Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up, 1 Count

Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up, 1 Count

Mommys Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up Padded Potty Seat with Step Stool is the perfect potty training tool! This ergonomically thickly cushioned contoured seat with built in deflector and specially molded non slip handles provide the ultimate comfort for child. After use simple fold for compact storage between uses.

Main features

  • Easy assembly no tools required
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Extra wide non slip floor pads
  • Non slip handles
  • Fits standard and most elongated toilet seats

Verified reviews



I decided to give this a quick update after writing my original post because I kept wondering how on earth this potty seat would chip a toilet as per the Top Post. The Top post on here gave this a 2 star review based on the fact that they were using it wrong. They say “It simply does not fit elongated toilet seats (I tried it on three different toilets with elongated seats)so it is always somewhat unstable, and this leads to chipping and damaging the toilet seat”. This is NOT meant to be sat on the toilet seat, you lift up the toilet lid & seat and place it directly on the toilet(look at the picture) So I am also sure that is why they claim it was so unstable. Also, I have realized the reason the steps don’t lock down is so it can easily adjust to different sizes/heights of toilets. I even tried to use this seat on our toilet side ways and it still works just fine so I think unless you have a really tall or weird toilet that this would work just fine…if you use it the correct way that is. I would just hate for people to pass up buying this based on the negative review(like I almost did) when they are giving a negative review based on using it wrong because I really believe this potty seat is the key to potty training my daughters in an easy and stress free manner.Original PostMy twin daughters just turned 2 on Oct 27. We have potty chairs and although they used to enjoy sitting on them I can normally not get them to sit on them for more than 10 seconds at a time. And although they have previously sat on the big potty with me holding them so they dont fall in, both my daughters had become Terrified to sit on the big potty. I was trying to decide on this with built in step stool or the Baby Bjorn toilet seat and after much debating I decided to go with the step stool so my girls could feel more independant.The first time using this both my girls were still showing their normal fear of the toilet so I had to pick them up and sit them(one at a time of course) up on the potty seat. They were still afraid until I showed them to hold onto the handles, the handles made a HUGE difference in calming their fear. And they were able to sit back on the cushy seat, and realize they were secure and not going to fall in the toilet even when they didn’t hold on. I literally had to make them get off the potty so the other could get a turn. I helped them step down onto the step and get down while I was holding the step down. After that 1st time both my girls wanted to climb up the step themselves and I still had to help them get turned around and sitting on the potty and when they were done I had to help them get down. But that was only for the 1st couple of days and now both my girls can climb the step by themselves and get turned around and sitting on the seat and back down again all on their own. My smaller twin is TINY so I thought that might be a problem for her but she has no problems at all. She is below the 5th% for both height & weight, she is 32″ tall & 22lbs. My other daughter is a little over 34″ & a little over 25lbs.PRO’S
• My girls LOVE it
• The seat is soft & comfy
• The entire thing is easy to clean
• The handles help them feel secure and in control
• The seat opening is small & helps them feel secure(even my tiny daughter won’t slip through)
• The step helps them be independant & get on potty themselves
• It is lightweight & easy to travel with or take to a different room
• The seat folds flat so it is easy to store when not in use
• It is affordable
• You don’t have to clean out a potty chair
• Easy to assemble-no tools required
• Step seems slip proof, my girls have gotten on this out of the bath, completely soaked and not slippedCON’S
• The seat might not work for boys as well(I don’t have a boy to know) the seat pictured isn’t the one you get
• The steps don’t lock down so while they are sitting they can easily push on the handles and the steps fly up, if they get carried away the seat will wobble around. Also, if they push their weight on the handles when they are going to step down the handles will go down and the steps will come up so they could fall. But I think they may have done that so it can fit different toilet heights/sizes.Overall I would totally recommend this seat. Although the steps don’t lock down I am always right there to ensure my girls do not get hurt and within a few days of use my girls have learned how to safely get up and down w/out any step problems. I have to keep our bathroom door shut now because my daughters would strip their diapers off and go sit on the potty by themselves but now with the door shut they come get me and drag me to go potty. They both go pee on the potty on a regular basis without me even having to ask them! This potty seat has made it so that my girls are basically potty training themselves with help from me…and just a little help, lol.If you think how many things your kid already has to have help with if they can actually have something like this and be able to do it mainly on their own, that is a HUGE accomplishment for a kid and they want to continue doing it. Also, make sure to have some picture books, coloring books, sticker books or other fun things in there so that sitting on the potty is fun 🙂 Don’t put too much pressure on them either, my girls have done the best when I don’t do much of anything and they can do it all themselves…ah, Mommys little girls are growing up..too fast(said as I wipe a tear)I was having no luck with potty training before this product and with the independance and security this seat has given them, they are now Potty Queens!!If you have any questions let me know and I will try to help you out : )

Avis Piedmont, AL

completely unstable and no way to secure it

This step-up is a danger. It does not secure to the toilet, so if the child pulls on the handrail before placing *significant* body weight on the step, he may fall or it could be pulled off-center and slip off the toilet. The legs are too short for our toilet, and our toilet is not one of those fancy extra high toilets. There is no really reliable way to prop the legs that wouldn’t possibly be slippery or unstable. The handrails are too short & small to be truly useful. Lastly, I tried to secure this step-up to our toilet and the cushie toilet seat would then be too far back from the front of the toilet. We thought about keeping this one “just for travel” because it seems convenient when folded, but we would have to help our children use it every time, so what is the point in dragging it along and creating a situation where they could hurt themselves? It’s going back.

Lessie Marceline, MO

Terrible Potty Seat

I almost never bother returning things, it’s generally more hassle to return than to just keep the not-so-great-something in a corner for “just in case.” But in this case, returned! First off, it’s flimsy and shakes and wobbles when my 30 lbs son steps up on it. Second, the step is so narrow he was unable to turn around on it (was he supposed to learn to step up backwards onto it or something?). Third, when he sat down, it was so large he about sank into the toilet – not the point of getting a potty seat to put over the toilet for him! Fourth, the legs attach to the seat and pivot – nice for storing, since it folds almost flat, but terrible for the child that decides flipping the legs up while on the potty is a fun game. Fifth and worst – when my son finally got up on the seat and stopped playing long enough to pee, he peed straight between the toilet and the potty seat! There’s no lip or anything to prevent that from happening. So after getting him off the potty, cleaning up the seat, the toilet, the drips down the front of the toilet, the pool in front of the toilet, and the pool on the step, this got packed up and shipped back. Very disappointed after reading all the great reviews about it. 🙁

Phyllis Minturn, AR

For a girl it might work

For my son….not so fabulous. He has to sit on the potty backwards so his pee doesn’t get all over the actual toilet seat and even then its no guarantee. The step is actually pretty far down so when he sits on it his feet don’t touch the step at all, my son is pretty tall for his age, about 33 inches (he’s 19 months) but he still has to slowly slide to make sure he reaches the step safely. It got 2 stars because it’s sturdy and despite his tantrums he hasn’t managed to fall off the toilet yet. If I’d known it "leaked" the way it did I wouldn’t have bought it.

Mavis Kilauea, HI

Don’t waste your money!

I do not understand all the positive reviews on amazon. This product is by far the worse purchase I have made. Very unsteady. and not sturdy at all. Wobbles as my daughter steps on it to use the toilet. The toilet seat this it comes in with doe not even fit well on the actual toilet seat. Such a waste of money. Wanted to warn other buyers. This is probably the only time where I bought an item based on a positive review and was highly disappointed! As this item cannot be returned for hygienic reasons, we are forced to keep it.

Terri Emory, TX

Good Potty Training Tool

Purchased for the 3 year old to potty on the "big boy toilet" (vs his "baby potty"). I like that this allows for toddlers to use a regular toilet (no more cleaning the baby potty – yay!), and even more like that it can be folded up and put away when guests are in town and that toilet is getting more regular use. Easy to pull out and set up – like seconds.The step up does get our 3 year old to the right height, but he’s a little nervous about turning around to sit down. And rightfully so, as while this perches nicely, it isn’t securely affixed and there’s a bit of wiggle. The handles are great for while he’s sitting on the toilet – up that high and he’s a bit nervous.Overall, this is a good purchase. Once he’s a bit more comfortable, I expect this will be a great purchase.

Bettye Superior, MT

Leaks AHOY!!! Besides that it works great.

I have read some of the issues and I can’t say we have many but I will say that the ones we do have are leading us to look elsewhere. My biggest issues is that it constantly lets pee from my son get between it and the toiler seat leaving urine all over the seat and sometime out to my sons pants. In order to reduce the amount we have to use tissue paper to prop him down so that it doesnt get everywhere. I can’t imagine it being difficult to design a seat that keep pee in the toilet rather than on it but here we are. I will say that for him getting on it himself it can be flimsy and he has fallen off a few times but thats expected with a seat of this nature. On a side note this works great with our younger daughter as shes equipped with a different “weapon”.

Kristin Hydes, MD

Simple and easy.

This potty seat is easy to put together and folds up to be really thin. You can just sit it right next to the toilet and it doesn’t take up much room. It seems sturdy enough and fits fine on the toilet. My son hasn’t used it yet, but I don’t see any issues with it. I think he’ll like using the potty like a grown up. Plus, I won’t have to empty out a gross potty daily.

Lois Lee City, KY

Did not work for us.

We got this step up ladder to help my 3 year old get onto her potty. It is made for a low to the ground round toilet.We have a tall, elongated bowl and the feel swing and wobble on the ground making it not very safe.I try the step up ladder on a low to the ground round bowl toilet and it still had some wobble and slid around on the seat.I would up throwing it away as i deemed it unsafe for my daughter on both toilet types.

Joy Jerome, AZ

Works great on elongated toilets & easy to store

I really didn’t want to go the seperate potty route as our bathroom is tiny as it is. This was a good compromise, it’s stores fairly flat and takes less than a second to put up. My daughter loves the ‘ladder’ idea. Only drawback so far is that the non-slip grooves on the step are a bit deep so she’s reluctant to step up when she’s barefoot.

Sydney Scotts, NC

Sturdy and comfortable

This is a very stable seat. I have one and my mother bought one for her house too as she liked it so much. The little ones tell me that it is much more comfortable on their bottoms than the other adapter seats we have. It is possible to fall off if there is any horseplay or silliness, but that’s only happened twice in two years of use. My 4 yr old helps her 2 yr old sister put the seat on and go to the potty by herself, so I’d say this is easy to use.

Emilie Eagle Grove, IA

Good seat, not so great for little boys

My son really likes sitting on this seat, it’s comfy and he likes sitting on the "big potty", but the first time he peed, it ran in between this seat and the toilet and went down the front of the toilet and onto the floor. But it’s a good seat when your kiddo knows how to "aim".

Tessa Dedham, IA

Not incrediby sturdy but worth it

This way one of the most helpful products in our potty training experience. It is not terribly sturdy, but if you put a bath mat under the legs, it helps. This really motivated my son to start potty training, so I suggest it. They can climb up easily and hold on to the sides. I recommend supervision.

Lauren Mount Olive, WV

Great seat for a toddler

Our two year old is extremely independent, and I was tired of cleaning the kid size toilet. This was easy to put together, and she’s been using it for months now without a problem. She unfolds it, puts it on the toilet, and climbs up and down by herself. She’s 29 lbs, and we haven’t had any problems with it. It seems comfortable for her. It’s true that this seat will rub the finish off your toilet seat, HOWEVER, per the instructions, it’s supposed to go directly on the bowl, NOT the seat.I really don’t have anything bad to say about it!

Sierra Castanea, PA

The missing key in our potty training quest

We tried and tried to get our daughter to potty train. We used the seat ring, we used a floor potty chair, nothing we did was successful consistently. After much research on “is she really ready” I opted to get the Mommy’s Helper. When it arrived we let our daughter open it as if it were a gift. She immediately wanted it assembled (which took less than 5 minutes). She promptly climbed up on the potty and we’ve been going strong with potty training since. We’re still working on getting her to poop in the potty but at least we have her consistently using it to pee.As for the product itself, it’s pretty sturdy as long as it is on the toilet correctly. I read several of the reviews on Amazon regarding placement of the seat. Our toilet seems to have a large opening so if the seat isn’t pushed up to the back of the toilet the ring seems to sink into the toilet. I tried placing it on top of the toilet seat and just as other pointed out, it ended up scratching our toilet seat. It wasn’t a big deal to me because I had planned on replacing it anyway. But we went back to placing the seat directly on the toilet and everything has been great since. I love that it is easy to use, easy to remove, easy to clean and easy to store. We often take it with us when visiting our parents houses to keep up her consistency.If I had to do it all over again I would have saved my money on the potty chair and ring and bought this product first. Luckily I will have a chance to go straight to Mommy’s Helper with my son when the time comes.

Alisa New Prague, MN

Works great on all kinds of seats

We’ve been using this seat on our elongated toilet seat and round seat and it works perfectly. It’s much better than having to put a step stool and a potty seat down everytime my daughter has to go, cuts down on the fumbling and the clutter. I’ve read some of the reviews about the elongated seat and so far I haven’t had any issues. I put the Mommy’s helper on top of the elongated toilet seat not on the bowl and it fits perfectly. I guess maybe some of the reviewer’s have extremely elongated seats because I haven’t had any stability issues at all.Also, for all you tall people out there, my daughter is 26 months and off the charts tall. The step on this is perfect for her tall self and the seat sits far enough back for her to sit comfortably, stand up and check out her ‘business’ and sit back down again. I didn’t know this going in but shopping for potty seats & step stool combos for tall kids is pretty difficult. You don’t want to end up with their knees too far up or have the seat settle in such a way they can put their feet up and get pee everywhere. You also kind of want to avoid the dangling feet if you have a curious tot that needs to check out everything that comes out. lol The Mommy’s Helper is a great combo for us.

Chasity Hyden, KY

My girl loves this potty seat!

My 2 year old loves this seat. She is able to put it on and off the potty without help and get on and off it without help. My nephew also has this seat and he loves it too. He is a big three year old at around 45lbs and has never had a problem with the seat. I just ordered another seat to stay at Grandma’s house.The best part is you don’t have to clean a bowl everytime they use the potty. It is a great price and worth every penny!

Lou Dundee, IL

Bad for elongated + yucky germs

Yes, it does technically sit on elongated toilet seats HOWEVER the elongated part of the toilet seat is exposed because the Helper seat has to scoot back to rest in place properly. That means your kid can rest their hands on the regular toilet seat and of course they will. If they do not, their legs and underwear dangle there on top of the toilet seat. I don’t need toilet seat germs on my kids.Also, I really hate that the seat itself has no handle. The part that rests on the dirty toilet seat has to be touched in order to lift the seat itself onto your regular toilet seat. When it’s resting off the toilet, the seat hinges down so if you are constantly moving this Helper on and off the toilet, you are touching toilet seat germs by lifting up the toddler seat to place it on the regular seat.Finally, while the ladder has been stable, I don’t understand how a kid is supposed to take down their pants, step up onto the ladder, and then gingerly turn their body around to sit on the Helper. I think having a wide step at the bottom where a kid can actually turn themselves around with underwear and pants around their ankles is far safer. So that’s what I will be buying along with a potty seat with handles!

Lela Lorida, FL

Fabulous idea, but not very sturdy

This thing is a fabulous idea. And it does work. It’s light and very easy to put on and off the big potty, and OMG is it nice when DS uses it to poop and I don’t have to clean the little training potty (that thing grosses me out!!). The only reason I didn’t give this thing five stars is because it’s so light, it kind of moves around and wiggles when DS climbs onto it. So, he needs me to hold it steady while he gets on and off, which kind of defeats the purpose – I was hoping this would be a way for him to use the big potty by himself. Still, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages (cleaning bodily fluids out of the little potty), so this is definitely worth four stars to me and I would buy it again in a heartbeat – I just wish my expectations had been a bit more realistic.UPDATE 11/12/2012 – I had to come back and update this to say that this has become my son’s favorite potty accessory. When we are traveling, he tells me he wants his potty ladder. It’s help up remarkably well, and DS has mastered it and can put it up himself, climb on himself, climb off and even remove it himself. My earlier concerns were for naught!

Miranda Mossyrock, WA

just what i was looking for

I have a very elongated toilet seat cause of me living in japan right now. All the normal children seats to go on adult toilets wouldn’t fit without sliding which scared my daughter. as soon as my daughter saw this and I helped her learn how to use it she instantly took to it and now like to go to the potty, still potty training but at least she is now finally showing interest and not so scared of sitting on the toilet. I had to put mine on top of the toilet seat cause of my shape of my toilet but its still really secure. The only thing is when shes sitting she likes to hold the handles and make the legs lift up and down to bang on the floor, but im sure that will stop when her feet can finally reach the step when sitting so the steps won’t be able to be lifted cause her feet will be weighing it down. I love that the seat is cushioned for her. The deflector doesn’t get in the way of her sitting down like normal seats for a girl which is great.

Sherri Pleasant Valley, VA

Pretty cheap made and leaks

OK…I can see this be a fun and interesting to get kids to go on it and potty/toilet training but beside that nothing else is ok. The material is super cheap and its poorly made. The instruction say to put it on the actual toilet bowl not on the seat and I did just that and 3 minutes later my boy was in the toilet with the seat together screaming to get out. I have twin boys 2 years old and whenever they used it leaked 100%. I am sure girls will not have the same problem. I would not recommend this product.

Beverly Pottersdale, PA

Not particularly sturdy.

Pros: Easy to assemble.Fun to climbFun to hold the handles and pull up the ladder.Cons: Fun to pull on the handles and pull up the ladder (it swivels from the seat hinge) (also a pro if you are looking for fun).Not terribly secure.Footrest is not adjustable, so toddler’s feet don’t reach.

Betty Michael, IL

Saved my back while pregnant!

This seat has been super helpful in our house. I got it when I was pregnant and having back problems and couldn’t lift a 25lb potty trainer onto the toilet without hurting myself. Definitely fit the bill. My son loves that it’s soft (and he’s had problems with hard seats in the past) and he loves that he can do it himself. The steps are made of a cheaper plastic that’s super lightweight. The hinge is designed so that when you grab the blue handles on top the seat will drop down and you can set it aside quickly (again good for pregnant mommy). But that has meant that sometimes he likes to sit on the seat and then bang the legs of the steps up and down on the floor. They haven’t broken which is to their credit. And he’s very stable on the seat even when the legs of the steps are up in the air. That’s all very good. This has been in our house a year now and I would buy it again if I had the choice. Oh, and my son is now 30 pounds and the steps have still held up to his weight. A note though- this will not enable most little boys to stand to pee into the toilet. The cushion of the seat is too tall so that as they stand on the step they still are not high enough to reach over and into the toilet seat.UPDATE- We have had this seat two years now and it is still going strong. My younger son (20lbs) has started sitting on it and is just as comfortable on it as my 4 year old (32 lbs.).

Gussie Enterprise, UT

Loved it so much, I Got a second one two years later for the youngest’s daycare

Unlike the picture, we fit ours on top of the toilet seat. We had been sitting our youngest on it since he was sitting up at 6 months and read to him. He started pooing in it at 10 months. And even before he turned 2 he would request "poo poo pee pee" to sit on it. A lot less hassle than trying to clean feces out of a potty. I just ordered a second one to bring to his new daycare since they do not have little toilets.

Andrea Glasser, NJ

great seat, but a few side-notes for little tots…

My daughter is pretty little at only 24lbs and 2yrs old…that being said, she is also very independent; when I learned she liked this seat at her school, I gave it a whirl for home. It’s a pretty cool seat…check lists below…PROS: – easy to climb up and down: handles come up nice and high, and bottom step easy to get onto, even for little ones.- easy to assemble, easy to clean, easily folds away and flips right.back out.- seat doesn’t lock in place on toilet, but doesn’t fall off…you might be wary at ffirst, but it works great.CONS:- seat opening is a LITTLE big for our little one, though it works fine & she.loves it.

Francisca Turtle Creek, PA

Perfect for our little one

I was skeptical about this since my daughter does NOT deal well with change but I needed to transition her from the mini potties we had scattered around the house, to the real big potty before preschool started. It was a gamble but my daughter loves this! It’s sturdy enough for her and she can even set it up on her own when my husband forgets to leave it set up in the bathroom. My little girl is short so instead of having a bazillion step stools around the house, I thought this all in one was ideal. It was a little harder than I thought it would be to put together but then again I was a 9 month pregnant lady with zero patience.

Simone Seaview, WA

Great to Start Potty Training

When we started potty training, both my husband and I agreed we would not get a little potty, and wanted our daughter to go right away on the toilet. She could easily get up on the potty with this seat. I gave it 4 instead of 5 starts because at one point, when she was being defiant, as all toddlers can be, she did break apart the step on one side. It was easily put back together, but was a little bit of a scare.Once she got more confident, she also used to sit on the potty and was constantly lifting up the step with the handles, leaving lots of bruises on Mommy’s shins.So this is perfect to start out if you don’t want to use the little potty seat. Once they gain their confidence, I would recommend that you replace you toilet seat with one that has a built in toddler seat and just get a little stool for them.

Pansy Benton, WI

shifts around and causes falls

Let me preface this by saying Yes, I installed it correctly directly on the toilet and not ontop of the seat. It still shifts around both while using the step and while sitting on the seat. Now my once eager toddler is afraid of the big potty because he nearly fell even though I was there to assist him. Please believe the negative comments here and don’t assume an installation problem is to blame. I ended up taking a Giant Step Backwards in our potty training and am struggling to reassure my kid to give the big potty another try after the scare this caused.

Tameka Fredericksburg, OH


I don’t think this is sturdy enough to leave up in the bathroom for a toddler. My son is 28 pounds and I could just see him stepping on to this wrong and the whole thing slipping over and crashing. Not what I want on ceramic tile with giant porcelain things to bash his head on. I donated it.

Britney Excelsior, PA

answered prayer

LOOOOve this potty seat! Finally, a seat big enough for my six year old son! My son is autistic, so we are just now able to potty-train him. Almost all potty seats out there are too small for him. This was a God-send. Wonderful idea…stable…convenient. Seat flips down on it’s own when you pull it back and it props against the wall nicely. I did not rate it five stars simply because the picture of the pee-guard is deceiving. The pee-guard (or “lip” I would call it) is not as big as it appears in the picture for some reason. It is just a little bump. So now I’ve got to be careful when he pees. Ha-ha!

Geri La Canada Flintridge, CA