Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Tushie Potty Seat

Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Tushie Potty Seat

Make potty training easier with the Contoured Cushie Tushie potty seat. This comfortably padded seat features a built in deflector shield, sanitary lifting handle, as well as a bonus wall hook to store the seat when not in use. The Contoured Cushie is fully wrapped for easy cleaning, and also features a deep seat ring that fits standard and elongated toilet seats.

Main features

  • Softly padded and contoured for safety, comfort and warmth
  • The seat is fully wrapped so cleaning is easy
  • Sanitary lifting handle for removing the seat from the toilet
  • Bonus hanging storage hook included
  • Duck print with bubbles that glow in the dark

Verified reviews


Annoyed by the packaging

Talk about the need for frustration-free packaging! My husband and I almost got a divorce over trying to take off the plastic. You have to – get this – USE A SCREWDRIVER and UNSCREW the hinges to fully get the plastic covering off. We gave up and got in a fight. What a cruel thing to do to a buyer. I was so excited to see this cute toilet and kept saying to my daughter: Want to use your new potty? Just wait 45 minutes for mommy and daddy to lose their minds and get this plastic off. *sigh*

Goldie Sugarcreek, OH

Too small for big kids & moves

I bought this because of the good reviews here. Nice soft padded seat, but it’s too small & unstable for an oval seat. It looks oval in the pic, but it’s more round then oval in person. It is VERY small compared to other soft seats out there.I think this would be great for kids under age 2 that you were placing on the potty, but my son at 3 is too big & no way would I let him get on it independently. I also would not let him sit on it without my being right there. It’s very wobbly. I will spare the details by just saying the hole is too small for all things to fit through :)I found a 3-1 potty with a removable soft seat that is working better for us now.In summary. Perhaps good for a girl who is small & will have a mom holding her on it.

Lelia Bernalillo, NM


I run a childcare and really like the children to be very comfortable using this seat. I would buy again.

Jeannine Sutersville, PA

Perfect fit for our small round toilet

Finally I found a potty insert to fit our smallish round toilet lid. Other inserts that claimed they were for a standard size were just too big. It came with a simple peel & stick hanger that makes storage convenient. It is nice & cushy for our skinny 2 year olds bottom & there is no fear of him falling through. Wish it was not made in China that is my only negative comment. For that reason I only gave this product 4 stars.

Tricia New Harbor, ME


I’m very happy with the seat. My son has been using it for a few months now (ever since we potty-trained him). It fit well on a regular-sized toilet seat and is soft and comfy, and is easily cleaned.

Corine Fairdale, ND

not for boys

While this seat is a little small for the toilet seat, it fits enough that it would still be acceptable if my son didn’t just pee right over the front “guard.” We have a different seat in the kids’ bathroom that I wish I could find again, because it works very well, but this one is pretty useless.

Rosalie Belle Mina, AL

Does the job well!

My toddler loves this seat. She’s tried others–cushier foam ones, fancier moulded plastic ones–and this is the one she prefers. It’s simple and lightweight, comfortable but firm enough for her. She actually puts it on the potty herself (it’s easy to carry and easy to fit) and gets on and off unaided (she’s 3). She likes the duckies too.

Abigail Clarksburg, NJ

Does NOT fit all seats!

I just got this for our daughter because she is getting too big for her stand alone potty and she was saying it hurts her bottom. I got this and it does not fit our toilet seat, we have the longer seats and this potty seat just slides all over the place and it scares her to get on it and she also says it hurts her bottom. We are going to try to return it! I do not recommend this potty seat!

Delores Danville, VT

“All by myself”

My 26month old daughter enjoys going potty "all by myself" now that she has her own seat and stool to climb up to the toilet. It’s great that it is cushioned because sometimes it take 10 minutes to finish going potty.

Dee Milo, IA

Needs higher splash guard

I’m trying this for my 2 1/2 year old son. He likes sitting on the tiolet vs a potty chair. I like that this chair comes with a plastic hook that you can hang it on. My son is able to put it on and off the toilet as needed. The one issue that I have is that the pee/splash guard is not working as it should. The splash guard needs to be higher for little boys. I have tried positioning my son in back further but nothing seems to help.

Maura Oketo, KS


we been through 5 different potty seats. This one is our favorite. We bought two. Very easy to clean and its comfy for our toddler.

Octavia Hambleton, WV

Fine for the prce but not anything fancy

This seat is "cushie" and the hook works as intended but it’s a fairly cheap type of product and it does slide around if you have an elongated toilet, which can scare the little one the first few times. As someone noted the hook seems more purple than blue and the ducks are kind of orange, but this was not an issue for us.

Adela Shapleigh, ME

Simple and functional!

Love this full foamy toilet-seat shaped potty ring! It’s white with random-colored ducks at the back with an attached plastic hang ring. The 5.25x6in opening is a little bigger than what seems to be the average 5×6.5in opening. Because it’s really cushioned, it’s very high in profile. Munchkin has to climb another 3in foam mountain to get on top of the potty, possibly a bigger deal for little ones starting out with the stepstool, but probably not an issue with older/taller kids. Being so padded, it’s surprisingly easy to carry around and fit in a larger (messenger) diaper bag.The only negative is that the plastic ring that hugs the toilet’s seat is attached with 3 metal screws (1 back, 2 side, like a triangle) to the cushion. The plastic-to-foam can have a little separation between the 2 side/front screws, right where pee can hit and get between the cushion and plastic. However, all potty rings have this issue if they’re not one piece. If you need a lower profile ring, the First YearsThe First Years Secure Adjust Toilet TrainerandDisney Pooh Soft Potty Seatare also good.***Update 02/2012***Still loving this potty ring. It’s very easy for Munchkin to take on/off the potty. It cleans up *extremely* well and fast (we’ve done dishwasher sanitizing a couple times too…no heat on drying!!). The only complaint is that the version made for amazon yellowed within a month. The version made for WMT has still stayed white and clean. We’ve treated and cleaned them both with the same products, so i suspect the vinyl is different on the batches with the blue ring/multi-colored ducks vs the white ring/yellow-only ducks.

Bettye Onarga, IL

Fits Standard Toilet Seat Well

We bought this because our 18-month old seemed more interested in the regular toilet rather than her Elmo Potty. The first night we tried it, she used it successfully, so it was a good purchase. There’s some slight wiggle room on a standard-sized toilet, but not enough to put your child in danger under adult supervision. We tried the hanging hook, but because it was too close to the heating vent, the double-sided tape fell off.

Marta Fredericksburg, OH

Not necessarily the best for a boy

This is a comfortable potty for my toddler son, however I just purchased one with a higher shield because it was not high enough to contain the urine in the toilet. I want my son to see the urine in the toilet and not the floor so he knows exactly where it belongs so although it is nice, it is probably better for a girl.

Ladonna Woodland, MI

Great value!

I was a bit worried about buying the cheapest potty seat available, but it turned out great. We never even had to buy a freestanding potty seat, just put out daughter right on the potty. I’ve since bought a second one for upstairs. I was dissappointed that it doesn’t arrive exactly as it appears (the bubbles on both seats are red, rather than blue, the same color as the duck’s beaks) it takes away from the attractiveness of the seat, but that is really the leat of my concerns. It works and my daughter likes it, so that’s okay by me. It comes with a seldstick hook to put on the bathroom door so that it can be stored out of the way, nice touch.

Robert Harrisville, PA

Great potty seat!

Very soft seat. Fits the toilet well. Handle at top makes it easy for a 2 year old to take it on and off and to hang it on the included hook (which we secured to the side of our bathroom cabinet). Very pleased with this purchase!

Rachael Galloway, WV

First potty

As a first-time mom, I haven’t done any potty training before. This seat is very soft, doesn’t move, and is easy to clean. The “deflector” part in the front is a little stumpy. He easily pees over it. I’m very pleased with this product overall.

Chandra Fairview, NJ

Better than Baby Bjorn

We also have an expensive Baby Bjorn potty seat. THIS one (the Cushie Tushie) is not only much cheaper, it’s much better. We have a standard size and shape toilet seat, and little boys. This seat completely prevents any pee from leaking on and under the front of the toilet seat (the Baby Bjorn does not). This one also comes with the handy hook to hang it on. THIS one is the winner, hands down.As an added plus, it’s nice and comfy, and very cute.

Nola Orlean, VA

bit small but comfy

comfy for my kids but is a bit small. also doesn’t work as great for boys but works well for my daughter.

Stella Groesbeck, TX

Doesn’t fit my toto or kohler toilets

Really liked the good price. Sad that this doesn’t fit either toilet. Also, the plastic smells and the splash guard is too short for my boy.

Kirsten Burnsville, WV

Good product for my son at a great price!

I bought this seat for my son after reading multiple reviews and looking for something that’s “boy-proof”. Well, the price is great, the seat is lightweight and easy to transport and I only have to clean up pee off the floor 1 time out of 10 which is great. The lip of the seat is high enough to catch things most of the time. I still give the product 5 stars as I do not believe you can be 100%proof in the case of little boys and morning bathroom visits (if you know what i mean), so for the price and 90% success rate, I think this is a great product.

Katie Glenwood, FL


Best potty seat ever. Nice and soft. Made Potty Training a breeze! Your child will love this seat. we had to order a second one for our guest bath.

Rosalie Point Of Rocks, WY