Mommy’s Helper Cushie Traveler

Mommy’s Helper Cushie Traveler

Finally a comfortably padded folding potty seat to take with you on short or long trips. The Cushie Traveler Folding Padded Potty Seat is compact enough to carry in your diaper bag yet still provides the comfort and familiarity of the seat that your toddler uses at home. It is also designed so that it is easy to clean with a wet wipe and features a washable carry bag.

Main features

  • No more p”ed bottoms
  • Folds compact enough to take anywhere
  • Includes washable carry bag
  • Fits standard and most elongated toilet seats
  • Folds up easily and compact for “on the go”

Verified reviews


a traveler seat that doesn’t fit public toilets and flimsy too

Don’t waste your money because you can’t return this item.This so-called traveler toilet is not usable. It is too small for the large typical public toilet. It is flimsy and bends frighteningly underneath small children even if you push the traveler seat all the way back so it is supported underneath the back (as per the included instructions). It slips slips slips. I can’t think of a single use for it. Even at grandma’s house we would be better off just keeping a proper toilet seat there like the Baby BjornBABYBJÖRN Toilet Trainer- White/ Black.We have had much better luck in public toilets using theKalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus Blue. The Kalencom is very sturdy and has good (but not perfect) non-slip grips. It is not a perfect seat because it is not flat but our kids do not mind it a bit and we find it much easier to use.

Noelle Saint Johns, AZ

Two seats for the price of one

Okay, my kiddo is now 4 and I have had the worst possible potty training experience with him. He has just been one of those kids who is a late bloomer and can’t seem to get it. Because of that we have tried SOOOOOO many different potty training ideas. We have the potette which is a cute fold up seat that can sit on the floor or over a toilet seat. I liked that one but my (then 2 year old) complained that it was too hard and uncomfortable. We had the plastic seat from Target that sits over the toilet, and then the Mommy’s Helper one with steps up to it (which has been better because it gives him independence). We also have the Mayfair Next Step Child/Adult toilet seat which is by FAR my favorite for use at home– we will keep that for years. We also borrowed a potty seat that sits on the floor with all the bells and whistles. With ALL of those, this is my favorite portable seat. You can use this at home and out and about too (so no need for the seat reducer that sits on the toilet at home because this works just as well at home). I still love the Mayfair best for at home but that is in no way portable. This one is especially helpful when you have two little ones in a public bathroom. I’m not so much worried about germs at that point as being able to leave one on the seat to do their business while keeping the other one from climbing under all the stalls. This one is comfortable, my 32 lb 4 year old can still sit on it (although he doesn’t need it anymore). I’ve never had issues with pinching or feeling like it wasn’t secure. The only thing I DON’T like about it is I feel like it’s kind of bulky. At this stage with a 4 year old and a 19 month old I usually can get away with a smaller bag but this is a little bulkier which sometimes makes me just want to leave it at home. Very lightweight though.

Jolene Compton, IL

Peace of Mind

This potty seat works great. My daughter would not sit on a public toilet, especially with a protective paper cover over it. This potty seat will fit in a good sized purse or small backpack. It has never pinched her. We have not had problems with it sliding around. She happily sits on it without any complaint, which is a great stress reliever while potty training. She calls it her special seat. Highly recommend.

Janine Hotevilla, AZ

Don’t But It.

This seat worked a total of two times before collapsing & dumping my son in the toilet. Worst travel toilet seat, ever. I followed the directions, making sure it sat well back on the toilet when in use, but it still sagged every time he used it, and then it just folded inward while he was sitting on it one day. Now he’s scared to go on the “big potty” and begs me not to drop him in the potty whenever he goes. Thanks for creating a phobia for my son, Mommy’s Helper. Don’t waste your money on this product.

Noemi Harrison, NJ

Five Stars

Very handy and easy to use/clean.

Mavis Encinitas, CA

Good for travel

Very useful and compact. They can slide a bit though on public toilets. Wish it had hand grips for little curious hands. Does its job though.

Brittney Erwinville, LA

I’m picky and I like it!

I was hesitant to buy it after reading some reviews, but I really like this product. If you’re serious about potty training and want to get out of the house and resume going to the store or anywhere else, this is a great product. It sits on every toilet seat that I’ve tried rather nicely without any issues. My son feels secure on it. I also like the way it folds up and stores in a pouch. Sometimes, I just take the pouch out with me and that’s it. No more big diaper bag if it’s a quick trip somewhere. So far, so good.

Mitzi Farmington, ME

Great for on the go potty training

My daughter loves using it. We started out with it at home so she would be comfortable with it and now we use it when we travel out. From restrooms out and about to friend’s houses for playdates. I find it really easy to fold up and it fits into the diaper,now pullup bag in it’s own bag. Definitely would recommend it since most public restrooms have the longer wider toliet to contend with and my daughter’s tush would fall right into the toliet. It has helped us to successfully continue to potty train while on the go.

Michaela Lansing, OH

Great seat for travel or home

My kids 2-4-6 love this seat, well the 6 yr old I big for it, but he used to like it. It’s easy to transport and the padding covers hinges well, so no pinching! It’s comfortable according to them, and keeps them from falling in. Easy to clean. Very happy with the purchase.

Deann Weymouth, MA

Great portable toilet seat!

This foldable toilet seat has been such a great accessory when on the go with my toddler. It makes potty so convenient especially when on the road. My toddler loves it and I’m so glad I invested in it.

Carolyn Quincy, KY


who knew a toilet seat could be so amazing?! seriously tho, this has been a lifesaver for potty training. it folds up (not as small as i’d like but still fits in the diaper bag), comes with it’s own bag, is padded for comfort, and seems very sturdy.

Tabatha Sargents, CO


I had to file the plastic down with a nail file a while before it would open all the way for over the toilet. Good but did not have non-skid on the bottom so did not stay in place as well as it could have.

Amalia Lacon, IL

Makes it easier to potty train

I don’t know if this is better for my mind or my child’s, but this is a great thing to have. I don’t have to worry about the condition of a bathroom to use with my 2 y.o. daughter. We potty trained a month ago and I take this whenever we leave the house. It’s held up so far and gives me much peace of mind and my daughter much support.

Malinda Conger, MN

Good potty seat

I really like this potty seat. My cousin gave me 2 and I bought a third one for Grandmas house. It is soft & folds up into its own carrying bag for travel. Easy to clean as well. My only complaint is that its a bit floppy. What I mean is that sometimes when my daughter places it on the toilet it folds in and falls into the potty. We try to just keep it in place so that don’t happen. But the fact that it fits easily in my diaper bag for "outings" is the main reason I like it so much.

Lorrie Greenwood, WI

toliet cover

it does not fit and enlogated toliet seat but if you have a round bowel it should work perfectly but not on the longer ones

Jody Ranger, WV

Perfect for on the go potty training

Love this. Fits easily in the diaper bag (like a previous review said – it’s about the size of 4-5 diapers when folded.) Really helps us be consistent with potty training even when we are running errands or on vacation. No pinching so far and we’ve had it for about 2 months. My only complaint is that it can slip when on larger (public) toilet seats which can be a little scary for my son when it happens. I know now what seats it is likely to slip on so I’m more cautious when we encounter them.Bravo and thanks! (Also – the price can’t be beat!)

Jami Kailua, HI

Great for little ones!

I bought this and am SO glad I did! My daughter will only use the big “potty” and not the little potty chairs, so we bought other seats to use on the toilet at home, but this is great for on the go! Easy to use and fits in the bag perfectly!

Patty Hedgesville, WV

It seemed like a good idea…

This does fold up easily, and it seemed like a good idea. The problem is getting it to sit straight on a public toilet. It has to be pushed all the way to the back, and our DD just was not steady. I think I might have tried it twice and then gave up. Ended up just giving it away.

Jannie Safford, AL

Not as great as I hoped but works

I like that it is cushioned, folds down easily and comes with a very handy carrying bag. It is just a bit smaller than I thought it would be. And it doesn’t fit elongated toilets the best which is what most public restrooms consists of. It has to sit at the back of an elongated toilet, so as a result, my daughter’s legs (she is 3) are kind of lying on top of the icky toilet seat itself. But it certainly beats having to hold her over the toilet or her refusing to use it. It has not collapsed on us as a few others noted happened to them, but I can see how if you jump onto it, it might not be stable any more.

Nona Auriesville, NY

Kids will fall in…be careful

This will ONLY work if you have a small round toilet. If you have a slightly elongated one one…you will have your poor baby fall into the toilet.

Winnie Omaha, AR

Bulky but sturdy

This seems sturdy but it’s really bulky when folded. Not sure it’ll be that handy to haul around in our diaper bag, which is what I was hoping for.

Olive Scottdale, PA

Perfect for travel and on-the-go

This little potty is great for when you are out and about. It comes with it’s own little drawstring carrying case and it’s super portable. I just drop it in my son’s backpack along with his snacks and a change of underwear, and off we go!It makes me more comfortable about having him sit on public toilets. I don’t have to hold him up, I can just sit him down and he can take his time.It doesn’t fit perfectly on every single toilet out there, but what toilet seat does? I’ve never had any experiences with the seat falling or pinching my son. We’ve had this seat for about 9 months now.

Isabel Sharpsburg, MD

Nice soft seat but slides around a bit.

My daughter really likes how soft this seat is, and I like how well it folds and fits in my bag, but it slides around some on the potty. My daughter gets a bit scared when it moves and being that public potties can evoke some anxiety on there own, she often times decides she doesn’t want to go and tells me she is too scared. It could benefit from some grippy rubber on the bottom to prevent it from slipping so much.

Brittney Renville, MN

Great for mom’s on the go

My daughter got used to sitting on a padded seat and this was great for when we traveled and when we visited people who didn’t have little kids. She felt right at home when we potty training on the go

Courtney Boston, MA

Glad to have it in my diaper bag

I was carting around my son’s cars potty seat wrapped in a garbage sack. This is wonderfully compact and comes in the travel bag. Fits in my diaper bag so much better! My son prefers to stand but when the need arises this gives him the security he needs to sit down. We did run into many a public toilet that this didn’t fit well on but I still liked having it.

Beth Harrisburg, OR

Great for travelling

I bought this before going on a week-long vacation with our two year old. While he is not potty trained yet, I’m so glad I decided to take it anyway. He used the potty with this because he wanted to impress family we were travelling with, and it worked great!It doesn’t take up a lot of space and folds up into a rectangular box if you will, with a little bag to keep it from touching everything else in your bag that you throw it in. Simply fold this seat out, sit it on the potty, and it has little tabs that stick down to keep it from sliding around too much when your kiddo sits on it. The top is squishy and comfortable, and it is very lightweight, as I said also, it folds up pretty small, which all makes it perfect for flying or just being on the go.The only thing I have noticed with this potty seat so far is that it doesn’t work as well on toilet seats that are more circular in shape, while it fits the oval, longer shaped toilets almost like a glove. So if you were planning on purchasing this for the toilets specifically in your home, pay attention to this. It isn’t to the point where your kiddo will fall in, but they will wobble a little if it isn’t fitting exactly, which freaked my son out a little deterring him from using it in places that it wobbled.For the price, this is great to keep in a carry bag for the on-the-go mom or for vacations. I would buy it all over again and will recommend it to others. This could be the only potty training tool you use if it fits your toilets well.

Hattie Moss, MS

Works well….sometimes.

This seat works well on non-elongated toliet seats but doesn’t when encountering an elongated one. The rear of the seat depends on resting on top of the rear of the toliet seat, so your child’s leg/foot is left touching the bare front ceramic part of the client. Pretty gross in the men’s restroom.Folds up really well, but it is rather large. While folded it is a rectangular shape of 6x4x3.

Letitia Waimea, HI

Perfect for picky toddler

My 3 year old is just finishing being potty trained. I tried the flat foldable toilet seat for travel and she hated the "pinch" and wanted padding. This seat is very portable, fits nicely in my diaper bag, and she has no problem using it out. It folds to about 7inches long by 4 inches thick.

Marci Satsop, WA

Like this travel ring

This is the best option we’ve found for a travel ring. Because it sits against the BACK of the toilet seat, there seems to be more support against flexing. If you plant you little one’s bum as far back on the back-most point of the potty ring, it actually gives decent support. The area that flexes is more in the middle of the seat so the actual toilet seat (instead of the potty ring) will end up supporting the thighs. It is short on elongated toilets so expect toddler legs to definitely touch that area (cover with paper first!). The ring opening is small (as with all travel rings). Because the ring sits at the back instead of the front though, there is still adequate room for pee to make it into the toilet instead of on your kid’s clothes.The cushiness definitely adds bulk when folded, but it also is the closest in feel to a regular potty ring that you may be using at home on a regular basis. It is definitely NOT as plumped up as theMommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Tushie Potty Seatbut does add MUCH more padding than plastic.Overall, this is a really good product despite the design compromises to make it portable. If the company designed one that was specifically for elongated toilets (alter the flex points by making the front wings a little wider so more of that section sits on an elongated toilet) and added rubber stops like on thePRI Folding Potty with Handles, White granite, they’d have a true travel potty winner.

Mae Anton, CO

Save your money

I’ve potty trained 3 kids with the first two we got a cheap fold up seat for when we were out it worked fine. For number three I bought the Mommy’s help cushie traveler the idea that it came with it’s own bag and was cushioned sold me. Well the first time we used it it flexed under my 2 year old’s weight (30lb) when he used his hands to stabilize himself the seat ended up pinching him enough to leave a red mark and breaking the skin. This seat is now useless since when ever we are out in public and I go to use it he yells NO SEAT HURT ME… I did read the other reviews and it seemed there were many more positive ones so I took the gamble for us it didn’t pan out. Like I’ve said I have potty trained three kids so I’m not new to the concept of how to use a folding potty seat, this one just misses the mark

Cassandra Cambridge, VT