Mommy’s Helper Curtain and Blind Cord Wind Up

Mommy’s Helper Curtain and Blind Cord Wind Up

Curtain and blind cords can be potential dangers for children. The Mommy’s Helper Cord Wind Up can reduce this danger by keeping loose cords wrapped up and out of reach of children. Simple to operate, the plastic center post clips on to the cord. With the two halves snapped together twisting the top cap winds the cord inside the plastic case.

Main features

  • Keep loose and dangling curtain and blind cords out of reach of curious youngsters
  • Allows the bottom of the cords to be positioned at a height the child can’t reach without needing to cut the cords
  • Quick and simple to install, no tools needed
  • 2 cord wind ups in each package

Verified reviews


NOT a safety device!!!

A friend of a friend installed these on all her windows thinking she made her blinds safe. Two month later, her 2 year old son was able to get the cord out of the cord windup device. He ended up hanging himself on the cords and died. He was supposed to be taking a nap. It is safer to spend the money and go CORDLESS!!! But if you must keep your corded blinds, get the Fashion Wand (approved by PFWBS). Go to Parents for Window Blind Safety (PFWBS) website and read all the testimonials of kids who died or were severely injured by blind cords. Watch the videos they have of kids bypassing or breaking safety devices on cords in less than 30 seconds. And then decide if you want to install a safety kit or remove the danger altogether. If she could go back 1 year ago, she would take down every corded blind in her home so she’d still have her son with her.

Janelle New Albany, PA

Yeah, so my wife things these are fine but I think they suck

I’d go with the tie points you put on the wall. I think these things suck and don’t work all that well.

Jeannie Channing, TX

A necessary evil

The product is well made. However, it’s not a convenient product. Since we’re going to be a resource family for the state I assumed we were required to have something like this and I ordered and installed them before our home inspection. I know that the blinds we have generally stay in the same state of openness. We don’t open & close so thankfully this product will work. It would be a major pain if we had to pull the blinds up or down frequently. You’d have to completely undo the rolled up cord and re-do it. I really wish I had just waited to get new curtains for a year and had been able to save up for the cordless ones.

Tia Green Sulphur Springs, WV

Do I have to give a star..?

These things are complete junk and fall apart whenever you (or your child) touches them…which in turn causes a potential choking hazard for the young child. Save your money.

Kaye Millston, WI

Child proofing must

So important helps protect mobile babies so they don’t hurt themselves. Nicely priced and easy to install product. Would buy again

Meredith Havelock, NC

Easy to use

Very easy to use. I mainly use them in the upstairs bedrooms and nurseries. They can be a bit of an eyesore compared to the other ones that get screwed until the wall. It is just a matter of preference over drilling or seeing this hanging on your blinds. It is easy to use and gets the job done,

Winifred Highland Park, NJ

Cheaply made, doesn’t work according to package directions

The twisting feature doesn’t work according to package directions- the caps just lock in place and only turn about a quarter of a turn in either direction. You have to wind the cords BEFORE placing the cap back on, it’s a little tricky to keep all of the cord wound around the tiny little axle in the middle without the cap. Very cheap, but hey, I guess it didn’t cost that much. Still better than nothing and they seem to stay in place ok.

Heidi Glenville, WV

Does it’s job, not easy to install

I don’t like the fact that if you try and pull on the cord to raise or lower your shades, it just pops off and you have to re-attach it and wind it up every time. It does it’s job but like any baby proofing item it’s annoying and not easy to install.

Charmaine Magnet, NE

Simple Solution

We have blinds in every room of our house and have anywhere from 3-6 cords on each set of the blinds. These work great and scrolling up the excess cords so my little ones can’t get at them.They are so simple, inconspicuous, and safe. I have them in every room! I would highly recommend!

Kelsey Moses Lake, WA

I haven’t completely given up on them yet..

These are just one of many cheap child safety products out there than may serve the intended purpose, but may be more trouble than they are worth to make work. It’s not rocket science, but it’s a total pain in the ass to get the cords lined up in the right direction, with an adequate length of cord, and to get it all wound up and snapped together. You think you finally got it, and then you pull the cord to adjust the blinds and the caps pop apart and now you’ve got a tangle of strings to untangle. Maybe ‘m just missing the magic touch, but..I’m plenty happy rolling the cords into a ball and securing them with a hair clip. it’s less work and plenty effective.

Raquel Saint Bethlehem, TN