Mommys Helper Cushie Traveler Folding Padded Potty Seat with Carry Bag, White with Frog Design

Mommys Helper Cushie Traveler Folding Padded Potty Seat with Carry Bag, White with Frog Design

No more p”ed bottoms with our froggie traveler folding padded potty seat. Thickly cushioned for comfort and safety. Fits standard and most elongated toilet seats featuring underside brackets to help keep the seat from sliding. Traveler folds up nicely and stores in the included bonus carry bag making it small enough to fit in the diaper bag for all those on the “go”.

Main features

  • Thickly cushioned for comfort and safety
  • Includes washable carry bag
  • Fits standard and most elongated toilet seats
  • Underside brackets help keep seat from sliding
  • Folds up easily and compact for “on the go”

Verified reviews


Bulky to travel with, but pretty secure.

We’ve been using this a few weeks. I bought this instead of a flat one, because it was more like the one we have at home and I didn’t want any excuse for my potty-training daughter to not use the toilet when she has to, if we’re outside of the house. While it’s bulkier than the flat plastic ones, I think she prefers it, and it’s been pretty secure feeling on all the toilets we’ve used it on.

Georgette Germantown, IL

Great for the $$ & Compact

My daughter entered a totally irrational fear of public toilets phase, so we got this to hopefully at least get her WILLING to go when we were out and about. It has worked well and easily fits in my purse or diaper bag when folded up. We did read previous reviews though about it slipping, so we have been careful when using it. We’ll hold the seat while our 3 year old uses it to ensure that it doesn’t slip into the toilet (because they would seriously not help us out in the fear of toilets dept). My daughter liked it though and was willing to go on scary "big" toilets with it. After a few weeks, she was back to not needing it. So we didn’t use it for long, but worth it to avoid psychotic meltdowns with her. I’ll definitely keep it for my 2nd and would absolutely use it if we were ever out someplace with port a potties or anything like that.

Dolores Deshler, NE

Carry it everywhere!

I tried several similar models we tried before this one with nothing good to say about them.A few things great about this seat: fold-able means it fits easily in a diaper bag. MOST importantlyquick setup, for anyone with a toddler you know how important that is!

Sonya Cairo, GA

no falling in!

Another mother had this for her kid and my wife wanted it for our little one.It folds up small, it fits all toilets, and it is comfy for the lil girl. What else could you want?

Kitty Watson, MN

Works great!

My husband and I have the Mommy’s Helper regular potty seats for our daughter at home, so we decided to take a chance and try this for travels. It worked like a charm. Our daughter is 2.5-yrs-old and figured out pretty easily how to unfold this and place it on the potty just like home. She’s a pretty independent kiddo, so it was nice that this seat was easy to fold/ unfold. It also comes with a travel bag, which my daughter has figured out as well.

Deborah Lake George, CO

a bit bulky but I’m still happy with it

Stay on the toilet seat pretty well. And my daughter likes the frogs. It does take up a good amount of room in a bag but it’s manageable.

Clarissa Lapaz, IN

Great product!

Love this product! It’s very convenient for travel or while you’re out doing errands. I would definitely recommend this product to family and friends.

Winnie Hornitos, CA

Must-have for toddlers

LOVE this thing. When we started potty training I was very nervous about taking my daughter out and about and using public restrooms. But now I don’t worry. This seat folds up pretty small and fits easily in my diaper bag, and is a much more hygienic option than trying to get a toddler to sit on paper in a public restroom. Plus her little bum can’t fall in 🙂

Erma Woodhull, IL

Not What I Expected

I have tried using this with my 18 month daughter so she can get used to it before we fly next month. I put her on it once, and she freaked out because the part where her bottom sits was sinking in. I looked to see if maybe there was a lock to prevent it from bending inwards, but I don’t see anything like that. I’m really disappointed in it because of that. I know it can’t have anything to do with her weight because she only weighs 22lbs. I still gave it 3 stars because of how well it folds up and that it comes with it’s own bag to carry it around in. I think it’s a great idea, and perfect to have for running errands and going on trips, but I really wish it had some sort of lock to keep it from bending backwards. I’m going to keep trying it out, and if I figure out if I just made a mistake, then I will update my review on it.

Priscilla Corinth, VT

Very, very convenient!!!!

I have to say that this travel seat has been an excelent purchase!!! My son is 4 years now, and I bought it a year ago for a family vacation. It is very convenient, somewhat portable, more higienic than seating your kid on a public seat and works very well.Do not leave your child unnatended while using it, because it is not perfectly stable, and the fit in oval seats it’s not very good and may tend to fall in.In spite of that, we love to have this travel seat! And every mom that has seen it and even my mother in law has compliment me on how prepare and aware of my son needs I am!!!!

Germaine Columbus, NE