, TX

Junk with bonus nauseating chemical odor

Smells horrible upon coming out of the box. It’s a thin piece of junk with crappy elastic. Barely more than a sheet of aluminum foil. I’m returning.

Candice Hellertown, PA

Cool Cover

I haven’t really tested this product to verify that it keeps seat cooler, but think it must work, particularly if there is direct sun shining on car seat. It is a little bulky & awkward to store & I think could be a suffocation hazard if left where a small child can get it.

Marylou Leslie, MO

Not sure it helps

We don’t have any metal on the car seat. The car gets soo hot that without metal I don’t think it’s that helpful.

Florence Monterville, WV

I guess it works?

I would love to say that I use this cover on a regular basis, but I don’t. I bought it to cover my son’s Ricaro carseat, and to be honest, I shouldn’t have taken the time. If your car sits in a way where direct sunlight will reach the carseat, then it might be useful, but if you are hoping to just keep the seat cool, don’t waste your money. The car seat is going to reach the same ambient temperature as the rest of your car. Early on I purchased window shades from a local box store, and that seems to keep enough light out that the cover doesn’t make a difference for us. Add that to the fact that my son is only 5 months old so I can’t pull him out and let him stand next to me while I put the cover on, and it equals one big hassle. For the most part it stays on the floor of my sedan.

Jana Gladstone, OR

Worked with help 🙂

This product isn’t bad, I think it’s good. I live in Texas, here the sun change everything color, I use first a blanket for cover the booster car seat(special the sides)and next this car seat Sun Shade and worked. The booster has good temperature for my child seat there. I recommend this products with my idea.

Jade Scooba, MS


This ripped nearly instantaneously, good idea, but poor execution. A towel over the car seat will work just as well.

Chasity Edward, NC

Great cover

I was a little skeptical at first with how well this would really keep the car seat cool, but it really does help. The day after we got it, we went to the zoo and I put this over the car seat. Three hours later, the temperature was well into the upper 80’s. I started the car to get the A/C going, took the cover off the seat and the buckles were not hot, and my daughter was way more comfortable than before. We have the Graco MyRide 65, and it fits over it perfectly! There is still plenty of give if someone has a larger car seat than that!

Jeanette Jamaica, IA

Great idea!

Great product especially for the price! (I paid $10). I spent a lot of money on a car seat and I didn’t want it to fade quickly in the sun. I live in Texas and it’s very sunny and warm here, especially during the summer. I used this daily for almost a year before it started to rip apart. But I would definitely recommend this product! I plan on buying another one!

Gilda Villa Rica, GA

Get one for each car-seat you own and a few for friends.

I now own 4 of these. I feel they are a must and recommend them to all my friends.Nothing worse than trying to get your kids into their seats quickly so you can turn on the A/C. Just plain mean to try and make them sit in a flaming hot seat.Also, I will put valuables in the seat with the sun shade over them. It’s a nice added use that keeps my valuables out of site in my SUV.

Inez Weymouth, MA

Works great, not too heavy

This is easy to put on and take off. I’d really like it if it had a little pouch for storage, but it works great in the SoCal sun and heat. Great product.

Elinor Clermont, KY

Fits a full size car seat, very easy to get on and off, helps but not to the extent the claims of the manufactuer make

Is this going to bring or keep your car seat at 68 degrees in a car that is in the mid 90s inside it no. If that happened at all I am sure they had the car in complete shade and just ideal conditions. But it does help. It helps enough to justify the purchase price.We have also had good look on a fairly big sized Britax car seat. Goes over easy, comes off easy, just takes a few seconds to get back on while exiting. Yes it takes 2 hands, not sure how they could avoid that. But overall easy on and off which makes us use it that much more on a regular basis. Recommended.

Mildred Vaiden, MS

A must have for the summer

We live in New Mexico so parked cars get hot fast. This shade really made a difference. And it’s is big enough to go over a toddler car seat, but the elastic is tight enough to secure around an infant car seat, too.

Leigh Chapel Hill, TN

Make sure the car seat is entirely enclosed.

I would sometimes half-ass it and enclose everything but the bottom of the car seat because I have to pull it away from the actual seat to make sure the elastic wrapped around the car seat. Otherwise, when properly covered, works like it says!We have the britax marathon classic.

Janine Colmar, PA